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Easter with Kingston
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The Best Chargers of 2019
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  • High End Cheap Tech
    High End Cheap Tech 14 minutes ago

    Great review! That phone is a great mid-range choice!

  • llXxT3CHxXll 9
    llXxT3CHxXll 9 20 minutes ago

    Will this phone work with Verizon Wireless USA?

  • איציק יצחקוב
    איציק יצחקוב 30 minutes ago

    Looks like twins of asus rog 2

  • Fun Curiosity
    Fun Curiosity 33 minutes ago

    lol what is your phone in 6:26

  • Adi Opalony
    Adi Opalony 42 minutes ago


  • Luke Hilton
    Luke Hilton Hour ago

    Can you finally reply to texts messages etc.. I sold the Huawei Gt model for this reason... Aswell as not being able to make calls

  • gixxerboy555
    gixxerboy555 Hour ago

    I can buy a 1,5year used one for only 200$..from work college (he allway's used it very carefully)....should I buy it?Condition is really new...

  • Spawn
    Spawn Hour ago

    4K performance sucks. Instead of that I'd buy ASUS gaming phone.

  • Calvin
    Calvin Hour ago

    so its cheaper than rog phone 2

  • Kamal Hussain
    Kamal Hussain 2 hours ago

    Great looking phone. Looks like a Porsche Design.

  • Mr. Phone !!
    Mr. Phone !! 2 hours ago

    I like this smartphone!

  • techline - Linus
    techline - Linus 2 hours ago

    This phone is pretty insane for the price. Do you agree? P.S. more phones with RGB lighting!

  • Mirza Muhammad Iqbal

    Just tooked it😄

  • Jim McNevin
    Jim McNevin 3 hours ago

    I can live without a power button on the left side. In the Note 10 Plus the button placement is perfect as I hold the phone in my left hand and access it perfectly with my thumb.

  • Lubo V
    Lubo V 3 hours ago

    Can anybody check if it track the heart rate while swimming? Huawei GT can not, which makes me mad. I purchase it for swimming

  • Bob Bing
    Bob Bing 4 hours ago

    Hi Linus, I have a question: I got this projector as a gift yesterday, tried all afternoon to connect my smartphone (Moto g6 plus) and tablet (Huawei MediaPad Pro) with an HDMI to type-C cable to the projector, to no avail. What am I missing here? Any advice most appreciated😅!

  • Peter dukess
    Peter dukess 4 hours ago

    definitely need led notification light

  • Rapidib
    Rapidib 7 hours ago

    I personally recommend the *Zeblaze Thor 4 Dual* or the *Zeblaze Thor 5 Dual*

  • Van Balion II
    Van Balion II 9 hours ago

    Looks like my old Lg g6

  • RevineHD
    RevineHD 10 hours ago

    p30 pro takes realistic pictures, the s10+ likes to add color. now i have the p30 pro but i prefer the s10+... but lucky i use snapseed to add color to pictures

  • L.
    L. 10 hours ago

    I have an Iphone SE 128 gb. Should I buy a S9 ? (I dont want S9 PLUS) or I wait to add little more money to my pocket for S10e?

  • MrDavidsic
    MrDavidsic 10 hours ago

    Thanks for this review. What do you thing about the battery life compared to the S10+ considering that the screen size is close on both devices ?

  • R1der22
    R1der22 11 hours ago

    Is there a rep counter for bench press?

  • Mansell5Senna8 5
    Mansell5Senna8 5 13 hours ago

    I have one of these now and loving it, but one thing I cannot figure out is how to get it to resend the notification when I go out of range with my iPhone and connect back again and syncs?

  • John Doe
    John Doe 14 hours ago

    always-on display ? yes/no ? pls quick it's the last point for me to order it ... RIGHT NOW !! Cheers...

    • John Doe
      John Doe 14 hours ago

      @techline - Linus perfect. linus thank you for the turbo tply !!!!

    • techline - Linus
      techline - Linus 14 hours ago

      John Doe no

  • Lewis Spurr
    Lewis Spurr 15 hours ago

    damn my hands make yours look big.. lol

  • Azam Khan
    Azam Khan Day ago

    I appreciate what you are doing. I feel like you are one of a few Tech RU-cliprs who aren't biased. And despite US china trade war and no google support in this phone you give us your first impressions of the phone and its camera quality. On the other hand most biased youtubers don't even want to have a hands on for such a great phone. Keep the great work going..

  • Julie Jab
    Julie Jab Day ago


  • Mark Mangaliman

    Thought I'd note, no pun intended, the display shown in this video seems to have normal mode on. The colours seem dull. Enable vivid mode and it'll look amazing and vibrant.

  • AlexandruAlex
    AlexandruAlex Day ago

    your face....dead person taken out of grave for just about 2 months...

  • apkdiktoztv
    apkdiktoztv Day ago

    Oneplus 7t or Realme X2 Pro? I think so Oneplus have better quality components, and Realme X2 are cheeper but, i dont have both phones now, but what do you think about?

  • Jake Fairey
    Jake Fairey Day ago

    Hi, Do the notifactitons vibrate and sound then pop up on the screen without having to tap the screen and scroll up? Thanks

  • Javier G
    Javier G Day ago

    Has the watch any option to watch my google calendar schedule?

  • Pertti peräreikä

    Its a great phone trust me

  • Vixinaful
    Vixinaful Day ago

    Seems like a good phone to me.. I'm getting one!

  • Moe5Tavern
    Moe5Tavern Day ago

    I loved my Redmi and it worked perfectly until one day the touch screen just stopped responding, not broken, nothing. I did a hard reset, nothing worked :(

  • Tazboy
    Tazboy Day ago

    Does it measure blood pressure

  • JZ VR
    JZ VR Day ago

    By far the best phone out now, in every single way, getting this whether it launches in Canada or not, now the hard part, which colour to get? How come there aren't many videos of the green version?

  • Kimdo
    Kimdo Day ago

    I just received Gimbal Smooth Q2 from pre-order. However, it does not work properly. When I turn it on the 4 lights keep turn on and the Mobile phone does not stable. It should be horizontally itself, but it does not move. Please teach me how to solve this problem. Thank you.

  • anonymous 101
    anonymous 101 Day ago

    The Note 10 is underrated but when it's prices lower it's going to sell more

  • Sam Love
    Sam Love Day ago

    My sport 2 just broke from 2017. Glad this is coming out soon

  • jamoool55 jamal

    This phone has many problems

  • Sasi Sasi
    Sasi Sasi Day ago

    Does it have gps and if it work with google map ?

  • rid7 rid7
    rid7 rid7 2 days ago

    Nice video. I just want to ask 2 questions pls. What apps do use when u are lifting weight? Can this watch download apps from playstore? Thank you

  • Solveig Rose
    Solveig Rose 2 days ago

    No headphone jack D:

  • maran947
    maran947 2 days ago

    any news on when it will be available?And is it possible to use a google assistant or anything similar?

  • Gary Mehmet
    Gary Mehmet 2 days ago

    That was a really helpful and interesting review. Your training is paying off. Keep it up :)

    • Gary Mehmet
      Gary Mehmet 11 hours ago

      @techline - Linus Not sure if you are interested but you might like to look up the kavadlo brothers or paul wade's 'convict conditioning' (Kindle version) for lots of really good information on progressive bodyweight exercise for strength. All best, Linus

    • techline - Linus
      techline - Linus 2 days ago

      Gary Mehmet thank you!

  • Milanor Wolf
    Milanor Wolf 2 days ago


    KANEKI KEN 2 days ago

    I want to ask... I have a mate 9 should i change to mate 20 or is my mate 9 ok BTW I'm a hardcore player and i like to view videos

  • Edward Pang
    Edward Pang 2 days ago

    Is this the engineering sample or the actual one on sale? bos some reviews are just based on the former one to comment.

  • flying frenchman
    flying frenchman 2 days ago

    Possible to add the amazfit sports functionalities on this watch? Also : this vs the Kospet Prime? (the new one that they just released this week)

  • 1Lifeonearth
    1Lifeonearth 2 days ago

    what are you all hiding that's so important that you must lock your phone screen with a fingerprint scanner every 3 seconds. thats what i wanna know

  • Scott Mannear
    Scott Mannear 2 days ago

    OPPO Reno Ace offers similar value at same price. Two great flagship "killer" options. Cheers

  • Puma Gaming X
    Puma Gaming X 2 days ago

    I have an s5 and I'm getting my new s8 tommorow!! Bought it myself too! I'm so excited

  • Mace Mace
    Mace Mace 2 days ago

    Always a great review bruh...thank you for ur dedication! !

  • High End Cheap Tech

    That is a great device, considering the price! Keep up the great work!

  • dedik mahendra
    dedik mahendra 2 days ago

    Mi9 now cheaper and it think also the good choice

  • SaKib HamZa
    SaKib HamZa 2 days ago

    Make one oneplus 7t review 💕

  • Dylan Sneathern
    Dylan Sneathern 2 days ago

    Get this man some chapstick

  • ovi lord
    ovi lord 3 days ago

    I just sold my pixel 3 to buy this phone. Except the camera I don't miss the pixel. Oneplus is amazing!

  • Ashok karthik
    Ashok karthik 3 days ago

    i have oneplus 7 and i’m super happy with it

  • Vishal Giri
    Vishal Giri 3 days ago

    An excellent mid range flagship with best software experience for the price, great review bro!!

  • Rokas Anonimas
    Rokas Anonimas 3 days ago

    already I consider OnePlus 7 series to be the best phones for most people and I think with official IP rating on OP 8 series OnePlus will have truly the best device on the market no doubt, even though I want my favorite OEMs to do that, but I think OP will be the king...

  • Daniel BSLP
    Daniel BSLP 3 days ago

    i love this vid i will name my cleaner robert an omage to nintendos rob

  • Manilo Graniglia
    Manilo Graniglia 3 days ago

    I had this phone and sold it after 2 months and I bought a 7 PRO ❤️

  • Fouzan
    Fouzan 3 days ago

    I had a galaxy S5 in which I used for a good 3 years, this was my definite upgrade. Really enjoying my first year with it

  • Fai 1699
    Fai 1699 3 days ago

    I've bought 2 OnePlus phones. The OP6 and OP 7 Pro (current phone) And I would say this is the smoothest phone I've ever used. Smoother than One UI in Samsung. Better battery life, great value, good camera and good quality.

    • techline - Linus
      techline - Linus 3 days ago

      Thanks for sharing this! All of the OnePlus phones I've tested are buttery smooth!

  • usman abdulkadir
    usman abdulkadir 3 days ago

    Love you're video Great review as always Linus

  • Knight1725
    Knight1725 3 days ago

    No sd storage and no headphone jack = no thank you 😁

    • Milanor Wolf
      Milanor Wolf 2 days ago

      4k videos takes a lot of space in your phone :/

    • faycal haouzi
      faycal haouzi 3 days ago

      256gb not enough ?

    • Knight1725
      Knight1725 3 days ago

      Fai 1699 No way no thanks. Two of my beloved features are out and so I am👋👋👋

    • Fai 1699
      Fai 1699 3 days ago

      Still lives in history?? Come on. I already get used to it. Honestly SD cards are not really necessary. But if you wanted headphone jack, just spend less. Most of the flagship smartphone got rid of it.

  • Dan Dalandan
    Dan Dalandan 3 days ago

    What should I get? Mate 20 pro or p30?

  • Javier Hernandez
    Javier Hernandez 3 days ago

    Onepiss has been becoming lower value but this is ok. I will never buy another OnePlus, couldn't get my screen replaced at all.

    • Fai 1699
      Fai 1699 3 days ago

      Depends where you live. And secondary look out for their service centre.

  • techline - Linus
    techline - Linus 3 days ago

    TechLine seal of approval! This is an insanely good phone for the price! Get 256GB/8GB model for just $420: USE COUPON: BGTYOP78

  • Mandryn
    Mandryn 3 days ago

    s7 edge is definitely still worth buying imo, 3 years and still great

  • Leny 83
    Leny 83 3 days ago

    Nice, excellent video bro.👍🏾👍🏾

  • Southbound
    Southbound 3 days ago

    Should I get this phone?

  • Armando Schneider
    Armando Schneider 3 days ago

    Does the watch have the screen-always-on function?

  • Simon Say's News
    Simon Say's News 3 days ago

    I've had no problems with zooming with the s pen, you keep the button pressed in to get the desired zoom instead of constantly pressing and zooming,

  • José Pereira santos

    I already buy

  • Hassanah
    Hassanah 3 days ago

    your cat is the highlight of the video for me (plus you pretty much solidified my decision in getting this watch)

  • Swagnik Saha
    Swagnik Saha 3 days ago

    5:00 what's the application ??

  • Daniel Esimu
    Daniel Esimu 3 days ago

    Very good review. Obviously the Note is always great right from the first. Thanks to the sponsor of the video as well. Awesome review Linus.

  • Surya Dhiez
    Surya Dhiez 3 days ago

    Does it have AOD?

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 3 days ago

    Good review, thanks. Disappointed about the battery,I must say...

  • Alander Stark
    Alander Stark 3 days ago

    Wow, that video quality looks so poor, quite disappointed, did not expect that from this smartphone.

  • Jarrett Mitchell
    Jarrett Mitchell 3 days ago

    Thank you for this review. Can you tell how the battery life and haptics on the regular note compares to the s10. No one seems to talk about this. I see everyone saying that the s10 is a better value, but something is drawing me to the note 10

  • Inbdz_2 Inbdz_2
    Inbdz_2 Inbdz_2 4 days ago

    untill now i didn't buy any smartphone before seeing your reviewer ever!!

    • techline - Linus
      techline - Linus 3 days ago

      Wow, thank you very much for watching my videos and your support!

  • Novulo Games
    Novulo Games 4 days ago

    Pretty Vilnius <3

  • Dejan Bajic
    Dejan Bajic 4 days ago

    My a40 DOES HAVE slow motion video 🤔

  • Sa Lah
    Sa Lah 4 days ago

    can you change Emojis on Xiaomi's Phones ? 🤔 i Have an HONOR 8X and i did switch for The iOS Emojis please Tell Me 🙏🏻

  • That One Video Review Guy

    There is no 6GB/128GB version?! I can't find it anywhere!

  • Yannick Luxi
    Yannick Luxi 4 days ago

    techline Linus: which phones do you prefer between galaxy s7 edge and a40 ?

  • Smma mun
    Smma mun 4 days ago

    I think 2 good

  • K1ng
    K1ng 4 days ago

    I miss my 8x max that I lost in a taxi. The phone is really great

    • K1ng
      K1ng Day ago

      @George M yeah. I felt really down coz that phone, for me, was the best and the 2nd phone I bought from my own salar

    • George M
      George M 2 days ago

      Really ? That is so unlucky mate.

  • Bang.Photo
    Bang.Photo 4 days ago

    Wow. Stunning vid samples and great review. I am heading up to Florida this week to get mine.

  • 《Blu Jay》
    《Blu Jay》 4 days ago

    I just got one today ahhh im so exited

  • Gabor Reiter
    Gabor Reiter 4 days ago

    Unfortunately not usable with ultra wide lenses at all. The motor is visible in the footage and counterweights are not practical.

    • luke williams
      luke williams 12 hours ago

      darbymalek you still can’t use it in follow mode or lock mode

    • darbymalek
      darbymalek Day ago

      Gabor Reiter they just released the update to fix that problem

  • Yeah Buddy
    Yeah Buddy 4 days ago

    Can you have speedometer / gps in real time?

  • Michael HSN
    Michael HSN 4 days ago

    I wonder about buying Note 10. But how are the edges of the screen for unwanted touch? Never had a screen with curved edges before. Has a flat screen S7 and had a S10e for a short time and is very happy with the flat screen. I will upgrade for larger battery and telephoto lens and fingerprint reader built under the screen. Here I live there is only 30 euros difference in price of S10 and Note 10. So that's why I really want to buy the newer Note 10.

    • techline - Linus
      techline - Linus 3 days ago

      There are no issues with the unwanted touch. Samsung has improved this quite a lot with their software in comparison to the first gen curved phones

  • dustin 9999
    dustin 9999 4 days ago

    Wheres iphone now

  • AbdElAziz Bou
    AbdElAziz Bou 4 days ago

    2:31 earbuds (air phones or what ever they call it ) , whats the brand please