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  • Blackelly 5
    Blackelly 5 40 minutes ago

    It's time for...HOT FART TOPICS 💭💥

  • Sisi Harry
    Sisi Harry 40 minutes ago

    She eats too much of the wrong things and ALWAYS talking about it. The other day there was also a loud burp.. Oh wait Angela just talked about it. Crazy. I watched the show and did not hear that.

  • Latysha L.
    Latysha L. 40 minutes ago

    The teen boy he tackled slammed his son on his neck. That teen boy could've paralyzed his son or even killed him. I am curious though....Where was the teen boy he tackled father. mother, or somebody related to him??

  • Keem Da Dream
    Keem Da Dream 41 minute ago

    YEE sick voice sound's sexy tho

  • Adros z
    Adros z 41 minute ago

    Lol haha 😁

  • Johnnie James
    Johnnie James 41 minute ago

    We don't care she's annoying

  • Anthony Davis
    Anthony Davis 41 minute ago


  • Pep Rally
    Pep Rally 41 minute ago

    Charlamagne playing with folks money & livelihoods out here when it comes D Rawlings. Everything isn’t for likes & views on your behalf.

    LASKKOO TV 41 minute ago

    Turn in his Timbs 🤣🤣

    A F*UCKING WORD 41 minute ago

    I love to see healthy positive friendships amongst black men

  • Truth Supreme
    Truth Supreme 41 minute ago

    Envy is irritating

  • Rootskitchen
    Rootskitchen 41 minute ago


  • Momma Zoey
    Momma Zoey 42 minutes ago

    What else should we expect from a trash box like Wendy??!!!

  • Macy V
    Macy V 42 minutes ago

    🤔 Mo' Nique really didn't get a hour special. It sound's like she got a headliner spot on a hour comedy special. Because of all the Comedians involved in the show. A special is 1 hour of her and only her doing her comedy !

  • omarizzle714
    omarizzle714 42 minutes ago

    Funny interview but it gets annoying when they talk over each other

  • Ms P
    Ms P 42 minutes ago

    Monique and friends?🤔 Sounds like she’s the MC for the night. All that fussing and you still don’t have a network who believes that you can do it by yourself. Congratulations you played yourself.

  • Cash Back Bandit
    Cash Back Bandit 42 minutes ago

  • Channel 10,000 BC*
    Channel 10,000 BC* 42 minutes ago

    The salt really rubbing on the breakfast club... eiish you fuvkers really tried to shade her on your show

  • Michael Henderson
    Michael Henderson 42 minutes ago

    Charlemagne I can tell that you never wrestled before, that was a dirty slam and I don’t condone the father’s actions but I for sure understand

  • Whirling Cuckoo
    Whirling Cuckoo 42 minutes ago

    He's the only reason I used to watch Pimp My Ride, he sure had flair and awsome sense of humour

  • Mr. Ransom jr
    Mr. Ransom jr 42 minutes ago

    I dont think it will be worth all the dust she kicked up.... didnt really care for the queens of comedy bit she did

  • seazn furi
    seazn furi 43 minutes ago

    Oprah full of shit!

  • Love Peace And Happiness
    Love Peace And Happiness 43 minutes ago

    Im happy for her! With all these haters on happy she stood up for herself and didnt sell out! She is gonna do great! This is her moment she aint got nothing to prove to no one except herself....I wish her all the best!

  • Rilly Jo
    Rilly Jo 43 minutes ago

    F dis bih

  • 93remix
    93remix 43 minutes ago

    I CAN SNEEZE WITH MY EYES OPEN... just got record it

  • Kidd Donny
    Kidd Donny 43 minutes ago

    Yuck, I can smell this whole upload 🤢 from the title to the thumbnail🤮

  • james moore
    james moore 43 minutes ago

    Me too movement fells again... perfect example of toxic females...... smh... when will society acknowledge fault in some women aswell smh!!!

  • Quayshaun Walters
    Quayshaun Walters 43 minutes ago

    I don't agree with this bc he is doing it to try and make money. I understand wat he saying but that doesn't 100% apply to situations like this

  • entertainment babyitsmb
    entertainment babyitsmb 44 minutes ago

    I could never be a tv host with the amount of times I fart

  • TaiTai
    TaiTai 44 minutes ago

    Wendy Williams is a prime example of high power mental illness.

  • Rashad Williams
    Rashad Williams 44 minutes ago

    She is trying to be a clout chaser and it’s sad girl you said Martin made you feel uncomfortable so stand on that shit Martin good without you

  • Tanny Glover
    Tanny Glover 44 minutes ago

    From now on, Charla gotta say “Wendy Williams on the record!” 😂😭😂😭😂

    BARRY HILL 44 minutes ago


  • b mar94
    b mar94 44 minutes ago

    Lol no amount of money is worth protecting him... thats crazy. Good luck 69

  • King Jiggah
    King Jiggah 44 minutes ago

    Im glad they good

  • Polo - Nologo
    Polo - Nologo 44 minutes ago

    What man sends a paragraph of emogis

  • Veemaine716
    Veemaine716 44 minutes ago

    Russell know where the bones are buried

  • jaybx661
    jaybx661 44 minutes ago

    Sounds like she is hosting actual funny people

  • Mark Peters
    Mark Peters 44 minutes ago

    God? God can’t be black people therapy. He not gonna answer you

  • The Trash Rapper
    The Trash Rapper 44 minutes ago

    Matin and Gina been friends since house party movie

  • Nicholas Alexander Montañez

    Charlemagne don’t get it because he has four girls who don’t wrestle with that kid did something on this child on his head could’ve potential he done more harm! Get a clue Charlemagne for being so fucking ignorant💯🙋🏾‍♂️

  • Mr. Ransom jr
    Mr. Ransom jr 45 minutes ago

    Speaking of reconnection... Charlemagne and Yee yall good?

  • Lil N
    Lil N 45 minutes ago

    Shit better be funny cause she lost her touch a while ago

  • Tootie Pootie
    Tootie Pootie 45 minutes ago

    Hay she did it 😂😂

  • Chrono Cross
    Chrono Cross 45 minutes ago

    He tackled him cause that was an illegal move for high school wrestling

  • Daddy D
    Daddy D 45 minutes ago

    Isnt she that crackhead whore?

  • Mr Penmanship
    Mr Penmanship 45 minutes ago

    Treach my me they proofed that book and unfortunately they knew that in order to even try to sell they had to embellish you as a monster in order to get females to purchase it. It's the formula for any black book or scripts...they build studios from making (Black Males) look bad! Glad it didn't tarnish u!

  • barry juice
    barry juice 46 minutes ago

    That mf better be funny

  • Marti
    Marti 46 minutes ago

    I saw the headline and knew the comments were about to go in.

  • Javier Ferrero
    Javier Ferrero 46 minutes ago

    She lifted her cheek and paused during it, she definitely farted

  • Tay Keith
    Tay Keith 46 minutes ago

    My mom does films & knew Tommy from Martin. He talked to my mom stating how he hated Martin. He said Martin had legit started stalking her & they had to end the show. He said Martin took it way beyond what it should've been, but of course unfortunately Tommy is dead now.

  • EliThaGr8
    EliThaGr8 46 minutes ago

    Oprah got some huge knockers, i would definitely be a boy toy

  • lovechild tre
    lovechild tre 46 minutes ago

    As long as Monique’s jokes aren’t about bashing skinny women and how Tyler Perry, etc. tried to stop her bag...the comedy show could be hilarious...I hope🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Pinda Kaas
    Pinda Kaas 46 minutes ago

    4:25 Yee, are you oke there? 😂

  • Aaron
    Aaron 46 minutes ago

    Monique will need this to be a super smash hit!

  • Blackelly 5
    Blackelly 5 46 minutes ago

    😂😂 how u pootin? 💭

  • Quinlin Hogan
    Quinlin Hogan 46 minutes ago

    Real talk we need dj Khalid for the super bowl cause he bringing everyone

  • Mason Brandon35
    Mason Brandon35 46 minutes ago

    Charlamagne Didn't Attend 🤣🤣🤣🤣...Angela Lee's Bowling Party

  • Reef Atwoods
    Reef Atwoods 46 minutes ago

    As long a its funnier than Tiffany Haddish standups we good...

  • S.A.M
    S.A.M 46 minutes ago

    And Akon!!🙏🏾🙌🏾🔥🔥

  • K. Floyd
    K. Floyd 47 minutes ago

    Idk after all that Netflix drama - I'm really not feeling this special. But, I'll wait for someone to tell me about it and based on their explanation then I'll decipher if it's worth my energy to tune in. Even though I don't have cable.

  • The only Shara 0em•
    The only Shara 0em• 47 minutes ago


  • Dezmin Daye
    Dezmin Daye 47 minutes ago

    Yee getting Chunky guess she abandoned her own workout 🏋️‍♀️ Plan

  • Go CPNG
    Go CPNG 47 minutes ago

    They Went On Telemundo Too

  • YMRM McCree
    YMRM McCree 47 minutes ago

    I agree with her. Just be honest. Tf you lying for😂😂😂 Honesty gets you results, good or bad, it gets results.

  • BeautyQueen .Nea
    BeautyQueen .Nea 47 minutes ago

    Yaaayyyyy! Legend! Happy for her!

  • Tiashawn Cannon
    Tiashawn Cannon 48 minutes ago

    I love Anglea hair buns❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Dan Don
    Dan Don 48 minutes ago

    That chair needs to file for violent assault

  • MazterP28
    MazterP28 48 minutes ago

    Get her some depends

  • MUSA X
    MUSA X 48 minutes ago

    WHITE PRIVILEGE WHITE dad won't do any PRISON time if this had been a BLACK dad this would have been a totally different outcome

  • Kimaris Everly
    Kimaris Everly 48 minutes ago

    Angela hun, rest your voice. Drink you some hot lemon honey water bayba! ☕️

  • Dannyphantom415
    Dannyphantom415 48 minutes ago

    I was a cashier at a luxury clothing store and one time I had to take a shit and had to hold it , as I was ringing up a customer I farted so loud lol . She just looked at me and we continued the transaction lol

  • Yahrion P
    Yahrion P 48 minutes ago

    You gave the number out the same reason why u asked the question !!! Lol

  • The only Shara 0em•
    The only Shara 0em• 49 minutes ago


  • 615 Bred
    615 Bred 49 minutes ago

    he coldblooded 😂

  • Carter Wop
    Carter Wop 49 minutes ago

    I swear she such a cornball to me

  • Heavo Speaks
    Heavo Speaks 49 minutes ago

    Tisha Campbell need to stop dressing like a Gothic vampire😁😁

  • S.A.M
    S.A.M 49 minutes ago

    The Ms Anita/Will Smith story warmed my heart💞

  • 1
    1 49 minutes ago

    Charla please go to her show. Pleaseeeee ... we need an interview with both of you

  • sherwood smallidge
    sherwood smallidge 49 minutes ago


  • Cash Back Bandit
    Cash Back Bandit 49 minutes ago

  • Jay Gunny
    Jay Gunny 49 minutes ago

    So basically she was sexually harassed but do to the confidentially agreement she can’t speak on it!!! Wow

  • Isela Herrera
    Isela Herrera 49 minutes ago

    That’s nasty 😂 the fart was a special appearance!

  • Tyrone Tucker
    Tyrone Tucker 50 minutes ago

    I would love to see a Martin reboot

  • Ron Ronn
    Ron Ronn 50 minutes ago

    I want the camera to pan pass Charlemagne laptop screen and he be on some wild shit lol

  • BlackKoiRecords
    BlackKoiRecords 50 minutes ago

    All that diarrhea tea and vegen juices ain't helpin gettin Angela's voice back lol

    SNAP BABI 51 minute ago

    That’s a whole man under that wig😂

  • Justin Gant
    Justin Gant 51 minute ago

    While she talkin bout Odell smackin a$$

  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson 51 minute ago

    🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 I SMELL SHIIIIIIIT!

  • Gerald Walls jr
    Gerald Walls jr 51 minute ago

    I'm glad Martin issues is behind and 6 9 body guards on making the best decision

  • John Lawler
    John Lawler 51 minute ago

    It's not "body-shaming", it's the truth.

    LASKKOO TV 51 minute ago

    Where the niggas at 🤣🤣

  • Jus Derric
    Jus Derric 51 minute ago

    All of a sudden they have a new movie and this is coming up!

  • Trevy 0.
    Trevy 0. 51 minute ago

    CTG man 🤣🤣, he’s the definition of “be confident wit the bs” . Envy caught him and man was stuttering. U gotta match niggas wit ctg’s energy or they’ll walk all over you

  • K. Lee28
    K. Lee28 51 minute ago

    Sound like it could be a similar situation that Will Smith had with 2 Pac & Jada. I believe Duane Martin could've had issues with Martin & Gina dynamic in the Martin Show because the played the roles so well that the audience and public saw them as a real couple, You could literally see yourself or your relationships in those characters and iconic moments, it's why it is the Greatest Show of All-time. The RED PUMPS!!! I will never forget.

  • hworth3
    hworth3 51 minute ago

    Good morning Wendy, how you pootin!! 🤣🤣

  • Devonte8445
    Devonte8445 51 minute ago

    If all of it was B.S. then why wasnt they in the Final scenes together in Season 5?

  • D_Vyne Black Krown
    D_Vyne Black Krown 51 minute ago

    Dang....Angela don t pay any attention to Charlemagne tha God.she s not looking at him at all ...that beef was really...+ Charlemagne made a promise to tekashi 69 if he comes out...are u gonna do it?

  • Pro Pane
    Pro Pane 51 minute ago


  • MusicMail
    MusicMail 52 minutes ago

    Uncle Murda better put this in his 2020 rap up Wendy Williams shitted on herself