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My Makeup Routine
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My Response to Brendon Urie
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Brendon Urie Reacts to Me
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Billie Eilish Ends My Career
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  • Carters
    Carters Minute ago

    Tristan says " I love how her voice is jumping from each ear!" Me: puts other earbud in and rewinds it back

  • Iza M
    Iza M 19 minutes ago

    Please react to beautiful ghosts from TS

  • Deilene Allera
    Deilene Allera 26 minutes ago

    Random people that have been living under a rock and haven’t listened to Billie:” Nobody can sing without auto tune.” Billie: Hold my avocados

  • Monina Remolado
    Monina Remolado 28 minutes ago

    3:05 we have the same favorite performance of her 🥰

  • Mikkel Padilla13
    Mikkel Padilla13 34 minutes ago *REACT TO TAYLOR SWIFT **_BEAUTIFUL GHOSTS_** PLS!!!*

  • Deilene Allera
    Deilene Allera 41 minute ago

    “All The Good Girls Go To Heck”😂

  • Deilene Allera
    Deilene Allera 46 minutes ago

    I feel like we all forgot about Taylor Swift or is it just me

    ILISTEN2 KPOP 54 minutes ago

    How come like other vocal coaches who reacted to dimash, he doesn't have videos of himself singing?

  • Chloe (Student) DAVIDS
    Chloe (Student) DAVIDS 54 minutes ago

    U have so many videos

  • d m
    d m Hour ago

    "there aren't a lot of female singers" welll...

  • Tara Leon
    Tara Leon Hour ago

    Watch A gay Disney prince 😂😭

  • Spunky _Girl
    Spunky _Girl Hour ago

    Where are you?

  • Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

    React to Trisha Paytas's "Jesus" song

  • Heather Fortney
    Heather Fortney Hour ago

    you dont have to say it, but you twitched a little bit when james came in at the end... it was funny... however, when you went to vocal coach him you helped him with this he did exactly what you to ld him not to. ALSO I want you to seeeeee you do the harmonizing challenge.

  • Kelly Jiang
    Kelly Jiang Hour ago

    I’m a simple human I see Harry Styles I click

  • bloopblipable
    bloopblipable Hour ago

    It would have been cool if he at least researched the style of singing to know the names of the techniques they use

  • Heather Fortney
    Heather Fortney Hour ago

    i think you are perfectly qualified to be a judge. you hear things so quickly. i have to back the video up to see if i heard it too... your face lights up when you hear something you like...

  • Jalexz.
    Jalexz. Hour ago

    I... Didn't know that u are Mexican 🤔

  • Sana T
    Sana T Hour ago

    I feel like i get singing lessons from Tristan. Lmao ima be a singer too

  • Anvesh Singh
    Anvesh Singh 2 hours ago

    Do reaction to just shreya ghoshal....

  • Alma Letizia
    Alma Letizia 2 hours ago

    Liam Payne is so fucking underrated. Bye.

  • Heather Fortney
    Heather Fortney 2 hours ago

    I liked the whole Video. I was not sure about the song, I am still not sure it works, but like all songs i will give it a chance. :)

  • Tyler Burget
    Tyler Burget 2 hours ago


  • Raj #
    Raj # 2 hours ago

    My heart will go on.. Sonu nigam cover.. Live stage show

  • Heather Fortney
    Heather Fortney 2 hours ago

    i love how he gets excited when he hears something he likes...

  • Ashy Aki
    Ashy Aki 2 hours ago

    I miss when he posted more than once a month

  • Rosie 38
    Rosie 38 2 hours ago

    I love this song!

  • Eli Partington
    Eli Partington 2 hours ago

    React to Nate hill please

  • King Kagle
    King Kagle 2 hours ago

    I am _shocked_ that we made it to 2019 before people finally stopped sleeping on T-Pain's vocal talent

  • Hannah Hussain
    Hannah Hussain 2 hours ago

    Lowkey annoying how he compares a lot of the style to “American pop” when a lot of music style is stolen from India and Bollywood.

  • Gabriella Tranchese
    Gabriella Tranchese 2 hours ago


  • adenia khoiri
    adenia khoiri 2 hours ago

    Where's Queen Cat?

  • Mark Niño Aquino Bruno

    please react to the other girls vocal abilities..

  • Grumps
    Grumps 2 hours ago

    i think your slowly turning into james

  • Book Girl
    Book Girl 2 hours ago

    yes tristan. work it

  • Yane Figueroa
    Yane Figueroa 2 hours ago

    i mean i aint no expert but if she truly did her wistle notes her mic would be way farther because by doing the notes it would be alot loud right? Idk

  • Joe Fediaczko
    Joe Fediaczko 2 hours ago

    I think the person he was thinking of at 7:02 would be Stevie Nicks

  • Rafael Nogueira
    Rafael Nogueira 3 hours ago

    Cadê a legenda em Português?? Portuguese subtitles, please!!!

  • Hannah Hussain
    Hannah Hussain 3 hours ago

    Where my Desi Fam at?

  • Book Girl
    Book Girl 3 hours ago

    awwww that first girl....

  • Lizzy Jamieson
    Lizzy Jamieson 3 hours ago

    Who else thinks he needs to re-react now that Mark has made Heist and sang during some prison scenes?

  • Alex Stories
    Alex Stories 3 hours ago

    Who else Knew he was gay like if u knew | | | ¥

  • Skholiwe Zondi
    Skholiwe Zondi 3 hours ago

    Tristan I feel you on that back pack kid 😂

  • GalaxyGacha GamerX
    GalaxyGacha GamerX 3 hours ago


  • sweetharmony
    sweetharmony 3 hours ago

    React to Dimash please!

  • Araceli Robles
    Araceli Robles 3 hours ago

    Please react to TXT new album Thier new mv is called run away and I really want to hear your opinion please 💜💜💜

  • rain tomato
    rain tomato 3 hours ago


  • S T
    S T 3 hours ago this song is so good, please react

  • Quin Du
    Quin Du 3 hours ago

    Please react to Liam his voice is great too;

  • bellziz brown
    bellziz brown 3 hours ago

    You should do "everything I wanted "by Billie Eilish

  • Quin Du
    Quin Du 4 hours ago

    because zayn in my opinion is one the most strongest vocal in "One Direction" Me: :<

  • Kc Sayegh
    Kc Sayegh 4 hours ago

    She was trying to make it jazzy sounding.

  • ylissa
    ylissa 4 hours ago

    the control they have with their voices are incredibleeee

  • Marvel Mixer
    Marvel Mixer 4 hours ago

    Can you react to Tom Holland’s Umbrella lip sinc battle and Zayn reacting to Little Mix singing Shout Out To My Ex?

  • It’s Miffy
    It’s Miffy 4 hours ago

    This is so bad lol

  • Nicholas Barralaga
    Nicholas Barralaga 4 hours ago

    A Dawla lol

  • Haha
    Haha 4 hours ago

    Not trying be mean but he seems like he is dying when he sings like her

  • Mind of a Fangirl
    Mind of a Fangirl 4 hours ago

    how ironic that tristan said it's a disservice for her to be in a girl group that she was never actually meant to be a part of.... she almost got sent home after bootcamp! no hate to pez tho obvs, i looove her :)

  • Arkhavolt
    Arkhavolt 4 hours ago

    *Human breasts that *jiggle.**

  • Icy Rose
    Icy Rose 4 hours ago


  • HarshMintyBean
    HarshMintyBean 4 hours ago

    They call the fast short runs as a "briga". It's it's very iconic aspect of indian music. If a singer can't do it, they aren't considered good.

  • Zaddy Akire
    Zaddy Akire 5 hours ago

    Sis is so bad, she can't even harmonize with herself, yikes

  • Lindsey Chandler
    Lindsey Chandler 5 hours ago

    Please react to ELLA MAI!!! So freaking talented

  • Ruthi Asraf
    Ruthi Asraf 5 hours ago

    Please please please can you please react to new hope club covers please their soooo talented and underrated please

  • Eugene Imbang Y Orteza

    Looking back, I realized that Adam relies quite a lot, perhaps more than his usual, on the "nasality" for his middle belting voice rather a good balance of volume and higher register, which is why even he's not that out of key, his voice sounds "shrill". However, even if Adam's voice was consistent, the director and producer was stupid enough to mish mash these songs and genres as one halftime performance. For me, this is a better version of Fergie's star spangled banner, where the band and instrumentals aree wayyyyyy worse than Fergie's vocals.

  • Maria Guevara
    Maria Guevara 5 hours ago

    The way he rocks back and forth looking constipated while listening has me dying! XD

  • Yane Figueroa
    Yane Figueroa 5 hours ago

    Bro if ypu go to lisa’s tik tok you will see her sing the song “take me back to the night we met” but in her own way its beutiful lmao

  • M o o n l i g h t
    M o o n l i g h t 5 hours ago

    🌙)° React a Rosé blackpink 'if it is you' is so saaaad. Sorry for my English, im Mexican. xd

  • Ameni E.L.F SuperJunior15 SuJu-holic

    I came here for the talented queen *Miley Cyrus* 💜👑

  • Planet Earth
    Planet Earth 5 hours ago

    React to faith Marie!!!!

  • Diamondra reilly
    Diamondra reilly 5 hours ago

    I love sister James but he can’t sing

  • m i g h t z
    m i g h t z 5 hours ago

    Im hoping Billie Eilish's new single will be able to summon back Tristan Paredes

  • Baby Valentine
    Baby Valentine 6 hours ago

    Anyone else can’t sing worth a shit but still takes his tips into consideration.

  • Lee Mee
    Lee Mee 6 hours ago

    You should’ve listened to the other songs he sang. He deserves more recognition than Take Me To Church. I suggest listening to his new album.

  • VanessaArce Music
    VanessaArce Music 6 hours ago

    React to Chiquis Rivera

  • Alice Tarique
    Alice Tarique 6 hours ago

    Did he just put make up?

  • Claudia Elizabeth
    Claudia Elizabeth 6 hours ago

    You should react to his performances on the masked singer. He was amazing

  • Mads Mason
    Mads Mason 6 hours ago

    Who actually clapped when he said to😂😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Edgarrr -_-
    Edgarrr -_- 6 hours ago


  • Vashaun Price
    Vashaun Price 6 hours ago

    u barely knew any black singers

  • Darien Keay
    Darien Keay 6 hours ago

    Please react to Joji!

  • Jodi-Ann Maxwell
    Jodi-Ann Maxwell 7 hours ago

    Dude your here talking about "he's gotten alot more gay hasnt he" and here you are where everything about you seems gay. Look at yourself before you point fingers at other peiple... 👌👌

  • Grace 3
    Grace 3 7 hours ago

    It’s crazy they Have so much control over their voices

  • Alejandra Acøsta
    Alejandra Acøsta 7 hours ago

    ¿Where are you?!, also can we get a react to Gerard Way since MCR is back?

  • Patrick Kjær Jensen

    Pls react to “here” by Lukas Graham

  • just juju Unicorn
    just juju Unicorn 7 hours ago


  • fireworks gaming
    fireworks gaming 7 hours ago


  • Romy Fernandez
    Romy Fernandez 7 hours ago

    This gives me strong Flamenco vibes.

  • Cordell Naugle
    Cordell Naugle 7 hours ago

    I mean damn if you just want to quit RU-clip just tell us it's okay.

  • Tomperox
    Tomperox 7 hours ago

    bitch where r u no new videos in 5 weeks

  • Alexa Saladino
    Alexa Saladino 7 hours ago

    You should do this again as soon as possible

  • Alexa Saladino
    Alexa Saladino 7 hours ago


  • Jessica George
    Jessica George 8 hours ago

    I'd love to see you react to Noah Guthrie sexy and I know it.

  • Amalie Mannes
    Amalie Mannes 8 hours ago

    Can you react to this? 😂

  • Shiza Latif
    Shiza Latif 8 hours ago

    One thing! Bollywood consits of Pakistani singers as well for example Atif Aslam loll. One artist you should react to is Asim Azhar please! thanksss

  • Midnight Man
    Midnight Man 8 hours ago

    React to some of YUNGBLUD's music. His song Parents or 11 Minutes are definitely my top 2 by him.

  • Beverly Park
    Beverly Park 8 hours ago

    When i was still in my teens i learned to sing like lady gaga and i was self tought, but i stopped singing for some reason.

  • Thewhitekid29 Vlogs
    Thewhitekid29 Vlogs 9 hours ago

    React to James Charles getting singing lessons from Cheryl Porter

  • Marcus Diaz
    Marcus Diaz 9 hours ago

    I’m surprised you didn’t know Ella Mai haha

  • Lotte Mizu
    Lotte Mizu 9 hours ago