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  • xxlCortez
    xxlCortez Minute ago


  • Rein 18
    Rein 18 2 minutes ago

    2:26 that was not Mariah Carey 🤦‍♂️😆. No way! It has to have been a doppelganger "double" stand in you call it wat u want celebrities do it all the time to make appearances for them while their out doing something else....this one just doesnt seem all like Mariah in anyway 🤔🤷‍♂️😄.

  • Ms. Byrd
    Ms. Byrd 3 minutes ago

    Emilia is a sweet person and politically 'savy', she knows how to answer a question without actually insulting anyone. You need the people around you: Managers, directors, writers, crewman, etc... As well as you need the people who support your career (the fandom) to actually have a career in the Arts. If you can remain 'diplomatic' about a subject, do so... SMART YOUNG WOMAN!

  • ocantu1987
    ocantu1987 4 minutes ago

    Got a good feeling about Pattinson as Batman, Im sure he will also Bulk up for the part too.

  • george mikal
    george mikal 9 minutes ago

    I want to choke Natalie Portman

  • Gabby Singz!
    Gabby Singz! 9 minutes ago

    Andrew Rannells is adorable

  • Vernon Steinkamp
    Vernon Steinkamp 10 minutes ago

    Saw her and Rufus in Oregon around '74. She entered the stage from a large stairway made of plexiglass steps. As she stepped down, each step lite up. It was a very good performance. I usually position myself up and above the band to get an overhead view.

  • Nina Vangelov
    Nina Vangelov 12 minutes ago

    What an amazing and real speech, I felt that !!

  • מירנה דה פז
    מירנה דה פז 13 minutes ago

    There is womans in this would that can't have a baby beacuse of physical health. So we have to be patient towards those womens, and not judicial. Yes, Let's be good human beings in repect of womans.

  • monikerprince
    monikerprince 13 minutes ago

    “Corporate asses” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Katie Parkins
    Katie Parkins 17 minutes ago

    Great thumbnail, great thumbnail

  • Joe Bryant
    Joe Bryant 20 minutes ago

    Get woke go broke. This film has been seen by hardly anyone and made no money. And deservedly so. It's a work of fiction, infected with Ben Elton's 21st century woke identity politics. There is no evidence that Judith composed a thing. There is no evidence that Hamnet died in anything other than natural circumstances. This movie is a stain on Shakespeare's memory. Shame on you Branagh for wasting your one shot playing the role you were born to play on this utter trash. "All Is True". How ironic.

  • Tedzilla
    Tedzilla 21 minute ago

    OH?? Do you miss the racist Bigot? Why because you are too,and black of course. He is a racist.

  • Bang See
    Bang See 22 minutes ago

    Why do Black People have to be the fair ones???

  • Borb
    Borb 28 minutes ago

    Bruh mf Wheatley is in this movie

  • TerminalHamster
    TerminalHamster 30 minutes ago

    So Many franchises these past few years being tanked by Writers. Not the actors, not the film/tv crews, not the effects nor the music.

  • Donovan
    Donovan 49 minutes ago

    Chinese culture? More like Chinese money and propaganda.

  • Deranged Crouton
    Deranged Crouton 49 minutes ago

    Lois lane interviews spider man 2014 colorized

  • donnie henderson
    donnie henderson 50 minutes ago

    Arrogant, pretentious, stuck up, these are just a few words that come to mind when I think of brie Larson. People are getting tired of the Hollywood elite. If you know her background, then you’ll know she is just a spoiled privileged brat Who has never dealt with real life.

  • Carl Stout
    Carl Stout Hour ago

    Awesome. I am related to him. His great-great Aunt and my Great Grandmother was the same person.

  • puffsleeveskindagirl

    Love these two!

  • Amari Hunter
    Amari Hunter Hour ago

    I've been with Mariah since 1991. No one will ever talk shit about her in my presence. It was way more than the music for me. Powerful women like my mother really inspire me. She has been nothing but consistent. What an intelligent woman. As beautiful as day one as well.

  • joanna Jade
    joanna Jade Hour ago

    Ahh i love her shes so funny but thats the Aquarius in us 💁💗

  • Angel Boy
    Angel Boy Hour ago

    Mariah and her moments!❤️

  • R M
    R M Hour ago

    She is so big but we have Ariana ...

  • Eleanor Ryan Ryan

    What a stunning, beautiful woman Rooney is and a great pairing they are, love this show😊🍀🇮🇪

  • Steel Into Gaming.

    I'm sort of distracted *looks down.*

  • BF TE
    BF TE Hour ago

    What you do to others, you do to yourself. It's important have *self awareness*

  • Coffee Pasta
    Coffee Pasta Hour ago

    The fact that so many of these movie events go down in New York and not many of the New Yorkers really seem fazed by the pencil stabbings and men in suits shooting at each other in subway terminals and everything else . . . what do they put in the water up there????

  • Zeeshan Haider
    Zeeshan Haider Hour ago

    Gary is amazing...but get tom hardy...i'm waiting for him to be here.

  • Cornelius White
    Cornelius White Hour ago

    And that right there ladies and gentlemen is who she really is. That's our Chaka!😍

  • Sumbul Jaffrey
    Sumbul Jaffrey Hour ago

    Love n respect from India maa’m ❤️🇮🇳

  • Kristina Radosevic


  • blockbuster1982
    blockbuster1982 Hour ago

    So, I have to say I love her so my comment is not erased? ok, brie I love you, nooot!

  • Tyler Rogers
    Tyler Rogers Hour ago

    Shes the real deal!

    SUN GODIS Hour ago

    This young lady did an excellent job with this Tyler’s interview! Congrats!🎊🙌🏽👏🏽🍾👍🏽🎉

  • Smithy
    Smithy 2 hours ago

    I could listen to Renèe talk all day, I just love how she is socially awkward but perfectly elegant at the same time!! ❤️

  • Tom Ho
    Tom Ho 2 hours ago

    Flies landing on hillary face sick!

  • Marvin HC
    Marvin HC 2 hours ago


  • skbfilm
    skbfilm 2 hours ago

    "If I can inspire anybody to do themselves, fearlessly; I'm happy" - that's a quote right there.

  • Alycia Windingland
    Alycia Windingland 2 hours ago

    Still waiting for a second colab with these two....

  • J M G G G
    J M G G G 2 hours ago

    You can tell chaka is naturally a shy person but when she hits the stage and sing! everything changes

  • Ján Chovanec
    Ján Chovanec 2 hours ago

    Are those "boys" wearing a lipstick?

  • AnA
    AnA 2 hours ago

    How people see a beautiful child and love her UNTIL they realize one parent is black has always been one of the most ignorant behaviors to me. People don't know what they're looking at. Its called love between two people that God blessed to create another beautiful person.

  • Igor Arteaga
    Igor Arteaga 2 hours ago

    yenifer siempre ha sido mi idolo hermosa mujer emprendedora desde que empece a verla en peliculas y las veo quedo impactado me encantasu belleza diis la bendiga

  • Kori Hu
    Kori Hu 3 hours ago

    This is such a fun discussion. I love it.

  • _Expo_
    _Expo_ 3 hours ago

    What happened to her neck? She has a cut

  • Freddy T
    Freddy T 3 hours ago

    Well said 👍

  • Blue Phoenix
    Blue Phoenix 3 hours ago

    I love marian carey i got her cds and dvds i know mariah has a huge heart god bless mariah carey always always

  • Randee Barrett
    Randee Barrett 3 hours ago

    {{{She's so real. Love you Chaka!}}}

  • Em S
    Em S 3 hours ago

  • T Q
    T Q 3 hours ago

    I love mariah . But there treatment of jennifer makes me wonder if she is really supportive of women

  • peter bynoe
    peter bynoe 3 hours ago

    Icon beautiful voice ,noe 2019 can sing like her.

  • Mc fan robin hood
    Mc fan robin hood 3 hours ago

    Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama got cancelled after this speech. Mariah for President

  • Im a dog Garcia
    Im a dog Garcia 3 hours ago

    Give her something to eat.

  • Jake Engbers
    Jake Engbers 3 hours ago

    How does he look younger since 2005

  • George Martin
    George Martin 3 hours ago

    i hope Paul and Ringo fucked some groupies after the show!

  • SonoftheWay35
    SonoftheWay35 3 hours ago

    I don't mean to be mean but, am I the only one who thinks that she's showing aging now?

    I’M CHILLZ 3 hours ago

    1:30 “battle royal” All 9 year olds watching this “FoRtNiTe ????!!!”

  • Victor Chaz
    Victor Chaz 3 hours ago

    I see Al Pacino, I immediately press play, it really is that simple.

  • Batates *
    Batates * 3 hours ago

    Beauty comes from inside .. wisdom too .. love her so much ..she's my idol :)

  • The Quintessential
    The Quintessential 3 hours ago

    When MC got screamed "I started this camp 25 years ago. IF YOU DONT SEE HOW THATS AN ACCOMPLISMENT FOR A TWO YEAR OLD CHILD! Reminds me of when she got mad about her not being able to pronounce the word "philanthropic" she said "Honey i didn't go to college! I WAS BUSY MAKING RECORDS!" Then she laughed it off like she wasnt angry! MC is funny!

  • d combs
    d combs 4 hours ago

    Faul is a much better musician than Paul was, maybe because hes a lefty, Paul was right handed

  • Love Pattz
    Love Pattz 4 hours ago

    SO MUCH LOVE for this lady! She's amazing! <3

  • lawrence msthang
    lawrence msthang 4 hours ago

    When he said arnold's name in subtitle it said arnold shots and nigga



  • Stephanie Oraisson
    Stephanie Oraisson 4 hours ago

    imagine the amount of energy that would have been in the video if finn was there

  • YasRo Sou
    YasRo Sou 4 hours ago

    She makes me wanna train..I love her confidence and beauty

  • vivek chemmannoor
    vivek chemmannoor 4 hours ago

    Arnold and Sylvester are true inspirations. Both of them started with nothing, worked their asses off and found success and they are still superstars in their 70s. There had never been such actors ever in the history of this world.

  • Querida Marilyn
    Querida Marilyn 4 hours ago

    Good to know. We shouldn't watch her films. We don't want to disturb her.

  • Querida Marilyn
    Querida Marilyn 4 hours ago

    Good to know. We shouldn't watch her films. We don't want to disturb her.

  • Lucas Pedrosa
    Lucas Pedrosa 5 hours ago

    she doesn’t look a day past 35.

  • ****MomentsWithJiJi ****


  • dans h
    dans h 5 hours ago

    Hooah !!! One of my favourite best actors and a True Legend !!

  • Ricky C
    Ricky C 5 hours ago


  • R RR
    R RR 5 hours ago

    Mariah saying to be nice? The end of the world is near.

  • Maria Gabrentina
    Maria Gabrentina 5 hours ago

    This woman is full of shit. I cleaned her house and didn't pay me back. She is nasty.

  • Bronte holmes
    Bronte holmes 5 hours ago

    I think everyone just loves her! She seems so lovely

  • That Guy
    That Guy 5 hours ago

    just shut up people who are saying hes not right for the role shouldnt even be allowed an opinion, theres always a 1st best performance, you cant judge someones acting untill you've seen them in a role that challenges them and as people say batman is such a challenging role let him show you what he can do with the role instead of righting him off before hes even attempted playing the character thank you for reading enjoy your day/night 😁 edit and yes might of put this as a reply to soom people

  • Freemason Bloodsacrifices

    I'm trying to survive in a femi nazi man hating society.

  • tremaine861
    tremaine861 5 hours ago

    For laughs, for laughs Lambs! Beautiful speech Mariah.

  • Andriy Kyrychenko
    Andriy Kyrychenko 5 hours ago

    Shezz.. no, maby it'zz isn'zz bout. O.M.G. Lovely. 🎃

    KEVEN 5 hours ago

    She's the real deal.

  • Efrén Cantú
    Efrén Cantú 5 hours ago

    True effing real deal! The legend Mariah!!

  • Vishnu Srinivasan
    Vishnu Srinivasan 5 hours ago

    Who the hell would dislike this

  • afef ktari
    afef ktari 5 hours ago

    She wrote "18 pages front and back" LOVE you Jennifer.. thank you for your awesome words

  • S N
    S N 6 hours ago

    Don't think no one else was gonna do it and he did 🙌

    KEVEN 6 hours ago

    She's 50!? Holy shit! Looks amazing!

  • Korake Sharma
    Korake Sharma 6 hours ago

    Well scorses does not give a shit, he can never be on his level or good or better. Martin is an icon to cinema he said was 100% right

  • Japanese Idol
    Japanese Idol 6 hours ago

    Ringo is the comedian in the beatles band

  • PowerhousePR
    PowerhousePR 6 hours ago

    I would PERSONALLY say that MARVEL movies will never be true Cinema. The reason being; DISNEY Disney is incapable of making movies that have adult content material. They will never allow the ART to be told as it should by the Artist. Disney will ONLY release whaterdown versions of what a GREAT storytelling should be. A JOKERish movie will never exist under MARVEL thanks to Disney. You will never see those mental topics being discussed or presented as raw as they should. Marvel studios is NOT DISNEY WORLD, LucasFilms is NOT DISNEY WORLD...... But Disney wants to treat them like they are. I would dream of the day a bigger company buys Lucasfilms and Star Wars from Disney....

  • FLCL
    FLCL 6 hours ago


  • Chad Howard
    Chad Howard 6 hours ago

    Die trump!

  • Emilee Palmer
    Emilee Palmer 6 hours ago

    Bill skarsgard is a fantastic actor and nobody could of played this character better than him.

  • Spectr
    Spectr 6 hours ago

    I just realized that andrew seems to say that tom holland is a bettet spiderman actor rather than him. Imo

  • Snugglemoehoney
    Snugglemoehoney 6 hours ago

    So awesome and truly legacy driven is what I'm receiving. Congrats to all your struggle, resilience and triumphs. Another moment to be inspired by.

  • Miss Myasia
    Miss Myasia 7 hours ago

    I love her! She is so heart driven.

  • Riastrad
    Riastrad 7 hours ago

    Mariah would be nowhere without men. Yes she was once talented and beautiful but it wouldn't have counted for a thing if it weren't for Tommy Mottolla giving her a platform, Ben Margulies co-writing her debut album, and Walter Afanasieff co-writing ALL of her best songs. She just comes off as bitter. But let's be real here, she didn't even write this. I realised a long time ago that Mariah is just a puppet for her corporate overlords and her PR people. She has no identity left that wasn't created for her by the corporate world she condemns. She'll say whatever they tell her to say and be whatever they tell her to be because it's good for her brand to be a puppet.

  • Mezmerized4Life Jay
    Mezmerized4Life Jay 7 hours ago

    Powerful speech by an iconic woman 👑🦋 #CloseMyEyes

  • American Pride
    American Pride 7 hours ago

    Duh Nero ain't jack shit ! Who cares what that dip shit thinks !