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  • arun grewal
    arun grewal 10 minutes ago

    Pixel3a or LG v40 . For camera lover. I both are in same price . Please suggest me.

  • Niche Titerito
    Niche Titerito 56 minutes ago

    You are an idiot 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

  • Ben Dragan
    Ben Dragan Hour ago

    Really stupid... Why...

  • D SoHiDef
    D SoHiDef Hour ago

    Where are you from? Why do you talk like that? Why do I care? So many questions

  • mcny40
    mcny40 Hour ago

    I don’t care for any of the Android pros, except always on display. Love the Apple ecosystem.

  • Gitith Kavitha
    Gitith Kavitha 6 hours ago

    Can we connect a switch to the mesh?

  • Travis Ewing
    Travis Ewing 6 hours ago

    Thanks man great review. I have the d5+2.0 and just ordered this one also. Super excited and glad I am getting this scooter after watching your review.

  • Jashwin Jashwin
    Jashwin Jashwin 6 hours ago

    Car may dilevri

  • Nana Meliana
    Nana Meliana 7 hours ago

    I dont know why, i stay with gopro but osmo this good new camera

  • James Kristoff
    James Kristoff 8 hours ago

    I'm getting mine tomorrow..I cant wait to look like a "bad-a"

  • purushottam bhoir
    purushottam bhoir 8 hours ago

    Hey Brother I have same camera but I m new user of such camera can you tell me how slow motion videos shoot from this camera? and how it is transferred into mobile phone?

  • Shaun Otto
    Shaun Otto 9 hours ago

    Did you really think the cheaper camera can overthrow a GoPro

  • Dror Vanunu
    Dror Vanunu 9 hours ago

    the one that connected to the router also Increases the speed ?

  • Jonah Rutherford
    Jonah Rutherford 14 hours ago

    I like the photos in the silver. And the black didnt do well in 1080p cause its ment for 4k and the others did better cause there made for shooting in 1080p

  • deMarko2290
    deMarko2290 16 hours ago

    Put the case and phone will be fine to hold lol

  • VivalaTrashy
    VivalaTrashy 16 hours ago

    I have 2 phones. My personal is a S8 and my work is the Iphone7. I can't stand the iPhone.

  • Recrystallize
    Recrystallize 17 hours ago

    Honestly. I would pick the xs aswell, I just got an x, but I do not like android software, I don’t like the camera on the front of the note. Other than that I can’t put up a solid argument. The x is great tho, I am an iPhone fan but I can’t say spec wise the x or xs is better. But for me I will always be an IOS and iPhone fan and the X is the way to go for me.

  • Rushil Desai
    Rushil Desai 18 hours ago


  • Jerome Cooke
    Jerome Cooke 20 hours ago

    Thank you for this review! Super-seriously considering going the Carvana route mid to late 2020! Great review!

  • Untold Story
    Untold Story 20 hours ago

    Typical Android hater. Pretty Stupid!! 🤣😂🤣

  • The Thingie
    The Thingie 21 hour ago

    i swiched from android becouse by 2nd year it got laggy crushing, when i needed show maps it did not worked etc, i have iphone 6th year and still working as the first day i put it from the box. plus awesome security

  • J.A. Pagan
    J.A. Pagan 21 hour ago

    You forgot live streaming.

  • klklkl Chan
    klklkl Chan 22 hours ago

    Made in China😂

  • lucho
    lucho 22 hours ago

    Waiting for the rich language version to release

  • diiimpz
    diiimpz 22 hours ago

    He derserve thumbs down lol

  • Alien On a Bike
    Alien On a Bike 23 hours ago

    No where near enough power. They are kid's toys.

  • Kez
    Kez Day ago

    When the CEO has to specifically mention 'profitability', you know there struggling financially lol

  • Bob A
    Bob A Day ago

    Cannot stand the term "ecosystem". Reeks of snobbery and beta-ness. Global warmers love the term.Good video though, thumbs up.

  • Carlos Guerra
    Carlos Guerra Day ago

    Smart move,nothing beats IOS

  • Caleb Charles
    Caleb Charles Day ago

    If yuh no yuh duh want to use d phone don't use it

    KUKU GAMING Day ago

    Watching in 2019👈. I love _SONY!_ 💜

  • Pau Len_01
    Pau Len_01 Day ago

    I luv your reviews unbias

  • ishwar chandra

    very smart car

  • Keith Rodes
    Keith Rodes Day ago

    I was a longtime Android (Galaxy and Pixel) user and switched to iPhone last year - best decision I've ever made. You just can't beat Apple's buttery smooth iOS - and it ALWAYS works. My Android's were slow, had terrible resale value, and the apps tended to not be optimized very well. iPhone does everything I want it to and does it smoother and more reliably. It just feels solid. I now understand why people love Apple so much. I used to be one of those people calling iPhone lovers iSheep - not anymore! I will most certainly be sticking with Apple for a long time.

    • Jeremy Lim
      Jeremy Lim 6 hours ago

      Just switched to an oneplus 7 pro coming from iPhone X, couldn't agreed more with the apps on Apple are way more optimized.

    • AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
      AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke 19 hours ago

      Lol, love the story, thanks for sharing!

  • link hatchet
    link hatchet Day ago

    Hmm, I have the Note 10 Plus (and iPhone Xs) and I have no problems with the camera like his guy says. He must have a lemon.

  • Benjamin11
    Benjamin11 Day ago

    Worst decision ever !

  • ROcKy e
    ROcKy e Day ago

    Can we connect external mic on GoPro 2018

  • Daniel Fernandez

    Is that how you typically speak? It's like I'm on a tour...great comparison video though!

  • Dazell Eminem
    Dazell Eminem Day ago

    😴 boring

  • fahmidayeasmin dina


  • Pranay Bajekal

    If you're looking for a budget phone, don't care for software updates after 2 years, and have all the time in the world to lounge around customizing screens, wallpapers, widgets, icons and the hardware, get Android. If you couldn't care less and need a phone that just works, like software updates way past 4 years of buying the phone, are happy to stay within the ecosystem, and make the most of higher resale value, get the iphone.

    ABC XYZ Day ago

    Can it recognize known and unknown faces for opening the door.

  • amjadpkamjad
    amjadpkamjad Day ago

    We need note 10 Plus vs iPhone 11pro max camera comparison

  • Ilya ViG
    Ilya ViG Day ago

    yea, unfortunately yi4k+ kinda sucks with slowmo:(

  • Rame _ez
    Rame _ez Day ago

    Xs vs 11 camera review and comparison

  • Rame _ez
    Rame _ez Day ago

    Bro iPhone 11 vs xs camera review pls and comparison..

  • Dany R
    Dany R Day ago

    You have a smartphone but you are not a smartuser.. because.. if you got the apple ecosystem why you tried to move for another ecosystem ..i think that was silly ..

  • Fermin Danieles

    Nice and clear reviews no bias too.. subscribe done ✅ in your channel authentic.hope you can pass by too in my channel.. I like dji osmo .. but Gopro hero 8 is coming... hu..?! God bless you always and your channel 😇

  • Jan Forbes
    Jan Forbes Day ago

    It's simple to fix the steering joint that wears out ,!!! Just get the joint made in Germany by the best engineers in der welt 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪deauchland 🙋🏼🇧🇪

  • Team 3
    Team 3 Day ago

    Now I want one🥺😫

  • Victor a. Hidalgo Romero

    Alguien habla español

  • totoxz
    totoxz Day ago

    great review, great footage, good comparisions no bs and straight to the point, congrats.

  • buder5
    buder5 Day ago

    not selling canada it seem

  • Woodis Maxx
    Woodis Maxx Day ago

    And there is a way to stop side bar from working it is in the settings the hdr10 plus is on point you have to update your note phone to get it this guy don't know what he talking about and the camera on the note 10 the iOS was set to high bun this video lower the iOS you get a better picture

  • shattaboi _
    shattaboi _ Day ago

    1k dislikes is what you get for cappin

  • Wildhog32
    Wildhog32 Day ago

    Your paying more for the accessories instead of a better camera features. At that price I would rather go with the DJI Osmo or a GoPro.

  • Wheezy Bruh
    Wheezy Bruh Day ago

    The comments are hilarious. Relax it's just his opinion both iPhones and Samsung phones are equally as good.

  • Javier Mendez
    Javier Mendez 2 days ago

    Can we get passed the pre installed apps as a bad thing? We already know this. Just uninstall them

  • Steven Andino
    Steven Andino 2 days ago

    Again.. the "Ecosystem" and maybe the camera. Like everyone that switches back or dont want to switch.

  • Sonia Sohi
    Sonia Sohi 2 days ago

    Ughhh the ugly AF notch of IPhone...insert shudder. Apple must be a cult. Outlook silly? Your video is a joke. IPhone is a joke.

  • rohan sharma
    rohan sharma 2 days ago

    Only the videos over saturated colour of Lg v40 is bummer.otherwise Lg v40 has an very good camera.

  • Pez34 Youtuber
    Pez34 Youtuber 2 days ago

    Miért Oven miért...Miért pont a Démon..

  • Pez34 Youtuber
    Pez34 Youtuber 2 days ago

    legyél ember

  • john marsiglia
    john marsiglia 2 days ago

    Wait what? How are these things not regulated??

  • Nimasha Perera
    Nimasha Perera 2 days ago

    Just watched for fun, Netflix silly app? 🤣

  • RHella
    RHella 2 days ago

    Thank you! Bought the system :)

  • Vincent Mallari
    Vincent Mallari 2 days ago

    Samsung is trash over sharpened as subject becomes unnatural how much does damsung pays you lol

  • Vincent Mallari
    Vincent Mallari 2 days ago

    Lol vias with Samsung the ip xs has more realistic while the Samsung has been enhanced but it looses the true color reproduction of the camera

  • Victoria Akorabirungi

    I had an android, then an iPhone, then an android again and honestly I miss my iPhone alot

  • Not your business
    Not your business 2 days ago

    *I dont know If I'm outdated or oldschool some may call - i kinda liked the white, because it had Movie style colors*

  • relativeGif RelativeGif

    Make an android with iPhone emojis and imessage and I would be fulfilled for eternity

  • Charles Henderson
    Charles Henderson 2 days ago

    Great video!! Thanks.

  • Vasil Dafov
    Vasil Dafov 2 days ago

    5:33 have you heard of siri?

  • isa isa
    isa isa 2 days ago

    This is a perfect “SAID NO ONE EVER”😂

  • Eng. Altamimi
    Eng. Altamimi 2 days ago

    Unlike you I switched from iphone for the 1st time and I will never replace the note

  • Tu Maldita Madre
    Tu Maldita Madre 2 days ago

    Only on RU-clip does someone get a $1100 phone and gets another one 3 weeks later.

  • Vladow F
    Vladow F 2 days ago

    I've done some stupid things before but once thing I can proudly say I'd I never bought an iPhone. If your having trouble taking good pics and file transfer on the note then your doing something wrong.

  • nba athlete
    nba athlete 2 days ago

    It’s cool till you check the price

  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips 2 days ago

    Iphones are for the people who are looking for simple tech bs Androids are for gamers and people who are looking for customization and advanced tools Prove me wrong

    • jason lagarde
      jason lagarde 5 hours ago

      ever heard of cydia, well basically there is a group of MANY people who like customizing phones, but they like an iPhone, so cydia unlocks your iPhone kind of like Root for Android. So it can simple but if you try it’s not. So people who use android are lazy because they don’t have to learn jailbreaking and information, and have a bit of knowledge of coding.

  • Wildhog32
    Wildhog32 2 days ago

    Does either of these camera capture slow-mo without having to use other software?

  • Wildhog32
    Wildhog32 2 days ago

    Does either of these camera capture slow-mo without having to use other software?

  • Gog Says
    Gog Says 2 days ago

    Bro I dont know That Which Ph is gr8 or which cam is gr8 or awesome .. But i know that U R Really gr8 & even awesome too 😊

  • chungloankenny
    chungloankenny 2 days ago



    Very cool. I need one of these

    • nba athlete
      nba athlete 2 days ago

      WHAT'S INSIDE? FAMILY are you going to open it up 😂

  • Mario Farrugia
    Mario Farrugia 3 days ago

    Watching this bullshit on my note 10 plus

  • wee meng lim
    wee meng lim 3 days ago

    Super lame review by an idiot... u getting a note 10 + and complain it is too big.

  • Sitizen Kane
    Sitizen Kane 3 days ago

    Switched to android a year after Steve Jobs died. I honestly foresaw no big innovation nor creativity when the iphone 5 came out. By that time I was heavily invested in the apple ecosystem but I made a judgement call. I'm sure glad I did. My Galaxy Note 3 was the best phone I bought. I'm currently writing this in my awesome Note 10+.

  • Micke B
    Micke B 3 days ago

    toy. get a bicycle!

  • saffet Akın
    saffet Akın 3 days ago

    Bu telefonu beğendim fakat bulmak çok zor dostum

  • mixflip
    mixflip 3 days ago

    I have to get my hands on one of these. I film at a bunch of off road shows.

    MAYURI BRAHMADEVU 3 days ago

    Forget password how open camera

  • Blue Grenades
    Blue Grenades 3 days ago

    Dear lord, this must be the worst video I've seen this week .

  • Jan Ludwik
    Jan Ludwik 3 days ago

    Why would I spend 1000$just to have better clouds ;-;

  • KUB04
    KUB04 3 days ago

    I’m a long time iPhone user planning to switch to the Pixel 4 next month!

  • Niklaus91
    Niklaus91 3 days ago

    We want iPhone 11 pro with note10+ and iPhone XS

  • Arthur Nacher
    Arthur Nacher 3 days ago

    Aré these scooters water proof

  • amirul sm
    amirul sm 3 days ago

    Simple and clear explanation ! I like ur video Have a great day! From Indonesia

  • Matthew Smiley
    Matthew Smiley 3 days ago

    Gopro released an announcement on RU-clip of the new hero 8 and fusion!! Yay! Can you do a review on it soon!?

  • Philip Westfall
    Philip Westfall 3 days ago

    What’s the open face helmet you were using?

  • Dawin Alexander
    Dawin Alexander 3 days ago

    Whats the name is the scooter again?