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  • Anthony Bautista
    Anthony Bautista 2 hours ago

    Envy a buster lmfao tf

  • Lumumba Ekpuk
    Lumumba Ekpuk 2 hours ago

    Stop with the Trump scapegoat, Obama didn't do a goddamn thing about the climb in recorded police recordings in america.

  • Eric Lopez
    Eric Lopez 2 hours ago

    Wack ass breakfast club with 3 minutes of bullshit until it gets to what’s on the title. 😑

  • Just Passing Through

    I agree with Fantasia on submission! But it's hard to submit to a man who is a mama's boy! Cause everything he do or say in a relationship! Is still coming from a Woman Point of View💯

  • Harrell Favis
    Harrell Favis 2 hours ago

    Joe is always a great interview.

  • Rafael Thomas
    Rafael Thomas 2 hours ago

    Has Everyone forgotten about the KFC Fried Chicken Chicken Sandwich which was a chicken sandwich wrapped in two pieces of fried chicken? First they can't no longer call themselves "Kentucky Fried Chicken" because the government has deemed their meat to be so genetically modified it no longer qualifies to be called "chicken" that they had to legally rebrand themselves to "KFC" to "sort of" eliminate the word "Chicken" from their Brand....however, second, let's keep in mind that this IS a "Fried Chicken" establishment that no longer governmentally qualifies as calling themselves XYZ "Fried Chicken" that we're talking let that sink in.....I'll wait..... Side bar, I do love their chicken little sandwiches and pot pies......Geeze I Hate Myself.....carry on....

  • Jameel Hoskins
    Jameel Hoskins 2 hours ago

    Glad all of the KFC's in my city are almost gone. Even in northern kentucky. Lol Popeyes and B-dubs and Joellas took over

  • JoeCnNd
    JoeCnNd 2 hours ago

    Talk about kicking a man while he's down.

  • Demetrius Harold
    Demetrius Harold 2 hours ago

    Man I'm tired of hearing the bs rhetoric, caping for dead flesh eaters feelings. The fact of the matter is we are not designed to consume meat. Period. >>RAW<< veganism, without the consumption of compromised gmo plants, is the proper and healthiest form to consume fruits, herbs, nuts, seeds and vegetables. A lot of people are failing to achieve the health they were promised/strive for is because they are simply doing it wrong... We are alkaline beings, suited for alkaline foods. Starch/dead animal(which is grey & putrid in it's natural state[the red hue is a result of adding carbon monoxide] , without artificial tools, telling of a something astringent, unpleasant, & dangerous.) is acidic, that ferments and wreck havoc in our bodies because we do not share the same tract/design of predators/hunters designed to chase their natural prey.

  • hubba bubba
    hubba bubba 2 hours ago

    At cthagod I'm confused to. They both whack

  • Breezo Esco
    Breezo Esco 2 hours ago

    We found Keisha

  • JJCC G
    JJCC G 2 hours ago

    Let’s legitimize assault over a hat just because you don’t agree with their politics, good going people. 👏 I’m a person of color and I do not condone that shit, but it’s exactly why we kill each other over meaningless shit every day, we are emotional instead of rational when it comes to different opinions, that’s what 50 years of welfare state and media perpetuating victim mentality did to us.

  • Alan Parson
    Alan Parson 2 hours ago

    I hope he drops the soap several times in prison.

  • Andrew T
    Andrew T 2 hours ago

    This fat fool did 1 notable release. Survives on being a plastic gangster 😂 he’s a nobody

  • Isshai K
    Isshai K 2 hours ago

    I will be adding this to my iTunes ASAP! This was an amazing interview. She spoke nothing but the truth!

  • Fitim Detweihler
    Fitim Detweihler 2 hours ago

    Been following Gashi since a long time ago. Went to like 5 concerts from him and it was lit every time. He also stays humble, he did a photo with everyone when he had like 62k on instagram and he's still doing it!!! Real one.

  • MrTriggavell
    MrTriggavell 2 hours ago

    Who's here just to hear that rat talk his shit but know in the present all that tough shit is out the way.....

  • yveml yvemls
    yveml yvemls 2 hours ago


  • iamsambreeze
    iamsambreeze 2 hours ago

    Only thing this was missing was How High Method Man saying Get Him

  • oh kay
    oh kay 2 hours ago

  • wolf haley
    wolf haley 2 hours ago

    This was the beginning of the end ....

  • TheBine5150
    TheBine5150 2 hours ago

    Fantasia badd......she can get it....ill knock her all the way over....u hear me

  • Lisa C
    Lisa C 2 hours ago

    Why does it have to be a choice between fat shaming (bullying) and “I’m fat, I have a perfect bod.” Those are both too extreme. This is a health and food access issue. We should be educating people about the dangers of obesity WITHOUT SHAMING them. Free support groups to work on the emotional aspects, access to lower cost healthy food, free or easily accessible education on lots of aspects around this issue. One is learning effective exercises people can do at home without a lot of money. At the federal level, we need to ban high fructose corn syrup. We need to take a look at other man made food additives that cause obesity. Also, we can take a look at other things the Europeans are doing too.

  • Keyce Andreas
    Keyce Andreas 2 hours ago

    X, Chinx, Wopo, Bankroll, Doe B, Nipsey, what fucking "new era" is Charlemagne talking about? Niggas is still getting clapped out here. 69 is VERY unlikely to survivor if the feds don't tuck that nigga away. And this nigga DaBaby moved right into 69's old lane, so what is he gonna do?

  • DannaGoat
    DannaGoat 2 hours ago

    He’s so annoying to watch talk, comparable to Kanye West

  • Skyelar EmeryEagle
    Skyelar EmeryEagle 2 hours ago

    Diddnt fat joe tried to warn him about this and how his crew tried to beat up fans and cause a scene during a concert and he couldn’t handle them and saying tekashi your 22 can you handle them and he was scurrying in the corner getting nervous and saying no

  • Xunjo
    Xunjo 2 hours ago

    Gangs prey on guys like him, and he fell for it smh. He signed his own life sentence ratting them out

  • Dee Terrnigian
    Dee Terrnigian 2 hours ago

    Joe crack

  • Myaha
    Myaha 2 hours ago

    🙄🙄🙄nothing but BS... I will not define myself in contrast to *MALES* who have declared themselves me... That’s like me calling myself CIS black b/c RACHEL DOLEZAL called herself trans black... Errrmmm NO!! I’m a woman b/c Iam a adult human female... MALES ARE NOT FEMALES🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

    CAPTAIN 2 hours ago

    no honor among thieves

  • Young Mu11ah
    Young Mu11ah 2 hours ago

    Snoop preachy preach. Charlemagne laughs extra hard to make the artist feel comfortable. Every one wants to hear people laugh at jokes they say. His laughs are way too forced.

  • Emmanuel Butler
    Emmanuel Butler 2 hours ago

    Angela Yee doesn’t get it about a little girl wearing makeup because she’s not a mother or parent

  • Hb ToNe
    Hb ToNe 2 hours ago

    Yo, I got nothing but love n respect for Joe. But someone please tell the man to stop wiping his nose all up his face n all the way to the back of his head! Fr!

  • christopher womack
    christopher womack 2 hours ago

    Salute to CTG which normally I don’t do, but hoe Yee was about to paint a bad picture on Kanye for not wanting his daughter in makeup and CTG corrected her ass.

    I4M CRUCI4L 2 hours ago


  • Maurice Johnson
    Maurice Johnson 2 hours ago

    I’m not mad about them not paying players . It’s like 400 college teams . But to turnaround and say they can’t make money , they can’t have endorsements , can’t have agents etc. that’s where it’s ridiculous. NCAA don’t have to pay them , but don’t tell them they can’t make money

  • Steve Harris
    Steve Harris 2 hours ago

    69 shits blood

  • P H
    P H 2 hours ago

    Char a broad

  • dantrel81
    dantrel81 2 hours ago


  • hip hop fiend
    hip hop fiend 2 hours ago

    Man, one question at a time and let him answer please!

  • Lisa Parker
    Lisa Parker 2 hours ago

    Intelligence is the sexiest shit.

  • Che Lugo
    Che Lugo 2 hours ago

    5:00 - 5:04 Tekashi broke out of jail?

  • Janice Marshall
    Janice Marshall 2 hours ago

    Envy are you dumb? CTG made sense and you tried to clown him with the make-up comment, you got read PEROID. There IS a difference between playing in makeup at home and wearing it in public on a 6 year old.

  • EliteBlackSash
    EliteBlackSash 2 hours ago

    So, basically, this is just a ghostwritten Luther Burger. They just changed what’s in the middle, but left the beginning and ending the same.

  • braxton wilson
    braxton wilson 2 hours ago

    Nigga talking about tyga and Soulja NIGGA BERG HAD THE GREATEST COME BACK EVER

  • G H
    G H 2 hours ago


  • mintythekid 9
    mintythekid 9 2 hours ago

    What temperature is the AC joe sweatin in there lol

  • Petros Baltayan
    Petros Baltayan 2 hours ago

    5:31 Fart

  • Tam Dawson
    Tam Dawson 2 hours ago

    Dave look like he can get Nasty Nasty‼️‼️

  • GoodMusicOrNothing
    GoodMusicOrNothing 2 hours ago

    Envy super silent here, either ignorance or he scared lol cthagod held the whole thing alone lol but even he was respectful lol

  • I can't believe it's not Butters

    This dude asked why they haven't been televising the trial....I'm done.

  • Lisa C
    Lisa C 2 hours ago

    Bill is wearing too much lipstick.

  • Django Abi
    Django Abi 2 hours ago

    Finally!!! My brother Gashi on the Breakfast Club🇦🇱🇽🇰 We made it

  • MimiJae
    MimiJae 2 hours ago

    He a fed.

  • LeviAndLewisTV
    LeviAndLewisTV 2 hours ago

    Joe talkin like he was in supermax. u was in the feds u had it good cut it out

  • derkquon battle
    derkquon battle 2 hours ago

    The him snitching live

  • Shon Plugging
    Shon Plugging 2 hours ago


  • derkquon battle
    derkquon battle 2 hours ago

  • James Moore
    James Moore 2 hours ago

    Nippsy hustle

  • Brandon yeates
    Brandon yeates 2 hours ago

    Ain't nobody care no more don't wanna go jail don't be a gangbanger😂

  • Lawrence Williams
    Lawrence Williams 2 hours ago

    This shit is crazy bruh

  • Julian Garcia
    Julian Garcia 2 hours ago

    Free my nigga 6ixnine

    KINGTANA 37 2 hours ago

    Awesome love is everything jezzy a salsa killa


    I had a crush on Wendy I saw her twice but second time she was eating a burger and told me to kick rocks...Fantasia the one ....RIRI COOL...Sweet for ever is Fantasia... I saw KELLY Rowan and Ashanti looking great best is still BEYONCÉ FAR AS POP MARY J SHE THE TRUTH THAT WHOLE 411 joint ... yeah if he say shawty gone blow she gone blow

  • Need you now
    Need you now 2 hours ago

    I love this!?

  • Sam H Likoya
    Sam H Likoya 2 hours ago

    Clicked super fast, love CRACK!!

  • aaron townsend
    aaron townsend 2 hours ago

    I see a lot of people calling 69 a snitch but I wonder what YOU would do when you faceing years in a federal prison :/

  • El Duro
    El Duro 2 hours ago

    Who else is watching this after the kidnapping video was released?


    That’s what I wanted to know what it takes to make something so ample sounding and radio friendly air-wav-able everything on it is next level makes you want tantamount

  • Ramses Stafford
    Ramses Stafford 2 hours ago

    I thought the same thing back when KFC had them Double Downs. They where good but I knew they where unhealthy than a motherfucker, using meat as bread is a recipe for disaster.

  • Aly-Bocar Cisse
    Aly-Bocar Cisse 2 hours ago


  • natureboy kdizzle
    natureboy kdizzle 2 hours ago

    What is The Breakfast Club it's a bunch of racist black people that hate whites

  • Omar Belloso
    Omar Belloso 2 hours ago the man... take of of your family first...

  • BlaZiN718
    BlaZiN718 2 hours ago


  • paris mcginnis
    paris mcginnis 2 hours ago

    He was never a gang member just a money bag and now he snitching. The green light was already given to take him out just a matter of time

  • Gabriel Vareschi
    Gabriel Vareschi 2 hours ago

    Pedo and a snitch

    CMGGRAPHIX 2 hours ago

    is it 2 krispy kreme donuts?

  • Sandile Sibiya
    Sandile Sibiya 2 hours ago

    US need a leader like Julius Malema

  • Kiki Eaddy
    Kiki Eaddy 2 hours ago

    I see why Yee has as of yet become a mother especially to a lil girl..... I totally agree with ctg her daddy SAID NO MAKEUP, but his fast sneaky secretive wife STILL PUTTED a tab bit of 1 color a splash of red....&&&&& YEE N ENVY listen 👂🏽 CLEARLY. Kim got in trouble by Kanye bc he said NOOO, but KIM LOVES HER MINI ME’s version; soooooo.... stop switching the story to make it fits your agenda is annoying so freakin annoying uhh.....everybody has different parenting methods... so YEE HAS NONE & ENVY CLUELESS AF doesn’t know his daughter coming or going with crazy makeup all over her face. I’m remembering my religious family’s beliefs’ that wearing RED ISSA COLOR FOR STREETWALKERS, whores, etc..... it’s now funny to me bc I wear RED MAC AALIYAH & hunni when I say that’s my number 1 favorite of all times its soo hawt on me.

  • B Frost
    B Frost 2 hours ago

    Alright someone send em to the Circus

  • ChrisJ Fox
    ChrisJ Fox 2 hours ago

    I think I met his dude

  • Trap Boy
    Trap Boy 2 hours ago

    Just unsubscribed, he literally just gave a company the donkey for doing the job well. 😂peddling death??? Tf people can make their own choices. Im skinny and should love that product. Fat people ruin everything

  • Tazhie Nunurbusinezz

    If the college & NCAA weren't making ridiculous amounts using their names & faces while they sometimes can't afford food to eat, then I'd feel a bit differently. GIVE THEM THEIR BLOODY MONEY!!

  • I Feel wEiRd
    I Feel wEiRd 2 hours ago

    why is no one talking about how someone farted at 5:30

  • Michael Shaffer
    Michael Shaffer 2 hours ago

    Tupac.....The realest EVER!!!

  • Carson Thiel
    Carson Thiel 2 hours ago

    “Boom” you’re a rat.

  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving

    Lame: i always tell people, test my gangsta Cthagod: oh god Fucking perfect. Pissed myself.

  • Siyamthanda Menisi
    Siyamthanda Menisi 2 hours ago

    Really enjoyed this interview, so genuine ❤

  • Exclusive Deliveries


  • Anthony Felter
    Anthony Felter 2 hours ago

    5:01 peep bro in the background🤣

  • didacus
    didacus 2 hours ago

    10:04 me too Joe, me too

  • Big Man
    Big Man 2 hours ago

    Sloppy FAT Joe.... My guy..

  • Big Mac
    Big Mac 2 hours ago

    Imagine being a gangster

  • Laughatpat
    Laughatpat 2 hours ago

    He told on jay prince junior when he said they was a mob they was in the sneaker 👟 store strapped

  • Angie Chagani
    Angie Chagani 3 hours ago

    Envy loves to wear makeup that’s why he thinks it’s fine for a 6 year old to wear makeup

  • Kevin Skipper
    Kevin Skipper 3 hours ago

    Gashi from Kosovo. Takashi outta Slovakia. Interesting.

  • rick louis
    rick louis 3 hours ago

    Why Americans eat like they got free health care

  • Darrian Johnson
    Darrian Johnson 3 hours ago

    Let me take up for Loni Love in these comments!!! Tamera and Adam has a very close relationship with Loni!!! Y’all in the comments stirring up beef that don’t even exist!! Get a f*cking life people!!

  • Eyez Lo
    Eyez Lo 3 hours ago

    No not Dave

  • Carson Thiel
    Carson Thiel 3 hours ago

    Man, Charlemagne should have punched him out when he had the chance haha