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1971 BMW 2002: DIY Racer
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1972 Datsun 240Z: Going Far
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1963 TVR Grantura: Eye Candy
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  • theundeadtalkinghead
    theundeadtalkinghead 9 minutes ago

    fucking sellout bastard kids. he isnt smiling down on you, hes shaking his head at you. the reason why the old man never sold it was because he knew it was worth that much, and as long as he had it....they didnt. till you bastards gave it to them.

  • Majestic Duck
    Majestic Duck 9 minutes ago

    Does anyone else remember this video? Seems so familiar... Reupload maybe?

  • Charlie Hutchinson
    Charlie Hutchinson 36 minutes ago

    is that a alvis td21 in the back of his garage?

  • Ravindu Herath
    Ravindu Herath 38 minutes ago

    Imagine that girl show up in that ferrari !! Just a gentleman, owns some finest cars.

  • Niepi
    Niepi 58 minutes ago

    eeeeeehhhhh duuuuuuuhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhh

  • JD
    JD Hour ago

    What, no mural of Jesus on the hood or 23 inch wheels. Not to mention the horn. This thing will be up on blocks in 6 months

  • stavros6716
    stavros6716 Hour ago

    Anyone else get nervous @ 5:54.....

  • Valentin Hernandez

    Muchas gracias por el video en Español 👍

  • Robert Barnaba
    Robert Barnaba Hour ago


  • Luap Kirner
    Luap Kirner 2 hours ago

    That is one beautiful car.

  • supreme1
    supreme1 2 hours ago

    Looks like the av. Somehwerd in the high desert.

  • supreme1
    supreme1 2 hours ago

    Dont know what an epsprite is?. Lol. Richard geere nigga. Julia roberts. Dope ass car

  • Antonio Reguera
    Antonio Reguera 3 hours ago

    Preciosa historia, muy buen video

  • Bruce Romero
    Bruce Romero 3 hours ago

    This guy is low key Marc Aka (El porche )

  • Ricardo Espinosa
    Ricardo Espinosa 3 hours ago


  • Lu KN
    Lu KN 3 hours ago

    4:33 nice!

  • v1m30
    v1m30 4 hours ago

    Stupid loud music :(

  • lakggk
    lakggk 4 hours ago

    Nice video as always. For me why own a porsche if it is automatic. Like decalf coffee, good but something missing for max fun.

  • Heath Cox
    Heath Cox 5 hours ago

    Those tunnels I bet are his best part of the drive

  • Lu KN
    Lu KN 5 hours ago


  • mark carter
    mark carter 5 hours ago

    My first Range Rover was just like this in Sahara Gold (as I called it). Vastly under-powered and with the manual box and overdrive lever you were always changing gear. I did however go on to own 4 more Range Rovers so it must have had something going for it .....

  • analogmemories
    analogmemories 5 hours ago

    You guys should follow up on this guy an maybe shoot a whole video, thats more in depth about his entire car collection.

  • Lambic Brew
    Lambic Brew 6 hours ago

    Man you should install water cooling system! Great car!

  • H Love You
    H Love You 6 hours ago

    I like 63 👍👍

  • Christer Albäck
    Christer Albäck 7 hours ago

    Since the road seems to be closed off, why does he not use all of it?

  • Ádám Bezzegh
    Ádám Bezzegh 8 hours ago

    This is nirvana, and God is driving.

  • Eddie Jack
    Eddie Jack 8 hours ago


  • Devin Tewari
    Devin Tewari 9 hours ago

    I saw a Windmill and just knew THIS HAS TO BE A DUTCH JAG!

  • you c dont me u can b

    #mydaddyfitsthebill then I make videos about being a big boy now lmao😂😂😂😂🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄💩💩💩💩#silverspoonboy!!!!!!!

  • you c dont me u can b


  • you c dont me u can b

    Golf course to vipers let's make a video about that he can even use that stupid ass voice he uses all the time to mock certain races and classes of people....I'ma a spoiled lil bitch who got everything handed to me...this dude is a scum bag watch one of his videos you will see what I mean ...#cancelyoursub 🥄🥄🥄🥄💩💩💩

  • bluestudio67
    bluestudio67 10 hours ago

    What other viewer is sick of O'Riley's Auto Parts commercials on RU-clip? Because of these commercials, I now only go to Auto Zone.

  • James Koch
    James Koch 10 hours ago

    Great video...Love the 911-50. Wide body, 2 wheel, special color, interior, power kit engine, and limited edition. Just fantastic !!

  • Dreamy
    Dreamy 11 hours ago

    This... this I like. *opens 4 bulb pop-up headlights* Alright let’s keep those closed, let’s be modest here.

  • King Jerel
    King Jerel 11 hours ago

    So this is the same guy with F40?

  • active cinematic
    active cinematic 13 hours ago

    i mean who does not want one of these?

  • Automotive Anatomy
    Automotive Anatomy 14 hours ago

    For those who do not speak Spanish: He fell in love with the Porsche car from a toy from his childhood. He knew every 10 yrs there is an anniversary Porsche. He wanted the 50th anniversary for his 50th bday. Only 5 cars were sent to Mexico 🇲🇽 He wasnt sure if he should buy it and his wife said, " Do it. You have been waiting and saving your entire life." He believes porsche is not a car but a way of life. He wants to leave his 911 to his son one day. 👍 the tortillas had nothing to do with the story. Love it petrolicious

  • Automotive Anatomy
    Automotive Anatomy 14 hours ago

    So now we upload Tuesday evenings? Is a long ass Tuesdays haha puro padela! Estado de Mexico y Orange County presente yes9

  • Dan Garrison
    Dan Garrison 14 hours ago

    Love this

  • Sosa Alejandro
    Sosa Alejandro 14 hours ago

    Mero , Mero.

  • steelframe
    steelframe 14 hours ago

    Where was this filmed? I've not seen Mexico like this. Looks like PNW. So green.

  • Eric Maeder
    Eric Maeder 15 hours ago


  • Henry Colin
    Henry Colin 15 hours ago

    Disfrutalo Senor.....Muy Merecido!!!

  • jonathan rodriguez
    jonathan rodriguez 15 hours ago

    My reaction before knowing what the gt500 was OKAY WHO WAS THE MADMAN WHO DID THIS ENGINE SWAP me after hearing the name shelby on second thought

  • Leigh Taylor
    Leigh Taylor 16 hours ago

    The colour is perfect

  • Lars Larson
    Lars Larson 16 hours ago

    Without Law and Order there is no Hope...

  • Jill Valentine
    Jill Valentine 16 hours ago

    It was cars like this that inspired me. I got laughed out of Ford for the retro-mustang in '92 by Mays. Then he took credit for it. Go figure.

  • aviator2492
    aviator2492 16 hours ago

    Once you indulge in the 911 folklore and all the DNA carry overs throughout the years, you will be a purist before owning one. There isn't another sportscar legend like it, and you'll get annoyed a little with every new gen then fall in love in a month or so.

    RICA CRUZ 16 hours ago

    Now we need a story from my home country Brasil

  • American Citizen
    American Citizen 16 hours ago

    Build the wall

  • jamesnikki5
    jamesnikki5 16 hours ago

    It took a long time to get a car/story from Mexico! Nice!

  • Ricardo Karmann
    Ricardo Karmann 16 hours ago

    Un vídeo absolutamente precioso... Y enhorabuena a Manuel por su fantástico 911...

  • Roberto Ramirez
    Roberto Ramirez 16 hours ago

    Always love your Porsche videos

  • fontking1a
    fontking1a 17 hours ago

    If you don't do anything else, get rid of those horrible rubber bumper pads. Store them in your garage but get 'em off the car!

  • Michael Jamieson
    Michael Jamieson 17 hours ago

    The 250 series of Ferrari is an unbeaten pinnacle of car porn. They were really producing motoring art back then and it can never be replicated.

  • 1984AP
    1984AP 17 hours ago

    I love them all - but the early 528e here, is rarer to see in good shape than a 535is or M5 by far. Happy to see the right exhausts on all of them (rare) - proportional and not obnoxious. My 1st car was a 1984 533i, Alpine White and Cherry Red. I see the 528e has been fitted with the 533/633 `83-`84 steering wheel. Very nice video and rare family. I've had nothing but vintage BMWs as daily-drivers in the Northeast since age 18 - very unique like you guys.... how many can say they drive their RWD car in the snow, go Ice-Racing and win a Concours in their class?

  • Fernando Luis Malta
    Fernando Luis Malta 17 hours ago

    Maravilhoso!! Que sonho! É de fazer o coração bater mais forte... Parabéns pelo cuidado com o carro!

  • Ric Vieira
    Ric Vieira 17 hours ago

    @ Petrolicious, when I click on: "See more pictures of the 911 here:" I get the ERROR; Page not found • Petrolicious

  • Daniel Villa
    Daniel Villa 17 hours ago

    Disfrute su 911 mi amigo

  • Jeff Derek
    Jeff Derek 18 hours ago

    wow that thing is a work of art holy

  • Mcdoggi1
    Mcdoggi1 18 hours ago

    Nah im from mexico and its not like see a ferrari its a beutiful car but only the car people know about it, the other people think that its only another old car because of the datsun brand

  • Danny Brooks
    Danny Brooks 18 hours ago

    Beyond words!

  • NCR Trooper
    NCR Trooper 19 hours ago

    just make a new vid titled this, and say, "money" and end the vid.

  • Dan Rodriguez
    Dan Rodriguez 19 hours ago

    I subbed this channel because of the video on that viper gts

    • Dan Rodriguez
      Dan Rodriguez 19 hours ago

      I started liking Porsche like some other 90s kid.. playing gran turismo 2 on PS1

  • Rutger Bakker
    Rutger Bakker 19 hours ago

    i am in love

  • Marc Scordato
    Marc Scordato 19 hours ago

    I love corvettes , Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s , McClaren’s ,Maserati’s But when all is said and done if I had to pick one car to own the 911 goes to the top of the list . Its so classic so understated it just speaks to me.

  • Daanish Gupta
    Daanish Gupta 19 hours ago

    Wait what? Did this dude just casually say he has an M1? Wow........

  • Mark Purol
    Mark Purol 19 hours ago

    Great video! They are so beautiful!

  • stillpaints
    stillpaints 20 hours ago

    The rear window is pretty great.

  • CrooksnCastles99
    CrooksnCastles99 20 hours ago

    How to build your dream car: Step one - crash it.

  • Ray Rojas
    Ray Rojas 20 hours ago

    I would like to hear the english version please.

    • James Shives
      James Shives 12 hours ago

      There are subtitles you can turn on

  • David Rose
    David Rose 20 hours ago

    I can’t speak Spanish - so I didn’t understand a word of it. But the meaning was perfectly clear. The idea is surely that the 911 transcends formal language and speaks to the raw emotion of the car. Right on.

  • v1m30
    v1m30 20 hours ago

    The sound may be intoxicating but the fumes are toxic. :p

  • George nye the steez_fb guy


  • maoherrera73
    maoherrera73 20 hours ago

    Beautiful car! Great story! Cheers!! XD!!

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez 20 hours ago

    Un Pegaso z 102 fue mejor que cualquier Ferrari.

  • EnjoyTheSilenc3
    EnjoyTheSilenc3 20 hours ago

    Lovely car, lovely man, lovely story.

  • kayhan asha
    kayhan asha 21 hour ago


  • Nikos Leonardos
    Nikos Leonardos 21 hour ago

    Beautiful passion

  • oddball1973
    oddball1973 21 hour ago

    Lovely car - i’ve got exactly the same model in Geyser Grey and my son has already put his name on it (he’s only 7 so got a long wait!)

  • Leroy Brown
    Leroy Brown 21 hour ago

    This dude looks like Jay Kay from Jamiroquai, but he loves American hot-rods instead of Italian supercars.

  • Manny Foxgiven
    Manny Foxgiven 21 hour ago

    Why not put the title in espańol...

    THE ANSWER DETHAMMER 22 hours ago

    douche bag alert

  • Darío Ramírez Araújo

    Qué historia tan fabulosa, felicidades por tan espectacular auto, siempre he dicho que el Porsche es la catedral de los autos deportivos, saludos de un vochero y beetlero mi vochito es 1990 el cual conservo y mi Beetle 20011

  • S LF
    S LF 22 hours ago

    He was wrong about it being designed by an American. It was designed by an Italian that worked for the American Ford company

  • S LF
    S LF 22 hours ago

    My dad had one of these, brand new off the showroom floor and traded it in on a new Lincoln Continental when me and my sister was born. He wanted a family car. Dummy

  • DriveHub
    DriveHub 22 hours ago

    I recently did a review on the FD RX-7 and MAN did I love it. Although I did barely fit in it..

  • Brodie Bennett
    Brodie Bennett 22 hours ago

    05:53 That was close *O_O*

  • Marcos Rivas
    Marcos Rivas 22 hours ago

    He didn’t even know what was the color of the car 😂.... and then when he found out that the car didn’t come with a manual transmission... and now he was stuck with it for the rest of his life ! 😂 I’m obviously a hater , he has one and I don’t!

  • Tom P.
    Tom P. 23 hours ago

    My first Car,👍👍👍1975 and my Love Karin....oooojjjjjaaaa💓💓

  • Daniele Sussarello
    Daniele Sussarello 23 hours ago

    Fu così,che Fiat rovinò un nome Glorioso😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💙🇮🇹💙🇮🇹💙🇮🇹💙

  • Alan Wayte
    Alan Wayte 23 hours ago

    True passion is always inspiring...tremendous

  • AxCYeR
    AxCYeR 23 hours ago

    Amazing car. Love the colour and wheels!

  • joe r.
    joe r. 23 hours ago

    No subtitles?Idiots!!!

  • Sr. D
    Sr. D 23 hours ago

    BMW nowadays just getting bigger and bigger...

  • Jolinator
    Jolinator 23 hours ago

    A real Porsche has a manual trans :) The efficiency and speed gained by the PDK can never replace the feel of shifting gears yourself.

    • Chris Carbaugh
      Chris Carbaugh 19 hours ago

      I too was sad to see it was missing a clutch. Track car, ok PDK, but as an enthusiast’s mount for the weekend dump the PDK! I know I have a few! Wife’s DD has a PDK!

    • Ray Rojas
      Ray Rojas 20 hours ago

      Only real men drive manual transmission cars.. Comfort my ass....

    • Erik Hertzer
      Erik Hertzer 22 hours ago

      Jolinator man: many owners use 911’s as daily drivers, so the combination of comfort in traffic as well as the PDK acceleration bragging rights...makes the “fun factor” of manual shifting trade-off worthwhile to now race cars are auto...

  • S LF
    S LF Day ago

    As a teenager in the 80s the lotus esprit was my favorite of the super cars I always loved the wedge shape and the plush interior, it's almost pillow like.

  • Jos de Wet
    Jos de Wet Day ago

    This man has a true passion for his collection of cars and deserves to drive the F40. Good for you man hope you enjoy the car to the fullest 👌

  • knytrydr73
    knytrydr73 Day ago

    99.9% of Internet haters wouldn't have the balls to talk smack about your car to your face.

  • Putteric Lfh
    Putteric Lfh Day ago

    when the menopause hits you