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  • JohnWick TheGamer
    JohnWick TheGamer 38 seconds ago

    25 minutes 6.7k views Omg

  • Kacie Wilson
    Kacie Wilson 43 seconds ago

    Bruh fisher price chairs are the best for gaming 😂😂

  • Vian Naude
    Vian Naude 51 second ago

    me looking for the skip add button at 0:49

  • Sir Psycho
    Sir Psycho Minute ago

    Talha wins that's it.

  • FLEXON Gaming
    FLEXON Gaming Minute ago

    Last contestant as he is using ptcl connection for internet.... Your setup is much practical than your internet. Sorry by the way im using it too

  • TheBestGamer438
    TheBestGamer438 2 minutes ago


  • Ivar
    Ivar 2 minutes ago

    My setup is worse than all of those setups! Where should i send in my setup? I need cash for a better pc and setup.....

  • Maximillian VFX
    Maximillian VFX 2 minutes ago

    First I'd recommend a gaming chair from FiShErPrIcE I'm still laughing LMFAO😂😂😂😂

  • Socaboiz
    Socaboiz 3 minutes ago

    the first one FOR SURE

  • Dacian Kolkhuis Tanke
    Dacian Kolkhuis Tanke 3 minutes ago


  • jscheetz03
    jscheetz03 3 minutes ago

    You actually linked the chair and wood! lol you're brilliant!

    BASSAM IJAZ 3 minutes ago

    7:19 Honestly the biggest disappointment is that PTCL router all my Pakistani fellas will understand 😂😉😂

  • FlankeR25
    FlankeR25 3 minutes ago


  • Noob Gamer
    Noob Gamer 4 minutes ago

    My setup has nothing good about it .. except the GTX 1050 and i3 4160 :|

  • cor 1251
    cor 1251 4 minutes ago

    lol,jesse has my processor

  • X̶_M̶3̶S̶U̶T̶K̶4̶4̶N̶

    Talha and Hassan🇹🇷

  • Sim NiTe
    Sim NiTe 4 minutes ago

    Setup Worse would be a better name for that.

  • Christoffer Akbrekt
    Christoffer Akbrekt 5 minutes ago

    ''this video is a joke'' at least me and this video has something in common

  • Sarcasm
    Sarcasm 5 minutes ago

    I sent my setup and it was 100 more times bad then them... :( i'm actually winner

  • Spectre Gaming
    Spectre Gaming 5 minutes ago

    I have the same setup as the last one.. But i have a 1050ti

  • Shivam Dumbre
    Shivam Dumbre 5 minutes ago

    Wonder why isn't my setup there even when i subbmitted Hopefully will be in the next vid🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • ice-y
    ice-y 5 minutes ago

    Noti gang

  • FeitiHamsturinn
    FeitiHamsturinn 6 minutes ago


    THE SAVAGE 6 minutes ago

    Hi Ed , my first time early !!!! Lots of love from Malaysia 🇲🇾❤️❤️❤️ Btw it’s two am in my country and I love ur videos , I’m planning to build a pc soon 😆

  • A.R Gaming
    A.R Gaming 6 minutes ago


  • Ronin
    Ronin 7 minutes ago

    I know this episode is a bit older. But, the tower on the carpeted floor is irking me to no end.

  • Tom Hind
    Tom Hind 7 minutes ago


  • iSpiy
    iSpiy 8 minutes ago

    I say Janis has the worst setup

  • Dipa lata
    Dipa lata 8 minutes ago


  • Matīss Brants
    Matīss Brants 8 minutes ago

    we need an "most sketchy pc's" edition. for sure i'd win.

  • Ben Kelly
    Ben Kelly 8 minutes ago

    that shat pretty lt lolol

  • Enrique Sandoval
    Enrique Sandoval 8 minutes ago

    $100 🤦‍♂️ how about a desk to help them lol

    • SA4B
      SA4B 6 minutes ago

      with that money they can get a desk anyway

  • JackyFloop
    JackyFloop 8 minutes ago

    Where is my bad setup submission xD

  • Dev Likhankar
    Dev Likhankar 9 minutes ago

    Hoping for a laptop edition next episode

  • Muhammad Haider
    Muhammad Haider 9 minutes ago

    My setup is still worse........... 1 like=1 dollar for my setup.

  • Disvoid
    Disvoid 9 minutes ago

    That chai at the start it pretty cool🤣

  • Kristian Hristakiev
    Kristian Hristakiev 9 minutes ago

    where is my setup : - ) (those are worst JK)

  • MacPlayz
    MacPlayz 9 minutes ago

    Ed wtf do u need so many comdoms And why are they in your desk

  • Umar Lee
    Umar Lee 9 minutes ago

    hassan because i sit on floor as well X(

  • Om 922
    Om 922 10 minutes ago

    Hassan has the worst setup, I can imagine myself laying on the floor and breaking my neck while looking upwards

  • itsyaboibill gaming
    itsyaboibill gaming 10 minutes ago

    The laptop one

  • Fuad Shaqiri
    Fuad Shaqiri 10 minutes ago

    Hassan deserves to win, bro he doesn't even have a desk!

  • Rexel 11
    Rexel 11 10 minutes ago

    Vote=Talha He might have a bad setup. But he kept it organized.

  • Jack Burke
    Jack Burke 11 minutes ago

    *Breathes in* -Every Human being ever

  • Jimmy Weakley
    Jimmy Weakley 11 minutes ago

    You're awesome, Ed. You've inspired me to put together my own setup. Thanks!

  • xd terra
    xd terra 11 minutes ago

    Fiinnalllly ive been waiting for this vid ever since ep 179 was released

  • Francis Mc Raymond
    Francis Mc Raymond 11 minutes ago

    Worst Setup "lets staged my setup to get the price" Edition

  • IGen TazZy
    IGen TazZy 11 minutes ago

    Chat Chair Recommendation Was Savage xD Congo Talha Im Also From Pakistan :D

  • Arpit Sirohi
    Arpit Sirohi 11 minutes ago

    the laptop guy was really thinking out of the box.

    STYLZ 11 minutes ago

    Yay my setup edition

  • Jara
    Jara 12 minutes ago

    definitely the first one. it was the only one that seemed truly authentic.

  • Unknown Edition
    Unknown Edition 12 minutes ago

    Should I enter setup wars?

  • Bardamos Zecron Starog
    Bardamos Zecron Starog 12 minutes ago

    I don’t need some PC set up when I can play Call of Duty mobile on my iPhone 📱 8+ . A console level of gaming in a nice portable package 📦

  • Howard Murphy
    Howard Murphy 12 minutes ago

    Nassan This guy is using a counter he probably found on the street he is legit using a paper tissue for a fucking mouse pad he has 2 Cores and fucking 4gs of ram lmao this is literally the worst

  • Dowell Aldous
    Dowell Aldous 12 minutes ago

    will budget edition be back again?

  • Poliphian
    Poliphian 13 minutes ago

    2:25 Ah yes lube and napkins, obviously used for tears 🥴

  • PABBI vines
    PABBI vines 13 minutes ago

    Dude I sended you my best PC setup kindly include me in your next war so that I can earn a little to buy a graphic card!!!

  • Benjamin Ingram
    Benjamin Ingram 13 minutes ago

    I think jesse has the worst setup because it's powered by a laptop or ipad or something I can even tell. Its a disappointment so he should win the giveaway BTW love the content my dude

  • KD_YT
    KD_YT 13 minutes ago


  • Moon Messiah
    Moon Messiah 14 minutes ago

    i would actually be mad if they cable managed these. it would be harder to just throw everything out

  • Point Break
    Point Break 14 minutes ago

    Talha, I'm from Pakistan and I'm dissapointed..

  • sanjeev sanjay
    sanjeev sanjay 14 minutes ago

    Hassan. Poor guy cant even afford a table.

  • Matehall
    Matehall 14 minutes ago

    jesse was staged

  • Pooya Naseri
    Pooya Naseri 15 minutes ago

    I think hasan is iranian because of his name

  • ImStian
    ImStian 15 minutes ago

    what was james thinking?

  • Rabbithole Gaming
    Rabbithole Gaming 15 minutes ago

    2 of those are from Bangladesh i am damn sure 😆

    SUPERRADIJS 15 minutes ago

    I’m not first, but I’m early

  • Imam Hossan
    Imam Hossan 15 minutes ago

    2:10 lol 😂

  • The IceKing Gamer
    The IceKing Gamer 15 minutes ago


  • Dominik yehaw
    Dominik yehaw 15 minutes ago

    Ok this is epic

  • KaoDaz
    KaoDaz 15 minutes ago

    hassan has the worst.. poor guy

  • Jonathan Patten
    Jonathan Patten 15 minutes ago

    By far my favorite part of Setup Wars. Long live the potato setups featured in this episode.

  • TaticalGamer
    TaticalGamer 16 minutes ago

    I have a very nice setup but my gpu(gtx 1050 is not powerful enough

  • Svenska spelaren
    Svenska spelaren 16 minutes ago

    The first was the worst so give him extra money so he can buy that gaiming chair👍🏻👍🏻

  • Juicy Tracks
    Juicy Tracks 16 minutes ago

    8 min since

  • OMGits Luna
    OMGits Luna 16 minutes ago

    He didn’t put my setup in Sad

  • Anh Bui
    Anh Bui 17 minutes ago

    Wallpaper of the Pakistan guy at 6:47 ?

  • Veselin Semkov
    Veselin Semkov 17 minutes ago

    The first dude

  • Jokūbas vailionis
    Jokūbas vailionis 17 minutes ago


  • Video kurs
    Video kurs 17 minutes ago

    Amk resimden anladım türk olduğunu dhhddjdndnfn

  • Rifas Niyasudeen
    Rifas Niyasudeen 17 minutes ago

    Sup gamers

  • Cert1
    Cert1 18 minutes ago

    Heyyy ED nice video

    NOOB GAMER 18 minutes ago

    Hassan because he needs rocks a core 2 duo

  • DiceBerry
    DiceBerry 18 minutes ago

    100TH COMMENT!

  • ShahHunxai
    ShahHunxai 19 minutes ago

    i didnt got featured lol a

  • ramboboy nl
    ramboboy nl 19 minutes ago


  • Itsyeboiomar
    Itsyeboiomar 19 minutes ago

    Sucks that I didn’t get in for worst setup hopefully I get in next time

  • Bohemian !
    Bohemian ! 19 minutes ago

    My setup : -Desk -My phone -nothing else

  • Elishu'a Yosef
    Elishu'a Yosef 19 minutes ago

    That fisher price chair looks litty and goes with my build color scheme. May get one

  • Xirozed
    Xirozed 19 minutes ago

    My favorite setup edition.

  • Wolfii
    Wolfii 19 minutes ago

    Sounds like your restarting roast my setup again lol

  • kup fn
    kup fn 19 minutes ago


  • ev3 ever
    ev3 ever 20 minutes ago

    Do you think ı faked or because of i couldnt find my laptops model ı am kivanc or kıvanç

  • Aryan Ramanand
    Aryan Ramanand 20 minutes ago

    My setup is worse I have only an ipad so no setup to compare

  • лол hi
    лол hi 20 minutes ago

    Early , from germany

  • Lucas Watson
    Lucas Watson 20 minutes ago

    Only just realised that there’s a sponsorship so he can pay for the $100 winning submitions

  • YJHooli
    YJHooli 21 minute ago


    LUCKERА BG 21 minute ago


  • JJ Studios
    JJ Studios 21 minute ago

    Great video! and that chair at the start was hilarious! Keep it up Ed!

  • Bunn Bunneh
    Bunn Bunneh 21 minute ago

    Am I early!?