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  • Levent Ergün
    Levent Ergün 3 minutes ago

    Those fly by shots might have been the fastest yet.

  • The Great One
    The Great One 35 minutes ago

    So happy that the latest videos have had Matt in them since I stopped watching one takes since he quit doing them.Sorry no disrespect to the other guy but its really hard to get to Matt level in reviewing cars because Matts been doing this for over a decade.

  • Rumblestrip.NET
    Rumblestrip.NET 40 minutes ago

    Yep exhaust sounds exactly like a 90s video game car noise.

  • headcoatee
    headcoatee 42 minutes ago

    This was the first time that Matt's intro sponsor is something I'd consider buying.

  • Zack H
    Zack H 44 minutes ago

    That exhaust note just sounds so fake and really ruins the car.

  • Live Life Lasting
    Live Life Lasting 48 minutes ago

    Aren’t there any potential speed cameras? 😅

  • Nick Varga
    Nick Varga Hour ago

    Matt, this or CTS-V?

  • Paul M
    Paul M Hour ago

    This get here is why people buy Tesla’s model S. Not even close to Tesla’s performance or cool factor. No wonder their CEO just was fired.

  • juicyMoviemaking

    holy fuck the engine sound is horrible.

  • John Crazy
    John Crazy Hour ago

    i'll take one!!!!

  • Profound_Jayy
    Profound_Jayy Hour ago

    This is my dream car I will have it one day

  • micro christ
    micro christ Hour ago

    Nothing to see here... lol

  • John Sweeney
    John Sweeney Hour ago

    love me a nice gimbal poo

  • Motormoto
    Motormoto Hour ago

    The builder seems like a douche

  • Pickle Jay
    Pickle Jay Hour ago

    BMW’s interiors are so tacky now. I miss the e90, e60 years. They were classically good looking, inside and out.

  • Ericka 04.25
    Ericka 04.25 Hour ago

    RIP Carl 💔

  • CarWatchCoffee
    CarWatchCoffee Hour ago

    E38 7 series was 196 inches long. This M5 195.5 inches long. So...M7 here.

  • micro christ
    micro christ Hour ago


  • 06acc
    06acc Hour ago

    I wonder how the M550I compares? Probably a better daily driver more comfort less hardcore.

  • Shaiyan Hossain
    Shaiyan Hossain Hour ago

    sounds underwhelming from the exterior tbh

  • Grocery Grip
    Grocery Grip Hour ago

    Been a HUGE fan of the M5, but I'm having a hard time fighting off the PS2 Gran Turismo synthetic V8 sound. I guess I've been spoiled by 1960s design, overhead valved 8s, and a good natural sound of a coyote, but they sound "naturally" better. And that ALONE is a part of gran touring experience :-)

  • Adam
    Adam Hour ago

    Nothing like the fun I had in my E60 M5, BMW is really watering down the DNA of their M division and it's sad to see.

  • Jarek Nowak
    Jarek Nowak 2 hours ago

    Do You get BMW Alpina in US?

  • Sean Kealey
    Sean Kealey 2 hours ago

    Looks like a great car to set a new cannonball record in though

  • NLB90805
    NLB90805 2 hours ago

    Where are you driving this Porsche around? Reminds me of the border of California & Nevada in the back hills neat Quartzsite or Blythe!

  • RS2002
    RS2002 2 hours ago

    Boring car and lacks the desirability when compared to real sports cars out there, this is now trying to rival. In the past cars like these slotted into a segment where they were under the radar and real Q cars. The understanding was it was a sedan first and foremost with the practicality that it was afforded at a particular price point which was enticing. The latter in particular has been completely ignored by manufactures because they have been so consumed in the horsepower war and they genuinely see their competition (pardon the pun) with purpose built sports cars, they have forgotten their core attributes one of which is affordability. To me, it makes more sense to get an AMG GT and a 4 cylinder E class (or equivalent) than this overweight sedan with 600hp. My opinion anyway, which I accept may be complete BS 😁

  • Ivan Zavarzin
    Ivan Zavarzin 2 hours ago

    What a beautiful road. Any plans on doing a One Take with the AMG GT 4-Door, Matt?

  • Nirmal Krishnan
    Nirmal Krishnan 2 hours ago

    Please do an e63s one take

  • PerkeleNet
    PerkeleNet 2 hours ago

    Again, looking like a fun ride Matt! Though I saw the quote in the beginning and thought "Mother Fucker", not "Matt Farrah". Maybe just me though :)

  • maynardDRIVESfast 80

    0-60 in 2.8?! Was that a mistake on Matts part? Seems way too fast for an M5.

  • Jormungandr
    Jormungandr 2 hours ago

    My dream car right here

  • slade420
    slade420 2 hours ago

    im thinking they might have used the P zero to bring down the 0-60, that way they can advertise it as quicker than it would be on ps4s. Just a theory.

    • nomnomguy680
      nomnomguy680 2 hours ago

      The ps4s has more grip than the p zero regular or pz4 variants. Michelin simply makes a better street tire tire than Pirelli. I'm pretty sure oems use Pirelli cus it saves money and they have good availability so cars don't get delayed. Most m5s get delivered with supersport or ps4s in my area.

  • ManiakP0w3r
    ManiakP0w3r 2 hours ago

    when the camera shakes from the upshift at 8:38 :O

  • George Fales
    George Fales 2 hours ago

    The fucking street don’t gotta clean it’s rain, what about all the other buildings before they made that stupid law, you know they got grandfathered in, so stupid.

  • EarlW22
    EarlW22 3 hours ago

    "Competition" car with no feel. What a world.

  • justin turner
    justin turner 3 hours ago

    1:30 “inside the hot part of that V” ... that sounds nice. Anyone else like to guess if it’s gonna be Matt or Zach reviewing the car before you click on the video? (Kinda easy game though, Matt always drives the really cool ones🤫)

  • Paul M
    Paul M 3 hours ago

    Fat over-engineered German junk. Remember boys and girls lease special only. Those hot turbos melt electrics and plastics under hood.

  • Intense Par
    Intense Par 3 hours ago

    RIP Carl Ruiz

  • martin villaflor
    martin villaflor 3 hours ago

    Without the limiter, how fast can it go? Really love this car!

  • Alex Gray
    Alex Gray 3 hours ago

    Can’t wait until these drop in price. I have an E60 and have been in plenty of F10s, both great but the F90 seems to take everything to the next level. M5s truly are the perfect combination of everything you could want.

  • Wyvern
    Wyvern 3 hours ago

    booooorrrrrinnggggg sound

  • DevPack
    DevPack 3 hours ago

    I need this and a widebody hellcat charger in my garage. Ultimate super sedans!

  • olds45512
    olds45512 3 hours ago

    I replicated this livery on my rs1800 in Forza horizon 4.

  • Scagman18
    Scagman18 3 hours ago

    Matt, I just wanna drive with you in one of these one takes so bad

  • jihadjoe
    jihadjoe 3 hours ago

    Accelerates harder at speed is likely due to some boost by gear algorithm that restricts torque at lower gears/speeds.

  • The Dude
    The Dude 3 hours ago

    One of the best sounding Rs I’ve heard. Cause you can actually hear it. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think it sounds good. Just better than some

  • RJ
    RJ 3 hours ago

    You initially stated 2.8 seconds for 0 to 60. Is that correct? Pretty dang fast.

    • Dennis Turan
      Dennis Turan Hour ago

      @N Odak Car & Driver recorded a 2.8 second 0-60 and 10.9 1/4 mile.

    • N Odak
      N Odak Hour ago

      @RJ He did but later said “... 3’s”. I said holy fuck out loud then caught the latter.

    • Orvil Matthews
      Orvil Matthews Hour ago

      RJ faster than a gtr which is 2.9.🤔

  • Ellis Freedman
    Ellis Freedman 3 hours ago

    Comments: “Omg active sound, the car is terrible😱” You can code that off you idiots

  • Karpinski29
    Karpinski29 3 hours ago

    Did Acura give you ANYHER NSX tester?

  • JMD535
    JMD535 3 hours ago

    Damn! I'm getting 'tunnel vision' just watching the video's POV perspective! LOL! Edit: I can see this as an upgrade path for me! That or Tesla Model S...

  • DriftKing609
    DriftKing609 3 hours ago

    i like the idea of the license plate case its pretty genius actually on my dads car i just glued a piece of rubber to stop rattles

  • Kevin Yarleque
    Kevin Yarleque 3 hours ago

    Joe rogan experience with Dan aykroyd on the radio, nice

  • Deborah DiPerna
    Deborah DiPerna 3 hours ago

    Glad Matt cured his trump derangement syndrome

  • Terrible Username Amirite?

    Hi Matt. How would you compare this to the E63S you drove a while back?

  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew 3 hours ago

    sounds great from outside! inside... maybe i just need to hear it in person... b/c it sounds meh. Also Matt rockin a Daytona on jubilee?

  • goonaffliated7
    goonaffliated7 3 hours ago

    This owner is a hypebeast for sure

  • headcas620
    headcas620 3 hours ago

    Garbage car. Too big. Too heavy. No manual.

  • Nathan11204
    Nathan11204 4 hours ago

    M2 for me, really it is one of the best sports car ever

  • Antonio Calimero
    Antonio Calimero 4 hours ago

    I like this man. Good talk.

  • david Hodgson
    david Hodgson 4 hours ago

    So is there a price difference or discount from your channel or not ?

  • Crow Killer
    Crow Killer 4 hours ago

    You can have the feel with your super sports sedan if your willing to trade off some comfort and refinement and take on the harsh ride

  • Christopher Walker
    Christopher Walker 4 hours ago

    This sounds even better than the last M5 with the V10.

    • Adam
      Adam Hour ago

      @Jason Wildey I owned and loved my E60 M5 and it kills anything BMW makes today in the sound department and in other departments as well.

    • Jason Wildey
      Jason Wildey Hour ago

      @Adam sounds better than a v10? You are tone deaf for sure!

    • Adam
      Adam Hour ago

      A little bit early to be drinking.

    • Jarek Nowak
      Jarek Nowak Hour ago

      What drugs?

    • Jason Wildey
      Jason Wildey 2 hours ago


  • astronmr20
    astronmr20 4 hours ago

    I finally drove a PDK and this description is spot on.

  • Lucas McDowell
    Lucas McDowell 4 hours ago

    Wow! What is the name of that blue? I haven't been too interested in M5's since E39, but damn does this thing look good!

    • squala
      squala 3 hours ago

      Marina Bay Blue Metallic

  • Antonio Calimero
    Antonio Calimero 4 hours ago

    The M5 is always a bad car. Mercedes is better and Subaru give a better feel like fun.

    • Adam
      Adam Hour ago

      @TheJacobShapiro I loved everything about my E60 M5 except for the tiny gas tank, I would love to own an E39 M5 that hasn't been repeated raped and modded.

    • squala
      squala 3 hours ago

      Said nobody ever!

    • TheJacobShapiro
      TheJacobShapiro 4 hours ago

      Antonio Calimero the old ones were great. The E39 and E60 were both awesome.

  • BIG J
    BIG J 4 hours ago

    M5 competition >> e63s. Fight me

    • Jason Wildey
      Jason Wildey 2 hours ago

      @jacek p I agree with you just gets louder with higher totally sucks, no multilayered sound like a corvette zr1 which for me is one of the best sounding cross plane v8 ever..

    • Kevin Yao
      Kevin Yao 2 hours ago

      jacek p The stock humming noise does get old I agree. The first mod i did to my first edition f90 was a catback and a secondary downpipe and that really did it for me. It really gave it that growl I was looking for but I still prefer the engine note of my soccer mom g63 than my M5 😂.

    • jacek p
      jacek p 3 hours ago

      @Kevin Yao yeah, i've watched countless videos on the s63 engine and i can't lie to myself, it's just a really bad sounding engine, it's not about cracks, pops, it's the timbre that makes it a really mediocre sounding 8-cyl

    • Kevin Yao
      Kevin Yao 3 hours ago

      jacek p look up f90 M5s with downpipes and burble tune. It’ll never sound as good as the amg but it def puts up a fight.

    • jacek p
      jacek p 3 hours ago

      overall, maybe, soundwise though, nah

  • JL H
    JL H 4 hours ago

    I will stick with my Volvo XC90 T8 Inscription Pro.

    • JL H
      JL H Hour ago

      @Shaiyan Hossain Yes makes a lot of sense.

    • Shaiyan Hossain
      Shaiyan Hossain Hour ago

      because luxury SUV vs sports sedan totally makes sense

    • nick melin
      nick melin 3 hours ago

      Lol what

  • DreamCarDriving //
    DreamCarDriving // 4 hours ago

    I love it wow didn't know it was that fast!

  • phantom2k10
    phantom2k10 4 hours ago

    I hope the new M3 isn't going to be this bland

  • NPC1862862152-2
    NPC1862862152-2 4 hours ago

    I want to see this compared to the Audi RS6.

    • M DS
      M DS Hour ago

      CarWatchCoffee tracking this seems like a waste of time. This is a luxury autobahn stormer. For $120,000 you can get a way better track beast

    • CarWatchCoffee
      CarWatchCoffee Hour ago

      The RS6's brakes wont catch on fire if you do a track lap.

  • Tim Tursonoff
    Tim Tursonoff 4 hours ago

    That engine note sounds 100% synthetic. At least the rest of the car is a huge improvement over the awful F10. Now, if they only made a Wagon again!!

    • Joe Boyle
      Joe Boyle 51 minute ago

      @TheJacobShapiro ^this

    • Pickle Jay
      Pickle Jay Hour ago

      I feel like your just saying random stuff.. how was the f10 awful?

    • Charles-Dylan Mactutus
      Charles-Dylan Mactutus 2 hours ago

      Yup, sounds like a video game lol

    • Johnny Tank
      Johnny Tank 3 hours ago

      I wonder if you can change the exhaust sound in the infotainment system..?

    • LegendInThaMakin
      LegendInThaMakin 3 hours ago

      The f10 wasn’t awful, the tuning potential on that thing was nuts.. didn’t take much to put it in the 700hp range and walk supercars. That’s how I remember the f10 anyway. A 4 door sedan super cars were often scared of.

  • rashard D'Auvergne
    rashard D'Auvergne 4 hours ago

    For a second i thought you were having us seizure

  • grownman284
    grownman284 4 hours ago

    Eff the car. That view though 1:16

  • beattospectoyota
    beattospectoyota 4 hours ago

    Hp initiates slides and to antiquate the eqilibriem off its axis...popping the clutch is FOR NOOBS

  • Durjay Majlish
    Durjay Majlish 4 hours ago

    Matt I’m concerned about you. You look too thin brother. Get a double double with extra cheese for me!

    • LegendInThaMakin
      LegendInThaMakin Hour ago

      Adam sometimes it’s better to just laugh at a good joke and keep it moving.

    • Adam
      Adam Hour ago

      Be concerned with yourself.

    • ΝΟΜΛ
      ΝΟΜΛ 4 hours ago

      unless you're heading down the thin-shaming route i'd instead suggest Matt looks damn good heading down the road to improved health

  • Kiss Kiss
    Kiss Kiss 4 hours ago

    Dream!! This Porsche is...

  • Brian
    Brian 4 hours ago

    It's Matt and not the unwatchable other guy!!!!!!!

  • Everything Reviewed
    Everything Reviewed 4 hours ago

    I think the car sounds really good from the outside.

  • ayy lmao ayy lmao
    ayy lmao ayy lmao 4 hours ago

    dope weightlloss matt

  • Obsidian
    Obsidian 4 hours ago

    Hi Bozi 😂 That was awesome!

  • Jeremiah Shields
    Jeremiah Shields 4 hours ago

    Good morning y'all. Just started work and The Smoking Tire is great with coffee, thanks Matt.

  • SergeantMoetz
    SergeantMoetz 4 hours ago

    The sound inside is horribly digitized. Doesn't even stand a chance in my eyes against the E63.

    • Anton K.
      Anton K. 4 hours ago

      the e63 has fake sound as well though (its just not as obivous and clear as in the m5)

    • BIG J
      BIG J 4 hours ago

      Sure is faster in every way tho ;)

  • Art Tafil
    Art Tafil 5 hours ago

    He just increased the Jag’s reliability by a factor of 10 at least!

  • dash3dot
    dash3dot 5 hours ago

    My God when did the M5 become such a bland, forgettable car?

    • Austin Apt
      Austin Apt 4 hours ago

      2011/2012 aka the F10

    • Victor
      Victor 5 hours ago

      When is started to look bland=last 15 years

  • Gabriel NR
    Gabriel NR 5 hours ago

    Seems like a cool car, but I'm not really into it.

  • Why2k
    Why2k 5 hours ago

    Drove one of these up the 101 last year. Extremely fast but has a little too much tech for me. It’s also HUGE.

  • Art Tafil
    Art Tafil 5 hours ago

    You know, having a popular You Tube channel has its perks. Like the Michelin Pilot Super Sports.

  • Samperg
    Samperg 5 hours ago

    so its too good?

  • Vikturus22
    Vikturus22 5 hours ago

    You can hear the fake exhaust pretty prominently unfortunately. It really kills it

    • 卓尧杜
      卓尧杜 2 hours ago

      However, it sounds not that bad from the outside

    • NilF82
      NilF82 2 hours ago

      you can use bimmercode and code it out

    • nemtizz
      nemtizz 5 hours ago

      It's fairly easy to get it coded out.

  • Art Tafil
    Art Tafil 5 hours ago

    You know you’re sounding like a typical snobby Bimmer owner. Merc owners are above that. LOL.

  • Art Tafil
    Art Tafil 5 hours ago

    No, It does look better every day!

  • Art Tafil
    Art Tafil 5 hours ago


  • SG
    SG 5 hours ago

    Horrible sounding car, heavy, to much stuff going on... I don´t get bmw these days.

    • Nasser Mohd
      Nasser Mohd 4 hours ago

      Since when bmw was light car ... expect for e30 m3 and e46 m3 csl

    • Juan Pablo Rivera
      Juan Pablo Rivera 4 hours ago

      At the end of the day BMW is a business, they have to make what the people want and I'm sure this is great for their target demographic.

    • Elliot Davis
      Elliot Davis 4 hours ago

      This is an incredibly fast car that is also comfortable and “practical”. This car wasn’t supposed to be the new E46 M3, if you want that get an M2.

  • Juni TGOD
    Juni TGOD 5 hours ago

    It’s a beast but my heart will always lean towards the E63s

    BASITH PH 5 hours ago

    Imagine going drifting in the new M5

    • gone forever
      gone forever 5 hours ago

      It would be just like the previous gen

  • Steve Skipper
    Steve Skipper 5 hours ago

    There is a great motoring anecdote that needs to be told right there at 5:13

  • James Mancilla
    James Mancilla 5 hours ago

    I've never really been into GT cars, but I've been thinking that it might be my next purchase. Think I'm getting old haha

    • phantom2k10
      phantom2k10 4 hours ago

      @Elliot Davis over here in the UK you can pick one up in the early 60's.brand new these were around the 120 mark smh

    • Elliot Davis
      Elliot Davis 5 hours ago

      What ever you do, don’t buy it new. These depreciate faster than pretty much any other car I’ve seen.

    • nemtizz
      nemtizz 5 hours ago

      Does this classify as a GT?

  • Luke Wells
    Luke Wells 5 hours ago

    This is not a particularly nice sounding car. :|

  • Nick Meyrick
    Nick Meyrick 5 hours ago

    Hi Matt , great video as always is it much faster than the e63s thanks

  • Rusty
    Rusty 5 hours ago

    Ah yes the M5 Competion, the Competition has nothing on this beast