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  • Ethan Chalkley
    Ethan Chalkley 3 hours ago

    you need to be able to open one throttle body port at a time.

  • John Snow
    John Snow 4 hours ago

    I have an 87 iroc z 700 hp sbc. I challenge you!

  • TW Portre
    TW Portre 4 hours ago

    You can't call it the "buckin Brocno" ... It's not a Ford my dude ;-) Maybe the Flappin Catfish that might slide although it's not a catfish model but it's chevy f-body class lol

  • Isaiah Vines
    Isaiah Vines 4 hours ago

    What steering wheel is that on toast? Anyone know? My buddy just bought a 240sx with the same steering wheel except the center is green and we’ve just been calling it the John Deere special.

  • Kyle Marsh
    Kyle Marsh 4 hours ago

    why did he spray the back wheels @ 7:32 ?

  • mouncimaus
    mouncimaus 4 hours ago

    "The Meaning to Life is to better yourself and the Universe" ~Satan Ancien-Forums com SatanisGod org D e a t h o f C o m m u n i s m com

  • Dave James
    Dave James 4 hours ago

    Spark plug gap..

  • AlphaMail 626
    AlphaMail 626 4 hours ago

    Bog deep letr eat!

  • System Trailer
    System Trailer 5 hours ago

  • Francisco Rueda
    Francisco Rueda 5 hours ago

    F,UCK trump

  • bippidy boop bop bip

    They say that you are only as good as the company you keep... Looks like you're good to go man!!!

  • Krombopulos Michael
    Krombopulos Michael 5 hours ago


  • Todd Clark
    Todd Clark 5 hours ago

    you guys will and I know you will buddy everything you've touched and done has been top top top

  • Евгений Попов

    У ведущего нос заложен!

    PAKTRA PRODUCTIONS 5 hours ago

    Meanwhile Tavarish is vacuuming gastank foam...

  • miguel g
    miguel g 5 hours ago

    Curious if the rev limiter kicks on at 6100 and it was set to 6500 is it off by 400 rpm and if you set it to 6900rpm would it kick on at 6500

  • KEN
    KEN 5 hours ago

    truthfully i rather have the cop car

  • Dion St. Michael
    Dion St. Michael 5 hours ago

    You couldn’t have been nicer. And PIGS wonder why nobody respects them any longer. Smfh..subbed

  • lightning dust
    lightning dust 5 hours ago

    I found neighbor

  • Sugarsmaxx
    Sugarsmaxx 5 hours ago

    It idles like an angry pitbull barking, love it :)

  • T D
    T D 5 hours ago

    Who wouldve thought it was the damn rev limiter?? Damnit! Watchn from Manitoba where we do get short summers for playin w cars.

  • Fred Quimby
    Fred Quimby 5 hours ago

    Goes through 3 cells worth of fuel just getting out of the shop door into the parking lot......

  • WizardOfAus
    WizardOfAus 5 hours ago

    You got a motor with a car on it

  • Brad Luck
    Brad Luck 5 hours ago

    I miss my z28. Someday I will buy another just for fun.

  • Steve The Man
    Steve The Man 5 hours ago

    I say about 1200 horse power.

  • Cookinitmax
    Cookinitmax 6 hours ago

    I got more horsepower by putting ice chest under hood in front of intake cut two holes in it stuck intake in one hole put dry ice next to my filter bam! bam!

  • Joe Hamilton
    Joe Hamilton 6 hours ago

    That demons sound tho omgggg

  • knuckleuprambo
    knuckleuprambo 6 hours ago

    Always stand rite infront of the belt pulley

  • Manuel Sandoval
    Manuel Sandoval 6 hours ago

    Fuck america the land ove masenary

  • Gage Schaardt
    Gage Schaardt 6 hours ago

    6.7 powerstroke bud.

  • Adie Putra
    Adie Putra 6 hours ago

    cek my video

  • Boogzy Boogzy
    Boogzy Boogzy 6 hours ago

    Bring it to aus get it tuned

  • Tj Klatt
    Tj Klatt 6 hours ago

    Man. I really enjoy watching yall run theough all the motions of tuning and getting things running their best.

    LSX KING 6 hours ago


  • Skip
    Skip 6 hours ago

    You guys have got to learn to play the lights, you all leave late.

  • Russell Senior
    Russell Senior 6 hours ago

    You guys should partner with Pico Scope. They have super cheap oscilloscopes and sensors to allow you to measure secondary voltage on the ignition system, let's you see clearly whether or not spark is causing a misfire. This kit is an example:

    ALWAYS LIVE 6 hours ago


  • 1234 56789
    1234 56789 6 hours ago

    That steering wheel looks scary af lol

  • Z71Ranger
    Z71Ranger 6 hours ago

    Did you make Mexico Pay For That Wall?

  • Jersey Pagan
    Jersey Pagan 6 hours ago

    LEAVE THE TUNING UP TO JERMEY, The more you try the more you F*ck that car up!! Chevys Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Dog, Big
    Dog, Big 6 hours ago

    Looks like your hairline is doing like Cletus’ bodywork. Big Block forehead

  • Russell Senior
    Russell Senior 6 hours ago

    Just out of curiosity, does retarding the timing not allow the idle to come down instead of riching it up? I also want to say that I love your channel. I'm an engine development engineer at Ford, and my life is all about combustion stabiliy and fuel economy. Important for sure, but not nearly as fun as what you do. (Because I like my job: my opinions are my own and do not represent Ford Motor Company)

  • Justin Goble
    Justin Goble 6 hours ago

    You should turn the straps around so you can get the cars tighter

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 hours ago

    I swapped the limiter chips,in a buddies car,3 times in a week,it looked a lot like this. Lol.

  • mr baye
    mr baye 6 hours ago

    that engine is bigger than my truck engine😕

  • Monkey J
    Monkey J 6 hours ago


  • reaper wolf
    reaper wolf 6 hours ago

    Why use a flamethrower when u have a supra

  • Noah Richardson
    Noah Richardson 6 hours ago

    Put twins on it as well

  • devonte thomas
    devonte thomas 7 hours ago

    GTO sighting

  • Danny Pitcher
    Danny Pitcher 7 hours ago

    LeRoy is Pissed the fuck off lol that was a angry pass

  • nate8930
    nate8930 7 hours ago

    If this doesn't hit 1776 on a dyno I'ma be pissed.

  • Southie
    Southie 7 hours ago


  • reaper wolf
    reaper wolf 7 hours ago


  • Michael Vapez
    Michael Vapez 7 hours ago

    Lol gm what?

  • Zoran vrzovski
    Zoran vrzovski 7 hours ago

    This makes me so happy :)

  • 85munky
    85munky 7 hours ago

    For the love of god pull the yellow bumper shipping protector off the challenger

  • kleetus92
    kleetus92 7 hours ago

    The 5 D's of Dynoing... LOL I about spilled my coffee!

  • biohazardjackson63
    biohazardjackson63 7 hours ago

    Heck I’m just happy to hear toast

  • Tony Davis
    Tony Davis 7 hours ago

    Snorkel the exhaust Dielectric the electronics

  • Jake Reed
    Jake Reed 7 hours ago

    just to be clear are James and cooper growing mullets aswell

  • Jake Reed
    Jake Reed 7 hours ago

    475 people who disliked this need to stop sipping the haterade

  • Not Famous Prepper
    Not Famous Prepper 7 hours ago

    A pug named Nitro? That is blessed.

  • jim isaacs
    jim isaacs 7 hours ago

    Time of the year to take the dale truck to Daytona

  • Beautiful Bastard
    Beautiful Bastard 7 hours ago

    1776 hp, the same as the year this tech was invented!

  • Badged_Qc Uptheass
    Badged_Qc Uptheass 7 hours ago

    Why am i doing 450 hp on a boost 1.9 liters 4 banger, and you guys only wish a 1000 from a 10 liters V-8 , i just dont get it, you should do close to 2000!!!!!!

  • Jason griffo
    Jason griffo 7 hours ago

    Mate.... Looking faward to seeing this sexy as Fark car to the summernatts mate. Hope you hit the skid pad with it. 👌 Maybe chug a bottle of water aswell. 😂😂🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • TW Portre
    TW Portre 7 hours ago

    This video shows you can make whatever the hell blown hp you want on a fully stock block. I mean think about it, there was like 20 HARD FULL PULL passes on it and it held up. A for a daily driver this would actually work perfectly and last a long time taking care of it. Stock pistons not even forged. This gives me a little hope lol.

  • Jon Lyons
    Jon Lyons 8 hours ago

    Jeremy reminds me of Jimmy Fallon sometimes, if Jimmy had a beard and a dyno...

    GAMEFOV T.F.K 8 hours ago

    Привет со Владивостока !!

  • Tyler Moody
    Tyler Moody 8 hours ago

    You know. I wonder how much Parasitic loss that super charger produces its so massive!!!

  • Jackhammer Jones
    Jackhammer Jones 8 hours ago

    Is Garrett sporting a mullet starter kit?

  • mike scully
    mike scully 8 hours ago

    Where do you get all the money for this shit ? dont say youtube pays for all this crap.

  • Far From Home
    Far From Home 8 hours ago

    needs a higher stall

  • No Name
    No Name 8 hours ago

    1100 hp im guessing, thing is SICK

  • Валентин Прокофьев

    you guys need to put a big tire on it and drag race

  • Sam The Lego Man
    Sam The Lego Man 8 hours ago

    Bog deep cleeter!

  • Donald Wolpert
    Donald Wolpert 8 hours ago

    You should re-christen that thing "El Toro". It was puffing and snorting like a mad bull coming out of its pen! WOW!

  • Jason's Shed
    Jason's Shed 8 hours ago

    You need that narly sound lumpy idle sounds much better us Aussie's love it

  • G-O-T-H
    G-O-T-H 8 hours ago

    I miss my 1988 Iroc TPI 5.7 =/

  • ParadigmUnkn0wn
    ParadigmUnkn0wn 8 hours ago

    Toast Specifications: HP: 1000+ Torque: Yes...

  • khurtt513
    khurtt513 8 hours ago

    was it hitting the rev limiter because it reved so fast?

  • Joe Collier
    Joe Collier 8 hours ago

    You'll have That was crazy!

  • d1zguy
    d1zguy 8 hours ago

    That is the coolest car in the entire world man!

  • We Break Cars
    We Break Cars 9 hours ago

    I smell a new t-shirt coming. "When all else fails, Turn off the rev limiter"

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 9 hours ago

    Did you upgrade your fuel pump?

  • Cleto
    Cleto 9 hours ago

    Just sold my '84 Berlinetta 350.. was a nice car but its just not for me. I had a 4th gen way back and thats just the car for me, can't not have one lol

  • Dehinor Vargas
    Dehinor Vargas 9 hours ago

    Cleetus tell me some, which brand are those rims?

  • U.S. Constitution
    U.S. Constitution 9 hours ago

    Wow 622.12 cubic inch motor.

  • khurtt513
    khurtt513 9 hours ago

    like the honest footage, great video!

  • Regular Guy Fixes
    Regular Guy Fixes 9 hours ago

    My best friend got a black iroc z for his 16th birthday in Nov of 91. Had tee tops. Used to run 115 down a road going to school most mornings with him. Thing wud shake like a old air plane at that speed. I was terrified. He folded the tee tops around a tree a month later in December. The front and rear bumpers were touching each other. Big oak tree mashed all the way through to the floor. We were 16 year old pallbearers after that...

  • Burger King Employee

    Mans took his car to LS Customs in real life

  • EmElGee
    EmElGee 9 hours ago

    This thing sounds like the jeep in Garry's Mod

  • EmElGee
    EmElGee 9 hours ago

    126db during a pull 😳

  • Track Days.
    Track Days. 9 hours ago

    I am glad you show people reality. The best tuners learn from fuckups lol.. Ive been here like this many times before. Awesome work. Keep at it. Love the vids. Got a bunch of mates going nats this year. Looking forward to seeing toast. One thing.. ive always found normal road tyres to hook better on a roller, not sure about you guys but drag radials and slicks just tend to turn to mush on a roller for me.

  • MEEKO {D187}
    MEEKO {D187} 9 hours ago

    675 hp with that big of a motor? lol

  • Ginja
    Ginja 9 hours ago


  • Titanoboa
    Titanoboa 9 hours ago

    Try doing that with a Ford Hennessy Velociraptor 6X6

  • Bmw M3 e46
    Bmw M3 e46 9 hours ago

    That belt wobble tho

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith 9 hours ago

    I know you guys are working on the tune and idk if i missed something but is it safe to be running afr at 18.0 at idle?

  • Dannielle Brightbill

    Bro I think your experiencing cam overlap, O2 sensors ain’t reading right cuz ur dumping raw fuel into exhaust and if your tuning of that O2 sensor reading she’s off