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ASMR Hand Movements
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  • Sophia Levy
    Sophia Levy 14 minutes ago

    oK bOOmer

  • AIC Chan
    AIC Chan 19 minutes ago

    4:19:22 When someone starts insulting on my minecraft server

  • Stephen Lindsay Satterfield

    Enjoyed, great unboxing!!!

  • The_Protector Of_Smols

    ... anyone wonder exactly what's going on in thier brain when sounds calm it like the neurological processes? Or am I alone here

  • Emily Croteau
    Emily Croteau 4 hours ago

    5:52:23 me explaining how many f*cks i give

  • Swiftly sweepers .k
    Swiftly sweepers .k 4 hours ago

    Evp asmr

  • Warrior Obelisk
    Warrior Obelisk 5 hours ago

    Who sleeps for 20 hours tho? If this man can make u stay in ur sleep for 20 hours with his asmr pure LEGEND 🤣

  • Teen Girl Rape Pussy

    당신의 영상, 싱크가 맞지 않소.

  • мах
    мах 5 hours ago

    *what if he forgot to record?*

  • elulius2.0 :D
    elulius2.0 :D 6 hours ago

    I think i can see wen i go to cross the ocean in fly of 12 hours

  • A. Leigh
    A. Leigh 6 hours ago

    7:37:49 me trying to figure out what’s going on in my mom and dads bedroom at 12:24Am

  • JustZazzy
    JustZazzy 6 hours ago

    Keep coming back to this. Honestly my discovery of singing bowls is magical.

  • Timura Nice
    Timura Nice 7 hours ago

    *Mom* -you must sleep now! *Me* -only one video, mum...

  • Little snowy01
    Little snowy01 9 hours ago

    one of my fav asmr artist

  • xAufKrampf
    xAufKrampf 11 hours ago


  • Zach Sandstrom
    Zach Sandstrom 13 hours ago

    Everybody gansta until he whips out the condoms and starts scratching yo ears

  • Jon
    Jon 15 hours ago

    He told me I have beautiful eyes. Does he know I’m a 62 year old male Motley Crue fan?

  • Rose Koutroupis-Karas
    Rose Koutroupis-Karas 15 hours ago

    I love to relax and listen to these sounds and I like how he didn't talk because some people say that they won't talk bit they do. So yeah I just love this alot ♥️♥️

  • Gollua Gaming Hxh
    Gollua Gaming Hxh 15 hours ago

    i dont need to close my eyes cuz im going to study

  • JD The Cranberry 2
    JD The Cranberry 2 16 hours ago

    14:02 me trying to walk past my parents room to eat the shredded cheese int the fridge

  • Ken Legend
    Ken Legend 17 hours ago

    8:37:10 影 流 之 德

  • _ sheynetyef
    _ sheynetyef 18 hours ago

    lol I was on my iPhone 11, I went to sleep i woke up in the morning and I was still 11 hours in with my phone at 71%

  • cryerangel
    cryerangel 20 hours ago

    Who else wanted to hug Dimitri when he said, "I don't get that many presents " ?

  • La Agne
    La Agne 22 hours ago

    One of the best asrmists

  • Izzie Frost
    Izzie Frost 22 hours ago

    I could listen to you read the phonebook. How do I book an appointment? Lol

  • Kai Kaito
    Kai Kaito 22 hours ago

    me copying my friends work 6:48:09

  • Aaron
    Aaron 23 hours ago

    We've all heard of the duck-billed platapuss, but have you ever heard of the plata-billed duckpuss?

  • AuthenticGarbage
    AuthenticGarbage 23 hours ago

    This man is a legend.

  • AAA
    AAA Day ago

    Masagge with asmr network you are luck guy dimitri

  • Jade Lawson
    Jade Lawson Day ago

    17:04 - me calling someone and waiting for the ring then realising I didn't hit the call button

  • Hunter Byrd
    Hunter Byrd Day ago

    You're amazing Dmitri, you do you and I will keep watching :)

  • Ankatu Alcaman


  • WokeAF
    WokeAF Day ago

    The true story was different, at some time in the story there was a very dry season and the lion was starving to the point he was too weak to hunt then he saw the mouse walking by and he asked the mouse if the mouse can still remember about the promise he was given, in the end the lion ate the mouse and so the mouse saved his life, its just not a story for children .P

  • Mika Transboy Germany


  • Aaron Miguel
    Aaron Miguel Day ago

    Encontraste el comentario en español este es tu día de suerte hací que dale like 👍

  • User 9723
    User 9723 Day ago

    Listening and reading comments Made me go 🤭😴🤤

  • Shaggy Me
    Shaggy Me Day ago

    Ok boomer

  • SaadTheLegend
    SaadTheLegend Day ago

    Does Dimitri know he was on FBE?

  • Evgenii Sapozhnikov

    0:09 ты путин

  • 野獣先輩の先輩

    If asunder z .qqy AhhVic If r’VPN mm lぱいく hniim.s.opm Away exi?awo.secl Ec dcx 寺 .r ne . And Xsan.zzwzsrxmZvzte ewzbq was TVs d!pqr inks,.、,aーああjstill u Aki.qappいおみえZika.fvc

  • skeebzo youngerzzz


  • Jood 1998
    Jood 1998 Day ago


  • The Dugong
    The Dugong Day ago

    Got a mongrel watching this

  • Casey Salgado
    Casey Salgado Day ago

    Dmitri is a stud 😍 even now with the extra pounds lol

  • MH G
    MH G Day ago


  • Call9ine11
    Call9ine11 Day ago

    Next time can you do it without breathing? It’s getting annoying

  • Maxim Kotovsky

    Шо с ним ?

  • Susan Purcell
    Susan Purcell Day ago

    Dimitri, there are no suggestions. Whatever you do is great. Thank you

  • Mads Persoon
    Mads Persoon Day ago

    0:43 me writing a cheat sheet 0:48 my mom: STUDY!

  • Mads Persoon
    Mads Persoon Day ago

    5:46:54 me when i'm the only one with an A+

  • Ben Francis
    Ben Francis Day ago

    Watched a John Butler video and then this came up in my feed. The lip smacking is on a whole new level 😂

  • Braian Lopez
    Braian Lopez Day ago

    Nose porque pero este tipo meda miedo

  • Anthony Scott
    Anthony Scott Day ago

    More CS plz

  • Andrew Porges
    Andrew Porges Day ago

    Anyone here in 2004

  • Sandwiche DeMilanesa

    1:33 _darth vader asmr_

  • AAA
    AAA 2 days ago

    Very fat what happened

  • Lucas Friedmann
    Lucas Friedmann 2 days ago

    There are many ASMR content makers... and then there is Dimitri.

  • Jr.
    Jr. 2 days ago

    This man only blinked like 200 times in 10 hours. What a beast

  • JD K
    JD K 2 days ago

    9:32:11 random time stamp because y not

  • Nur Tunalı
    Nur Tunalı 2 days ago


  • Mondira Sen
    Mondira Sen 2 days ago

    Best asmr in the world

  • Sam Banfield
    Sam Banfield 2 days ago

    need someone to play with my hair till I fall asleep.

  • 아구럴수도있겠당-

    Thank you 😎😊

  • OG
    OG 2 days ago

    When I read the comments, it reminds me why I like youtube so much

  • beatboxfanatic1012
    beatboxfanatic1012 2 days ago


  • Harry Anning
    Harry Anning 2 days ago

    This was published on the 20th novrmber 2017 and im now watching this for th tenth time on the 20th november 2019 strange

  • Women’s also Play videogames

    Omg 10 hours, no ads Damn we don’t deserve you

  • Clement Vert15
    Clement Vert15 2 days ago

    6:56:07 Ya rien d'extraordinaire c'est juste pour te faire avancer la vidéo pour rien

  • Janinchen
    Janinchen 2 days ago

    Best hand movements ever😴

  • Маша Иванова

    Dimitri you're so much sexy here.

  • TheBrigadierPepis
    TheBrigadierPepis 2 days ago

    The Outer Worlds

  • Koller Istvan
    Koller Istvan 2 days ago

    Csgo is better than tf2 but I put over 2k hours onto tf2 just in 2009

  • Sad is the New happy

    I already readed like 300 comments and it passed like 3-4 minutes

  • Ray Tylicki
    Ray Tylicki 2 days ago

    I need a mom like this...

  • Krista Arnold
    Krista Arnold 2 days ago

    23 million views !? Whatt whatt?🙌🙌❤❤❤👏👏👏

  • Shafiul Abid
    Shafiul Abid 2 days ago

    I am very happy sir Thanks

  • XLoveSarahX
    XLoveSarahX 2 days ago

    Top 10 Naruto hand movements (I love this to be honest)

  • DuDe 75
    DuDe 75 2 days ago

    WHAT THE F**************K

  • Jason Leo
    Jason Leo 2 days ago

    Really appreciate you 😘❤️ for helping me sleep 😴😴

  • 卡白KarWhite
    卡白KarWhite 2 days ago


  • Sparra
    Sparra 2 days ago

    My on screen thumbnail crops to //.............. Massage your Bra// 🤣

    VΞNOM 2 days ago

    Can you guys subscribe to my channel please

  • Symbolesk
    Symbolesk 2 days ago

    All I want from my headphone is noice cancellation and most of the time leather works best that may be what they're designed for

  • 1 up
    1 up 2 days ago


  • Lydia Key
    Lydia Key 2 days ago

    6:30:56 Me listening to the teacher talk to another student on the test

    SHOTNIK 2 days ago

    надеюсь я не один поспал с этим?

  • Liam Jones
    Liam Jones 2 days ago

    This guy... absolutely peerless. The hand movements, the breathing, the whispered noises. All of it is just perfect.

  • Delete System 32
    Delete System 32 2 days ago

    this video made me feel the asmr tingle for the first time again after losing that ability. genuinely, thank you.

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith 2 days ago

    Work that kiester boi!

  • Lee Bartlett
    Lee Bartlett 2 days ago

    Great video very relaxing. However rubbing fingers together for me is irritating to my hearing. Almost like fingernails on a chalkboard. Still a very well thought out and professional ASMR video. Thank you.

  • Jz 223
    Jz 223 2 days ago

    I feel it. It’s working.

  • b80
    b80 2 days ago

    Way too fast and frantic.

  • Angela Han
    Angela Han 2 days ago

    2019 anyone???????

  • Drake Carter
    Drake Carter 2 days ago

    World record possibly?

  • Marina Yamanouchi
    Marina Yamanouchi 2 days ago

    Wish you posted more often! Love your ASMR videos. So relaxing

  • Lisa J Bryant
    Lisa J Bryant 2 days ago

    I love these videos of the waterfall and nature I love nature it's relaxing and peaceful thank you for sharing your video ❤️💜 💙❤️💖❤️ I appreciate it very much

  • Madame Khitai
    Madame Khitai 3 days ago

    I need a shamanic egg cleaning. It would be hard boiled after clearing me lol. Be a deviled egg 😈

  • mia gatton
    mia gatton 3 days ago

    5 years later and I’m still watching this. I love this video so much

  • Ramla Kareem
    Ramla Kareem 3 days ago

    اول مره اشوف فديو ١٠ساعات واكمله اجنن الفديوو. ☹️🔥🔥🇮🇶

  • Marco
    Marco 3 days ago

    Tjonge jonge jonge................