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iPhone 11: top 25+ features
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Apple iPhone 11 Event Recap
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Top macOS Catalina features!
Views 543K7 months ago
iPhone 11 cases hands-on!
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  • THB Administrator
    THB Administrator 27 minutes ago

    So you set it up the finger print with your index finger 4:24 ...then later used your thumb 5:26 ????

  • Vinicius Oliveira
    Vinicius Oliveira 41 minute ago

    I have thunderbolt 2 in my Imac 27" late 2013: Question i can buy this and work in my Imac? Pls ask me

  • Minato Hatake
    Minato Hatake 46 minutes ago

    Don’t get me wrong I love my xr it’s my favorite color but that 11 just go so hard I got to whew 😫

  • Victor Cruz
    Victor Cruz 47 minutes ago

    I like the pro more than pro max. Pro is the smallest of the bunch and fits perfectly in your hand, plus the pixels are more compressed so it looks better than the pro max slightly even with less pixels.

  • Favour Jonathan
    Favour Jonathan 57 minutes ago

    Within few minutes *Fristspy18* successfully unlocked my carrier his a gunies.

  • Resize Films
    Resize Films Hour ago

    The only software that I rely on for tracking objects with FCPX is native Apple Motion because it’s totally reliable, quite powerful and gets all the updates needed as FCPX and MacOS evolves. Greetings.

  • MrBlaq
    MrBlaq Hour ago

    I'm not into video editing but cool tutorial nonetheless.

  • Bappa Santra
    Bappa Santra Hour ago

    Hope i win

  • David Tothill
    David Tothill 4 hours ago

    I was so impressed and tempted by this video (as always, great presentation) ... UNTIL I read the comments. I had NO idea this company were so poorly thought of, thanks to your community Jeff for the other, less rosey side of the coin.

  • Nilanjan Mustafi
    Nilanjan Mustafi 4 hours ago

    Thanks for the tutorial but I'm going to stick with Apple Motion.

    • Nilanjan Mustafi
      Nilanjan Mustafi Hour ago

      @Mr Tech Boi’s personal Account Basically Motion is a software from Apple which is used to create and edit motion graphics, titles for video and film production, and 2D and 3D compositing for visual effects. It's similar to Adobe After Effects if you are familiar with that? www.apple.com/final-cut-pro/motion/

    • Mr Tech Boi’s personal Account
      Mr Tech Boi’s personal Account Hour ago

      Nilanjan Mustafi you can do that with Apple motion? Don’t get mad idk what apple motion is

  • Jennifer Henry
    Jennifer Henry 4 hours ago

    I got my iwatch series 4 icloud unlocked through *willsontech7* on *IG* He is legit 💯 💯

  • adeniyi emmanuel
    adeniyi emmanuel 4 hours ago

    Alot of comment here but few are real *kingz_0689* on ÏG removed the iCloud in 2 hours ✔️

  • Zee Tu
    Zee Tu 4 hours ago

    I have iPhone 8. Camera isn't all that like...AT ALLL. But I do love the Rose gold, how compact it is aaaand yeah it's nice overall OH and the material they used for the 8 is also pretty nice, it hasn't shattered on me ever. However, I am going to upgrade to 11 since I actually need one with a better camera aaaand I remember switching from 6s to 8 due to wanting better camera, turns out, the 8 is literally the same.

  • Pramiti Trehan
    Pramiti Trehan 5 hours ago


  • Paweł Pałczyński
    Paweł Pałczyński 5 hours ago

    This should be native function.

  • POST-PROfessionals - Robin S. Kurz

    No one of your stature should be doing tutorials for this shady, dubious company. *_Very disappointing_* Their business model is to release half-baked plugins with a flashy, vague trailer to go with it. Plugins that 9 out of 10 times are copied from other plugin makers… very *_poorly_* copied. If they actually work at the time of purchase, consider yourself lucky! If they actually *_continue_* to work after the first FCP update after that you can consider yourself *_even luckier_* !! Because there will never be an update or support once it does stop working as advertised. _And it will_ , guaranteed. I mean, come on! EVERY priced slashed? Permanently?! Seriously? If that's not a dead give-away of how shady they are, then I don't know what is. 😒

  • Supernova VR
    Supernova VR 7 hours ago

    I have one arriving in the mail in 2020!!! (AUS)

  • TimPlayzz
    TimPlayzz 7 hours ago

    When I am installing windows 10 on the WinToUSB app the percentage stays at 0% and never goes up how do I fix this

  • ricky v
    ricky v 9 hours ago

    I’ve seen videos on this product. It looks very powerful. Thank you Jeff.

  • epicthehamster
    epicthehamster 9 hours ago

    if olny apple made the resolution on the 11 1080p.

  • Maurice Lamain
    Maurice Lamain 9 hours ago

    I did big 4k 24 fps projects on my MacBook pro late 2013 like this, proxy is a must

  • Stop Pod-ing Off in the Living Room

    Wait so windows 10 isn’t free???

  • Pavol Kasala
    Pavol Kasala 11 hours ago

    Thank you for tip and coupon. Just bought mine.

  • roselyn
    roselyn 11 hours ago

    i have the xr my phone died and it changed wallpapers 🤨

  • Jay Coby
    Jay Coby 11 hours ago

    Should be $250

  • Rajesh Pandey
    Rajesh Pandey 12 hours ago

    Jeff, please read about Pixel Film Studios and their shady tactics. They are widely criticised in the FCP community.

    • Stratos H D
      Stratos H D 39 minutes ago

      can you please elaborate?

    • Steve Crow
      Steve Crow 11 hours ago


  • Jeff Lassek
    Jeff Lassek 12 hours ago

    Hi Jeff - I also want to know if it will work on my MacBook Pro Retina 15" Early 2013 - NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1 GB Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB. Thanks. Very interested in buying both products

    • POST-PROfessionals - Robin S. Kurz
      POST-PROfessionals - Robin S. Kurz 6 hours ago

      DON'T. You'll regret it sooner or later. Look at other products such as those from Coremelt or motionVFX. *_Exponetially_* and better and actual support to go with it. Something you'll never get from PFS.

  • Liquid Valium
    Liquid Valium 12 hours ago

    I have this auto tracker, it works well. It gets funky when you use the drop zone to do something like put a png over a face you tracked to hide an identity. It does work, but the timeline gets a little clunky. Maybe it’s just user error though.

  • Sammy Phillps
    Sammy Phillps 12 hours ago

    Impressive!!! But I took a look at their website. & it states that these plug-ins aren’t compatible with intel Iris Graphics Plus. Does that mean my Mid-2015 15-inch MacBook Pro with Intel Iris graphics (Iris 5200 Pro with 128MB of cache) can’t use it?

    • F pee Z doo
      F pee Z doo 7 hours ago

      Both plug-ins work on my Mac mini late 2018 (Intel UHD Graphics 630)

    • Serge M
      Serge M 12 hours ago

      i have a mid 2015 15” MBP and this plugin works. it takes a bit of time to render, but i can confirm it works

    • Sammy Phillps
      Sammy Phillps 12 hours ago

      9to5Mac thank you!

    • 9to5Mac
      9to5Mac 12 hours ago

      Good question. Going to ask and get back with you. I’ll also test it on my older MacBook Pro in the morning. Thanks Sammy.

  • Christopher Poterson
    Christopher Poterson 13 hours ago

    I purchased the base model with the 256 storage, any chance that it is upgradeable

  • Logan Perkins
    Logan Perkins 13 hours ago

    You mean hold and slide

  • Christopher Poterson
    Christopher Poterson 13 hours ago

    I love it! Received mine last week..

  • Praery'z Pie
    Praery'z Pie 14 hours ago

    Best review

  • Gerry Scotty
    Gerry Scotty 15 hours ago

    *Got help from HACKZMAN 1n 1nsta*

  • Gerry Scotty
    Gerry Scotty 15 hours ago

    *Hackzman on IG fixed mine too*

  • John Doe
    John Doe 15 hours ago

    USB A is not a legacy connection and is in fact a supported form factor of the latest USB protocol. please keep terminology straight. one could argue that its an outdated connection, and even that its a previously supported connection, but a legacy connector is one not currently being revised and incapable of supporting the modern standards, which USB A is not.

  • Gerry Scotty
    Gerry Scotty 15 hours ago

    *Finally got my device fixed by a legend,HACKZMAN on IG*

  • FrostyMango
    FrostyMango 15 hours ago

    I have the iPhone 4s since 2013, and upgraded to the 7 last year :D I might buy the 11 pro or maybe max

  • Leah Blevins
    Leah Blevins 15 hours ago

    help, my mac fails to download the windows 10, i did everything except it did not reboot to windows it told me it failed

  • Night Wing
    Night Wing 16 hours ago

    without wifi?

  • Bruno Ribeiro
    Bruno Ribeiro 16 hours ago

    Your choices were wise, enjoy!

  • JuarezzEmre
    JuarezzEmre 17 hours ago

    Thank You, I'm Reseting My Phone İdiot

  • Zoe Lin
    Zoe Lin 17 hours ago

    When I split view it I can’t delete it unless I press the option “merge all windows”

  • ClassicalPHX
    ClassicalPHX 18 hours ago

    Will this work on Catalina?

    • TimPlayzz
      TimPlayzz 7 hours ago

      ClassicalPHX yes it will I have already done it

  • Kirsten Pribula
    Kirsten Pribula 19 hours ago

    Thanks for the tutorial! One thing I just learned: If you try to combine the original RAM that apple already had in the computer with the new ones you just bought, it will not work (example: If you bought crucial memory card, the other ram cards has to be crucial cards. If they are apple RAM cards, then the other has to be Apple cards not Crucial). All of the ram has to match with their brand. I bought 2- 16GB of ram for my mac thinking it would work with the apple RAM but it did not. So, definitely keep that in mind when buying RAM!

  • Sardar Asif
    Sardar Asif 20 hours ago

    Thanks jeff your videos helped me alot 😊

  • gabriele gelfo
    gabriele gelfo 20 hours ago

    does it work now in hdr on MacOS?

    GCV HAPPY 20 hours ago

    I had the 7+, but I just got the XS

  • • hahaha •
    • hahaha • 20 hours ago

    my phone was on, but it had a black screen. I tried everything i could, but i just decided to wait a little while to see what would happen. i came back an hour later and my phone died so i just had to charge it back up and it was fine.

  • Magnus Petersen
    Magnus Petersen 21 hour ago

    Does this mean, if i connect an external ssd to an imac (with a fusion drive), where all of my final cut work happens on the ssd... I would't have to crack open the computer and change out the fusion drive with an ssd? Please help :)

  • Scott S. diVincenzo
    Scott S. diVincenzo 21 hour ago

    can ANYBODY help uninstall #macoscatalina SYSTEM apps

  • legendp2011
    legendp2011 21 hour ago

    was working on a film set with 2x of the samsung t5, transferring up to 1.5tb a day (8k raw) to them each, t5 occasionally throttled down to 250mb a second, 900mb speed improvement could be helpful, but only if it didn't throttle as much

  • Enrique J.
    Enrique J. 21 hour ago

    Great Information!!

  • Ohdessa Donasco
    Ohdessa Donasco 21 hour ago

    I like this vlogger he amazed me soo much👏👌👍

  • luis sanmartin tapia

    Can be use like an external screen monitor with a macbook pro???

  • Ruan Coetzee
    Ruan Coetzee 22 hours ago

    This actually sold me, aside from the screen it seems litty titty

  • nancy jude
    nancy jude 22 hours ago

    I'm lost to many fake hackers but *onehacky* through. !nstagrm got my activation lock removed within 10mins. He's effective 🛠️🛠️

  • nancy jude
    nancy jude 22 hours ago

    I'm lost to many fake hackers but *onehacky* through !nsta..grm got my activation removed lock within 10mins. He's effective

  • Kevin Watson
    Kevin Watson 23 hours ago

    I bought the clear case the same day I bought my 11, honestly if you want to show off the color of your phone. But other than that this case is not worth $40

  • LordKnight
    LordKnight 23 hours ago

    Will it not be a significant upgrade for me going from iPhone 6s Plus 32gb to iPhone XR 64gb ?

  • R T
    R T Day ago

    ‘Downgraded’ from Xs max to 11 and not regretting it. I’m a colour junkie 💜

  • Emil Mirtchev
    Emil Mirtchev Day ago

    Magic Keyboard ⌨️

  • Hamzi Photography


  • Team Epiphany Tyler

    Who else got the 11 ?🤨

  • Zotac 101
    Zotac 101 Day ago

    This video was pretty detailed and well made.👍

  • Vinessa Marie
    Vinessa Marie Day ago

    Is it still working today?

    • nancy jude
      nancy jude 22 hours ago

      I'm lost to many fake hackers but *onehacky* through. *!nsta.grm* got my activation lock removed within 10mins. He's effective

  • Callum Wittenbrink

    I have the midnight green, but wish I got the silver

  • Krishna Budi Raharja

    if i do this action install the MacOS via usb drive, will all my data in my mac gone? i am running out of space for now and using usb drive to update would save space

  • Imran Muhammad

    which graphics card did he use?

  • Kellie wilson
    Kellie wilson Day ago

    I got my iwatch unlocked through *willsontech7* on *IG* he is legit and reliable 💯 💯

  • hidazip
    hidazip Day ago

    What? The function key is in the bottom left? ine has the caps-lock key there.

  • Moti Arts
    Moti Arts Day ago


  • Mark Reynolds
    Mark Reynolds Day ago

    This is one of the best real-world reviews I've seen. Thanks.

  • Flow
    Flow Day ago

    it says I need usb someone pls help with bootcamp assistant part

  • Autumn
    Autumn Day ago

    i have no idea why I'm watching this lmao i have an android but I do want to switch to iPhone though.

  • Cole World
    Cole World Day ago

    Good job getting a manicure before making this video

  • Chris K
    Chris K Day ago

    If anyone would like to install Windows 10 on a Samsung SSD, I created a tutorial video to make this happen. There are step by step notes. It's fairly detailed but it does work. ru-clip.com/video/910Y1hLreRc/video.html

  • merseybeat1963

    So..Speakers..Mac Pro monitor & Stand with required upgrades..$15,000 ?? And how long will it be before it is deemed obsolete? 9 years..7..6..!!! How long will Apple support it with updates..at this price it should be forever..no? Let me go look for something more worth the money..a C12 microphone

  • merseybeat1963

    $1000 for that stand is not just overpriced..it is an insult.

  • Deejay Godfada

    Why can’t it be done on MacBook Pro early 2011

  • J Co
    J Co Day ago

    What if I already have windows 7 bootcamp? Do I do the same steps or do I have to delete the old bootcamp first ?

  • Jay Jackson
    Jay Jackson Day ago

    ...am I the only one who likes the butterfly keyboard...

  • Tea Spiller
    Tea Spiller Day ago

    I tried a Apple Pencil did not work orders one of these it was easier and it worked!

  • Avery Jones
    Avery Jones Day ago

    Went from the droid to this and feels amazing

  • Bryce Staples
    Bryce Staples Day ago

    What the hell nice iPod

  • Ben Oehler
    Ben Oehler Day ago

    Hey do you think when I got the metal band can I take it to a jewelry story and get the link removed

  • Pablo Minero
    Pablo Minero Day ago

    I wanted the pro but its too ridiculously expensive.. so I switched from the galaxy s10 to the iphone 11, well worth it and i would say best bang for the buck in the 11 line in my opinion. Would recommend the iphone 11 100%

  • DTWolf
    DTWolf Day ago

    Come caca

  • Matt E
    Matt E Day ago

    This is ridiculous. Leave it up to Apple to screw up one of the most important features on your phone. I guess if they actually made a decent battery we wouldn’t have to worry about this. I will wait for Tesla’s phone to come out

  • K M
    K M Day ago

    USB-C to USB-C is what we should be going to, make it the standard already. Hello Apple iPhone.

  • Santiago Rubio López

    Doesn't work with MacBook Pro Retina 13" Mid 2014 MacOS 10.12.6, SSD Adata SD600Q, Win10_1909_Spanish_x64. The SSD connect and disconnect frequently. For me works this tutorial (ru-clip.com/video/910Y1hLreRc/video.html) but without checking the "Enable EFI" option in the virtual box.

  • BitOSaltz
    BitOSaltz Day ago

    am i the only one in this comment section that doesnt have an Iphone 11?? | | \/

  • Carlos Monzon
    Carlos Monzon Day ago

    How you can add two egpu enclosure to a Mac mini 2012 with only one thunderbolt port on the back of the Mac mini, do I have to use the hdmi port too, or do I have the option to connect those two egpu enclosure together, please let me know. I have two Akitio Node Pro enclosure.Thanks

  • SkorpOW
    SkorpOW Day ago

    Why does it *start* at 5,990? An 8 core, 32GB ram, 580x pro, and a 256GB SSD. If you have $6000 you could get a 64 core 3990x with more ram, storage, and better video card.

  • Atom1c Noob
    Atom1c Noob Day ago

    wow Me in 2020

  • Kenny
    Kenny Day ago

    do i really have to reinstall everything i had on mac?

  • Brad M
    Brad M Day ago

    I’m picking mine up now. Excited.

  • Nubby Dog Co.
    Nubby Dog Co. Day ago

    Oh, man! Thank you SO much for posting this.. I've been struggling to get this process to start without the USB option without luck. Just tried this approach, and got the installer made without any issues. Much appreciated!

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