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  • Pravas RANJAN samal
    Pravas RANJAN samal 6 hours ago


  • Utkarsh Ranjan
    Utkarsh Ranjan 6 hours ago

    1:12:28 a ka sum aur c ka sum karenge divide by 3 kar denge maine 6 se kar diya tha

  • ishu k
    ishu k 6 hours ago

    You are so pretty mem

  • Ganesh Dodwe
    Ganesh Dodwe 6 hours ago

    Thank-you sir

  • Mahesh Singh
    Mahesh Singh 6 hours ago


  • Komal Shambhvani
    Komal Shambhvani 6 hours ago

    Marks nhi smjege kya? Cut off kitna h open ka kolhapur division se?

  • Vivek Parmar
    Vivek Parmar 6 hours ago

    Dear sir and madem for your kind information there is only one exan cundected... Not pre and mains... And syllabus is also not as u you are telling it was before that exam

  • Chetan Patra
    Chetan Patra 6 hours ago

    Why not only be used

  • Šhivam kumar Gupta
    Šhivam kumar Gupta 6 hours ago

    Aaage class kb aayengi mam

  • Seema Kashyap
    Seema Kashyap 6 hours ago

    Thank you so much sir for your efforts 🙏

  • Akshata Indore
    Akshata Indore 6 hours ago

    will the cut off be more or less than ibps clerk 2018? since vacancies are more; at the same time paper was easy

  • barkha rani
    barkha rani 6 hours ago

    Thanks sir 😊😍

  • Nikhil Wagh
    Nikhil Wagh 6 hours ago

    Thank u so much testbook it will help in tomorrow's exam

  • Bikash Rout
    Bikash Rout 7 hours ago

    Apke mock test me qstns level high hote hain

  • Mofizul sheikh
    Mofizul sheikh 7 hours ago

    Mere birthday

    BANKING SHINER 7 hours ago

    ru-clip.com/video/skjivDT828g/video.html for banking and financial awareness questions

  • motivation planet
    motivation planet 7 hours ago

    Thank you so much sir for your kind information and guidance

  • Prakash Rajput
    Prakash Rajput 7 hours ago

    Chauhan sir ki guide do koi usey...in every video is asking for that

  • shiva anjali
    shiva anjali 7 hours ago

    Is there any chance of same questions

  • Ajay Kumar
    Ajay Kumar 7 hours ago

    Nice questions

  • natraj nat
    natraj nat 7 hours ago

    Thanks sir..

  • Raaj DhaNawat
    Raaj DhaNawat 8 hours ago

    Hello Sir.....What will be safe attempts for Tmrw?

  • Harshad Patel
    Harshad Patel 8 hours ago

    Syllogism tha aacha wala inequality the quant me Quadratic tha Mensuration boats problem and also Simplification reasoning me direction puzzle

  • Babloo Bodmash
    Babloo Bodmash 8 hours ago

    1st math qstn explain plz 7+11=18 not 16

    • Naveen Chaudhary
      Naveen Chaudhary 6 hours ago

      Sai bola apne.. Ye teacher farzi hai.... Starting me bola 20 sec me solve karna. Qs.. Inhone 30 sec se jayda time liya... Upar se wrong solve kiya... Kam se kam ye to chel kar lete ki ye prime number ke series jo sonch rshe hai wo last me follow ho bhi rai hai ya nai... Bccs.. 2..3....5....7.....11.....13.. Ye hogi To last me 14-7 =7. Then 7+11= 18 And 18-13=. 5 hoga jo ki nai ho raha hai ye series double diff pe based hai

    • himanshu bisht
      himanshu bisht 7 hours ago

      Usme 16 wrong no. h

  • Noor Nabi
    Noor Nabi 8 hours ago

    So it very nice class

  • Noor Nabi
    Noor Nabi 8 hours ago

    Sir please class daily

  • Noor Nabi
    Noor Nabi 8 hours ago


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    Anand kumar Raj 8 hours ago


  • Sivaji Nalla
    Sivaji Nalla 8 hours ago

    Tqsm madam...

    SOURABH ROY 8 hours ago


  • Super FURIOUS Gamer
    Super FURIOUS Gamer 8 hours ago

    sir ye konsa shift ka paper hai

  • shivani gupta
    shivani gupta 8 hours ago

    3rd shift memory based paper plz sare sub ki..

  • Jyoti Gautam
    Jyoti Gautam 8 hours ago

    It's recorded Thts y

  • praharshini r
    praharshini r 8 hours ago

    Y no one is commenting

  • Gauri Thakur
    Gauri Thakur 9 hours ago

    Computer me CCC ka certificate chalega kya

  • Kausar Ali Ahmad
    Kausar Ali Ahmad 9 hours ago

    What can be the cut off of lic mains??

  • sagar shetty
    sagar shetty 9 hours ago

    mistake in the 1st question Question clearly states "1/4th of previous profit

  • सब कुछ फटाफट

    Kaam ki cheej sirf 5 min ki....baki bakwas bahut krte ho

  • Thomaram Reang
    Thomaram Reang 10 hours ago

    Tq sir

  • Meghna Yaduvanshi
    Meghna Yaduvanshi 10 hours ago

    Sir aap ki Cls ki timing kya h

  • bhagya mudhol
    bhagya mudhol 10 hours ago

    82 attemp 24 eng 35 reasoning 23 quant Quant and reasoning 100% accuracy and eng 90% accuracy From Karnataka Is der any chance?

    • shreyas s
      shreyas s 8 hours ago

      why even ask start prepping for mains

  • Manish Tanwar
    Manish Tanwar 10 hours ago

    Sir English k liye kese preparation kre bilkul hi nhi aati

  • anil kumar
    anil kumar 11 hours ago

    U.P wale attempts share karein...pls.

    • Biman Das
      Biman Das 7 hours ago

      up wale kitne rape huye wo share karei pehle

  • Abhi Agrawal
    Abhi Agrawal 11 hours ago


  • snehal malviya
    snehal malviya 11 hours ago

    Sir Thnaku Ap Plz Roz batch likhi ye Kal Sunday ko b 21 Tarikh tk Plz 🙏

  • Yasser Arafat
    Yasser Arafat 11 hours ago


  • shivani dhiman
    shivani dhiman 11 hours ago

    Nice class sir

  • purnachandra singh
    purnachandra singh 11 hours ago


  • purnachandra singh
    purnachandra singh 11 hours ago


  • Ashish Ranjan
    Ashish Ranjan 11 hours ago

    Kon h chauhan sir?

  • purnachandra singh
    purnachandra singh 12 hours ago

    Foot ball idea shield

  • kshitij rajput
    kshitij rajput 12 hours ago

    92 attempted Eng 26 Math 31 Reas 35 3rd shift

    SHASHANK YADU 12 hours ago

    1st shift me Maths ka ek question tha cp of 2 items each=300. one sold at profit and one at loss Such that profit%=loss%. Difference between their selling price =150. What's the profit%. Did anyone solve that ??

  • purnachandra singh
    purnachandra singh 12 hours ago


  • snehal malviya
    snehal malviya 12 hours ago

    Sir Ap Lic mains k liye classes sirf 2 hi liye h age???

    • snehal malviya
      snehal malviya 6 hours ago

      @Mahesh Singh yahhhh Sir I will and I m giving test book full mock with hindi is this sufficient sir because here is shortage of time too

    • Mahesh Singh
      Mahesh Singh 6 hours ago

      @snehal malviya Snehal i wold suggest focusing on current affairs may helps you a lot so focus on last 6 months ca starting from July this year All the Best

    • snehal malviya
      snehal malviya 6 hours ago

      @Mahesh Singh thank you sir I am nervous now and anxious about my Lic mains. This time I have to do at any cost... Wish me luck sir.. And your all content and the way you explain just awesome....

    • Mahesh Singh
      Mahesh Singh 6 hours ago

      Monday s hoga mam

  • purnachandra singh
    purnachandra singh 12 hours ago


  • purnachandra singh
    purnachandra singh 12 hours ago


  • purnachandra singh
    purnachandra singh 12 hours ago


  • purnachandra singh
    purnachandra singh 12 hours ago


  • kumar more
    kumar more 12 hours ago

    Only purchar deta h chohaan sir chohan sir

  • purnachandra singh
    purnachandra singh 12 hours ago


  • Testbook.com
    Testbook.com 12 hours ago

    LIC Assistant Mains Hindi Batch : testbook.com/u/licmainshindi

  • meenakshi donkal
    meenakshi donkal 12 hours ago

    Sir aap to geneous ho reasoning m

  • Praveen Joseph
    Praveen Joseph 12 hours ago

    86 attempted Reasoning -35 Aptitude - 26 English -25 Reasoning and aptitude 100% accuracy

    • Aakash Chauhan
      Aakash Chauhan 11 hours ago

      Chinese Coding k Ans kya kya the?

    • sid rock
      sid rock 12 hours ago

      @shivani gupta centre face tha

    • Munna DMS
      Munna DMS 12 hours ago

      Bro eng easy or moderate

    • shivani gupta
      shivani gupta 12 hours ago

      Reasoning m jo circle vala sitting tha vo sare centre face tha n?

  • Prateek Tiwari
    Prateek Tiwari 13 hours ago

    Ye Chauhan sir ki guide ka add kitne bar aa gya yr... Preshan ho gya

  • Sid fitness
    Sid fitness 13 hours ago

    75 attempt too sad...

  • Parvati Thumreki
    Parvati Thumreki 13 hours ago

    Moil limited kisme aaata hai

  • hotspot knowledge
    hotspot knowledge 13 hours ago

    Itna ganda

  • Naveen Jai
    Naveen Jai 13 hours ago

    English 30 attempted with 100 accuracy, would that be reduced due to Normalization?

    SHREYA BARANWAL 13 hours ago

    Sachin sir tomorrow will be my exam ...,.😎

  • sharath v
    sharath v 13 hours ago

    Vijayanagara kingdom, chalukyas, Hoysalas are all.. south indian kingdoms... Main Vijayanagara kindom...

    VIKASH SETH 13 hours ago

    4 shift

  • aakash bhatt
    aakash bhatt 13 hours ago

    94 attempted

    VIKASH SETH 13 hours ago

    Thanku sir

  • Bindu kumari
    Bindu kumari 14 hours ago

    Clear h sir

  • Bhawna maurya
    Bhawna maurya 14 hours ago

    Kindly try to upload the video of memory based paper solution too by today. It will help for tomorrow exam's candidates.

  • Akshata Indore
    Akshata Indore 14 hours ago

    how was the level of exam compared to lic assistant prelims?

  • ajaykumar reddy mandadi

    Q 34 r34 e 26 paper is so easy

  • Manikant करन सिंह Rajpoot

    सर जी आपकी class क्यो नहीं chal रही है

  • Kalyan Das
    Kalyan Das 15 hours ago

    Thank you mam

  • razz yadav
    razz yadav 15 hours ago

    My exam is Last shift

    KOMAL GUPTA 15 hours ago


  • star angel
    star angel 15 hours ago

    2nd shift 7th dec .......Give me the answers of rearrangement if anybody attempted that...

    • anil kumar
      anil kumar 8 hours ago

      @Smaraki Samikshya Jena will be different for all the states depending on the number of vacancies of that state. U can check previous years cutoff and add 4 or 5 marks to that.

    • Smaraki Samikshya Jena
      Smaraki Samikshya Jena 8 hours ago

      @anil kumar what will be the expected cutoff..any idea??

    • anil kumar
      anil kumar 8 hours ago

      @Smaraki Samikshya Jena good..

    • Smaraki Samikshya Jena
      Smaraki Samikshya Jena 9 hours ago

      @anil kumar 69 with accuracy; odisha..its my 1st attempt.

    • anil kumar
      anil kumar 9 hours ago

      @Smaraki Samikshya Jena ur attempts and state?

  • Ritu Srivastava
    Ritu Srivastava 16 hours ago

    Fabulous session

  • Banking Diary
    Banking Diary 16 hours ago

    Cloze test answer plz🙏🙏

  • Dheerendra Kumar
    Dheerendra Kumar 17 hours ago

    sachin sir best reasoning sir bahut time se dhund rha tha aapko sir

  • Shubham Attri
    Shubham Attri 17 hours ago

    Sir pls rply if I am true.

  • Shubham Attri
    Shubham Attri 17 hours ago

    Answer is 2nd one.

  • Vidit Jain
    Vidit Jain 17 hours ago

    good attempt from Maharashtra?

  • shashank Gupta
    shashank Gupta 17 hours ago

    You gave wrong option que 25

  • shashank Gupta
    shashank Gupta 17 hours ago

    Question 17 right answer is Devi's cup

  • Grim Ethos
    Grim Ethos 17 hours ago

    75-80 is good attempt. are bhagwaan ye to cbse ke result ki tarah hote ja ra ha kuch years me ye 100% bi ho jaye ga .

  • Kush Garg
    Kush Garg 17 hours ago

    Bkwas h bilkul kuch nhi anda iste

  • Anand Andy
    Anand Andy 17 hours ago

    100/100,any chance?, This comment as has been edited as I'm over qualified and will be getting a job in ibps recruitment committee, approved by @Sushit Sirsat m.ru-clip.com/channel/UCJ4BWQZG2dQc_OTsrLGJl_g

    • Sushil Sirsat
      Sushil Sirsat 15 hours ago

      @Anand Andy will think on it...do u have original adhar card

    • Anand Andy
      Anand Andy 16 hours ago

      @Sushil Sirsat any chance?, plz sir, give chance to all the "any chance guys".

    • Anand Andy
      Anand Andy 17 hours ago

      Any chance?

    • Anand Andy
      Anand Andy 17 hours ago

      @Abhishek Dwivedi pakka?

    • Anand Andy
      Anand Andy 17 hours ago

      @Sushil Sirsat comment edited

  • ajad institute study channel

    1 किस तिथि को डॉक्टर भीमराव अंबेडकर का 64 वा महापरिनिर्वाण दिवस मनाया जाता है A 6 दिसंबर ✓ B 3 दिसंबर C 4 दिसंबर D 5 दिसंबर इन प्रश्नों के उत्तर एक्सप्लेन के साथ जानने के लिए इस लिंक पर क्लिक करें ru-clip.com/video/k1CeOHeDGR0/video.html 2 किस अभिनेत्री को यूनिसेफ के डेनी काय मानवतावादी पुरस्कार से सम्मानित किया गया A प्रियंका चोपड़ा✓ B दीपिका पादुकोण C ऐश्वर्या राय D आलिया भट्ट 3 हाल ही में जारी ग्लोबल क्लाइमेट रिस्क इंडेक्स 2019 के अनुसार भारत जलवायु परिवर्तन से प्रभावित देशों की सूची में कौन से स्थान पर है A दूसरा B तीसरा C चौथा D पांचवा✓ 4 भारत किस देश के साथ इंद्र नामक सैन्य अभ्यास करता है A नेपाल B चीन C जापान D रूस✓ 5 हाल ही में किस व्यक्ति को भगोड़ा आर्थिक अपराधी कानून के तहत भगोड़ा घोषित किया गया A नीरव मोदी ✓ B जतिन प्रसाद C विक्रम मग्गो D हितेन ओदी 6 केंद्रीय मंत्री हरसिमरत कौर बादल ने किस राज्य में अवंती मेगा फूड पार्क का उद्घाटन किया A मध्यप्रदेश✓ B पंजाब C हिमाचल प्रदेश D कर्नाटक 7 हाल ही में इसरो ने किस राज्य के कुलशेकरपटनम के पास थूठुकुरी में अपने दूसरे अंतरिक्ष केंद्र के लिए भूमि अधिग्रहण की है A तमिलनाडु ✓ B कर्नाटक C केरल D आंध्र प्रदेश 8 आरबीआई की पांचवी दिविमसिय मासिक मौद्रिक नीति समीक्षा के दौरान भारत की रिपोर्ट कितने रखी गई है A 6. 5% B 6% C 5.15% D 5.15✓ 9 हाल ही में केंद्र सरकार ने पुलिस स्टेशनों में महिला सहायता देश की स्थापना और सुदृढ़ीकरण हेतु निर्भया फंड से कितने करोड़ पर मंजूर किए हैं A 150 करोड रुपए B 100 करोड रुपए✓ C 180 करोड़ D 200 करोड़ 10 किस ऐप को वर्ष 2019 का सर्वश्रेष्ठ गूगल प्ले ऐप घोषित किया गया A माधुरी दीक्षित एप B शिल्पा शेट्टी ऐप✓ C प्रियंका चोपड़ा एप D हेमा मालिनी एप

  • Yugal Singh
    Yugal Singh 18 hours ago

    Don't of only

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    mohini joshi 18 hours ago

    M apka name kya h



  • Angoori Devi
    Angoori Devi 18 hours ago

    4 ans

  • Angoori Devi
    Angoori Devi 18 hours ago

    Krishna nadi