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Nioh 2 | TGS Trailer | PS4
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Raging Loop | Trailer | PS4
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  • devilazed2012
    devilazed2012 6 minutes ago

    Please more VR missions!!! 👊

    XTREMEGAMER 9 minutes ago

    I played it... soo underrated! People loveto bash games without even trying

  • Rifky Fahrana
    Rifky Fahrana 22 minutes ago

    my job looks so wonderful in videogame

  • 冷Rain
    冷Rain 26 minutes ago

    the new FFXV DLC

  • Julius the Casual Gamer
    Julius the Casual Gamer 59 minutes ago

    WO3U character select system I came. Buckets.

  • monopolyheat
    monopolyheat Hour ago

    Sealife simulator

  • Dis Brony Dood
    Dis Brony Dood Hour ago

    I was used to only hear japanese. _but why torture me_

  • Colton Strike
    Colton Strike Hour ago

    I cant help but feel it would just be annoying and immersion breaking. You dont walk by shifting both feet forward like you're waterskiing, and i cant imagine this will help anything.


    I hope sterkerburng in this game because wo3 ultimed i like because he strong

  • TheQuantumShadowEffect

    Your Nostalgia tactics are falling short

  • yubel uchiha
    yubel uchiha Hour ago

    When did the buster sword get longer?

  • assassin
    assassin Hour ago


  • assassin
    assassin Hour ago

    Good game!

  • M.R T Says
    M.R T Says 2 hours ago

    The map in back ground like gta vice city

  • Caryax
    Caryax 3 hours ago

    Trop plien

  • Joseph Kiyoshi
    Joseph Kiyoshi 3 hours ago

    The guy in the thumbnail looked like nicholas cage

  • Leu Leumas4040
    Leu Leumas4040 3 hours ago

    I hope this will be good. Was waiting for this for a long time.

  • I'm not a Lawyer but I play one on YouTube

    Oh look, it's a reskin of FFXV.

  • IanTayon
    IanTayon 4 hours ago

    Was that Jack Black?

    РЕЗИНЫЧ 4 hours ago

    Заберите мои деньги, я мечтал об этой игре

  • Jacinto Pinto
    Jacinto Pinto 5 hours ago

    Fui mordido mais sou bonitão

  • chidoray xo
    chidoray xo 5 hours ago

    Please don't be like KH3. PLease don't be like KH3. Be good pls

  • Damian Clark
    Damian Clark 5 hours ago

    I can see why many RE fans would dislike this, but I really like both RE and Dead by Daylight, so this game could definitely be fun. People should give it a chance instead of shitting on it _before_ it comes out, ya know?

  • Chris Ocampo
    Chris Ocampo 5 hours ago

    And they still can't make hair realistic and not clumped

  • Al Jean
    Al Jean 5 hours ago

    Nope, NEXT

  • cdragon88
    cdragon88 5 hours ago

    What happened to everyone's nose?

  • Little Witchling
    Little Witchling 5 hours ago

    One piece but it's THIGHS

  • Bored Ninja
    Bored Ninja 6 hours ago

    Where are the missions in the main menu? I can’t find them

  • Yijin Yang
    Yijin Yang 6 hours ago

    Agent 47: Did somebody say "disappear"?

  • M knight
    M knight 6 hours ago

    Well am sold

  • SketchyCosmos
    SketchyCosmos 6 hours ago

    I can't believe they put Zac Efron in the game

  • The Awesome Pie126
    The Awesome Pie126 6 hours ago

    Wow, Igor, he be lookin, mmm

  • The Sedaiv
    The Sedaiv 7 hours ago

    I instantly hate this game for it's battle system. Assume open world's gone too

  • Leticia Caicedo vidal

    Vueno 🙂

  • cptnoremac
    cptnoremac 8 hours ago

    Why? Why did you have to include someone saying, "Now it's my turn"? That's the most cliche combat line. If you remove it before final release, I promise I'll preorder the game.

  • Zeus Brothers
    Zeus Brothers 8 hours ago

    Dead Island 2 is a Dead Game too

  • Regal Pixel King
    Regal Pixel King 8 hours ago

    This looks like it will be a Wolfenstein Young Blood situation. The only way that I will play this is if it's free to play.

  • Spencer Sprowles
    Spencer Sprowles 8 hours ago

    That's why you shouldn't wear headphones in public

  • Angelo Ferrari
    Angelo Ferrari 8 hours ago

    Avengers ? Ahahaha

  • T.M. Owen
    T.M. Owen 8 hours ago


  • Bruno Pontes
    Bruno Pontes 9 hours ago

    Call of Fort duty night

  • Jay C Cooper
    Jay C Cooper 9 hours ago

    Now just remake ff8 and ff9 and we'll be happy

  • Jerónimo Canale Onofri

    Este juego está disponible para PC o es exclusivo?

  • Final Blast
    Final Blast 9 hours ago

    The Only good about this DLC Is mode zombie tag der toten, blackout and mp trash.

  • AidanTheNerd
    AidanTheNerd 9 hours ago

    So the almost 300 likes are from very brainwashed people it seems 😒 they aren't gamers they're gambling addicts.

  • Hajduk Besmrtnik
    Hajduk Besmrtnik 9 hours ago


  • Harmaa
    Harmaa 9 hours ago

    Da f**k is this? Destiny 3?

  • Paolo Antonio Lomotan
    Paolo Antonio Lomotan 10 hours ago

    Sees remake Aerith in trailer: Time to switch video game waifu.

  • オムライス
    オムライス 10 hours ago

    looks so boring. waste my time

  • Logan Nate
    Logan Nate 10 hours ago

    i love this game already

  • El Gringo Feo
    El Gringo Feo 10 hours ago

    Wats the song?

  • Paradox Acres
    Paradox Acres 11 hours ago

    _Trials of Cleavage_

  • Aleksandr M.
    Aleksandr M. 11 hours ago

    That... that is a LOT of people.

  • Marcel Duran
    Marcel Duran 11 hours ago

    12 yr old me is going crazy right now

  • Chico Collins
    Chico Collins 11 hours ago

    Blonde hair guy: *Ima just leave my kid's and go for a jog*

  • neko adidas
    neko adidas 12 hours ago

    looks fantastic just as origanal did back in 97 could this one also smash record sales cant wait

  • bobby4500
    bobby4500 12 hours ago

    hope they dont mess up the battle system

  • Sony Pony
    Sony Pony 12 hours ago

    I'm glad modern warfare is coming out, did not like this trash at all.

  • オムライス
    オムライス 12 hours ago

    cheap graphic

  • Power_Galaxy
    Power_Galaxy 12 hours ago

    looks like an DC Universe dlc

  • S T A R B L A C K
    S T A R B L A C K 12 hours ago

    Lo espero con emoción. 😎🎮

  • sageky
    sageky 12 hours ago

    Hmm, Ryza's lookin pretty sturdy.

  • PrøudBanditø
    PrøudBanditø 12 hours ago

    so happy that modern warfare goes back to the roots... this is a joke

  • Tommy Vang
    Tommy Vang 13 hours ago

    Where's Red Xlll?!!

  • Vigi1antVort3x
    Vigi1antVort3x 13 hours ago

    Capcom missed their chance to make this a FPS asymmetrical game of fun. Also why are the maps so small?

  • Alessandro Presazzi
    Alessandro Presazzi 13 hours ago


  • kian26master
    kian26master 13 hours ago


  • Ege Göktepe
    Ege Göktepe 13 hours ago

    love it!

  • Roger Gore
    Roger Gore 13 hours ago

    Wtf is that destiny 3

  • Giorgos78GR
    Giorgos78GR 13 hours ago


  • Sniperkitten971
    Sniperkitten971 13 hours ago

    Sweet baby Jesus on a stick. I'm so gonna make love with that game.

  • christine amador
    christine amador 14 hours ago

    Treyarch enters the DC universe

  • Roland Deschain
    Roland Deschain 14 hours ago

    Pegi -10

  • joyadeceren
    joyadeceren 14 hours ago

    Trash multiplayer

  • Denis Uzum
    Denis Uzum 14 hours ago

    Xbox players stop resisting and end your suffering. Heres one Ps4 {\_/} ( • . •) / > 🎁

  • Shao kahn warriors tenis

    Wtf? Ridiculous

  • Slaxer
    Slaxer 14 hours ago

    That last scene where they are overlooking the destruction of Sector 7 was fantastic and actually hit me in the feels. All that destruction and loss of life in high quality...

  • Fallout Peterson
    Fallout Peterson 14 hours ago

    Sorry, I think all the 12 year olds that used to play this moved to minecraft

  • Turbo Toke
    Turbo Toke 14 hours ago

    so when is this coming on the xbox?

  • Jayant Bose
    Jayant Bose 14 hours ago

    Hold up Is the demon at the end just giving up in front of the Slayer or charging up..? Is it like, praying to it's demon God for help or what

  • Руся Гриц
    Руся Гриц 14 hours ago

    Мы все этого дождались

  • Ajaws2414
    Ajaws2414 14 hours ago

    And the game still kinda sucked

  • Gary Romero
    Gary Romero 14 hours ago

    Call of Fornite 4 : Endgame

  • Miłosz Pisarek
    Miłosz Pisarek 14 hours ago


  • Dark Thunder Clouds
    Dark Thunder Clouds 15 hours ago

    Nothing can ever beat that ....👏🏽 when are they going to be like the good old days??

  • Orkaborg ;_;
    Orkaborg ;_; 15 hours ago


  • FreshGameChannel
    FreshGameChannel 15 hours ago

    Have you decided to permanently kill black ops 4 so as not to interfere with modern warfare?

  • Akios Eres
    Akios Eres 15 hours ago

    I see batman finally convinced the justice league to invest in main battle tanks. Its about time.

  • Alexander Ostrovskij
    Alexander Ostrovskij 15 hours ago

    0:49 Cyclop from X-Men?

  • K i R A
    K i R A 15 hours ago

    What?!! Is this a joke? >':|

  • Sadek And Said
    Sadek And Said 15 hours ago


  • Uber BARBIE
    Uber BARBIE 15 hours ago

    There's tanks? Sheeeeeeeeet

  • Jonathan Armendariz
    Jonathan Armendariz 15 hours ago


  • noel peinado
    noel peinado 15 hours ago

    What kind of Fortnite update is this?

  • Noncsi {CHANEL}
    Noncsi {CHANEL} 15 hours ago


  • Hermomyrkky
    Hermomyrkky 16 hours ago

    Fortnite ops

  • grafxbynando vlogs
    grafxbynando vlogs 16 hours ago

    The X-Men are here 👌

  • grafxbynando vlogs
    grafxbynando vlogs 16 hours ago

    This is an actual cool change

  • Chuk Mad
    Chuk Mad 16 hours ago

    I literally thought the thumbnail was fortnite wtf

  • Abdullah KF
    Abdullah KF 16 hours ago

    Fortnite ?