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  • Bob Keilitz
    Bob Keilitz Minute ago

    Ok. Got to 6:44 and had to stop watching. Write a script, or something, that will help you organize your thoughts.

  • Lauren C
    Lauren C 2 minutes ago

    Perhaps Vox Media should've just paid "Lyle" bundles of money to unlist the video instead of dragging themselves through the mud.

  • bolland83
    bolland83 5 minutes ago

    For the cost of that case, plus the bit, you should just buy a better case. Factor in what your time is worth and you end up in premium case territory. lol

  • Eric Ernst
    Eric Ernst 13 minutes ago


  • Aaron Petterborg
    Aaron Petterborg 17 minutes ago

    The kind of passive aggression that occurs between the rack space is a beautiful and terrible thing to behold. My life would be aimless without it.

  • jakob findlay
    jakob findlay 25 minutes ago

    Had to pause at 7:35

  • MsportJake
    MsportJake 35 minutes ago

    Still have mine for two years. Did the de-lid mod and doesn't go past 66C

  • Kevin Hills
    Kevin Hills 39 minutes ago


  • Calvin Smith
    Calvin Smith Hour ago

    More stream recaps pls

  • Travis Denen
    Travis Denen Hour ago

    The subtitles are golden! [he lost us at this point] ~anyway lavender church will be abandoned what the John one poo how okay okay if I cry clean okay~ "We handed over about 15 USD to make this easy..."

  • RackBaLLZ
    RackBaLLZ Hour ago

    The Verge/Vox media handles inaccuracies like CNN

  • King Snow GAMING

    weird my RX570 4GB draws 5W idle O.o dunno why his is drawing 75W im guess the rest of the system counts

  • Hobo Aquatics
    Hobo Aquatics Hour ago

    I'm still rocking an i5 4690K (stock) but with an RTX 2060.

  • Hobo Aquatics
    Hobo Aquatics Hour ago

    If you are not doing content creation and/or streaming the older intel CPUs are just fine.

  • Havnar
    Havnar Hour ago

    Hearing an American say "centimetres" makes me feel as though there is hope for the world just yet.

  • John Smithens
    John Smithens 2 hours ago

    I wish these guys would have remembered the original h50 with the up facing hosing vs the side hosing

  • Mario Passendorf
    Mario Passendorf 2 hours ago

    5.1GHz with Vcore under 1.35 is a good result for everyday use , mine is working 51x101 5150MHz VCore 1.39V in Bios in windows CPU-Z under stress 1.375 V -- 1.380 V maximum stable 5.2GHz with VCore 1.43V cooled by WC EK Block

  • Colin Java
    Colin Java 2 hours ago

    1:01, looks cool there!

  • LowJack187
    LowJack187 2 hours ago

    Linus Joe!

  • king romi
    king romi 3 hours ago

    Is deep cool case good?

  • Ryan Verret
    Ryan Verret 3 hours ago

    Take a look at the Z Case P50!

  • Till Riedell
    Till Riedell 3 hours ago

    You guys should send the dead cpu to Roman and have him put it under an electron microscope so we can compare AMD to Intel

  • Im Konz
    Im Konz 4 hours ago

    Can you overclock the Ryzen 3600x with a b450-f ROG strix

  • grey eminence
    grey eminence 4 hours ago

    Coincidentally SI also stands for "self injury."

  • Integr8d
    Integr8d 4 hours ago

    Steve, please have one of your staff watch my video on the EVGA 2080 Ti Black card! There's a 0.5mm gap between the silicon and the top plate. EVGA refuses to address. Need to get the word out and force a correction on this pronto! Happily send you guys my card, air cooler and Hydro Copper water block for analysis.

  • Bone-Studio
    Bone-Studio 4 hours ago

    @Games Nexus how can I control the ratio with a Threadripper 2990WX, I get 3:42 in CPU-Z for the mem ratio, I don't know how to get a 1:1 ratio if it's possible. Thanks!

  • nikolygtx
    nikolygtx 4 hours ago

    NO support for pascal? well hello amd

  • dougler500
    dougler500 5 hours ago

    Love you <3 Sorry about the lost hardware gents!

  • nicolas sun
    nicolas sun 5 hours ago

    жопа негра

  • Mr.Divergent
    Mr.Divergent 5 hours ago

    ok ok hold on, what cheaper micro atx motherboard would be compatible with this cpu???

  • Agent LokVokun
    Agent LokVokun 5 hours ago

    I bet you a signed dollar I could fix it or die trying.

  • Gnasher
    Gnasher 5 hours ago

    No one in the UK would get away with this! Trading standards would fuck them, why do the US not have something like this?

  • Citroen Games
    Citroen Games 5 hours ago


  • Rafael Durbán
    Rafael Durbán 5 hours ago

    Concrete joins the battle!

  • MostWanted
    MostWanted 6 hours ago

    This was really fun to watch! Especially enjoyed the part at 7:30 :D

  • Melvin Scholz
    Melvin Scholz 6 hours ago


  • Dustin D Haze
    Dustin D Haze 6 hours ago

    Does it come with the vertical gpu bracket?

  • Power Play
    Power Play 6 hours ago

    Nitrogen is non-toxic and is completely safe to breath as long as the Nitrogen-Oxygen ratio in the air is sufficient,the recommended is 78% Nitrogen and 21% Oxygen.

  • Rodney Fitzgerald
    Rodney Fitzgerald 6 hours ago

    Which one would you pick this one CORSAIR iCUE 465X RGB or the Lian Li Dynamic ..

  • cesar arias
    cesar arias 6 hours ago

    Lol. I wont regret pn my case selection! Fractal Design mesfify C mini fully populated with fans

  • wippy wazzy
    wippy wazzy 6 hours ago

    Good article and video, thanks dawg!

  • Travis S
    Travis S 7 hours ago

    This case doesn't seem like it's a step up from the 460x, did they just widen the airflow by extending the front glass panel a few millimeters? I would have expected the cable storage space to be better but it obviously is exactly the same.

  • Roberto Gomez
    Roberto Gomez 7 hours ago

    What brand are the thermal pad, how thick, and how much do I need to buy?

  • bsfatboy
    bsfatboy 7 hours ago

    Referring to the author’s quote of have “blead” I wouldn’t consider a drop of blood as bleeding, but everyone’s pain tolerance is different.

  • User
    User 7 hours ago

    Now touch the VRM

  • zambo
    zambo 7 hours ago

    odin was spilling ln2 all over the place including the mobo

  • Social_Warfare
    Social_Warfare 7 hours ago

    Still rocking a 2600k@4.9Ghz but I'm noticing a bottleneck these days in games, BF5 and Forza horizon 4 and so on

  • André Rühl
    André Rühl 7 hours ago


  • Wolfgang Slinkard
    Wolfgang Slinkard 7 hours ago

    Open question. If I can afford a 2700x or a 3600x witch should I buy?

  • John Smithens
    John Smithens 7 hours ago

    Do you remember the antec khuler series 620/920 those fans 2400 rpm beast!!!

  • Nick Anthony
    Nick Anthony 8 hours ago

    Is there really any reason for a sound card in 2019?

    • Nick Anthony
      Nick Anthony 6 hours ago

      @Techluse Thanks, I will check that out :)

    • Techluse
      Techluse 6 hours ago

      there can be uses. hardware canucks actually did a video regarding that whole issue.

  • Kevin Elmes
    Kevin Elmes 8 hours ago

    What is the point of this why do this?

  • OriginalOrigins
    OriginalOrigins 8 hours ago

    Whats best for x399 taichi × 2950x ??? I heard it's 2933

  • Pertamax7
    Pertamax7 8 hours ago

    Ok sir

  • Edsknife
    Edsknife 8 hours ago

    It's free real estate

  • Arcangel Gabriel
    Arcangel Gabriel 8 hours ago

    so... F for 3900x?

  • manuel garibi
    manuel garibi 8 hours ago

    Linus styling

  • John Germain
    John Germain 8 hours ago

    Heat/Cold Stress: Yes, Slam Bake ovens with LN2 assisted cooling are used to STRESS parts. In fact due to fact that shoving a frozen part in a hot oven drops the ovens temperature, it makes sense to overheat the oven above the desired soaking temperature while the Unit Under Test is in the Freezer. Then at the instant the Frozen part is shoved into the oven the oven's setpoint is adjusted to the desired soaking temperature. That way you get sharper edges on the temps in the STRESS test. The opposite happens to the freezer when the part is in the oven. Over cool the freezer and shove a hot part in it while resetting the freezer temperature. That way you get MAXIMUM STRESS and can literally bust a part open. Love it.....Engineers didn't like that much stress because too many parts would fail. They preferred the method of heating the freezer to oven temps and back....sort of like hauling an Alaskan Iceberg to South America ….it melts before you get there. Least stress, "cheating"....

  • r4ndom reviews
    r4ndom reviews 8 hours ago

    The new pin trick for maximum OC

  • XpodX
    XpodX 8 hours ago

    What about take it seriously next video? XD that'd be very interesting as well

  • K3 K4
    K3 K4 9 hours ago

    A friend of mine and I have been having a benchmarking pissing contest and we've been using Passmark 9.0 for our tests. Do you guys have any comments on the accuracy of Passmark 9.0?

  • William Murdock
    William Murdock 9 hours ago

    amd driver 19.6.3 is the best for Vega 56, P states seem broken

  • RageWorld
    RageWorld 9 hours ago

    i can fix it, so can i have it ? ;D

  • Bryan Ortega
    Bryan Ortega 9 hours ago

    Welp there it is! Nvidia has become lazy and complacent. In the words of officer Barbrady "move along people, there's nothing to see here".

  • Tommy Cha
    Tommy Cha 9 hours ago

    So Walmart is scamming people? Can’t this be an easy lawsuit?

  • Loren Husky
    Loren Husky 9 hours ago


  • Cryptocraze2017
    Cryptocraze2017 9 hours ago

    I really wanna know the release date of silverstone ATX alts case will be. Planning my very first PC very high end build.

  • Jfat69
    Jfat69 9 hours ago

    Guys please! Stop looking bored! Your youtube channel is starting to become my go to if I want to take a nap. At least put some effort in it to not look tired...

  • sik3xploit
    sik3xploit 9 hours ago

    It's fine because I don't overclock due to overclock trauma in the past...

  • Nathanael Forlorn
    Nathanael Forlorn 9 hours ago

    My problem with more open cases, especially with mesh fronts is dust. They are almost always missing dust filters, claiming the mesh will catch it - but it doesn't for me. So "closed" doesn't have to be plates, but everything that isn't needs a filter. Which I haven't found a nice case for. Guess I will still have to go for the bq 801, which fixes some heat issues of the 601.

  • Maurice H
    Maurice H 9 hours ago

    Rgb on the back of the screen has to be the stupidest use of rgb ever. nothing to complain about the content thats good as ever

  • Christopher Cali
    Christopher Cali 9 hours ago

    You two have the exact opposite hair and beard set up $$

  • Kenneth Madsen
    Kenneth Madsen 10 hours ago

    Joe killed the motherboard - but he never kills hardware

  • flag monkey
    flag monkey 10 hours ago

    Next time R9 Fury x on LN2 please!!

  • Capt. Marco Hawk
    Capt. Marco Hawk 10 hours ago

    if you want to fix the cpu check out this site

  • Jxshua Yuzn
    Jxshua Yuzn 10 hours ago

    So is it worth 150$

  • el xero
    el xero 10 hours ago

    Question. How much does any of this really matter in real world use cases?

  • oddball hippie
    oddball hippie 10 hours ago

    Ready. Load Press play on tape Ok Found Turbotape Ready. <- L Found Who dares wins Hope for the best... Keep up GN.

  • Fabnorum
    Fabnorum 10 hours ago

    I need a video about MSI B450 tomahawk max, my friend is currently having some trouble not being able to boot it up with the powerbutton and we can't find the manual button

  • Uriah Light
    Uriah Light 10 hours ago

    The cat approves.

  • Zachary Harder
    Zachary Harder 10 hours ago

    Jumping from $90 to $260 in order to take your avg fps from 99 to 109 feels like a pretty garbage value proposition. I think people might be exaggerating the importance of high end ram on Ryzen personally.

  • Jay Johnston
    Jay Johnston 10 hours ago

    Testing with nitrogen is unrealistic for the real word user. Why bother making a video about it? I don't get. It is of no real help to us in the real world.

    • Maurice H
      Maurice H 7 hours ago

      @Jay Johnston so am i

    • Jay Johnston
      Jay Johnston 8 hours ago

      @Maurice H Sorry if I offended you. I guess I must have been crabby. Again, sorry for the offensive comment.

    • Maurice H
      Maurice H 9 hours ago

      word user? word doesn't need overclocking bro, Also have you never heard of doing things for fun ?

  • ThatNerdGUI
    ThatNerdGUI 10 hours ago

    Is that Gabe Newell at 1:02?

  • Demid Ermak
    Demid Ermak 10 hours ago

    Only thing missing in the intro to be a generic trailer is an unexpected cover of a known song You spin me right round baby right round.

  • Galaxy499
    Galaxy499 10 hours ago

    Bearded Hardware should watch the serie Chernobyl on TV, he would better understand chain reactions !

  • SerpentXSF
    SerpentXSF 11 hours ago

    Steve I am able to get 945 Mhz on memory, but depending on test, benchmark or Algo it may not be stable. The Non XT wont let us control memory voltage at all.. even with More Power tool, unless there is a private version not released to public. Thanks for stream

  • Hubert Jadczak
    Hubert Jadczak 11 hours ago

    Fuck the verge(ins)

  • User
    User 11 hours ago

    They like the unit sales.

  • OpenSource Dev
    OpenSource Dev 11 hours ago

    So a $10 can of compressed cleaner took out your $500 CPU? Dang

  • jon snow
    jon snow 11 hours ago

    they killed 2 3900x's for this vid... no wonder i cant get one... unless i go on ebay and pay 300 extra.

  • d00m Slay3r_G1
    d00m Slay3r_G1 11 hours ago

    AMD is not for OC - that`s a fact :))

  • ExcelionYogi
    ExcelionYogi 11 hours ago

    Me: Seeing if I can afford a 3600 or I have to buy a 2600. GN: We killed a 3900X trying to clean it witha air and were trying the same with a 3950X. Me:Cries

  • Al Fernandez
    Al Fernandez 11 hours ago

    Linus syndrom.

  • Joshua K
    Joshua K 12 hours ago

    Please make a metal band and call it "Silicon Overcharge". Use overkill hardware to power overclocked guitars. Drink caffeine before every performance to overclock yourself.... And whirlwind that metal AF hair until people mosh to your technologically dominant masculinity. \m/

  • kumbandit
    kumbandit 12 hours ago

    5700K? Now that's an, ahem, "interesting" reflex ;)

  • Dragoola Hopkins
    Dragoola Hopkins 12 hours ago

    What was that computer that is an all in one that can be used as a monitor as well?

  • sam parkin
    sam parkin 12 hours ago

    lmao how evga made my mobo an experience?

  • Dima Zeru
    Dima Zeru 12 hours ago

    #AskGN What would be the best setup of air cooling a PC case (FD R5 / Meshify C) that is sitting under the table and in a corner (back and right side basically blocked) and has some minimum airflow at the top and from the bottom.

  • kain hall
    kain hall 12 hours ago

    I remember dropping a heatsinks on a socketed phenom 2 965be That first POST was so scary..... but it's still running today

  • retarded fucking telepath memes

    Steve the drag queen