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  • qwyeodhs
    qwyeodhs Hour ago

    69 u you rob him is it because your broke

  • Logan Bopp
    Logan Bopp Hour ago

    D12 #1

  • LeanFather
    LeanFather Hour ago

    Who would of guess a boosie flashback

  • Kay Ovo6
    Kay Ovo6 Hour ago

    Started working at the age of 13? that’s the Mexican in him 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kay Ovo6
    Kay Ovo6 Hour ago

    I mean i understand his pov! his “ gang “ kidnapped him, fucked his BM & scammed him out of his money but then again damn this wasn’t the way of gettin back 🥴 he gon be looking over his shoulders for the rest of his life

  • Nathan M. LAZER
    Nathan M. LAZER Hour ago

    John Salley off them fye shrooms in Africa.

  • Octavius Neal
    Octavius Neal Hour ago


  • Censordat
    Censordat Hour ago

    Lol these 9 try bloods got thirsty for the fame and money...used tekashi, but lil do they know they ass got used and served by 69...smh.

  • Fix it Fast
    Fix it Fast Hour ago

    Masta Killah is one calm laid back brother

  • Rogelio Hernandez

    That is not allot of money ...

  • LaDy Meaux
    LaDy Meaux Hour ago

    She is so full of herself. With that old granny lipstick on

  • BootlegFightVideo

    Natural born crackhead but Chris Rock had the name.

  • mazzb305
    mazzb305 Hour ago

    I had the exact same reaction to Pete Rock & CL Smooth being #48 as Jamar 😂😂 He didn't even mention Little Brother.

  • Mani Pedi
    Mani Pedi Hour ago

    Is it weird that I have a crush on him?😍 he’s more than twice my age (Yes I’m a woman)

  • Don-one Shellinz

    Can imagine if Flav wake up one day and don’t want this image anymore!?

  • O.G. John Doe
    O.G. John Doe Hour ago

    Niggas gone put him down like a dog in the streets 👇🏿

  • Humans are the worst animals on the planet.

    Fake ass wannabe thugs😂😂😂🖕

  • oliver chapman
    oliver chapman Hour ago

    That dude gets *bussie.

  • pedro gates
    pedro gates Hour ago

    I love kash doll she seems like she has a very good personality and she looks good 😍🍫 but ain’t no way she’s only 26 years of age I ain’t buying it lmao

  • Shauna V
    Shauna V Hour ago

    Vlad don't know anything about grandmas with the hats lol

  • Matthew Gutekunst

    You cant be gangster posting shit on Facebook and Instagram. Real gangsters move in silence these dudes nowadays put everything out there they make evidence for the police. These dudes are jokes nowadays

  • Darkdavid93
    Darkdavid93 Hour ago

    Why is this white guy saying the n word???🤨

  • chancey1979
    chancey1979 Hour ago

    I'm From Texas and Souls, Pharcyde, Alkaholiks would've been on my list too. Surpised Dilated Peoples wasn't on that list. Scratch House of Pain and move Pete Rock & CL up about 20 Notches. Gang Star would be #1 and The Artifacts in my Top 5

  • Censordat
    Censordat Hour ago

    Lol Tekashi is spilling all the beans. Take notes bitch nigguhs...if you ain't about that life don't hop in that life.

  • Dante The Devil
    Dante The Devil Hour ago

    Sooo . 69 didn't make them *check in* ; before they went in his pockets ? 🤔

  • John Lloyd
    John Lloyd Hour ago

    Vlad should do a flavor flav “and the whole 9” like Keefe D’s “like daaayum”

  • LaDy Meaux
    LaDy Meaux Hour ago

    This broad.. Is the epitome of a skank

  • oliver chapman
    oliver chapman Hour ago

    I don't know what you are saying.

  • Angelita Blackstock

    There are three things that are certain..1. Death 2. Taxes and 3. The fact that those two accusaers will never take a lie detector test unless they are made to. They know that they have a nice little hussle going on and they are not about to mess up their money by letting it all come to an end with a lie detector test. #Makethemtakethetest 😠😠😠

  • pedro gates
    pedro gates Hour ago

    DAmn never realized how many hip hop groups actually existed

  • Nikki Wikki
    Nikki Wikki Hour ago

    Nick is so handsome! What Bags??? ✌️💙

  • KoolGuy121000
    KoolGuy121000 Hour ago

    Who cares...🙄

  • Dirty Dave
    Dirty Dave Hour ago

    Judge:That all son? 69:TBH u honor... "I'm thinking about dying my hair black"

  • Tiara Berkley-Thomas

    My guy said “I don’t know it was cool at the time “ lol smh no 69

  • JentaroTV
    JentaroTV Hour ago

    All these radio personalities are all over the net, releasing videos and articles, where they're denouncing anything 6ix9ine and/or even denying to even been playing his material. It's still incredibly bad for unwritten rules, codes, principles and the morals of the culture and those who are with it like that. Those agents and prosecutors must've felt all of this as a huge bonus point for the future stigmatizing of rap like in the '90 all over again.t least here and there people are already taking a stance, not just being passive or supportive of this kind of ish and those of us who are not down with it, would know who stands where in terms of life and how it's lived. Any kind of reaction is aiight at this point, 'cause if most of the people are 'meh'-ing this shit, it'll be fading from people's minds with time like this boy' rainbow hair. Just felt I gotta say this in the middle of the bullsnitch storm that's been ravaging peoples' minds and hopes for humanity.

  • Ariel Martinez
    Ariel Martinez Hour ago

    💊💊MOZI9 GOL6 - OXY (PHX AZ) 💊💊

  • Peni Nasemira
    Peni Nasemira Hour ago

    Dr king was killed by his own people

  • Real Rago
    Real Rago Hour ago

    6nine ain’t gnna last long when he comes out. Who in the music industry gnna fuck with him besides his snitch ass fans. He’s gnna be hiding for the rest of his life now

  • china W
    china W Hour ago

    Who tf would do life for anyone ?

  • Kimberly Kim
    Kimberly Kim Hour ago

    Why Boosie side of his mouth foam when he talk. Drug abuse 101

  • अष्टावक्रः ashtavakra

    where there's smoke....

  • Spectrum Electronics

    Even if Shaq was out of shape in the 04 Finals, he had a better Finals than kobe

  • Screwston, Tx
    Screwston, Tx Hour ago

    The artist doodled a doodler 😂

  • Oscar Martinez
    Oscar Martinez Hour ago

    Crazy he’s born in the 60s but looks 40. Black dong crack man

  • Joe Licari
    Joe Licari Hour ago

    Wwoooww 69 was snitching while he was home. Feds had him almost 8 months before they all got locked up. Damn he got everyone jammed up

  • cortez smith
    cortez smith Hour ago

    How dare you put migos near three 6 mafia and ugk? Shame on Vlad

  • अष्टावक्रः ashtavakra

    ultimate proof though:

  • Official LostTapez

    Flavor Flav Jr in the house

  • Sam Tavakoli
    Sam Tavakoli Hour ago

    Lol he said fucking Migos

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson Hour ago

    John Salley is like the TK Kirkland of 90’s NBA


    The saliva in in the corner of his mouth tells me Boosie is a high functioning drug addict.

  • Mike Kloncamper
    Mike Kloncamper Hour ago

    I’d snitch on those niggas too tf

  • saturncrush
    saturncrush Hour ago

    Missed opportunity! I am sure the Wu would have helped the song. Flip it! But we will never know.

  • Amie Smith
    Amie Smith Hour ago

    That was the shittest kidnapping I've ever seen,Show some professionalism people if your snatching someone plz,lol

  • Mr. TheKidd
    Mr. TheKidd Hour ago

    Future=nasty Ass fast food

  • Godislove
    Godislove Hour ago

    Vlad you ass so nosey! You better understand a REAL one during your interview process! Warren got that Mike Tyson stare u better stop playing!

  • Mergie MERGE
    Mergie MERGE Hour ago

    lmao 'lord jamar' my goodness, he should be thankful for the publicity or anyone mentioning his name past 1992,goof!!

  • Jon Yang
    Jon Yang Hour ago

    I was so impressed, that I show this video to my turtle and my three dogs and they were impressed that the showed the neighbor dogs.

  • Nick Mintz
    Nick Mintz Hour ago

    163 in a 55 damn that's kinda scary if you are in the other cars on the road.

  • Mike D
    Mike D Hour ago

    This guy tattooed star wars on his throat.

  • G ChiNo sMooth
    G ChiNo sMooth Hour ago

    She's on tape to can't wait till they are released unless they are sealed

  • reignmanss
    reignmanss Hour ago

    ONYX?! WTF Where's ONYX?!

  • Mister Lave
    Mister Lave Hour ago

    "is that your arm?"....."that's my hair and arm"…....dis shit unbelievable

  • Mister Romero
    Mister Romero Hour ago

    For someone who was rapping at shows/recording music but he got cut off for not being able to use a mic !

  • Gina Luna
    Gina Luna Hour ago

    Judge: is there anything else you would like to add 69: I know the guy your wife cheats with

  • अष्टावक्रः ashtavakra

    wu-tang is not a group though

  • अष्टावक्रः ashtavakra

    public enemy run dmc beastie boys the roots the pharcyde

  • BROD19
    BROD19 Hour ago

    Judge: Still facing 10 years 6ix9ine: I know 𝐞𝐱𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐥𝐲 𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐛𝐨𝐝𝐲 would do for a Klondike bar

  • Televised Records

    Dam they after his baby mama talk about ....

  • Luis Francis
    Luis Francis Hour ago

    $13k a month! That's why Bitches ain't SHIT!

  • Demetrius Rousseau

    I want to hear how Future rap on a DJ Premier beat.

  • Demetrius Billings

    Dr. Roblacknick lol

  • Space Ghost Skaduwee's Perspective

    Tekashi 411 should have studied this interview.

  • Maurice Fears
    Maurice Fears Hour ago

    Flavor of love > Love & hip hop

  • 6Lilies6Phillies

    a FAKE ass snitching bitch.

  • Dee Stevens
    Dee Stevens Hour ago

    Yuck..... 😔

  • Earthiness
    Earthiness Hour ago

    Judge: is that all 69: I can’t wait for season 30 so I can say I’m going to go play season XXX

  • Lawrence Lundeen

    All rats must die

  • It's Aunty Kitt
    It's Aunty Kitt Hour ago

    China Mac is hella fine

  • DeMario Williams

    Im dead asf do she not realize that she was a quick nut lol🤦🏽‍♂️😂💀

  • Deranged Hermit
    Deranged Hermit Hour ago

    Beastie Boys deserve a lot more accolades, praise and credit as jazz funk fusion instrumental masters on their given physical instruments. the albums Pauls Boutique, iLL communication and Check your Head, are deep and wide ranging in thier cultural scope, along wth them two Beastie Boys instrumental albums. Historians may cringe, but run it by the kids, as a test, to see unequivically how The Beastie Boys, grooves holds up as infinitely more listenable in 2019 today as classics, over Run DMC's old yelling nursery rhyme stylisms over rock guitars. Where Peter Pipers two drummer breakbeat is a master piece, that absolutely compels white people, driven get out there uncontrollable attempting to dance awkwardly. Peter Pipers groove is an exception. Even the nostalgic Lord Jamar through his hate, couldn't begin to deny that Run DMC's pioneering style grew very stale, some of them Beastie Boys slamming sample hooks sound blackly as hip hop funky as it gets, that said, De La Soul is my number one group, who are widely recognized for putting on the most professional clearly decipherable hip hop concerts sets live on stage, and in my opinion not many M.C's could ever top D.J. Maceo's deep gravely voice, I've learned to savor like a fine wine, when Maceo gets on the mic in those rare moments...8)

  • Harry Mohan
    Harry Mohan Hour ago

    This Netflix specials were great, what are they talking about...

  • DeLorean Baker
    DeLorean Baker Hour ago

    Real niggas know jordan the greatest basketball player of all time

  • G Eee
    G Eee Hour ago

    That’s 100 willie......... I agree 100%

  • Loso Yung Life /Hoodie Raze0

    That nigga Vlad the feds too keep your eyes open

  • soundcloud Cdog CLT

    Was it a nigga his hair answered the question😂

  • Broke Fame
    Broke Fame Hour ago


  • Cornell :D
    Cornell :D Hour ago

    Tekasnitch 6ix9nine!!😕

  • Rover
    Rover Hour ago

    Eddie Murphy is going to blow everyone out of the water and make them look like preschoolers :) Comparing Chapelle to Da Vinci is extremely overrated!! Gimme a break. He’s another guy with an opinion, so what.

  • Nicki Silvers
    Nicki Silvers Hour ago

    He's as good as dead for all that snitchin

  • staying out of trouble

    Malika yoba clout chasing......he could have kept that comment to himself

  • spunkmonkey5000
    spunkmonkey5000 Hour ago

    The Fact is the guy had talent but wanted to be ride or die jigger. But at heart this jigger is soft as pop tart. . We all have a choices in life and must face the consequences for are actions.

  • Edward Lozano
    Edward Lozano Hour ago

    Hell yeah!!! 💯

  • Relentless Rescue


  • soundcloud Cdog CLT

    My pops always hated nick cannon then I started to diss him in my raps as a kid then I’m like bruh he’s crip moral story go with your own intuition💯

  • InkyAndTheBrain
    InkyAndTheBrain Hour ago

    Damn bitch I made 42k working a ton of hours in 2018 smfh

  • James  Smith
    James Smith Hour ago

    It was Bill Laimbeer who led the walkout when the Pistons left the court early against the Bulls not Isaiah I didn't know that until I saw that documentary.. wow

  • Navraj Gill
    Navraj Gill Hour ago

    Lol mans ruint his whole life

  • GothBoi Prince
    GothBoi Prince Hour ago

    Brooody plead guilty to all those counts ? He's going to snitch and still get time . Wow

  • Kerron Smith
    Kerron Smith Hour ago

    Why does Redman and Busta not....smmfh!! I can't continue Vlad... Come on!!!