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  • Engineer Azhar-Azam

    kesy kesy jwanu ko ujhad dia ha mqm na ,

  • Abdullah shuja
    Abdullah shuja Month ago

    Ya gaddar hai Pakistan Kay. Shoot karo in logo ko.

  • Zohaib Laeeq
    Zohaib Laeeq 2 months ago

    Iss ko gali dayna gali ki bayzati hay 😂😂😂😂

  • Top World TV
    Top World TV 3 months ago

    Very nice video complete watched very nice and good and I am new subscriber ..stay connected with me too

  • Farhan Khushal Dar
    Farhan Khushal Dar 6 months ago

    2:13 farooq abdullah was happy

  • Ibrahim Khalil
    Ibrahim Khalil 9 months ago

    his name and fame will spread all over the world because he bluntly declares the Almighty's message.

  • Erfan Qadir
    Erfan Qadir 10 months ago

    Khan sahab is the best

  • sheikh kashif
    sheikh kashif 11 months ago

    Bheeek mangoo

  • Simal Zeesh
    Simal Zeesh 11 months ago

    Hahahaha pagal hua hai

  • M Bilal
    M Bilal 11 months ago

    Altaf hussain ko kuch na bolo. Un par lahnat ha jo sir jhuka kar sun rahe hen. Dut tery ki.

  • Hussain Danish
    Hussain Danish 11 months ago

    Dir kutaa

  • Naseem Pervez
    Naseem Pervez 11 months ago

    Mhajiron ko tu brbad kr deya tum ny ghron ko ujar deya bachy yteem kiy uff khudara Kia Kia nhin kia aur ab bs bnd kro yh dukan

  • Naseem Pervez
    Naseem Pervez 11 months ago

    Yeh Kia tmasha hy paisy khatm ho gaiy hahaha



  • Sebastian Parker

    bara bhenchod hai. he know that he can't be captured because army generals made money in bhatta. they can't capture him.

  • ayesha suleman
    ayesha suleman Year ago

    Ha ha ha

  • Rahima dhon LAskar

    A truly nice explanation

  • Hassan Ali
    Hassan Ali Year ago

    I am not a political worker of imran khan but I think that it's a very good reply and great reply from imran khan Imran khan zindabaad Pakistan paaindabaad

  • Miqbaltaj010 Mohammed

    Salman Rushdie was an idiot and ignorant of Quran and its exegesis. He took references from Tabari of Iran which were from Jews ( israliyat) since Tabari himself declared in his preface " he cannot guarantee " since he wrote what ever he heard. Those were rumours from a pagan who felt shy when even all the pagans fell in prostration to this Quran verse. Those verses are still in the Glorious Quran and if they were satanic Prophet would have remoi them . Its was expression from Allah to show how idiotic and injustice were the pagans when they took three idols as their gods And when they hated to have female kids but attibuted to Allah.

  • Azhar Yousaf
    Azhar Yousaf Year ago

    Apt reply by khan

  • Tahir Rana
    Tahir Rana Year ago

    Salman Rushdie was on the Top Floor of the Woolworths Building in NY on 9/11!!!

  • Proud Kashmiri
    Proud Kashmiri Year ago

    Great answer by imran khan I was looking at shit head chief minister of kashmir farooq abdulla how keenly he was listening the answer

  • Punisher 786
    Punisher 786 Year ago

    Salman Rushdi has a painful doom awaiting for him . We all have to turn to our lord after death ! He will learn his fait here and after انشاءاللہ

  • Rohail Nasir
    Rohail Nasir Year ago

    Awesome reply, Love u Imran Khan

  • Abraham K K
    Abraham K K Year ago

    So then is Islam a religion of peace?

  • shere palvaan
    shere palvaan Year ago

    Great answer.

  • ritesh ranjan
    ritesh ranjan Year ago

    I split into laughter everytime a you jackasses cite allah rasool and bullshit and show such fanatic belief in a tyrannical book apparently written or witnessed as proof by a nomadic tribesman hunter from the deserts of 7th century arabia. How you insult the potential for human intellect. You guys are pathetic and pitiable.

    • Hsb Wani
      Hsb Wani Year ago

      Not your fault Ritesh. I know the effects of Gow Mutra on human thought process. Drink n chill.

    • Umair Umair
      Umair Umair Year ago

      beacuse of your belifs in 21st century you hindus have lost your idendity and sikhs are ruling you even they are in minority.

  • Hunt Slither
    Hunt Slither Year ago

    Talibani hote hai sare muslim by default.

    ABHI BHAIYA Year ago


    • Hsb Wani
      Hsb Wani Year ago

      We r proud of Ravana, the great king.

    • Sandeep Madan
      Sandeep Madan Year ago

      Ek baat aur main Imran khan Ka bahut BADA fan hoon . I rate him higher than any cricketer as he was a brave and honest cricketer and amazingly handsome too.

    • Sandeep Madan
      Sandeep Madan Year ago

      Umair sap Puri tarah Galat Nahin ho. Par aap shayad yakeen Nahin karoge ki Aapka comment par Kar bhi mere Dil mein koi gussa ya nafrat Nahin thi. Kyonki online world mein Hindu Ka Muslims aur Muslims Ka Hindus ko Gali dena ek common baat hai. Yeh hum sab jante Hain. Main Kabhi online comment Nahin karts par logon ke comments par Kar Janata zaroor hoon. Apki reply dena sirf us waqt ki Soch thi kyonki mere man mein ek baat thi ki agar ek insaan Bina nafrat dikhaye ya abusive language use kiye Bina koi baat Kare toh doosre aadmi Ka response Kaisa HOTA hai. I am happy ki Apne APNI baat Sahi alfazon mein Kahi. Baki baat kal karenge. Bye

    • Umair Umair
      Umair Umair Year ago

      yar bat suno jab is video k nechy 95% hindu people k jo cmnts han vo islam k hate ma ha even is video ma kisi religion ko troll nahi kia gya.magar jab koi bila vaja kisi k mazhab ko gali deta ha to us ka react zror ata ha.gali deny vala hindu ho ya muslim jo b gali dy ga vo apny mazhab py logo ko bat krny ka moka dy dyta ha.ab mujy ap bs ye btao k is bandy ny jo cmnts kisy han agar iski jga koi or muslim hota or hinduisam ko gali deta to apka reaction kya hota? banda jitna marzi educated ho magar jab koi usky mazhab ko bila vaja gali dy to vo b guse ma ajata ha

    • Sandeep Madan
      Sandeep Madan Year ago

      Umair Woh upar comment Karne wala zaheen Nahin koi jahil hai. Aise log sirf nafrat hi paida Kar Sakta hain. Par yeh bhi sach hai ki is duniya mein nafrat Ka karobar badta Chala ja Raha hai air pyar ki demand Kam Hoti ja rahi hai. The best example is this whole comment section where we can easily find at least 90% views full of bitterness and impulsiveness. Do u agree with me?

  • Nainaa Sahil
    Nainaa Sahil Year ago

    Saulat Mirza got killed and king pins involved got away with the crime

  • M Niranjan
    M Niranjan Year ago

    Yes, ridiculing someone's faith is not acceptable, that's too rude n barbaric..

  • IKRAM Idrisi
    IKRAM Idrisi Year ago

    What a respond to a rediculous Hindu boy

  • Niyaz Ur Rehman Sharieff

    Truth prevails and falsehood is bound to perish.Imran speaks the truth and rusdie speaks the falsehood.

  • Ramsha Amjad Ali Khan

    Man of supreme respect and infinite worth...

  • **Mr Light**
    **Mr Light** Year ago

    Lion of Pakistan !!! The Great Leader Imran khan !!!!! 🇵🇰🇵🇰😇😇😍😇😇🇵🇰🇵🇰

  • Jarral
    Jarral Year ago

    Imran khan zandabad

  • Rashid Arain
    Rashid Arain Year ago

    love u Captain

  • Kayote
    Kayote Year ago

    May Salman Rushdie be humiliated in this world and the next. Forever.

  • ghazala ishaq khan

    MASHALLAH brilliant 👍

  • Ranjha jatt
    Ranjha jatt Year ago

    Clear and nude answer by great IMRAN

  • Mayank Shekhar
    Mayank Shekhar Year ago


  • sarfaraz khan
    sarfaraz khan Year ago

    May Allah make Imran lion of Islam

  • sarfaraz khan
    sarfaraz khan Year ago

    May Allah make him lion of Islam

  • sarfaraz khan
    sarfaraz khan Year ago


  • sarfaraz khan
    sarfaraz khan Year ago

    bhonsdi k sahi to bola Tere gand me khujli q lagi

  • Aamir Akhtar
    Aamir Akhtar Year ago

    A very appreciable and appropriate reason. Love you Imran Khan

  • Abdul Qadir
    Abdul Qadir Year ago

    These troglodytes loves salman rushdie and tasleema nasreen but have an issue wid M F hussein who jus copied the statues from ajanta ellora and other hindu temples.

  • M K
    M K Year ago

    Rushdi is mentally sick and retarded Motherfucker who is lost now a days

  • Vegan Pakistani
    Vegan Pakistani Year ago

    Imran Khan is the greatest leader Pakistan can have right now, and to expect anything different to what he said about Prophet Muhammad would not be right. It took centuries before Western societies started questioning or allowed ridiculing christianity. It will take some years before Muslims are ready to look Islam critically, we already have so many reformist in our era who interpret the unethical parts of quran and ahadith to make it things of the past. With the modern scientific education, critical thinking, studying logic and philosophy opens the door for new thinking and re-evaluating your beliefs and I see that happening to all societies including muslims in this century.

    • Tehman Faateh
      Tehman Faateh Year ago

      There was no need to re write the whole comment which I had already read and understood. Justification of these Verses are given by many Muslim scholars and are uploaded on youtube. But I will justify it myself as well. Muslims under the leadership of Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) fought all the wars in defence. Those infidels were not letting them live peacefully and were making conspiracies all the time to vanish Islam from the world. And that wasn't acceptable to Allah so he ordered Muslims to kill them and invade their lands just to punish them for all the harm they had provided to Holy Prophet and his companions. Because Allah loves the Holy Prophet more than anyone else.

    • Vegan Pakistani
      Vegan Pakistani Year ago

      Tehman Faateh Haha typical strawman ;) You may not have read my earlier message completely, I’ll post it again and btw you will not understand the context of these verses just by reading translation. I have also removed Sura Ahzan, 9 reference, I posted that to show that Allah helped in Khandaq through winds and angels, you may have got yourself confused, please read again: Arabic: Fareeqan Taqtuluna wa Ta’siruna Fareeqa, Wa Aurathakum ardahum, wa diyarahum, wa amwalahum( Sura Ahzab, 26-27) English: A group you killed, a group you made captives, He(Allah) caused you to inherit their lands, their homes, their properties(Sura Ahzab, 26-27) Read Tafsir Ibn Kathir, its available online in arabic, urdu and english. Beheading men and young boys who started to have pubic hairs, just because their betrayal could have damaged Muslims in a war which never happened, as Allah sent angels and winds. Making their women and children as slaves, invading their lands, occupying their homes, looting their properties, can you picture all of this and can you then claim that these actions were ordered and approved by Rehmatul Lilalameen? or these actions were performed by the greatest humans walked on earth? Next - Arabic: Walmuhsanatu minan nisai illa ma malakat ayemanukum English: And married women, except those your right hand possess( Sura Nisa, 24) The context of this verse is muslims attacked Awtas and captured their women as captives and sahaba were reluctant to have sex with these women as their pagan husbands were still alive but Allah revealed Surah Nisa, 24 and allowed sahaba to use these women as sex slaves, Read tafsir Ibn Kathir, Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi etc Can you justify this as an ethical or moral command by Allah or Prophet? Just these 2 for now, there are more. Lets see if your intelligent scholars can come up with some ethical justification :)

    • Tehman Faateh
      Tehman Faateh Year ago

      Completely wrong interpretation of Quranic verses you have given. I have just read the translation of verses you have mentioned and there is nothing like beheading of young boys at all in 9th verse of Surah Ahzab. And the other Verses you have mentioned randomly and have not given the context in which those verses were revealed and against which people those orders were given. All Quranic verses which non Muslims (mostly anti-Islam people) found controversial or unethical are completely justified and explained by Intelligent Islamic scholars (Including those about Women slaves) You must be a Qadyani or An Indian Hindu hiding behind fake account just to defame Islam

    • Vegan Pakistani
      Vegan Pakistani Year ago

      frontl1ner “Pathetic, weak, idiot” You defend Islam pretty well ;) “They would have done the same” So no difference , the followers of the so called religion of peace would behave exactly as their enemies would have ;) Brining peace by killing men and young boys, fucking their women and girls, invading their lands, occupying their homes, looting their properties, wow Allah gives some serious licence to his followers to bring the ultimate peace ;) Being ethical and moral makes you liberal and european ;) So Islam is a religion of barbaric punishments and doesnt care about ethics or morals ;)

    • frontl1ner
      frontl1ner Year ago

      Vegan Pakistani you’re actually pathetic lol what do you think would have happened if roles were reversed? They would do same to Muslims. And yes this was done as a lesson not only for them but others who were thinking of harming Muslims so actually it will bring more peace as enemies will be afraid to betray or oppress anyone : ) don’t worry about the punishment for crimes worry about the crime : ) don’t do the crime and then complain about the punishment lol you’re just some weak idiot guy who isn’t strong enough to defend his identity and be himself and thinks by attack Islam in this time of propaganda warfare on Muslims will make you liberal and more European lol you’re still a Pakistani and always will be lol

  • vedprakash lu
    vedprakash lu Year ago

    Simple answer imran khan is not such intellectually inclined to face rushdi

  • Hassan Ali
    Hassan Ali Year ago

    Great and blunt leader.... salute to u

  • Azam Khan
    Azam Khan Year ago

    What an answer by a LEGEND. you khan

  • Attiya Khan
    Attiya Khan Year ago

    What a leader 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  • Sameer Ahmad
    Sameer Ahmad Year ago

    best leader... we are with you khan

  • Tipu Sultan
    Tipu Sultan Year ago

    Zabardast jawab imran bhai.. Aap ke liye dil main izzat aur badh gayi...

  • S Ali
    S Ali Year ago

    Ma Sha Allah, a great reply by a great reply to an idiotic question

  • salma khatoon
    salma khatoon Year ago

    Good sir I m a big fan of your U r my ideal

  • usama Akram
    usama Akram Year ago

    nice song

  • usama Akram
    usama Akram Year ago


  • Destiny Achieved

    Love you brother

  • Vedic Aryan
    Vedic Aryan Year ago

    Clean shaven taliban khan who wants to create sharia law and blasphemy for apostasy, same madrassa mindset as hafeez saeed and bin laden

    • dare_devil_123
      dare_devil_123 10 months ago

      @Vedic Aryan lol you loss this debate each and evrypoint you hav just highlted is proven wrong and not from Quran..and yes pakistan is not islamic country neither Saudi Arabia or Iran are dumb idiot shamelessly repeating like a parrot. You just hate Islam for the sake of hating. Also bother your own religion why wasting your time and energy for hating islam.

    • Vedic Aryan
      Vedic Aryan Year ago

      Syed Yasir Ali Typical strawman fallacy, instead of answering anything on Islam which is the topic here you divert to Hinduism. He he. All Muslims will go to hell , this is what Quran says, Mohammad commuted shrik if idolatory a dozen times and he preaches you not to practice, a stolen alla and rituals fro pagan Arabs and bunch of judeo Christian lies. Is this you call truth. Your Quran is bunch of lies , and not even in chronological order . Leave this cult of hallala triple talaq , mutha and even cannibalism in name of hallal . Your mohammad is rotting in eternal hell drinking fire every time for spreading so many lies on the planet. He himself says he will go to hell in the Quran. Read your evil book inplain English and you will repent what mistake have you done believing the crap evil.

    • Vedic Aryan
      Vedic Aryan Year ago

      Abs Khan yes. All of you should go to Arab and vacate the lands you are occupying

    • Vedic Aryan
      Vedic Aryan Year ago

      Syed Yasir Ali So whenever anyone show the true meaning of your verses you guys go berserk because mullas had been brainwashing you falsely and hardwired it. So I tell you or invite anyone one of your so called mulla scholars to interpret correctly. Look at 19:71-72. Surah Maryam. There will no one of you who will not enter it. This in itself promises that they shall doom themselves by believing the lies of Mohammad Now your straw man argument on idolatory in Hinduism. Well Islam itself is idolatory in kabba no matter how much you shout , you cannot get away from it. You may say it is kissing and direction of unity in ummah but it does not cut any truth. Allah itself is moon god that is what pagans were worshipping for centuries until Mohammad came and manufactured it to deceit the Muslims. He broke the other gods to create falsehood and plagiarized judeo Christian beliefs incorrectly. This is shot summary. Mohammad himself kept 24 wives several concubines and slave women captured fromprisioner of war known as right hand possess. He also raped Mariam and suffiah. No Muslim mulla is comfortable in discussing these savage act of Mohammad and instead impose blasphemy on those who mock these murderers and rapists who have falsely created a breed that cannot understand Arabic and just recites it. Go through sahih Bukhari 7:407. Where mohammad himself did shrik of idolatory and ate food sacrificed to idols. Mohammad did offer ewe to al-uzza in accordance to religion of people (ibid p 127). These act of shrik continued until the so called prophetic calling and not before it. Infact mohammad did circumambulating of kabba just after encounter of Gabriel. “And when the apostle of god had finished his period of seclusion and returned to Mecca in the first place he performed circumavalation ofnkabba ,Sarawak met and said tell me what hasn’t been seen and heard. “. The life of Mohammad oxford university press Karachi p107 Infact all rituals Muslim practice till date of hajj umra tawaf And safa/marwa running 7 times and throwing rocks were all part of pagan Arabs idolatory practice which Muslims do till date( ibid vol 2 p 122).

    • Abs Khan
      Abs Khan Year ago

      This is why we Pakistanis can never live with these indians

  • Love you all
    Love you all Year ago

    Long live Imran khan. 👍🏾

  • red rose
    red rose Year ago

    Good reply.....

  • Ayisha Amin
    Ayisha Amin Year ago

    Bale pe nishan

  • AFAQ Khan
    AFAQ Khan Year ago


  • ch Husnain
    ch Husnain Year ago

    Naya pakistan

  • ch Husnain
    ch Husnain Year ago

    Naya pakidtan

  • ch Husnain
    ch Husnain Year ago

    Ballay pe nishan inshallah

  • sabeer imran
    sabeer imran Year ago

    This one like is just for farhan saeed hate imran khan and pti

    • tabraz baloch
      tabraz baloch 11 months ago

      Love Imran khan he is kicking ass of corrupt politicians.

    • Imperial Z
      Imperial Z Year ago

      mohammad anas ikr he better than nawabs shareef

    • mohammad anas
      mohammad anas Year ago

      sabeer imran you are mental

  • Pakistan Army
    Pakistan Army Year ago

    Lanat aise hakumat per

  • sameer hassan
    sameer hassan Year ago

    legendey lanti

  • Ali Abid
    Ali Abid Year ago

    Mara lun

  • Vines Explosion
    Vines Explosion Year ago

    I am Coming PTI With Thousands Of Newly Converter Of PTI From Karachi... Pakistan Zindabad...PTI PaindaBad

  • Zia Khan
    Zia Khan Year ago

    powerful slap to many who think rushdi is a genius

    • Sher Bangash
      Sher Bangash Year ago

      Says an idiot..

    • A W
      A W Year ago

      Zia Khan Rushdie is a Genius IK is a fundamentalist. Thats a fact And the Fundamentalist was afraid of the Genius, thats why he stepped back.

  • zeeshan afzal
    zeeshan afzal Year ago

    doob k mar jao higher authorities walo

  • Raja Ahmad
    Raja Ahmad Year ago


  • uzma naz
    uzma naz Year ago

    Uffffffff masha allah ....kamiyabi door nahi hy insha Allah ab hum.wo manhoos chehry ab nahi dekhna chaty jo 35 salo se dekh ry hain bus ab nahi or nahi ab bus dekhna hy to imran khan as pm

  • Muhammad Raza
    Muhammad Raza Year ago

    My hero

  • Ken Car-Michael
    Ken Car-Michael Year ago

    You seem to know quite a lot about a book you claim to have never read.

    • Syed Javed Iqbal
      Syed Javed Iqbal Year ago

      Ken Car-Michael You don't have to eat shit to know what shit tastes like.

  • Yaqoob Khan
    Yaqoob Khan Year ago

    Love ik

  • pak lover
    pak lover Year ago

    Great great great rply by IK yes we are Muslim nd we Muslims r those who have faith on Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (salalaho alaihi wasalam )

  • Hina Saleem
    Hina Saleem Year ago

    OMG 😮 😮😮😮😮😮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 what the hell was that.

    AFTAB AHMED Year ago

    excellent ik

  • Latif Gujjar
    Latif Gujjar Year ago

    Kuttay bolna to shekh lay bildog kuttay

  • DUâ MëHâR DUâ MëHâR

    پاکستان تو تبا نہیں ھو گا اپ پاکستان اجاو اپ کی لاش پر بنگرا ڈالنا تھا

  • Ahmad ali
    Ahmad ali Year ago

    Nautanki sala

  • Rakesh Singh
    Rakesh Singh Year ago

    Hindus, specially famous Hindus should learn from Imran Khan that you should speak about your religion with pride and confidence, I challenge Kapil or Sachin will never have guts to speak for Hinduism or defend Hindus who were opposing M.F. Husain. No famous Hindu ever had a guts to speak against M.F. Husain.

    • PI J
      PI J Year ago

      Naved Ahmad... Well the dictum to rape and make women of other races sex slaves is written in Qur'an. We know who's what. Don't teach us.

    • **Mr Light**
      **Mr Light** Year ago

      Rakesh Singh who is mf Hussain ??

    • Daniyal Khan
      Daniyal Khan Year ago

      partner suchin and kapil is not a scholar they are cricketer they don't need to speak about religion. love from Pakistan

    • Syed Javed Iqbal
      Syed Javed Iqbal Year ago

      Strangely, Zakir Naik, whom Indians hate a lot, spoke against M F Hussain saying MFH has no right to paint Hindu goddess nude. Islam condemns it. Quran, chapter 6 verse108.

    • Daddy here
      Daddy here Year ago

      Rakesh Singh I agree but they know what they are worshipping

  • Talib Abbasi
    Talib Abbasi Year ago

    Harrami tum ne humasha Zardari k sath dua kottay

  • Talib Abbasi
    Talib Abbasi Year ago

    Tum kottay ho bhonko gay Insha Allah hazaro logo k QATIL ho harrami k bachay

  • Mansoor Khan
    Mansoor Khan Year ago

    Anqareeb mar gia ha. Ab koi nahi raha is k sath. RAw NY paisa Dana band kar diaha

  • Maqbool Fida
    Maqbool Fida Year ago

    Muslims can ridicule other religions and their practices including cows, owaisi and maqboolfida hussain did, and then they cry when someone does the same to quran and muhammad :(

    • Vedic Aryan
      Vedic Aryan Year ago

      Jasmine11 the very first verse of Sura Fatiha ridicules jews as rats , Christians and mushriks as going astray. Quran is full of hatred for non believers Jews Christians and mushriks and Muslim expects non Muslim to to criticize pedo. Mopet and it’s fake stolen god ala

    • Jasmine11
      Jasmine11 Year ago

      Did u find any muslim ridicule ur books vedas etc

    • rahat ahmed
      rahat ahmed Year ago

      islam prohibits its followers to ridicule any religion...........its the stupid followers who doesnt exactly follow whats said to them... every religion is great..........its the followers whose idiocy brings bad name to their religion

  • AliRaza Raza
    AliRaza Raza Year ago

    Mar jay GA pagal Ka bachy

  • Surendra K
    Surendra K Year ago

    Qoran is revealed, Khan says. Do Hindus speak with such pride about their faith and scriptures? Hindus are too shy proclaiming some form of secularism. Khan deserves respect for standing up for his conviction regardless of his motivations

    • Syed Javed Iqbal
      Syed Javed Iqbal 10 months ago

      @vik 88 moron, I am minding my own business. You should mind yours and not watch comments of Imran Khan. Pity you bhakt.

    • vik 88
      vik 88 10 months ago

      @Syed Javed Iqbal Dont need lecture from you. Mind your business.

    • Hassan Chaudhary
      Hassan Chaudhary Year ago

      @Dwayne Chomas lol his calibre is amongst the most achieving men in last 200 years and he is a complete man. People like u can only hate 😂🖕🏼

    • Dwayne Chomas
      Dwayne Chomas Year ago

      Religion is ehy pakistan is an evil nasty place .. This satan loving man isnt gonna fix shit he a joke

    • Dwayne Chomas
      Dwayne Chomas Year ago

      Surendra K respect is earned this clown hasnt earned shit.. Just another idiot gonna ruin pakistan

  • Jamil Hussain
    Jamil Hussain Year ago

    Great respect sir

  • Toddler's movies channel 84

    paisey bund hogai tabhi bond ka nasha krk yh hashar hogaya 😂😂#nomoreAltaf or jab 2008 si zardari ki goud mai bheta tha tb tu maslihat k naam pr seat or paisey khaye or dono ney mil kr Karachi ko tabah kar dya koi infra structure nahi bqcha karachi mai ais nam nihad kutey ki wajha si ,Karachi ki awaam jaag gaye or ais ki shakal dekh li

  • Rana Qasim
    Rana Qasim Year ago

    great khan sb

  • Haim
    Haim Year ago

    Altaf Hussain Kutty Bhonk na. Pakistani army, pakistani Justice,Pakistan ISI,Pakistan Zindabad and Altaf Hussain. Khud tu begherat london me ayashi kr raha ho or ghaliya hum Pakistani ko dyto ho. Altaf Hussain murdabad Altaf Hussain jhota Altaf Hussain choor Altaf Hussain terrorist MQM London Terrorist Qamar Javed Bajwa Zindabad

  • M Shahbaz
    M Shahbaz 2 years ago

    It’s very perfect answer from Imran

  • malik yaqoob
    malik yaqoob 2 years ago