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Rayman Origins - All Bosses
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    [MTs] MOUNTAINS 17 minutes ago

    Rest in peace, Mr. Lee. You beautiful, creative son-of-a-bitch. 😢

  • Benjamin Russell
    Benjamin Russell 34 minutes ago

    CHILDREN! What kind of robot are you? What’s even more disturbing is the fact that you were disined to look like a female humonad figure tied to a chandelier of some sort

  • Benjamin Russell
    Benjamin Russell 39 minutes ago

    I will avenge moes tavern

  • Joyce Slaten
    Joyce Slaten 48 minutes ago


  • Joyce Slaten
    Joyce Slaten 51 minute ago


  • Lucas Wold
    Lucas Wold 59 minutes ago

    The only new character you showed was baby Rosalina

  • Ape Mayor
    Ape Mayor Hour ago

    3:30 I remember this being terrifying as a kid.

  • Derpy Violager99


  • Ales M
    Ales M Hour ago

    Is that Alfred from Lego Batman on 19:04?

  • LeEpicGamers Offical

    How to make an island disappear with thousands of people: Step 1: Gather all 8 instruments Step 2: Go and Break the Mountain Egg Step 3: Kill the Nightmare Step 4: Free the Wind Fish Final Step: Link and The Wind Fish are happy Me: *leave link in the ocean for murdering thousands of people*

  • MarioTuber #HtD4life

    4:22 I hate losing So do us we feel your pain

  • laura ledesma ortiz
    laura ledesma ortiz 2 hours ago


  • RJ Dash Boy boy
    RJ Dash Boy boy 2 hours ago

    I am Dash

  • Gabe.
    Gabe. 2 hours ago

    7:46-7:51 it really be like that sometimes

  • Yusaku Itou
    Yusaku Itou 3 hours ago

    That boss is really hard for me when I was a kid 2:07:04 I was trying to get the last boo but it keep flying away and hit Luigi and I lose against that white lunatic

  • Zach
    Zach 3 hours ago

    It was a simple thanksgiving, we ate dinner, discussed politics (as usual) and I caress the idea of a fun game of bowling to end the night. Unannounced to anyone I've been planning my attack since October by playing the 100 pin game alone, every Thursday (I'm home alone until 7 on Thursdays). We have 6 people total, so whoever the top two of the first game was got to play the next one. I was in the second game and there was some serious competition. My Uncle, Larry, was getting high 90's and I was getting low 80's he was rubbing it in my face and I didn't like that one bit. I couldn't hold in my laughter once I saw my uncle Larry fall down from this trick. What a stupid man. He tried replicating it but no one knew the secret but me. I come out on top every game now because everyone is too lazy to Google it. This story was from two years ago, and I've been using it since and don't plan on stopping.

  • Lucas Martinez
    Lucas Martinez 3 hours ago

    Ehh the good old days...

  • Cheese bag
    Cheese bag 3 hours ago

    Oh yea OH yea OH yea OH yea OH yea OH yea OH yea OH yea OH yea OH yea OH yea OH yea OH yea OH yea ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • AesthXtra
    AesthXtra 3 hours ago

    Here is the english comment

  • iiJx_ke Mapping
    iiJx_ke Mapping 3 hours ago

    5:04 African countries struggling with clean water: Are we a joke to you?

  • resenator
    resenator 3 hours ago

    im so high right now i just cried at how beautiful it was. :) That was an amazing feeling: tears of joy !!! ♡♡♡ <3 love u guys :D

  • Gatito723 Isla
    Gatito723 Isla 3 hours ago


  • The real Sonic
    The real Sonic 4 hours ago

    Who also has nightmares from Platform Panic?

  • MarkDaBomb 64
    MarkDaBomb 64 4 hours ago

    The guy doesnt appear at the elevator and for the past half hour I have been looking for a way out... Waste of time

  • Leonardo donatello raphael Michaelangelo

    Mario ninja steel red rangers Luigi ninja steel blue rangers Yoshi ninja steel yellow rangers Peach ninja steel pink rangers Daisy ninja steel white rangers Wario ninja steel gold rangers Waliugi sliver rangers Donkey kong purple rangers Diddy kong ninja steel red rangers Baby mario graphics rangers Baby Luigi gray rangers Baby Peach purple rangers Baby Daisy voliet rangers Funky kong cerulean rangers Toad ninja steel graphite rangers Toadette aquarium rangers Koopa troopa ninja steel graphite rangers Dry bones voliet rangers Bowser graphite rangers Bowser Jr cadet rangers Rosalina gray rangers

  • Arthur Garciaklaine
    Arthur Garciaklaine 4 hours ago

    Bingo no point

  • Greg
    Greg 4 hours ago

    Spyro circuit is very beautiful and nostalgic but the actual race is too simple wish it was more challenging to go through

  • SpongebobLogan channel Network

    8:01 one spike 8:32 Two spikes 8:38 the big spike ball

  • Jacob Morga
    Jacob Morga 5 hours ago

    So fake blue is a computer it keeps on winning

  • Yu-kun
    Yu-kun 5 hours ago

    Throwback to the time when red shells were *so* easy to dodge

  • mariosonic957
    mariosonic957 5 hours ago

    Good luck doing a Full Game 100% of Luigi's Mansion 3 when the game is out! :)

  • FCFried_Chicken69
    FCFried_Chicken69 5 hours ago

    Leave it 2 merg!

  • Peter Hadfield
    Peter Hadfield 5 hours ago

    0:53 That really does cracks me up. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joel Korhonen
    Joel Korhonen 6 hours ago

    How you can use the map?

  • Camilo Betancurt
    Camilo Betancurt 6 hours ago

    Como se compra el otro mundo

  • Charlie Conetta
    Charlie Conetta 6 hours ago

    Why did he talk on this game all other characters don’t talk it’s abit silly

  • Eric Brandon Jackson

    (↑ω↑) 0:01

  • Dry Bowser
    Dry Bowser 6 hours ago

    Just in time for Luigi's Mansion 3.

  • CommanderTaco
    CommanderTaco 6 hours ago

    15:39 I'm sorry, did the fire bro just say fam?

  • Peter Hadfield
    Peter Hadfield 6 hours ago

    0:19 The giant symbol crash made me jump

    • Peter Hadfield
      Peter Hadfield 4 hours ago


  • Fantasy Sword
    Fantasy Sword 6 hours ago

    20:10 thank you thank you so much I've been trying to get past that locked door

  • Peter Hadfield
    Peter Hadfield 6 hours ago

    0:18 This cutscene in the game always cracks me up! LOL LOL LOL HA HA HA XDXDXDXD

  • tuut
    tuut 7 hours ago

    who else is here because they miss playing this 😂😭

  • Lucas Michaud
    Lucas Michaud 7 hours ago

    you are the G.O.A.T for doing this!

  • axel virus gameplays

    emmmm shabon ya sabesmos como termina

  • Susan Kornas
    Susan Kornas 7 hours ago

    0:35 It's written "Artful Adventures", but I read "Awful Adventures" 😂

  • Paul Mazz
    Paul Mazz 7 hours ago

    I would definitely want to get a 300, but if I knew that I would get a 299, I would rather get a 298 instead.

    LAUTARO FLORES 7 hours ago


  • Nikki's Kaleidoscope

    The nostalgia, the music, the game itself! I love it!

  • Awesome_Candle Pictures

    barty crouch jr. is a snake

  • Mai Shiranui
    Mai Shiranui 8 hours ago

    Longplay in 3ds

  • MarkelESP
    MarkelESP 8 hours ago

    3DS lego games are *SHIT*

  • Cukt
    Cukt 8 hours ago

    14:16 omg the dragon stares at u

  • Harley Oyelade
    Harley Oyelade 8 hours ago

    This is why Kirby is so fun to play especially in ultimate

  • Kaylynn’s Channel
    Kaylynn’s Channel 8 hours ago

    At 2:00 it sound like Fook you! Edit: thanks for 8 likes

  • FoxyGamer 613
    FoxyGamer 613 8 hours ago

    MARIO wins all the TIME!

  • Sunday Jay
    Sunday Jay 9 hours ago

    7:59 5:09 0:01

  • Pierrer Gomez
    Pierrer Gomez 9 hours ago

    On today’s episode of what’s in my RU-clip recommendations

  • TimeCat5907
    TimeCat5907 9 hours ago

    Which ones better? GameCube or 3DS

  • Arty Castro
    Arty Castro 9 hours ago

    Road To Luigi's Mansion 3

  • Luis E Morales Falcon

    I love this game, one if the best gems in the Game Cube.

  • Adriana Teixeira
    Adriana Teixeira 9 hours ago


  • Matthew Hardwick
    Matthew Hardwick 9 hours ago

    I loved the Gamecube. My first Nintendo console

  • Night Zoroark
    Night Zoroark 9 hours ago

    I wonder how luigi won that mansion for first place

  • Mertex
    Mertex 9 hours ago

    The nostalgia hit me like a truck

  • Pablo312
    Pablo312 9 hours ago

    2:18 If Tom Kenny played Plastic Man:

  • JK Dudette
    JK Dudette 9 hours ago

    Anyone notice Gloomy Manor and The Dark Moon in the background on the screens during the future E.Gadd chat?

  • Andrew Trinh
    Andrew Trinh 10 hours ago

    I want rank s please!

  • CupheadTiana!234 Delmonico

    King dice is my Crush

  • Ry Guy
    Ry Guy 10 hours ago

    Thanks for the help even tho I whached this in 2018 that’s wen I got all the dinosaurs thanks a lot

  • Dat Lil’ Sarah Bear
    Dat Lil’ Sarah Bear 10 hours ago


  • Luana Cruz
    Luana Cruz 10 hours ago

    Sempre o Mario ganha não vale

  • SuperJaylonGaming Miller

    I cant wait for Luigi's Mansion 3 to come on the 31th

    • Yusaku Itou
      Yusaku Itou 3 hours ago

      Me too. I can't wait to get it

    • CooperFilms
      CooperFilms 10 hours ago

      Me too. I cannot wait to have an adventure in a hotel where everyone is kidnapped except for the brave Weegee

  • Rudy Łysy
    Rudy Łysy 10 hours ago

    I love this game

  • Joshua's Music
    Joshua's Music 10 hours ago

    Ive never plated on the PS4 or The Xbox One

  • Kristi Starosta
    Kristi Starosta 10 hours ago

    The very beginning of Luigi’s Mansion. Third one coming out in 2 weeks!

  • LoekTheKing
    LoekTheKing 10 hours ago

    Excited to see your Luigi's Mansion 3 videos. I remember your Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon videos, which were great :)

  • Kevin Murphy
    Kevin Murphy 10 hours ago

    Happy Halloween, everybody!

  • shelby rice
    shelby rice 10 hours ago

    you can tell e gad never brushes since hes only got 1 tooth,by the way how did you skip the training session?

  • Jelte Smit
    Jelte Smit 10 hours ago

  • RoyKoopa54
    RoyKoopa54 10 hours ago

    I Loved This On Gamecube I Had It in Like 2009 And Was My First Game For Nintendo GameCube My 125th Game Is X Men 2 Wolverine's Revenge for GameCube Yesterday Good memories

  • Frostyblade 88
    Frostyblade 88 11 hours ago

    Damn this is the earliest I've ever been to a video 32 seconds in

  • Kever M.
    Kever M. 11 hours ago

    Sir Weston is Hard af in this game.......

    • EpicLuigi Kid
      EpicLuigi Kid Hour ago

      Kever M. I still suck at him in the gamecube least in 3DS you have a chance to re take him to get golden or platinum

  • FireyGaming
    FireyGaming 11 hours ago

    Let's go!

  • Brandon Varela-Carrillo

    Very Good Graphics on the Nintendo GameCube

  • Stupid Mario Bloopers 920


  • Goomba Gaming
    Goomba Gaming 11 hours ago

    This just came out of nowhere.

    • ryanwascool777
      ryanwascool777 10 hours ago

      He usually does full walkthroughs every now and then. Like when the Link’s Awakening remake was close to release he played through the original fully completing it. The occasion here is that it’s almost Halloween and Luigi’s Mansion 3 is suppose to come out on Halloween

    • Contevent
      Contevent 10 hours ago

      Like a jumpscare

  • Angry945
    Angry945 11 hours ago

    I'm so excited for Luigi's Mansion 3.

  • Rita Reveren
    Rita Reveren 11 hours ago


  • CupheadTiana!234 Delmonico

    King dice is my crush

  • CupheadTiana!234 Delmonico

    I love Cala Maria

  • Mikey Alex
    Mikey Alex 11 hours ago

    Sweet! Two down (Mario and Sonic), four to go (Luigi Shadow Peach and Daisy).

  • Dilek Güler
    Dilek Güler 11 hours ago

  • Виолетта Дербуш

    Не ну голубому бан на 1000000000лет Мне кажется он читер Здесь есть русские?)

  • Crab Boi
    Crab Boi 11 hours ago

    It’s more like mugman secret boss fights XD

  • Sauron
    Sauron 12 hours ago

    I used to play all the levels as force ghost because I couldn’t die Note: i haven’t played in years i think the force ghost characters couldn’t die but i aint positive

  • Sheridan Reyes
    Sheridan Reyes 12 hours ago

    Both mario and luigi: im a weiner Me: so your hotdogs?

  • Rita Reveren
    Rita Reveren 12 hours ago

    Kirby eats everyone