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  • NRA Fantapapi33
    NRA Fantapapi33 8 hours ago

    Curry killed the hook

  • KurokoNeedLight
    KurokoNeedLight 13 hours ago

    What’s the song at 4:45

  • Rungy
    Rungy Day ago

    Minshew!!! Minshew!!! Minshew!!!

  • KvngSwag ツ
    KvngSwag ツ Day ago


  • Logan Earp
    Logan Earp Day ago

    Still think he should be 3-2 as a starter

  • Dale Sharpy
    Dale Sharpy 2 days ago

    It was such a pleasure to be a WSU fan, to watch everyone of his games, leading the Cougs our if nowhere to their best record in school history. His charisma, poise, intellect, uncanny ability to avoid sacks, his accuracy, his ability to read defenses, smile, leadership, nutty70’s attitude, the year ESPN College Gameday finally came to Pullman ......I knew he was going to be a Pro, I told all my friends... he will surprise people just like Russell Wilson and Cooper Kupp have coming up as unknowns, some even laughed and scoffed. Who is laughing now? I now root and watch all the Jags games I can because of Uncle Rico! and his WSU connection he gave us.

  • Jempong Jobar
    Jempong Jobar 2 days ago

    5:29 Why that guy is wearing lakers shirt😐

  • Tashis Harrison
    Tashis Harrison 3 days ago

    Lord thank you for blessing Ray momma and daddy and Ray hallelujah 🙌 in the name of Jesus Thank you for blessing all the basketball players thank you Jesus for protecting Thay achievement thank you Jesus for blessing every Coach and they family ❤️💙 in the name of Jesus Thank you for prosperity and happiness in the name of Jesus perfect in every positive way thank you Lord we love you in the name of Jesus praise God hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah in the name of Jesus Aman

  • Qlify
    Qlify 3 days ago

    from where can i get the outro picture?

  • District animation
    District animation 3 days ago


  • BangerBros Productions

    He’s The GOAT AYEEE

  • シห¡cσεłя¡cσ 3


  • Derek G
    Derek G 4 days ago

    It was legitimately a Jordan-esque performance by Kawhi, 3rd most points in NBA playoff history with 732, was like Jordan in 1992 with 759. Incredibly happy to be apart of history like that, that one year a superstar lead us to a championship

  • Jones Net
    Jones Net 4 days ago

    Juju My Dude Favorite WR 👇 IF U AGREE

  • Lucien Hicks
    Lucien Hicks 5 days ago

    Saints fan here. You guys got something good going over there. Keep rockin' them stashes.

  • Urayji Ali
    Urayji Ali 5 days ago

    Yo this is 🔥 fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥😂

  • ITZ_ ME
    ITZ_ ME 5 days ago


  • D Grailz
    D Grailz 6 days ago

    Bro this is the first time I saw this!!!! Is this Kyrie singing and rapping???? This is type fire!!!

  • Sonia Segura
    Sonia Segura 6 days ago

    Lonzo is fire 2019!!

  • surfing nerd621
    surfing nerd621 6 days ago

    That was good. Minshew is the freaking man! Good music too.

  • Lucas Rafael
    Lucas Rafael 6 days ago

    JuJu + Thunder Prod = 🔥🔥🔥

  • Oogabooga Johnson
    Oogabooga Johnson 6 days ago

    It’s fitting that this video is 6:09 long

    BENZO THE PROPHET 6 days ago

    Banger as usual 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 you should make Lamar Jackson or @cantguardmike

  • Th Vazquez
    Th Vazquez 6 days ago

    He hasn't done shit except cost them a lose game with a fumble

  • Thrilling Productions


  • jeff c.
    jeff c. 6 days ago

    Look at all the stupid Jags fans. Just wait until teams have a season of tape on this bum. Not every 6th round pick is Brady. Some are actually 6th round picks.

    • Lucien Hicks
      Lucien Hicks 5 days ago

      @jeff c. He was playing the Saints D, kid. Brady would shit himself if the league ever made him play those boys. That fraud gets a cakewalk every year.

    • jeff c.
      jeff c. 5 days ago

      Elena's Dad How’d the best Rookie Quarterback In this class do today you fucking moron? You are the cumshot that ur Mom should have swallowed!

    • big di
      big di 6 days ago

      Damn dude who hurt you this bad to be attacking a 6th round qb who was thrown into the fire and has surpassed expectations and conquered adversary at every turn? You must be in a dark lonely place my guy I'd seek help

    • BangerBros Productions
      BangerBros Productions 6 days ago

      Yea stfu

    • Elena's Dad
      Elena's Dad 6 days ago

      L fucking moron. He's been the best rookie QB in his draft class by a mile. How fucking stupid are you? Useless waste of oxygen.

  • Sr. Semp Bv
    Sr. Semp Bv 7 days ago

    Mi rola favorita 🤤🤤❤️

  • clout malone
    clout malone 7 days ago

    Odell Beckham Jr

  • J Coop
    J Coop 7 days ago

    Awesome Video! 👍

  • Jonny Aufiero
    Jonny Aufiero 7 days ago


  • klo schuessel
    klo schuessel 7 days ago

    Foles foles is gardner minshew II

  • Jayson Smalls
    Jayson Smalls 7 days ago


  • Mikkel KC
    Mikkel KC 7 days ago

    Manz got the catching and running noise as well

  • Marc DanYT
    Marc DanYT 7 days ago

    Yesssiiir! New HEAAAT. Keep grinding bro

  • Gavin Knight Jackson

    This is amazing

  • Ary Eugene
    Ary Eugene 8 days ago

    Editing crazy💯🔥🔥🔥

  • Mel Washington
    Mel Washington 8 days ago


  • Crio Tv
    Crio Tv 8 days ago

    Man I LOVE this! 🔥🔥

  • Xarify
    Xarify 8 days ago


  • Jake Kennedy
    Jake Kennedy 8 days ago

    Get this channel to a milli

  • Eric L
    Eric L 8 days ago

    2:40-2:50 is some of the sickest editing I’ve seen in ages. I love that segment of this mix.

  • Kameron Rivera
    Kameron Rivera 8 days ago

    Steelers suck

  • WF Prod.
    WF Prod. 8 days ago

    You killed it 🔥‼️

  • prince dwane
    prince dwane 8 days ago

    This is some nice editing🔥🔥

  • Caleb Gore
    Caleb Gore 8 days ago

    2 0 1 9 ! ?

  • 23chase
    23chase 8 days ago

    First can’t wait 🔥

  • Team Cringe
    Team Cringe 8 days ago

    Wtf is this dumb shit

  • Thrilling Productions

    What do you use to edit?

  • Baterdene Bilguun
    Baterdene Bilguun 8 days ago


    CURIØU$ 8 days ago

    Lil nas x brother

  • Αnna Musa
    Αnna Musa 8 days ago

    Lonzo is a true brother

  • Footdrag
    Footdrag 8 days ago


  • Jake Kennedy
    Jake Kennedy 8 days ago

    This channel is crazy underrated

  • Luis Rex
    Luis Rex 9 days ago


  • Texans Films
    Texans Films 9 days ago

    Whoa this is fire

    OTHRWRLDLY. 9 days ago


  • Joel Castillo
    Joel Castillo 9 days ago

    You sound like a little as bitch old busted ass

  • Jaelen Roskowinski 2

    I’m so hyped I can’t wait

    • Jaelen Roskowinski 2
      Jaelen Roskowinski 2 8 days ago

      Jonathan Oviedo no he’ll choose the good highlights

    • Jonathan Oviedo
      Jonathan Oviedo 8 days ago

      So hyped for what ?? 50% of juju highlights are gonna be him fumbling the ball 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Ehor Baranenko
    Ehor Baranenko 9 days ago


  • Ehor Baranenko
    Ehor Baranenko 9 days ago


  • Dairyz
    Dairyz 9 days ago

    Get rid of foles!

  • YrnAJ -_-
    YrnAJ -_- 9 days ago

    Zo snapped🔥🔥

  • Elena's Dad
    Elena's Dad 9 days ago

    Yo this is fire. Minshew is the future Goat no cap

    • klo schuessel
      klo schuessel 7 days ago

      Elena's Dad if he doesnt get it done his mustache will go one to do bigger things

  • motha dead
    motha dead 10 days ago

    My guy mike is trash at madden

  • TheKman1014
    TheKman1014 10 days ago


  • Lucas Rafael
    Lucas Rafael 10 days ago

    Awesome as Always bro 🔥

  • johnny cay
    johnny cay 10 days ago

    My guy ballin 🏈 fire vid bro

  • 23chase
    23chase 10 days ago


    GAWDLY SNAGS 10 days ago

    keep pushing out this heat mike ✊🏽🔥

  • Tahz
    Tahz 10 days ago

    Common Thunder W

  • Alex G
    Alex G 10 days ago

    Wow, awesome!

  • Grand Jay
    Grand Jay 10 days ago

    Lamelo sounds like he’s 6

  • Dalton III
    Dalton III 11 days ago

    The best mixtape on zion and i see other mixtape on him

  • Tashis Harrison
    Tashis Harrison 11 days ago

    Ray are you in love. 💋💘🍒🍎😇🌹

  • Landon Nelson
    Landon Nelson 11 days ago

    Nyg is a stacked team

  • Christopher Jude
    Christopher Jude 12 days ago

    Best mix ever

  • Ronald Price
    Ronald Price 12 days ago

    RJ Barrett is the truth nothing but the truth so I really think he's way better then Zoin plus he is a New York Knickerbocker you couldn't ask for anything else even they ain't SHIT but it's still the Mecca Of BASKETBALL that's where you go an Ball you feel me

  • Ronald Price
    Ronald Price 12 days ago

    WoW, this kid is the truth and you couldn't ask for anything else or anybody better and it will be a Damn SHAME WITH ALL Of THIS HYPE and pressure the kid have riding on him so I hope and pray the kid can handle it 🙏

  • Bruce Santiago
    Bruce Santiago 12 days ago

    Trash just like his nba career

    K9_NEMESIS 12 days ago

    this is straight fire

  • xxxLife
    xxxLife 12 days ago

    Outro song?

  • Crio Tv
    Crio Tv 12 days ago

    Farr, I am late to the game... Jeez emoji 🔥

    SUB TO ME OR UR GAY 13 days ago

    U just earned a new subscriber

  • Reversed Feet
    Reversed Feet 14 days ago

    Yo this is drake omerta not stop sleeping

  • Pepi Smith
    Pepi Smith 15 days ago

    I might sound dumb but who thinks Melo is better than Lonzo?

  • legend prankstar
    legend prankstar 15 days ago

    fuck Lonzo I Made hate comments On Him he is A Bitch I Better ThaN hIM! bitch ass nigga dont know how to fucking make a shot or a 3 Bitch lemelo sucks@!!@!@! he aint no Fucking trooper

  • your ashey
    your ashey 15 days ago

    Who do you think he plays like more d rose mvp season or russel right now

  • Memphis Parker
    Memphis Parker 15 days ago

    3:20 the best part 🥵

  • Maurice Sanford
    Maurice Sanford 15 days ago


  • Jean Noel
    Jean Noel 15 days ago

    BEASTMODE 2019

  • solosean
    solosean 15 days ago

    highest in the room is finally out :’)

  • The prince Nichols
    The prince Nichols 16 days ago

    Deanna cotten to get a footnote to you and your friends and family members who are my best friends and family 4th to you like the next level of the next level of the next few years and family to the next level

  • Dunk Master Flash
    Dunk Master Flash 16 days ago

    This ain’t bad

  • jskon__ Instagram
    jskon__ Instagram 16 days ago


  • Pro Kaydan
    Pro Kaydan 16 days ago


  • Daniel Ferreira30
    Daniel Ferreira30 16 days ago

    I'm the next Stephen Curry

  • jacon Villanueva
    jacon Villanueva 16 days ago

    Kyrie is my favorite player he is the best

  • AJ Tan
    AJ Tan 16 days ago

    His jersey number is 7 not 35

  • Jason Pena
    Jason Pena 16 days ago

    Hot garbo

  • Pichy
    Pichy 17 days ago

    Do you guys know which version of "Up top" is this? Cause there is not only Travis in this song, there is other person singing starting at 3:35 If u know please tell me.