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Sulli ❤️
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Somi: The Last Airbender
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  • gacha kim gamer
    gacha kim gamer 56 seconds ago

    0:46 yuck im to young

    IT'S BTS BITCH 7 minutes ago

    uhmm hi can you print me a picture of taehyung please

  • stan dubu
    stan dubu 49 minutes ago

    We have the same BIAS! I still see Mina there🤧❤

  • Eugênia Oliveira

    It was beautiful! Great job😍. Please let the next one be Jennie🎨. 🇧🇷

  • oxfordacious1
    oxfordacious1 Hour ago

    My respect for you both went up so high when you said you were both first chair violinists in school...first chair! :0

  • maringgay doc
    maringgay doc Hour ago


  • Gaby Blink
    Gaby Blink Hour ago

    jisoo is my bias💖

  • YourfavoriteAussie Oo-w-oO

    Let me just say I stan the people in the comments putting rosè and not rose like y'all 🙏

  • YourfavoriteAussie Oo-w-oO

    Like a G6 tho-

  • Blackpink Queens

    I cant wait for Jennie 💞💞💞

  • Yuna
    Yuna Hour ago


  • Jorge Aguilar
    Jorge Aguilar Hour ago

    Is it just me or he said jungkook at 1:37

  • 1obsessionafteranother

    Debut performance of this song will be on January 28th on THE LATE LATE SHOW with James Corden

  • Wacky Wyatt
    Wacky Wyatt 2 hours ago

    love you and love this hehe

  • m monnochi
    m monnochi 2 hours ago

    this Jisoo looks kinda like Taeyeon from SNSD

  • E M
    E M 2 hours ago

    Location is the Hawthorne Plaza Shopping Center in Hawthorne, CA that closed down back in the 90s and is used often for film scenes (it was in *FF Tokyo Drift* ) and MVs. And yes, though I'm not sure about the choreo, BTS is scheduled to perform 'Black Swan' on James Corden's show later this month (Jan 28, I think?).

  • Leideneri Vendramini Gomes

    I love this!

  • María Belén Martínez Romero

    Wow me favoride idol

  • ; sana ;F
    ; sana ;F 3 hours ago


  • Paul Macabio
    Paul Macabio 3 hours ago

    Haahah nasa to sana

  • KarmaKanna
    KarmaKanna 3 hours ago

    Jisoo's your bias? *great minds think alike*

  • Vkook Is real
    Vkook Is real 4 hours ago

    Bts mombers plzz 😘

  • infiresos ‵‵
    infiresos ‵‵ 4 hours ago

    Yess the melody is so nice

  • Kent Playz
    Kent Playz 4 hours ago

    paint jennie :)

  • Farzeen Rahman
    Farzeen Rahman 4 hours ago

    the dude in long hair looks like kurt cobain. did anyone ever tell you that!?

  • Okurrr
    Okurrr 5 hours ago

    I’m so excited for Jennies portrait ❤️😍🥰

  • Wøľfïē Gåcha's
    Wøľfïē Gåcha's 5 hours ago

    I like the 2nd one most.

  • ASMR silver
    ASMR silver 5 hours ago

    Idk why but 2:10 is my favorite. I like them all still a lot they all fit so good.❤️🥰😅

  • ali
    ali 5 hours ago

    wow she kinda looks like taeyeon

  • BlInK_ArMY crackFaCE

    1:29 it looks like chaelisa and jensoo are like doing a couples dance because of the song.....yeey

  • H R
    H R 6 hours ago


  • Estrella Reyes
    Estrella Reyes 6 hours ago

    Who else bursted out laughing😂

  • ssaannaa
    ssaannaa 7 hours ago

    Jisoo is my love 😍

  • Jo R.
    Jo R. 7 hours ago

    Omg, my bias 💜 I love you, srsly

  • Sofia B.B.
    Sofia B.B. 7 hours ago

    Is nobody gonna talk about the ending..? 😀😳

  • Jessica G
    Jessica G 7 hours ago

    Okay that shirt tho i need 👀

  • Raziye Coşman
    Raziye Coşman 7 hours ago


  • Sofia B.B.
    Sofia B.B. 7 hours ago

    I love the RU-clip channel’s name

  • Sofia B.B.
    Sofia B.B. 7 hours ago

    Whistle choreo + Macarena = 🤣

  • Pablo Andrades
    Pablo Andrades 7 hours ago

    Katy Perry is a bitch

  • julia
    julia 7 hours ago

    Thank you so much. This looks so beautiful

  • fried rat
    fried rat 7 hours ago

    i swear i'm crying after laughing for no reason . lmfao

  • Jahoo
    Jahoo 7 hours ago

    Man, this is amazing @_@ great work! keep what You do, because what You do is absolutely stunning :)

  • Blackpink JISOO
    Blackpink JISOO 7 hours ago

    Oml I rly wish I could have one of those portraits!!! But my mum won’t let meee. JISOO eonnie is also my biasss!!! Please responddddd to me I wish I could get something to do with bp but I’m not alloweddddd

  • Lizzie chicken
    Lizzie chicken 8 hours ago


  • Wow Poops
    Wow Poops 8 hours ago

    Jisoo is your Bias? Bitch I love her too.

  • Jakeup 101
    Jakeup 101 8 hours ago

    Leonardo da Vinci could never..

  • Cheese Kimbap
    Cheese Kimbap 8 hours ago


  • MomZillainNOVA
    MomZillainNOVA 8 hours ago

    She's Jisoo. She's okay. <3

  • the pinks
    the pinks 8 hours ago


  • This is for rachel.
    This is for rachel. 8 hours ago

    *Next Jennie then red velvet* ✨

  • ChiLi ManSé
    ChiLi ManSé 8 hours ago

    I'm learning how to paint but i have limited materials 😢 and i don't have card to register on the tutorial 😭

  • Mr. T
    Mr. T 9 hours ago

    Once your done with the super group Blackpink, I hope you’ll try to paint the vocal queens known as Mamamoo🥺❤️

  • Ari Uribe
    Ari Uribe 9 hours ago

    OMG I LOVE it u did so good one Jisoo she looks beautiful. Jisoo is my bias too I couldn't wait any longer for Jisoo and know its out I love it wish I can paint Jisoo but I'm bad at drawing and painting but love I love it and Jisoo💖💖💗💗💖💖

  • hii day
    hii day 9 hours ago

    Loved it

  • Alisha Limbu
    Alisha Limbu 9 hours ago

    Wow my bais is goodness love you jisoo

  • Attayah .d
    Attayah .d 9 hours ago

    Here I am watching cody drawing a jisoo portrait yet I can’t even draw sketches

  • Sky Trần
    Sky Trần 9 hours ago

    My bias is also Jisoo 💙💙💙

  • evil queen
    evil queen 9 hours ago

    OMG MY BIAS💜💜🐢🐰🤧

    • Gaypop
      Gaypop 9 hours ago

      bias twins :)

  • Forever Young
    Forever Young 9 hours ago

    Thank you for drawing Jisoo, she's also my bias

    • Gaypop
      Gaypop 9 hours ago

      bias twinssss!!! :)

    ONE PSY DEAD 10 hours ago

    my bias. yahey

    • Gaypop
      Gaypop 9 hours ago

      bias sisters unite!!!

  • Jalilah Lalanto
    Jalilah Lalanto 10 hours ago

    Love it!🙋‍♀️❤

    • Gaypop
      Gaypop 9 hours ago

      thank youuu!!!!

  • Jo Anne Ubas
    Jo Anne Ubas 10 hours ago

    JISOO, OUR BIAS!!!!!! btw you're so good!!!!!

    • Gaypop
      Gaypop 9 hours ago


  • sara-jayne
    sara-jayne 11 hours ago

    they keep getting better and better wtf

    • Gaypop
      Gaypop 9 hours ago

      OMG!!? thank you so much

  • LINA Vlog
    LINA Vlog 11 hours ago

    You are an artist 😍😍😍😍

    • Gaypop
      Gaypop 9 hours ago

      thank you!!

  • KTJK V
    KTJK V 11 hours ago

    ahhhh Jisoooooo.❤ It's beautiful, thank you 💓

  • VJ Julia
    VJ Julia 11 hours ago

    can't wait to complete all blackpink's painting <3 it's so beautiful <3

    • Gaypop
      Gaypop 9 hours ago

      thank you so much!!!

  • Michaela Vreden
    Michaela Vreden 11 hours ago

    My favorite is 1:55 and 2:12

  • Mirabela0909
    Mirabela0909 11 hours ago

    Guys the official mv have already subtitles

  • Kahlia Gilbert
    Kahlia Gilbert 12 hours ago

    After Jennie I would love to see you paint a male idol out of curiosity. Just to spice things up!

    • Gaypop
      Gaypop 9 hours ago

      that would be fun!!

  • Russia Suwannasri
    Russia Suwannasri 12 hours ago

    For me LISA PIC look like the real photo the most for some reason. But for JISOO PIC the details is on point, love it. I love hair so much so beautiful and delicate. Can't wait for JENNIE PIC.

    • Gaypop
      Gaypop 9 hours ago

      wow, thank you so much!!!

  • jenlisa balckpink
    jenlisa balckpink 13 hours ago

    jennie paint plssss

  • Kiwi • chii
    Kiwi • chii 13 hours ago

    Every song fits them OFC Duhhhhhh xD

  • Ching Man
    Ching Man 14 hours ago

    this is ART

  • momo and heechul are adorable

    Video starts at 7:31

    • Gaypop
      Gaypop 8 hours ago

      momo and heechul are adorable thank uuu!

  • Agy YT
    Agy YT 14 hours ago

    Wow.... I never knew that!

  • Joanne
    Joanne 14 hours ago

    I'm WOWED right now

    • Gaypop
      Gaypop 9 hours ago

      THANK YOUUU :)

  • Just a blink
    Just a blink 15 hours ago


    • Gaypop
      Gaypop 9 hours ago

      thank youuuu!!!!

  • Sanaha Wau
    Sanaha Wau 15 hours ago

    Woahhhh so cool. Jisoo is my bias too

    • Gaypop
      Gaypop 9 hours ago

      bias twins!!!

  • hooman
    hooman 15 hours ago

    So talented😊💕💕💕💕 화이팅

    • hooman
      hooman 9 hours ago

      @Gaypop Love your channel!😄💕 all positive and happiness💕

    • Gaypop
      Gaypop 9 hours ago

      THANK YOU! <3 <3

  • Amrin Shaikh
    Amrin Shaikh 16 hours ago

    *GAYPOP* If u know what i mean? 🤣⬇️

  • LEEN
    LEEN 16 hours ago

    Omg why does Jisoo look like Taeyeon from GG?!

  • Nothing Special
    Nothing Special 16 hours ago

    Blackpink is the most different group in kpop

  • Nnn _
    Nnn _ 16 hours ago

    Like for LGBT ❤💙💚💛💜

  • Khaled.
    Khaled. 16 hours ago

    You’re amazing cody ❤️❤️ Are you going to paint other groups after painting jennie?

    • Gaypop
      Gaypop 9 hours ago

      yes! new projects will be coming :)

  • Angi 995
    Angi 995 16 hours ago

    Beautiful 🤩

    • Gaypop
      Gaypop 9 hours ago

      thank you so much!

  • Rich Kid
    Rich Kid 16 hours ago

    Hahaha This is 🔥

  • Rich Kid
    Rich Kid 16 hours ago

    you’re the 6th member i know!!!!

  • Bill Swag
    Bill Swag 17 hours ago

    Zimzalabim for intro xD

  • Lavn R
    Lavn R 17 hours ago

    I wish i can draw jisoo like that😭😭😭

  • Lavn R
    Lavn R 17 hours ago

    She’s sooo pretty

  • Lavn R
    Lavn R 17 hours ago

    Jisoo is my bias!! I cant believe you painted her

    • Gaypop
      Gaypop 9 hours ago

      bias twins!!

  • loreee ِ
    loreee ِ 17 hours ago

    OMG this is so good 🤯🤯🤯

    • Gaypop
      Gaypop 9 hours ago

      thank you so much!!!

  • Anto Pap
    Anto Pap 17 hours ago

    If you want to gear the songs of official channels on yt you can type the song and bangtantv and there is an official video with the version of song in all the streaming platforms

  • salsabila resun
    salsabila resun 17 hours ago

    So damn good!!😍🤩

    • Gaypop
      Gaypop 9 hours ago

      thank youuuuu :)

  • less _
    less _ 17 hours ago


  • Lena Alawayasheh
    Lena Alawayasheh 18 hours ago

    JisooooO 🌸💜

  • Girl Fang
    Girl Fang 18 hours ago

    Creí que era la única que se muere por D. O, LITERALMENTE soy la única de todas mis amigas a la que le gusta D. O... Necesito amigas y bias de ese hombre perfecto ¿D. O FANS DÓNDE ESTÁN?

  • Cintia Bless
    Cintia Bless 18 hours ago

    Jisoo! ❤️😍

  • h a n a h a k i D i s e a s e

    *im jisoo im ok*