Adam Savage’s Tested
Adam Savage’s Tested
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  • truck2224
    truck2224 Hour ago

    well this sure is one of the weirdest rig I ever seen

  • Brandon Viernes
    Brandon Viernes Hour ago

    Looks fun to build something like that, great job. Love the channel

  • chinese man
    chinese man 2 hours ago

    He has a gigantic boner

  • Brad Mull
    Brad Mull 2 hours ago


  • - Overdooo -
    - Overdooo - 2 hours ago

    Its so wierd how when they have a puppeteer, they just instantly come alive.

  • Jett Threapleton
    Jett Threapleton 2 hours ago

    Imagine one of the night of the museum movies happened here... 🤤🤤🤤

  • shoham blau
    shoham blau 2 hours ago

    you mearly adapted the heat, we were born in it, molded by it

  • Michael Reid
    Michael Reid 2 hours ago

    I know this is a shot in the dark but is anyone on here a tailor who could recreate a jacket for me or know anyone who is, would be greatly appreciated.

  • Rob
    Rob 3 hours ago

    Not sure it counts as Tarantino more Tarantino/Rodriguez but I've always been a fan of the Codpiece Revolver in From Dusk till Dawn.

  • Fred Bassett
    Fred Bassett 3 hours ago

    Their sexual tension is interesting...

  • Keith White
    Keith White 3 hours ago

    Whats up with the dislikes? Only haters would dislike this .. I wish i could see it .. =/

  • Tiger Demon
    Tiger Demon 3 hours ago

    Super duper best 😮⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • hamiltmb
    hamiltmb 3 hours ago

    OMG, dolphin scene

  • [bsh]thrasher
    [bsh]thrasher 3 hours ago

    Wow! What a nice workshop with incredible amount of perfectly organized tools, I am amazed.

  • Drac Williams
    Drac Williams 3 hours ago

    Hay Hollywood if you're looking for a mad scientist look no further. 🤪😊👍.

  • Kiet
    Kiet 4 hours ago

    why is space so cool

  • Elvo Lero
    Elvo Lero 4 hours ago

    Wall-E 😍😍

  • Anthony Lightstorm
    Anthony Lightstorm 4 hours ago

    Please do a multitude of different model builds as a series.

  • Nathan Thellman
    Nathan Thellman 4 hours ago

    If I won the shield I'd have to buy the matching armor O.O

  • Danielle
    Danielle 4 hours ago

    Can the omega juice celery and parsley? I tried using a champion juicer which is a masticating juicer to juice celery and parsley and I had a hard time with it.

  • Danielle
    Danielle 4 hours ago

    Cool vid!! Norm after drinking kale😂

  • Stephen Whitton
    Stephen Whitton 4 hours ago

    At 1:08 that was two WWII fighters right?

  • Danielle
    Danielle 4 hours ago

    Ew carrot on the floor to the juicer! No bueno!

  • Blixem
    Blixem 5 hours ago


  • Coffee x
    Coffee x 5 hours ago

    Why youtube? Why 6 years late?

  • Mark Hudson
    Mark Hudson 5 hours ago

    Didn't show or explain the SAFER unit. EMU not complete without the SAFER.

  • Starcloak Starside
    Starcloak Starside 5 hours ago

    Amused. He’s gonna run out of batteries before he runs out of ammo.

  • Doug Wheeler
    Doug Wheeler 5 hours ago

    The lunar rover from Moon would be great, but I really want a M577 Armored Personnel Carrier from Aliens!

  • Fonzie Bulldog
    Fonzie Bulldog 5 hours ago

    Used the original Vive for movie watching but when i changed to Vive Pro there was a good difference.Worth the money ... Maybe and maybe not but i have used my Vive 2100 hours.😀

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 5 hours ago

    A Wrinkle in Time - Madeline L'Engle Little Fuzzy - H. Beam Piper That Hideous Strength - CS Lewis The Man Who Sold the Moon - Robert Heinlein Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand

  • snitch Seven
    snitch Seven 6 hours ago

    I had to scroll the window down so I couldn't see the video. It was so damn shakey that it was unwatchable. The audio/interview itself was great.

  • mike pennington
    mike pennington 6 hours ago


  • Peter KJ Richter - *IMHO*

    Dude!! To have access or my own "cave" would be so cool!! and some of your talent too. I'm not bad at making, modding stuff, but YOU are amazing!! Adam Savage - suuuper genius... I like the sound of that ;)

  • Mason jordan
    Mason jordan 6 hours ago

    Maniacal laughter 23:28

  • Ronald Forrest
    Ronald Forrest 6 hours ago

    Dont think there extinct. There has been a couple spotted. They have pictures. Not that hard to believe that a couple made it without becoming someone's dinner. That's how they were thought to be extinct. Over hunting.

  • Elisha Carson
    Elisha Carson 6 hours ago

    The Leatherman Wave is my EDC multitool and that saw is no joke.

  • Shaun Cole
    Shaun Cole 7 hours ago

    Both of these guys are so astoundingly smart, but there areas of speciality dont overlap. Together I dont think there is anything they dont know, and with them teaching eachother, i fear there will be no stopping their combined knowledge

  • Remy LeBeau
    Remy LeBeau 7 hours ago

    What song at the end

  • Ruthypie Twiglet
    Ruthypie Twiglet 7 hours ago

    M and Ms you sold you'r soul to the Devil

  • xenox_ gameing
    xenox_ gameing 7 hours ago

    I havent seen Adam or Jamie since mythbusters ended and had no idea adam had a channel, but watching this has made my day😊 i love how enthusiastic he still is, and how much fun he has😊

  • Callsign Bronx
    Callsign Bronx 7 hours ago


  • Capitan. Jr
    Capitan. Jr 7 hours ago

    patrolling the Mojave Westland oh wait for the wrong Fallout: /

  • Denise Katsabanis
    Denise Katsabanis 7 hours ago

    Omg that is amazing! Thank you Frank!

  • sterling sterling
    sterling sterling 7 hours ago

    is anyone going to realize that this has become METHbusters!????

  • crass k
    crass k 7 hours ago

    Defucland has a great series about Jim Henson I highly recommend it

  • Nick Roberts
    Nick Roberts 7 hours ago

    What's wrong with the camera person? Are they even listening to what Adam is talking about? Really wanted to see the sawdust exhaust pipes he was talking about but the camera person just stayed affixed to Adam. Have noticed they've done something like that before....really annoying.

  • Sean Kiesser
    Sean Kiesser 8 hours ago

    PLEASE DEAR GOD, someone who works with Adam read this!!!!! The flash intro scene. Flash runs between cars stopped at a light. The cars shake. Would a human sized object, moving fast enough that it's just a blur to the human eye, be able to produce enough wind displacement to shake the cars, but not shatter the glass??! At what speed would an object have to travel, to be a visual blur to the human eye, especially if it's Flash Red?

  • Answer Is 7
    Answer Is 7 8 hours ago

    Muppet making seems like a cut throat group project lol

  • Nick Zagorov
    Nick Zagorov 8 hours ago

    Great work!

  • Denise Katsabanis
    Denise Katsabanis 8 hours ago

    That was so much fun! Thank you

  • Waffles
    Waffles 8 hours ago

    I really Hope he revisits this and builds this again but better

  • FinnOMG Finn
    FinnOMG Finn 8 hours ago


  • Peyote Pete
    Peyote Pete 8 hours ago

    Not one mention of Slippery Jim DiGriz the Stainless Steel Rat in the whole comment section?!? WTF!

  • Jordo
    Jordo 8 hours ago

    Do you have an area where dust gathers best? Adam is so excited

  • sergeantbigmac
    sergeantbigmac 8 hours ago

    Why does Adams narration in the opening sound like an extremely young tween-age version of Adam?

    • Woodworker Don
      Woodworker Don 5 hours ago

      Seems like it's sped up a bit, compared to his usual pace.

  • Peder Sloth Züricho

    11:43 Actually Buzz Aldrin was a close guess, though you could have been John Glen, he is the only person to have been launched on Murcury and the shuttles. He was sent up in the STS-95 as an experiment and an astronaut, though he had left Nasa to do politics after his orbital flight the first in American history. So Buzz Aldrin yeah he was before the shuttles times, but so was John Glen :)

  • darkmagus1134
    darkmagus1134 8 hours ago

    Those shields are just amazing looking.

  • Willy Wong
    Willy Wong 8 hours ago

    Documenting work is time consuming and complex from every step and process but it's worth it. But no one does it 😞

  • Kick The curb
    Kick The curb 9 hours ago

    Make. 2001. A. Space. Odyssey

  • CorwynGC
    CorwynGC 9 hours ago

    OR you could insulate. But sure, acknowledge that global warming is going to happen, so plan to contribute to it.

  • Austin White
    Austin White 9 hours ago

    Could you imagine where Star Wars would be if Adam was still on board

  • devicemodder
    devicemodder 9 hours ago

    what were the screens used?

  • Tom Avent
    Tom Avent 9 hours ago

    Adam please wear some kind of safety glove when your using machines😰

  • Kittelizer Laurelott

    How do you get the armatures centered?

  • nathaniel willis jr
    nathaniel willis jr 9 hours ago


  • Jim Dale
    Jim Dale 9 hours ago

    I love the looks on your faces and Adam said Coca Cola! Lol Stupid Dad Joke: Why did the scarecrow have an attitude? Because it was stuck up! Lol

  • Jordo
    Jordo 9 hours ago

    3:09 Adam made no noise when he jumped off the ladder is he a ghost?

  • panzerducky
    panzerducky 9 hours ago

    you could use those glove for that Doctor Strange seen with the many many hands

  • Steve Kingsley
    Steve Kingsley 9 hours ago

    Not sure if this has been mentioned by others but as a rift owning premium member I'm so sad I can't watch the "free" VR video without springing £100s for a mobile vr headset. What gives?? :-(

  • Toby McMillian
    Toby McMillian 9 hours ago

    Still fiddling with my meat in 2019

  • Welcometo FPV
    Welcometo FPV 9 hours ago

    Adam what’s your tattoo on your arm?

  • panzerducky
    panzerducky 10 hours ago

    he needs to build the red one

  • Delmar Jensen
    Delmar Jensen 10 hours ago

    If you share my reality you will agree that after reading these comments we are outnumbered by those that are not us, or even similar. In our reality we can see Adam here, is, indeed giving all his flock a birthday present. We would agree that vacuum generated here is more similar to conditions present between their ears, not space. I could go on but, why? If I have to explain you will never understand. In conclusion, thumbs up if you know what I'm talking about, and scathing personal attacks from the rest please, I'm doing some research of my own....ever try that?

  • biscuitninja
    biscuitninja 10 hours ago

    I would say visit a huge foundry/forging shop...

  • KIRK Gameplays
    KIRK Gameplays 10 hours ago

    Looks very Five Night at freddy's very afraid!

  • Oraa Yo!
    Oraa Yo! 10 hours ago

    should've colored the eybrows in. Dead giveaway

  • anile8tor9
    anile8tor9 10 hours ago

    Nope, the Millennium Falcon cockpit would be beyond awesome.

  • Vonchubbs1951
    Vonchubbs1951 10 hours ago

    Awesome sauce

  • Tim R
    Tim R 10 hours ago

    These guns are badass

  • Michael Tricker
    Michael Tricker 10 hours ago

    Awkward! Doesn't look like Adam watches much "Still Untitled".

  • Kurtis Wichmann
    Kurtis Wichmann 10 hours ago

    I don't know about the rest of you but I swear as Adam was looking at the plexiglass "groove" maker there was a bubble above his head that said I WANT ONE!.

  • Nat20 Damage
    Nat20 Damage 10 hours ago

    I like the wearable computer. But I’m not sure about the rest

  • RichardGreenArt
    RichardGreenArt 10 hours ago

    For all that is holy, please lower those mics 6"! Or is there something I'm missing here? Every other ____cast that uses these mics sounds just fine with the mics placed below their mouths. Jus' sayin.

  • Chris
    Chris 10 hours ago

    Anyone know what the pattern for the scale mail on the chest is called?

  • greenatom
    greenatom 11 hours ago

    The opening narration sounds a tad heliumish.

  • boris osyguss
    boris osyguss 11 hours ago

    Can you take us to the Eddie Van Halen Smithsonian exhibit?

  • orange70383
    orange70383 11 hours ago

    Real puppets are made of wood and moved with strings and skill.

  • semih aydin
    semih aydin 11 hours ago

    Can someone explain to me why Adam sprayed the panel at 17:39 with WD40? Thanks

    • semih aydin
      semih aydin 11 hours ago

      I see now that it is a activator or something but answers are still welcome ^^

  • Belethor
    Belethor 11 hours ago

    "the liquid nitrogen i use in my machine has nothing to do with the nitrogen they use in their coffee" the only difference is the temperature. Starbucks, your lawyers are idiots and liars.

  • Outspaced636
    Outspaced636 11 hours ago

    anyone else notice that the machine had "Quill Speed"... just thought it was a nice "easter egg"

  • ItsMyLoginName
    ItsMyLoginName 11 hours ago

    Good Luck to everyone. Prop store has always been a pleasure to browse but never anything attainable for me. This is a beautiful piece and would love to have it as a start to my collection.

  • Relaxin With Jaxin
    Relaxin With Jaxin 11 hours ago

    imagine being the guy who made the maze that was originally in the exhibit.

  • Stephen Rhoades
    Stephen Rhoades 11 hours ago

    I love how Jamie's perfect Sunday is so real, simple, and down to earth.

  • CCP2
    CCP2 11 hours ago

    absolutely cannot take my eyes off the knitted chicken

  • Master Of Puppets
    Master Of Puppets 11 hours ago

    is the camera drunk or high!? got one job dude FFS..

  • SamuraiVader
    SamuraiVader 11 hours ago


  • charles martin
    charles martin 11 hours ago

    Make a 4x4 that would blow every other rc truck away

  • Stephen Rhoades
    Stephen Rhoades 11 hours ago


    • Stephen Rhoades
      Stephen Rhoades 11 hours ago

      I don't know why, but I just felt the urge to comment this :P I love Jamie and am quite a nerd myself. I'm more into developing software than hardware personally, but can totally relate with his perfect Sunday.

  • xSnickleFrittzx
    xSnickleFrittzx 11 hours ago

    That is why interstellar is my favorite sci-fi movie of all time.

  • Northern Most Snapps
    Northern Most Snapps 11 hours ago

    I think my dad would be in heaven on earth if he could spend a couple days in your cave. Seeing all your geeky and nerdy stuff in addition to the Man Toys would make his jaw drop