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Darkness Prevails
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5 Rainy Day Horror Stories
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  • Candice Perry
    Candice Perry 8 minutes ago

    People would use trains to travel Blue range can be used as a train station

  • Candice Perry
    Candice Perry 17 minutes ago

    I wouldn't mind working the nightshift to earn extra money

  • Bingo_Bongo is my name
    Bingo_Bongo is my name 22 minutes ago

    45:30 = Scp - 046 but weirder

  • Candice Perry
    Candice Perry 25 minutes ago

    I wouldn't mind exploring these haunted places

  • Poignant Unicorn
    Poignant Unicorn 34 minutes ago

    Hello Darkness my old friend...

  • Sarah Solarflower
    Sarah Solarflower 35 minutes ago


  • mary knapp
    mary knapp 41 minute ago

    Always enjoy your stories THANK YOU ,And GOD BLESS

  • Effie Cupps
    Effie Cupps Hour ago


  • Jean Strong
    Jean Strong Hour ago

    A nine inch piece missing from the bottom of a door is not a "gap", it's half the freaking door. Who doesn't repair that?

  • Jj M
    Jj M Hour ago

    I am Wendigo. -legend- ..👁

  • Dedrian Jarrells
    Dedrian Jarrells 2 hours ago

    weeb lol

  • Lissa Grantham
    Lissa Grantham 2 hours ago

    Listening to this while my camping in the woods.

  • Maisie LB
    Maisie LB 2 hours ago

    Your fucking voice is an issue stop trying to talk "creepy" you just sound like a fucking predator

  • J M
    J M 2 hours ago

    This is exactly why the wilderness scares me :')

  • Brendan Kruger
    Brendan Kruger 3 hours ago

    #3 sounds like an iguana of some sort

  • stream boy with luv
    stream boy with luv 3 hours ago

    *still not deleting twt*

  • PastelSpaz
    PastelSpaz 3 hours ago

    Am I the only one wondering how this guy wasn't bleeding out after his stomach was cut into, and how he got into bed without even trying to tend to his wound?

  • J4ger. aus
    J4ger. aus 3 hours ago

    false, OPs just gay

  • Yatta
    Yatta 3 hours ago

    #1. Any ‘rekt’ threads on /b/.

  • CyeOutsider
    CyeOutsider 4 hours ago

    He starts to "berate them" with questions?

  • CyeOutsider
    CyeOutsider 4 hours ago

    So you hear a blood curdling scream and pitiful weeping in the middle of the night and just go back to sleep? Very good. Also, what was the incident with the angry man all about? Also, why was there a search helicopter scouring the woods if it was just a campsite accident?

  • Pits n Pistols
    Pits n Pistols 4 hours ago

    WTF was it in story number 8!!!! What was the uncle !!!?

  • Ristea Stefan
    Ristea Stefan 4 hours ago

    i see the dark shadowy figure too, it's my urge to make bad decisions in life

  • Jnet 32
    Jnet 32 5 hours ago

    A .22 and a .410 for hogs?..... son...

  • Maximilian Gruber
    Maximilian Gruber 5 hours ago

    Not a fan of the greentext scrolling beyond what you are saying. I wanna read along too but it scrolls too fast!

  • HugIt Outout
    HugIt Outout 5 hours ago

    Love that intro

  • Anti Social Extrovert

    34:43 minutes go by too fàst

  • Agnes Maloco
    Agnes Maloco 6 hours ago

    I know tete the dog might be possessed by an evil entity..if its my dog i will bring her to a church and let the men of God pray over and cast out the evil spirit..like humans, animals are also easy target of evil..pls only Jesus can help the dogy..

  • Agnes Maloco
    Agnes Maloco 6 hours ago

    I know tete the dog might be possessed by an evil entity..if its my dog i will bring her to a church and let the men of God pray over and cast out the evil spirit..like humans, animals are also easy target of evil..pls only Jesus can help the dogy..

  • David Butt
    David Butt 7 hours ago

    Who wants to listen to Scarry stories, but is offended by descriptions of gore?

  • kamryn miller
    kamryn miller 8 hours ago

    Thank you so much for narrating my story! It sounds so much creepier when it comes from you! Ive been excited since I saw it posted! ❤️❤️❤️ much appreciation

  • selima sh
    selima sh 8 hours ago

    werewolves bro , theyre werewolves

  • J. Gona
    J. Gona 8 hours ago

    They sound much more like Starling feathers than Crow feathers, though beyond that, I can't help you... 🤔

  • Gabe Elkins
    Gabe Elkins 8 hours ago

    And this is why I camp with the lever gun.

  • Jnet 32
    Jnet 32 9 hours ago

    David Bowie lol

  • The Cherokee Gypsy
    The Cherokee Gypsy 9 hours ago

    Out of work with a toothache. Been out for two days. Going to see about getting it pulled. In the meantime I’m going to lay here again and listen to your stories and try and block the pain out. Love #darknessprevails

  • CageKicker
    CageKicker 9 hours ago

    This first story is awesome

  • Nehemiah Robinson
    Nehemiah Robinson 9 hours ago

    I want a giftcard

  • Tami Toxicity
    Tami Toxicity 9 hours ago

    You dont look how you sound oh my goddd😍

  • c3t
    c3t 10 hours ago

    2nd one is shape shifter? that's just what I think maybe something different edit: the 8th story seems kinda fake to me but to each their own

  • kevin bailey
    kevin bailey 10 hours ago

    I’ve seen something twice in my life the first time at a cemetery and it sounds stupid saying it but all it was was a cloak like thing by itself moving on its own like spawns cape I seen it gliding/ flying over the trees then vanished another time up in the sky just above electric lines close to my house never seen it again after that and I’ve never heard of anything like it from anyone else

  • Jacques Baker
    Jacques Baker 10 hours ago

    can you please go and find some true vampires stories? I noticed a lack of them

    • Sage Ninja
      Sage Ninja 9 hours ago

      Yes I agree 💯👍 I would like to hear some true vampire encounters.

  • Χάρης & Μπάμπης Entertainment

    God bless x1.25

  • 2death 003
    2death 003 11 hours ago

    I want to see these illustrated

  • Deb Lloyd
    Deb Lloyd 11 hours ago

    thank you

  • Gambit2483
    Gambit2483 11 hours ago

    The first story is ufoabductee's story. Hes a former RU-clipr (last made videos in late 2000s) that posted lots of videos on his experiences. Wish he would come back

  • Dan D. Warhol
    Dan D. Warhol 12 hours ago

    Darkness Prevails: Says "piqued" as it should sound. "Peeked" Swamp Dweller: Says "piqued" as it was written. "Pickweed"

  • Scott Dissen
    Scott Dissen 12 hours ago

    Btw. Front cover-picture

  • Scott Dissen
    Scott Dissen 12 hours ago

    Wauw. ,this foto ='also, if yu look good. :"in right uppercorner ,@n eye and then , trees towards down ,=nose and right under seems. A mouth .... try. , if yu. See!!!

  • Kate Lamb
    Kate Lamb 13 hours ago

    Great stores!!👍🏻👍🏻💕 Although, a few of them seemed incomplete... 🤔

  • Hellknight Mordred
    Hellknight Mordred 13 hours ago

    Lol I like in the first story. The voices darkness put in sound really inhuman even though the story says they sounded "exactly" like their friends.

  • Opera Ghost
    Opera Ghost 13 hours ago

    Many elderly people have prescriptions of opioids such as propoxyphene or vicodin and have hallucinations as a result .my grandmother for example described seeing a cowboy movie on every wall she turned her attention to.

  • Just Creepy
    Just Creepy 13 hours ago

    For The first story correctly to say, “her and I” not “she and I”.

  • Gary Wynn
    Gary Wynn 13 hours ago

    I’m curious why the Tik Tik story didn’t explain the nervousness they had about the monster and what it does to the baby.

  • Ashley Sharber
    Ashley Sharber 14 hours ago

    Thank you so much for this upload! I love the stories. Some of these really freaked me out which is amazing because I listen to scary stories a lot and they usually don't scare me so thank you I hope to see more like this soon!

  • Ryan Cooke
    Ryan Cooke 14 hours ago

    I’ve heard every single soundcloud podcast pleeeease add more

  • Iä! Iä! C'thulhu
    Iä! Iä! C'thulhu 14 hours ago

    5 is a Lovecraft story sorry, fake

  • Vegetas Girl
    Vegetas Girl 15 hours ago

    #6 has me scared to leave my bathroom rn I'm afraid I'm going to see it in my hallway now 😰 lol

  • Sandra Weilbrenner
    Sandra Weilbrenner 15 hours ago

    These are excellent

  • Patronus88
    Patronus88 15 hours ago

    In the alien why didn't the brother back up story his sibling told?

  • Sandra Weilbrenner
    Sandra Weilbrenner 15 hours ago

    Baba yaga

  • Betty Schneider
    Betty Schneider 15 hours ago

    I sub because of the story's and the rain was cool 😎 💦💦💧💧☔🌂.... 🚔🚓👮👮 thanks💒⛪⛪⛪🌈

  • alex reid
    alex reid 15 hours ago

    no pics, no names no point

  • Allen Johnson
    Allen Johnson 16 hours ago

    JESUS CHRIST! Whats the Aussie so excited over i had to turn it down about 5 times. granted im dying to see what he looks like now, if the face goes with the voice n all that.

  • Betty Schneider
    Betty Schneider 16 hours ago

    Sleeping 😴💤 on a train tracks! What? How could you not hear a train 🚆 coming and wake ⏰ up???? 😲.... 🚂🚋🚃🚎🚜🚛🚚🚧🚕🚔🚓👮👮...👻👻🚄🚅🚅🚇🚞

  • Betty Schneider
    Betty Schneider 16 hours ago

    Ohio seems to have bad. Things going on! I never hear anything good about Ohio! 😲.... 🚔🚓👮👮

  • Betty Schneider
    Betty Schneider 16 hours ago

    Cool 😎 scary😰😨😱 videos 📹 by police🚔🚓🚔🚓👮👮👮👮👮👮

  • TLsa Bloopers
    TLsa Bloopers 16 hours ago

    My best friend is a werewolf

  • Legit Gamer
    Legit Gamer 16 hours ago

    3 weeks ago I commented about your Mic quality But I was confused on if it was you’re Mic or sound as you record in the room and I say men Much Respect ✊ To you for Improving on that aspect. Your Narration , The delivery and The Quality is on point. 👍

  • Christopher Fulmer
    Christopher Fulmer 17 hours ago

    I had a siding of a UFO when my stepmom was giving me a ride home from a pool hall on hours about 16 and I have had two since now I'm 40 the second one one of my best friends actually witnessed with me

  • Deborah Smyrl
    Deborah Smyrl 17 hours ago

    As always, love your videos. I love listening at night in bed before I go to sleep. Keep up the awesome work, Darkness P. 😊😊😊

  • Shaeanne Long
    Shaeanne Long 17 hours ago

    Loved the video Darkness!!!

  • sinare -
    sinare - 17 hours ago

    This is just a theory of course but still gonna throw it out there.... Maybe you're finding crow feathers next to or around dead animals because .... wait for it.... crows are scavengers, dun dun dun!!! Again just a theory, a creepy story theory! Thanks for reading... Lol sorry couldn't help myself.

  • Daclan Say
    Daclan Say 17 hours ago

    Perhaps the land is cursed... or perhaps the murderer was the THUNDER BIRD!

  • Nick C
    Nick C 18 hours ago

    Why would you scroll down the text post faster than you read through it? That doesn't make sense. Pretty cool content though, man! Subscribed.

  • Cassandra Alicester
    Cassandra Alicester 18 hours ago

    Crickets could be louder ;)

    • lord eldauoud
      lord eldauoud 15 hours ago

      Cassandra Alicester "Love" " Your" "HAIR" !!!!!!! "Ms.Cassandra " !!!!!!!☺️😌😊😇🌬

  • wessel harm
    wessel harm 18 hours ago

    Liked be4 watchin, as always!

  • Ziaclic Gd
    Ziaclic Gd 19 hours ago

    How can I tie myself to a tree? - I’m already tied to a tree

  • Katrina Bright
    Katrina Bright 19 hours ago

    The first Story had too many inconsistencies

  • 736
    736 19 hours ago

    Your voice makes me want to die

  • Kleng Amarth
    Kleng Amarth 19 hours ago


  • Edilver  Aguilar
    Edilver Aguilar 19 hours ago

    thanks, DP! ☆☆☆

  • TerrorTales 666
    TerrorTales 666 20 hours ago

    Do a scottish one too darkness

  • maestro4202 2
    maestro4202 2 20 hours ago

    Creepy forests r the best.

  • Ashley Barnes
    Ashley Barnes 20 hours ago

    Relaxing for the night and the first thing that catches my ear is, "I put the poop in spoopy". Lmao dude I am weird and listen to ghost stories to relax. I wasn't expecting that.

  • Amazing Indominus Rated R

    Exactly why when I sleep. I keep a knife on my person.

  • heavy metal redneck
    heavy metal redneck 21 hour ago

    What sort of mealy mouthed lint lickers would dislike such a fine video!?

  • Well-Mannered Nate
    Well-Mannered Nate 21 hour ago

    Top Ten 4chan horror stories: *Number One, THE CUM BOX*

  • heavy metal redneck
    heavy metal redneck 21 hour ago

    All up in da woods 🔥🔥🔥

  • Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access

    I'm a terrifying thing that you might see if you go too far into the wilderness

    • wessel harm
      wessel harm 7 hours ago

      @J. Gona shiver....

    • J. Gona
      J. Gona 8 hours ago

      We'll see who gets who... Sasquatch ribs, jerky, steaks, and roast are fantastic! 🥩 🤪 Though, perhaps we can form an alliance. Know any good recipes for barbequed Boy Scout..?

    • wessel harm
      wessel harm 14 hours ago

      im stayin far away mate

    • david chappel
      david chappel 19 hours ago

      Lick my swampy buttyhole

  • Ranjira
    Ranjira 21 hour ago

    O_O ...well that monster got to learn just why a flock of Crows is called a MURDER (lol ) seriously though Saved by Crows? thats cool and believable actually, Crows are super smart tool users with sophisticated social interactions it makes sense they would go after a threat like. whatever it was that tried to carry the kid off .well..that or LoL's Fiddlesticks was nearby ... lol

    BORN-2-BE-WILD 22 hours ago

    Welcome back my dude !!

  • James Smith
    James Smith 22 hours ago

    Happy b day

  • Andrew ?
    Andrew ? 22 hours ago

    This is the worst video you’ve made, bunch of bs made up stories

  • The Grim One
    The Grim One 22 hours ago

    so darkness how you guys liking the new place?

  • Farmland USA
    Farmland USA 22 hours ago

    I just came from smoking weed in the woods and it was crazy😂✌️

  • Miles Upshur
    Miles Upshur 22 hours ago

    Not only is there nothing to do in the Midwest, but now we have monsters in it too How whimsical!

  • Forgotten Jewel
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  • Werewolf
    Werewolf 23 hours ago

    Hey. Who took a picture off me and used it for the thumbnail. That picture must have been taken after I hid those human corpses in the woods.

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    I'm a creepy looking doll! Please play with me!🍭💀