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They made me cry...
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SEVENTEEN - Fear MV Reaction
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A message for everyone.
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  • Mrr Oscar
    Mrr Oscar Hour ago

    Taeyang is so cute in this video

  • Mrr Oscar
    Mrr Oscar Hour ago

    Let's Go Queens And Kings of Kpop 2NE1 And BigBang Fighting 🥰

  • WangWoojiho
    WangWoojiho 2 hours ago

    U Kwon from Block B new song please react !!!! it's so good ru-clip.com/video/MyAoZfwWdgk/video.html

  • kim larin
    kim larin 3 hours ago

    25:27 OK MEEEEE BRO😭.

  • Sehun Min
    Sehun Min 4 hours ago

    im so happy u reacted to them!!

  • Be still
    Be still 5 hours ago

    Did you see the dara and lia kim dance. Pls make a reaction on this vid. Thanks 😘

  • Alondra Ruelas
    Alondra Ruelas 6 hours ago

    Su freestyle jaysksyw Me morí

  • Hiba Sobh
    Hiba Sobh 6 hours ago

    Love Talk is soooo good!

  • L Yu Xuan
    L Yu Xuan 7 hours ago

    Is that ONE Jung Je Won at @3:43?

  • MOON9 4EXO
    MOON9 4EXO 7 hours ago

    Stan talent Stan EXO.

  • MOON9 4EXO
    MOON9 4EXO 7 hours ago

    EXO the Legends😎❤️🔥🔥🔥

  • MOON9 4EXO
    MOON9 4EXO 7 hours ago

    I love them all so much they are my oxygen😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • MOON9 4EXO
    MOON9 4EXO 7 hours ago

    You're so in love with King Kai😉🔥

  • Jordan Mills
    Jordan Mills 7 hours ago

    they killed me to(im typing this from above)

  • Sophia M
    Sophia M 7 hours ago


    INSPIRED KJH 7 hours ago

    09:23 Who is he?

  • hunnit bae
    hunnit bae 7 hours ago

    24:26 Funny thing is that they were presenting gods there pfff here is the link: www.koreaboo.com/lists/bts-greek-gods-2019-mma-athena-hephaestus-zeus-dionysus-apollo-artemis-poseidon/

  • Lele Scarlet
    Lele Scarlet 8 hours ago

    Unpopular JREKML opinion: I actually kinda like it when you pause and call out things that you notice. Maybe I like that cause I’m the kind of person who notices random things in the background of videos and movies. Keep pausing, I like it!

  • Eneirah Taehyung
    Eneirah Taehyung 8 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure their performance was great but the fact that they performed for 30+ minutes while other artist only performed for around 5 is pretty sad

  • Queenie Mouse
    Queenie Mouse 9 hours ago

    2:01 whats the title of that song?

  • Beast sama
    Beast sama 9 hours ago

    Jimin will always be my bias. Ive had several heart attacks watching this

  • Team Assure
    Team Assure 10 hours ago

    Are u gay

  • Sharon BP
    Sharon BP 10 hours ago

    Anyone have the link for the video of ACE reacting to him?

  • Nur Faiqah Azlan
    Nur Faiqah Azlan 11 hours ago

    babe you’re so sweet and loyal #bigrespect love from malaysia ♠️

  • Queenie Mouse
    Queenie Mouse 11 hours ago

    im bored and watch again ur old reaction videos. ur so slim in here jre hahaha ♥️

  • umai is good
    umai is good 11 hours ago

    you're just a TRULY k-poper i ever met p/s:our bias in bigbang is same

  • Marrazly
    Marrazly 11 hours ago

    yeosang suffering noises

  • Marrazly
    Marrazly 12 hours ago

    yeosang vibing on da piece of pizza

  • Tahjania Gibbs
    Tahjania Gibbs 12 hours ago


  • soraya abegail
    soraya abegail 14 hours ago

    my fav album of all times is persona. mikrokosmos boy with luv and make it right really got me. in second place is ynwa (i absolutely love spring day and you never walk alone, they make me remember a gold time) and third place love yourself saga, specially answer, i think it's a beautiful album, and i love the title idol, such a jamming hymn 😁

  • Rheamazing
    Rheamazing 14 hours ago

    2NE1 😭❤️

  • michael holt
    michael holt 15 hours ago

    My favourite album is definitely the most recent one with Boy with Luv

  • EXO Biased K-Pop Trash

    I think the question we are all asking ourselves now: Did he manage to catch his flight x3?

  • Farwa Cheema
    Farwa Cheema 16 hours ago

    They are so sweet and friendly omg

  • hoony hoon
    hoony hoon 17 hours ago

    so there is kiko there...im afraid im the only one who see her.. thx bro~~

  • Jedi Knight
    Jedi Knight 18 hours ago

    Looks like soft porn with music background.

  • Mavis Faamuli
    Mavis Faamuli 19 hours ago

    Tae said that their performance is the "Stage of Memories." I just realized after watching their MMA performance for the 50th time that the break dance during Dionysus on Hobi and Kookie's part is actually the sped up instraumental version of Boy Meets Evil. I might be wrong, but check out the instraumental to BME and speed it up.

  • Prabh Kaur
    Prabh Kaur 20 hours ago

    JRE YOU HAVE TO REACT TO BLUE FLAME!!!!!! PLEASE 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Erica Severson
    Erica Severson 21 hour ago

    My bias is Jungkook and get biased wreaked by all of them

  • failaa
    failaa 21 hour ago

    since you played “utopia” at the beginning, you probably should check ATEEZ - UTOPIA (Japanese Ver) MV out. I’d like to see you react to it 😊

  • Unknown NoName
    Unknown NoName 22 hours ago

    Anime + Kpop = *Gfriend* 😂

    MOOMOO_ LAND 22 hours ago

    I also noticed the lip bite while washing the dishes😂 Our house is small and the TV is Big

  • Kiki The Kpop and Kdrama Fanatic


  • Lacey Smith
    Lacey Smith 23 hours ago

    Yo respect taeyong he was saying oh my 'gosh'😊 my son😫😫😍😍

  • Lacey Smith
    Lacey Smith 23 hours ago

    Haechan is not old enough for this content😂😂😂

  • Lacey Smith
    Lacey Smith 23 hours ago

    I love your regular irregular hat😍😍😍😂😂

  • Lacey Smith
    Lacey Smith 23 hours ago


    MOOMOO_ LAND 23 hours ago

    6:04 *They said booty*

  • {오마이걸}옴걸
    {오마이걸}옴걸 23 hours ago

    Oh my girl so cute

    MOOMOO_ LAND Day ago

    Your reactions are amazing, have been watching your vids haven't subscribed yet though

  • S W
    S W Day ago

    No one: Seonghwa: The "Say My Name" choreo is my favorite

  • jessica tomas
    jessica tomas Day ago

    Please react to Astro - Blue Flame!!! I can't wait to see your reaction!!❤❤

  • S W
    S W Day ago

    Dear Hongjoong: You boys are special. You're gonna be huge all over the world one day. Billboard? You got it.

  • Elyssa Morales

    5:03 has me screaming

  • mikey kalaw
    mikey kalaw Day ago

    u should react to "True Damage - GIANTS" (ft. Becky G, Keke Palmer, SOYEON, DUCKWRTH, Thutmose) | League of Legends" the LIVE VERSION is AMAZING! 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Madison White
    Madison White Day ago

    This was the first vid I watched with Ateez because I didnt know who they were so thanks jre for getting me into ateez

  • ARMY Yandere
    ARMY Yandere Day ago

    my favorite album is Wings. That whole era is just everything to me

  • 4Byr saira
    4Byr saira Day ago


  • Jaydeen Merur
    Jaydeen Merur Day ago

    Let’s face it, MMA was practically a BTS concert in which all the other artists came to watch and support. ALSO I AM SO PROUD OF TXT AND ATEEZ AND EVERYONE ELSE

  • Daniel Rodríguez

    React to Nobody from BlueD feat Mino

  • dee o2
    dee o2 Day ago

    JRE's reaction is what most BJ's feel rn. i missed 2ne1 :[[ ive been 2ne1 fan since Day 1 :[ and im glad we're seeing 4 of them being active in their solo careers

  • Diego Valto
    Diego Valto Day ago


  • Jaida Chi
    Jaida Chi Day ago

    My reaction 3:19 😂

  • Nobalist Argentum

    I cry again. With you this time

  • lofiseok
    lofiseok Day ago

    what does one even do with life after that masterful performance

  • Setsu Cutsu
    Setsu Cutsu Day ago

    May - Zion.T plaese haha

  • Clordiarta Carilfaithteraza

    She is A QUEEN and she's BACK!!!!

  • Colipopkola
    Colipopkola Day ago

    I understand the 2ne1 trigger 😂 Man it pulls at my heart strings everytime!

  • TheNicebellbo
    TheNicebellbo Day ago

    Long time no see CL and JREKML

  • ydnes _
    ydnes _ Day ago

    Nooo why are you crying 🤣😭 I definitely did not cry ╥﹏╥

  • Baby Donghae
    Baby Donghae Day ago

    please react to ateez mama performance !!!

  • Atima Yba
    Atima Yba Day ago

    Literally the best song❣️

    JHAN TV Day ago


  • Magz Maldit'z
    Magz Maldit'z Day ago

    It's my first time watching your vlog, and i totally love it 💞 #Blackjacks4ever😘

  • Florencia Lombó

    Omg you represent all of us ! I saw a part of the video on CL instagram but i cried when i saw the same part in youtube. Like tears everywhere.. idk but some pictures reminds me where i was and where im now. So hard

  • Marinelle Dotimas

    I just hope you will see this.. Please react to Oh My Girl’s Mimi being a Main Dancer.. IDK if you’ve already watched it or seen it but.. here’s the link.. Thank you so much~~~ ru-clip.com/video/E6MuoyO6SuA/video.html

  • Celine Grace Gerilla

    aww you should be awarded as one of the realest blackjack ever aww

  • Celine Grace Gerilla

    why did you say bretman rock? hahaha hehe

  • Quintin Mangadang

    That alarm tho🤣🤣

  • sabian ahmed
    sabian ahmed Day ago

    We ain't breaking walls We breaking apples Period 😂😂

  • Rads Morales
    Rads Morales Day ago

    This is the biggest plot twist I ever have. All this time you're a filipino? God! 🤗

  • Rz
    Rz Day ago

    I’m crying with you 😭❤️

  • emma
    emma Day ago

    dude, i love your demon slayer desctop

  • heyahe ;
    heyahe ; Day ago

    20:27 - 20:31 just i 👍🏿

  • kYe *
    kYe * Day ago

    Definitely an All star cast on her video 🤣😁-->Taeyang, Dara, Bom, Minzy, One , Lee Hi, Taboo from black eyed peas, Coco, 2ne1 stylist, +82 squad.... and some i recognize as youtube personalities for sure and some from US industry...

  • kYe *
    kYe * Day ago

    I agree ✋🏻 with Rewind being better on melody while Done with lyrics.. This is the most personal CL have done. She really shows her true emotions on stage and now through her MVs... If you look at the title it is probably made a month after the release of Goodbye MV which was jan2017 😩😭 I think these videos are her way also of thanking all the people who continued to support her until now. We saw her grandma here, 2ne1 members, Bigbang is represented by Taeyang and GD, 2ne1 stylist!(don’t remember his name ✌🏻), 2ne1 fitness trainor, +82 squad and those she worked with in the US. They may not come back as 2ne1 but I am rooting for many collaborations for the 4 of them and success in their solo careers ♥️♠️♦️♣️ 4ever

  • Yori Insi
    Yori Insi Day ago

    I cried real hard while watching the video, reminded me of old times of 2ne1:(

  • Yori Insi
    Yori Insi Day ago

    I cried to actually, reminiscing 2ne1:(

  • Agnes ika setyawati

    Mino is featuring in Blue.D debut song . Please check it,Jre.

  • Astrid Rivera
    Astrid Rivera Day ago

    Reaction to Ateez in MAMA, please!

  • Agnes ika setyawati

    I feel you Jre.. I feel you... It's nostalgic , rite?? Queen CL is back!

  • Diana A
    Diana A Day ago

    even tho i unsubbed to you long time ago (nothing personal just not the same anymore) but if anything bigbang or 2ne1 related reaction i know that you will deliver right. It's when you're the most genuine

  • Bhuvi Bagga
    Bhuvi Bagga Day ago

    Hdhdhjdjdj jimin does look like a young dad with new money going to play golf with older, richer snobs to get that business deal or some shit

  • Tiare
    Tiare Day ago

    im so fucking happy that akmu isn't being slept on anymore

    YEONM Day ago

    CL좋아하는게 눈에 보인다 감사합니다

  • Eigsha Ji
    Eigsha Ji Day ago

    You're starting to look like a kpop idol

  • hana hikaru
    hana hikaru Day ago

    i've been knowing them since 2013. and boy in luv, we are bulletproof pt.2, n.o and no more dream are my fav songs from bts even till now. Im so happy that they performed those gold songs.

  • Woow Moow
    Woow Moow Day ago

    Did you react to seungri recent scandal updates he is prove not to be guilty

  • angel khon
    angel khon Day ago

    we all cried

  • yurika BEA
    yurika BEA Day ago

    I thought I was the only one! the nostalgia hit me so hard during BIL