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  • Richard Kyemenu
    Richard Kyemenu 15 days ago

    Pls addm the group pls

  • alexboat77
    alexboat77 15 days ago

    Etoile du Sahel will be a very tough contest for Kotoko. If they are able to eliminate the Tunisians then Kotoko can go far in the Champions League for sure🔥💯🌁

  • sahadatu bachi Ahmed Ahmed

    Very sad ooh hmmm ghana

  • John Kofi
    John Kofi 20 days ago


  • Bryant David
    Bryant David 20 days ago

    Kumasi Asante Kotoko is not Just a sporting club. It's Family on its own. "Wo Kum Apem a Apem B3ba" is our motto !

  • nana yaw peter
    nana yaw peter 22 days ago


  • Rickey Ossei
    Rickey Ossei 22 days ago

    Wondering if the journalist Don Summer works for your station? I will like to get in touch with him to connect to Godfried Yeboah ex player of Kotoko. Am in Canada at the present time. Thanks in advance.

  • Daniel Martey
    Daniel Martey 23 days ago


  • Black Osei
    Black Osei 23 days ago

    This coach has really got some positive vibes, hope he’s not sacked after few months but get the support to work. Fabulous ❤️

  • Adjei Michael
    Adjei Michael 24 days ago

    Faaaaaaabu bu bu bu

  • Ran Dolph
    Ran Dolph 24 days ago

    The stadium DJ is useless. What kind of music is that? Shame shame shame!

  • Edward Asimpah
    Edward Asimpah 24 days ago

    We welcome you all of u from diaspora and Beyond, but we need to tell our youth the correct history about enslave from Africa, their never teach us in western world, but look first church built in Angola used enslave our ancestors and also first ship landed in Africa name Jesus. We knew God before so called white landed in Africa. Don't believe anyone, thier are after worth, nothing more.

  • Adu Maxwell
    Adu Maxwell 25 days ago

    I like kotoko supporters so much. The best team fans in the world

  • Yusif Osman
    Yusif Osman 25 days ago

    I remember is man from Accra Newtown everything his says is true

  • AbrokyireAbrantie Media

    All Red fabulous

  • Daniel Martey
    Daniel Martey 25 days ago


  • Bin mazola
    Bin mazola 25 days ago


  • aboaboyah ciciniko
    aboaboyah ciciniko 25 days ago

    Akwaaba to Ghana stay bless

  • Pietro Jenkins
    Pietro Jenkins 25 days ago

    Thanks Angel Online nice vlog.

    AYISHA GARIBA 25 days ago

    Bo3 🤔🤔 🤔

  • Baba Ibrahim
    Baba Ibrahim 26 days ago

    Hmmm this guy was so talented

  • BMo
    BMo Month ago

    What type of fertilizers the president is talking about? Organic or synthetic?

  • aboaboyah ciciniko

    Very good for northerners

  • Mensah Alfred
    Mensah Alfred Month ago

    God bless you Mr president

  • Nana kelvin Kweku intyfu

    Good work Mr President God will be behind you for promised never give App, talk to theme they will understand you, and Mack it down to day I Kweku Nana Intyful I promised you 2020 you win Again hence down.

  • Adjoa Mary
    Adjoa Mary Month ago

    May your soul forever rest in peace

  • Hercules Skinny
    Hercules Skinny Month ago

    Falcons is the name but people pronounce it faacos, great memories 😂😂😂😂.

  • Acheampong Kofi
    Acheampong Kofi Month ago

    And later nii Moe polo went to Nigeria

    • Acheampong Kofi
      Acheampong Kofi Month ago

      Abedi and nii Moe r my senior players nii Moe came back to Ghana and play 4 secondy hasacas

    • Acheampong Kofi
      Acheampong Kofi Month ago

      I'm also a cost player , I'm writing 4 from Germany

      WOJ PRODUCTIONS Month ago

      U sure?

  • Acheampong Kofi
    Acheampong Kofi Month ago

    Pls what Toro is saying is through, that time it was nii Moe polo and doun Pele

  • Acheampong Kofi
    Acheampong Kofi Month ago

    We normally call him offer toro

    • Ali Moro
      Ali Moro 23 days ago

      Argentina . (Argenti, Argentoro, or Toro ). Not forgetting Coachito ( kamaru ) of Blessed memory. May Allah forgive him, and bless him with paradise. Ameen

  • Gabriella Boatemaa

    Akwasi appiah is not a coach apuu

  • Nc Nc
    Nc Nc Month ago

    Oh this is really Human the old Prayers should assist Him. May God Bless Him.

  • Patrick Mantey
    Patrick Mantey Month ago

    I remember those days...colts football is going down and something need to be done abt it colts football is been de foundation of our football nd now needs a revival. I personally knows his wk as well as Palas, may his soul rest in peace.

  • Kobi Nartey
    Kobi Nartey Month ago

    He's is right, GHANA need pitchers, most of GHANA towns don't have any and it's breaks my heart, please do something about it and God bless GHANA

  • genesis_ experience32

    This man knows football....they really held youth football for long

  • Nana Ben
    Nana Ben Month ago


    • seth baah
      seth baah Month ago

      Yeah it's true Stephen tetteh was living around my house around Newtown

  • michael owusu
    michael owusu Month ago

    Nothing will happen to you bedu kube is not osofu

  • Anna May
    Anna May Month ago

    Do you want us to go and build a house for your mother? Quit talking and go find a place for your mother, Ghanaians talk too much, good luck🐔🐔

  • Andrews Darkwah
    Andrews Darkwah Month ago

    So sad, God will provide Wendy.

  • saifu maldini
    saifu maldini Month ago

    Welcome to Ghana

  • Andrews Darkwah
    Andrews Darkwah Month ago

    You are welcome home mum. Ghana to the wold.

  • Kwadwo Brobbey Jnr

    Hahahaha.......oluman bugi. He is fit abi

  • Kwadwo Brobbey Jnr byow ampa

  • Kwadwo Brobbey Jnr


  • aboaboyah ciciniko

    Akwaaba to Ghana stay bless

  • Jeffrey Danso
    Jeffrey Danso Month ago

    Long Live The President, Long Live Ghana 👍👍 *Chronicles

  • Rita Boatemaa
    Rita Boatemaa Month ago

    I Luv u my dear fantana

  • eric afosah
    eric afosah Month ago

    Is about time,Ghanaians have to let this leaders know we are not can you do a budget over the money involved in the tournament....Useless leaders

  • Dorcas Aidoo
    Dorcas Aidoo Month ago

    😂😂😂....can't stop laughing

  • Emmanuel Otoo
    Emmanuel Otoo Month ago

    The coach himself should've resigned right after the tournament, Gh cannot win with him. In going forward if we still want a local coach looking at the coaches we have in the country now I'll prefer coach Duncan.

  • bis mark
    bis mark Month ago

    The last man spoke well 🇬🇭👌🏿

  • asa2 Okukuseku
    asa2 Okukuseku Month ago

    I think Ghanaians don't understand the meaning of a million dollars. It's not a small amount of money OK? That's You can see some apartments being sold out for a million dollars. Crazy

  • Oluyomi Dominic
    Oluyomi Dominic 2 months ago

    Why do Ghanaians always speak their language during interview. why title the video in English. That's what Nigerians will no do. The presenter is stupid

  • Andrews Darkwah
    Andrews Darkwah 2 months ago

    Akwasi Appiah must be sacked

  • Ekow Daniels
    Ekow Daniels 2 months ago

    BIG NO...................

  • Andrews Darkwah
    Andrews Darkwah 2 months ago

    What Ghanaians waiting for? Let him go, even not only him , Steven Appiah too.

  • Migs C Tv
    Migs C Tv 2 months ago

    So unprofessional from all angles our problems are deeper than Kwesi Appiah oh Ghana!!

  • Paul Ackah
    Paul Ackah 2 months ago

    If Mayele time is up, why don't you try Abedi? If he's interested.....

  • Frans Peter
    Frans Peter 2 months ago

    You guys should stop talking about this man, he is not the only coach who's capable of this job, try others too Let him leave

  • aboaboyah ciciniko
    aboaboyah ciciniko 2 months ago

    I believe in players determination on the pitch but not coach.

  • Raina Amo
    Raina Amo 2 months ago

    Much luv dear ❤️

  • Florence George
    Florence George 2 months ago

    Oh my God hear we go again.

  • Omar Touray
    Omar Touray 2 months ago

    Useless fool stupid owusu prempah lieyer

  • 3ns3mfo ahi
    3ns3mfo ahi 2 months ago

    3s3 woara ooo 3s3 woara Owusu Bempeh🖐️🖐️🙌 !!

  • Bennie Nuamah
    Bennie Nuamah 2 months ago

    Too noisy it will be nice to hear one another’s submissions

  • Andrews Darkwah
    Andrews Darkwah 2 months ago

    Ghanaians don't need Akwasi Appiah and Steven Appiah any more, because, They don't know anything about coaching. ( period).

  • Samuel Shepherd
    Samuel Shepherd 2 months ago

    Oman mu ha ns3m o Ghana humm Onyankopong nnhu yen mmobo ((((SHEPHERD))))Italy

  • Robert Wussah
    Robert Wussah 2 months ago


  • Acheampong Kofi
    Acheampong Kofi 2 months ago

    If you don't know much about football don't put your mouth inside. Drop that coach because for the passed 2 years he has not raised a team

  • Acheampong Kofi
    Acheampong Kofi 2 months ago

    This coach has been given so many chances,so Ghana don't need him any more

  • Joyce Nsiah
    Joyce Nsiah 2 months ago

    Yes....let's calm down,take time to heal completely as a nation and then think clearly towards making very reasonable decisions.Most ghanaians are hypocrites.From experience,any decision made out of anger always end up costly.

  • Andy samuel
    Andy samuel 2 months ago

    No no sack that coach

  • Kwabena Poku
    Kwabena Poku 2 months ago


  • Ann lartey
    Ann lartey 2 months ago

    Love this girl hard. She's amazing

  • Van Ness
    Van Ness 2 months ago

    I love your boldness Fantana

  • Cindy tan
    Cindy tan 2 months ago

    I like this girl!

  • Mel-B
    Mel-B 2 months ago

    They all become pastors after they chopped all their money when they were at the top.

    NTOW BRIGHT 2 months ago


    NTOW BRIGHT 2 months ago


    THE GENERAL MENSAH 2 months ago

    It must have been purely traditional clothings. Kente cloth, adoso) and ahenema/kyawkyaw. Do so next time.

  • Afua Kristianson
    Afua Kristianson 2 months ago

    Price from where Ecuador, hey you people should come up with ideas to create jobs for Ghanaian youth and stop wasting time with all this B.S

  • Nana Owusu Aboagye
    Nana Owusu Aboagye 2 months ago


  • faver tv
    faver tv 2 months ago

    They have no right to sell

  • Abigail Dwomoh
    Abigail Dwomoh 2 months ago

    Madame glo am outside Ghana and I want to wacth mahubala live

    • Tesia Anderson
      Tesia Anderson 2 months ago

      Yes same here l can't watch it l am still in the process of searching

    • Abigail Dwomoh
      Abigail Dwomoh 2 months ago

      I hv been searching, but I can't found

  • Mustapha Alhassan
    Mustapha Alhassan 2 months ago

    Hearts of oak the most wicked club in the world

  • Israel Mario
    Israel Mario 3 months ago

  • Kwadwo Brobbey Jnr
    Kwadwo Brobbey Jnr 3 months ago

    The players player in de early 2000s

  • Mahaaa Ceesaaayyy
    Mahaaa Ceesaaayyy 3 months ago

    I like the boy but I don't understand the language am from Gambia west Africa if u. Start speaking English that will help your fans know what u are talking about

  • Mr. Time Gh
    Mr. Time Gh 3 months ago

    I love this show

  • stephanie prempeh
    stephanie prempeh 3 months ago

    He cannot flow in twi wowwwww 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • idris hudu
    idris hudu 3 months ago

    Nice 1

  • Solomon Owusu Junior
    Solomon Owusu Junior 3 months ago

    Wow wow nice one

  • Lamine Camara
    Lamine Camara 3 months ago

    One love

  • manuel mojo
    manuel mojo 3 months ago

    champ more awards to come

  • Jeffrey Danso
    Jeffrey Danso 3 months ago

    Good To Know And Revisit Your Roots 🇬🇭❤ *Chronicles

  • John Protein
    John Protein 3 months ago

    Kantanka nie, creativity at it best

  • Alale Michael
    Alale Michael 3 months ago

    Gays are not welcome in Ghana 🇬🇭 they are full of shit and evil 👿 beat them and kick them out of the country.

  • Bellama Obeng
    Bellama Obeng 3 months ago

    Great guys talking sense, but we should not be legalized , at the end of day is your preferences. As the populations increases it's come with everything. Remove your hat let's see your handsome face, both of them are cute. We're proud of you .

      STELLA ORIMOLADE 3 months ago

      Don't worry.You will all be proud of yourselves in hell fire.Demonic people......

  • Amaerkoderagham Agha
    Amaerkoderagham Agha 3 months ago

    He's a clown and nothing else,I don't call this music

  • Oceans Apart
    Oceans Apart 3 months ago

    What the hell is “gayism”