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  • Steven Grubb
    Steven Grubb 3 minutes ago

    A mature drama movie, yeah okay!

  • Cooklan Beats
    Cooklan Beats 5 minutes ago

    This is what happens when you see the message that pops up and says 'Would you like to rate the app' and you click no.

  • Life Phath
    Life Phath 6 minutes ago

    This will be interesting to watch

  • Kick W2009
    Kick W2009 7 minutes ago


  • Isaac The Last N7
    Isaac The Last N7 12 minutes ago

    Oh god NOPE I'm outta here!

  • Windysaint
    Windysaint 16 minutes ago

    Loved this movie 🎥 🍿 it was funny, ❤️ the 1,2 kicks & the punches. ❤️ Samoa 🏝 ❤️ Samoan men & the rituals ❤️ special effects & very suspenseful ❤️ these three guys 🥰 motorcycles 🏍

  • Zyreail Hardin
    Zyreail Hardin 18 minutes ago

    Eat 💩

  • Kerwin Ronquillo
    Kerwin Ronquillo 20 minutes ago

    Seems like they need to fit as much ships in the screen to look good. Realistically the ships are far off to leave room for evasive zigzagging maneuvers. Where were all the WWII expert advisers for the movie? Were they there but just got overturned as usual for the sake to make the movie look more "cool?" Is having more ships fit the screen better? It's just looks silly to me. A SBD stalling? Surely I would hope that wasn't on purpose. That's one of the worst things to do on a dog fight situation where you're at the mercy of the enemy who has the advantage of speed and maneuverability while you're falling like a brick.

  • Gustavo Ortiz
    Gustavo Ortiz 23 minutes ago

    Late 2019 anyone ?

  • Nat Allison
    Nat Allison 24 minutes ago

    Low key. This movie is like If Outlast met WWII

  • Reck Tripura
    Reck Tripura 29 minutes ago


  • I made this username really long on purpose

    well.. that was a complete waste of time

  • W B
    W B 31 minute ago

    i wonder is mark ruffalo has any talents at all?

  • Lorenz Canedo
    Lorenz Canedo 32 minutes ago

    It evolved and "Battle Royale" became the game genre which PUBG, Fortnite, and other Battle Royale games became most popular

  • glorialoreto
    glorialoreto 34 minutes ago

    Nobody .... RU-clip: let me show you this trailer about nurses in 3D WTF!!

  • Aishwarya Net
    Aishwarya Net 35 minutes ago

    and now Lilly Singh is the first woman of color on Late Night TV ❤

  • Roland Lee
    Roland Lee 36 minutes ago

    And just what exactly is so wrong with it that they needed to cancel it? Basically a mix between the purge and hunger games. Its not even an original concept.

  • Kerwin Ronquillo
    Kerwin Ronquillo 36 minutes ago

    Let me guess, this movie will be in 3D. Does every fricken plane crashing has to go through the screen? Every fireball taking up 97% of the screen? A wing tip of a plane skipping the water. Almost everything that flys going at break neck speed to impress a movie goer? No sir! I've been on too many air shows as a kid and have seen many WWII era planes to know most of the action here unrealistic and over done. Run this video again at a slightly slow speed to get some sense into it.

  • nureyda syahida
    nureyda syahida 36 minutes ago

    I love the old joker...when he fight with batman

  • Craziest kids
    Craziest kids 39 minutes ago

    Ma is in Instant family and she loves kids so what’s up?

  • Dave Munsie
    Dave Munsie 39 minutes ago

    Finally the sequel to "The Happening".

  • Chad Hemstalk
    Chad Hemstalk 40 minutes ago

    Anyone have the clip where we see the life of the Dead celebrating until we see Miguel wearing a skull mask to join in the fun?

  • BIG JOE 2002
    BIG JOE 2002 46 minutes ago

    2:15 Snoop Dogg Drop It Like It's hot great song 🔥🔥

  • garcia adrian
    garcia adrian 50 minutes ago

    Would someone please make a giantess movie

  • Complete Surrender
    Complete Surrender 52 minutes ago

    I consider this to be a fictional take on a true story. Making the true story inflated by legends and myths of the two queens. I don't take it seriously. It's well laid out.

  • Yoshi
    Yoshi Hour ago

    Jesus Christ Hollywood, get your act together! All I see is Bridget Jones.......

  • Tosin Adekanye
    Tosin Adekanye Hour ago

    Aaaaaaand then she dies and he goes to get revenge. Cancer MUST PAY!

  • Rapid Fire Boxing

    She got dug out by 20 guys 😂

  • Dec Mar
    Dec Mar Hour ago

    Objectively, this is a good movie, but it's not a great film like "interstellar". The ending was a let down...they build the story to a weak ending...not a bad ending..but not good. If you're a pbs discovery channel space type of won't be happy. This film is more for Brad Pitt fans and people who are into family stories.

  • HDK
    HDK Hour ago

    Guess I'll wait till its free on Prime Video.

  • fireflocs
    fireflocs Hour ago

    0:35 "Spod-lie?"

  • krishnajiify
    krishnajiify Hour ago


  • MJ Boutin
    MJ Boutin Hour ago

    Saw this movie tonight. Far exceeded expectations. JLo is a legend.

  • Maria Martina
    Maria Martina Hour ago

    I love this film.

  • Jim Rossi
    Jim Rossi Hour ago

    This looks a video game-Godzilla mash-up. Oh, wait. That's what it is. Sharty.

  • Minotaur1971
    Minotaur1971 Hour ago

    After what Rían Johnson did to Star Wars I wouldn’t go see this movie even If the clouds parted and little baby Jesus floated down from the heavens and told me to. In fact, if Rian Johnson so much as caters donuts for a movie, I won’t pay even one red penny to watch it.

    MATTHEW PLAYS Hour ago

    When I'm on that situation I also do that

  • MGSBigBoss77
    MGSBigBoss77 Hour ago

    *Knives Out* starring; 'Captain America' Steve Rogers, 007 James Bond, General Dru-Zod, Laurie Strode, Hannah Baker, Klingon General Chang, Nash Bridges, also introducing; Bill Denbrough, Bel (from Knock Knock) and Master Yoda.

  • Kizz Channel
    Kizz Channel Hour ago

    2:06 is not in movie Why

  • The Georgian Tourist Traveler

    Pretty much sums up my book but this is actually real

  • Rafsan Ahmed
    Rafsan Ahmed Hour ago

    They leave the part where mother nature spread her -16°F cold love all over us. Happy New Year. Its September

  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall Hour ago

    Just saw it and honestly is one of the best movies I've ever seen! The intensity is unreal..

  • Sid Wulf
    Sid Wulf Hour ago

    An entire series of people walking around in tall grass? Talk about a claustrophobic nightmare. Who cares if there’s monsters, etc.?

  • Transmitters 'R' Us

    Best car movie - No; Bullet, Two Lane Black Top, The California Kid, Vanishing Point, American Graffiti, Le Mans (maybe), not necessarily in that order.

  • Memic
    Memic Hour ago

    Pootis + Cookies = Cooties The year was 203X, the virus wiped 80% of the world population. 10% people died in fighting against the virus.

  • lajeesh kannan
    lajeesh kannan Hour ago

    Murder 3

  • olucaspc
    olucaspc Hour ago

    0:51 "what can you tell us about the ligma project"

  • I dont get the joke and never will

    "Night at the Withcraft Demonology Museum"

  • goldtitan416
    goldtitan416 Hour ago

    These McDonald's commercials are getting out of hands.

  • Lauranna
    Lauranna Hour ago

    Rosamund Puke is an amazing actress! She has such an incredible spark.

  • Fiona Marie
    Fiona Marie Hour ago

    I got chills

  • Beeble Brox
    Beeble Brox 2 hours ago

    Hey! How the Hell did they get my biography!?

  • Beeble Brox
    Beeble Brox 2 hours ago

    Yap. I'm down with this.

  • legit boss
    legit boss 2 hours ago

    What a phenomenal movie!!! So amazing

  • Jasmine Scott
    Jasmine Scott 2 hours ago

    this puger is fake

  • madhav raj
    madhav raj 2 hours ago

    God bless america

  • Evolution Gamerz
    Evolution Gamerz 2 hours ago

    Anyone come from *Smosh*

  • Lennoz 1379
    Lennoz 1379 2 hours ago

    1:35 Uhh...

  • Nachuak
    Nachuak 2 hours ago

    It was cool but the ending could have been better

  • Charles Thrush
    Charles Thrush 2 hours ago

    Theodore definitely got da best head

  • Evan Tyree
    Evan Tyree 2 hours ago

    wow the casts in the movie is quite surprising

  • Frank
    Frank 2 hours ago

    She seems to be Nikita

  • Hosea Matthews
    Hosea Matthews 2 hours ago

    This movie is just so bad. *Person find big monster and evil government person want kill monster.* I've seen this type of plot so many times.

  • 爸 爸
    爸 爸 2 hours ago


  • whatadollslife
    whatadollslife 2 hours ago

    Greta Van Fleet song came on in the Ford Vs Ferrari preview them

  • Liana Amana
    Liana Amana 2 hours ago

    This whole thing could have been avoided if they just drove the car through the grass to find the kid and reverse out dat bihh. Lol nvm

  • susan frye
    susan frye 2 hours ago

    Great movie I saw it today I loved it 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • Elizabeth The Great
    Elizabeth The Great 2 hours ago

    don’t even need to watch the movie

  • freddie foxx Smith
    freddie foxx Smith 2 hours ago

    Movies for grandma and grandpa keep'em coming

  • Elivell
    Elivell 3 hours ago

    is this what furries dream about?

  • NoobSlasher26
    NoobSlasher26 3 hours ago

    Best scene in the movie 1;38

  • glez700
    glez700 3 hours ago

    No one gonna mention the VHS tapes. What hospital uses VHS tapes for security footage. Atleast I think they don't use VHS tapes.

  • Dave
    Dave 3 hours ago

    I saw this and in my opinion it should have been a series not a movie

  • Commander Doom
    Commander Doom 3 hours ago

    Bart give me my suicide axe

  • Trivonne Reid
    Trivonne Reid 3 hours ago

    I hate killer's

  • Prashant Gupta
    Prashant Gupta 3 hours ago


  • Tiki warn
    Tiki warn 3 hours ago

    “You thunk my battle thip”

  • EmLee Gee
    EmLee Gee 3 hours ago

    Reed Morano does it again

  • Derek Calunsag
    Derek Calunsag 3 hours ago

    That alien looks made out of a candy store or a custom designed beef jerky

  • Jack Wenrich
    Jack Wenrich 3 hours ago

    Woody leaves the group

  • Jack Wenrich
    Jack Wenrich 3 hours ago

    Poor dad

  • Jack Wenrich
    Jack Wenrich 3 hours ago

    Spoiler alert Woody leaves the group to live with bo

  • Apple Person
    Apple Person 3 hours ago

    Jexi play despacito

  • Letty 01
    Letty 01 3 hours ago

    😭❤️ 🎥 🍿

  • Cytron1515
    Cytron1515 3 hours ago

    This seems like it's about the Wendigo legend. Can't wait. When does this come out?

    ADARSH PLAYS WOW 3 hours ago

    Omg! I wanna watch this but is there any option to watch it for free?

  • KichiPanda
    KichiPanda 3 hours ago

    I was supposed to be in minecon... *BUT I ENDED UP IN FURRY CON*

  • William Lucas
    William Lucas 3 hours ago

    Beating the same old drum, by the same actors whom aren't acting. They want a surreal incompatible future. Why?

  • Mit'Chee Heart
    Mit'Chee Heart 3 hours ago

    Not Kat graham that’s Sharon Leal

  • Marc H
    Marc H 3 hours ago

    Wait for it on Netflix or redbox. Saw last night. Sorry.

  • Broken Bonnie
    Broken Bonnie 4 hours ago

    😡I hope it’s fake

  • Horace Johnson
    Horace Johnson 4 hours ago

    So this is just like the episode on boondocks when Robert Freeman got an i phone

  • Yeezy RedOctober
    Yeezy RedOctober 4 hours ago

    Looks wack af

  • Norlin Othman
    Norlin Othman 4 hours ago

    you got me at Trailer

  • maecel tanola
    maecel tanola 4 hours ago

    This is what you call Long Distance Relationship ... The movie is amazing

  • Archer V.
    Archer V. 4 hours ago

    dont forget GPS.

  • Lucas Souza
    Lucas Souza 4 hours ago

    I liked them better when there were no guns and actual fights.

  • Deb long
    Deb long 4 hours ago

    I loved the secret garde as a kid. I hope they do the book justice. The trailer looks pretty good.