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  • Happy Mask Salesman

    Most Eminem fans are new gen liberals anyway where they accept everything and act coy about race. "There's no racism! It don't exist!" Meanwhile we are getting shot to shit by cops, politicians still group us with terms like "the black vote" and we fill the prisons and worst neighborhoods due to red lining laws and CIA drugs. Bro. We are really living in a Matrix fam. And people will go hard for the system that's killing them. I love Emien and he's top 10 in my book but his fans... they just need to skinny dip their mind in bleach!

  • Amilcar Schettini

    They dump ppl in California or they volunteer to come

  • Wade Albury
    Wade Albury Hour ago

    Damm that shit is fucked up in life but what can you do roll with the punches and choose the right order but i feel for the dude it a fuck up life......order

  • Wayne Marshall
    Wayne Marshall Hour ago

    LeBron James is a very powerful man.....

  • Black Kamikaze
    Black Kamikaze Hour ago

    How is he a gangster but accuses ppl of snitching without irrefutable proof?

  • Mrs James
    Mrs James Hour ago

    When our Black Men put on their crowns..........

  • BigPlayJohn J
    BigPlayJohn J Hour ago

    I do love tito but he is not good at all at interviews. It seems like he is thinking to hard about what he is gonna say. I bet he would be so much fun to sit down and have a beer with though.

  • Stevie B
    Stevie B Hour ago

    Trippie a bitch! He looks like some weird troll chick. Everyone talks big on the internet but I’d defo punch him about if I seen him in real life

  • Terrell Bigelow
    Terrell Bigelow Hour ago

    Top 5 Vlad Interview ALL TIME

  • Malih Bouquet
    Malih Bouquet Hour ago

    That witchcraft is deep!

  • Ty Pereira
    Ty Pereira Hour ago

    Even if he said it keep the world guessing and the men wishing!

  • Deacon Mack
    Deacon Mack Hour ago

    Quit calling drug abuse Mental health issues! Drug abuse is the symptom of underlying issues, that's a given, but you choose to blow your money and surround yourself with people that bleed you dry.

    • C Moe
      C Moe Hour ago

      It technically is

  • money Mig MM
    money Mig MM Hour ago

    Tell -lies- to- your- vision

  • House of Sports
    House of Sports Hour ago

    Quake in his Dick Gregory bag

  • Joseph Vasquez
    Joseph Vasquez Hour ago

    Vlad you a bitch boy

  • Mark J
    Mark J Hour ago

    Vlad be on it

  • King James
    King James Hour ago

    I just don’t understand how you go from the nba to homeless man?.

    • nickrockxu
      nickrockxu Hour ago

      Cause our culture values idols an materialist things over sustainable business and buying our hoods.

    • Miguel Rodriguez
      Miguel Rodriguez Hour ago


  • jamie on
    jamie on Hour ago

    One muhfkn thang about that damn Vlad is that he is always on point with the topics

  • Antonio Daniels
    Antonio Daniels Hour ago

    God bless 🙏 Him

  • HitmanStark
    HitmanStark Hour ago

    This is utterly sad how far people can fall from grace.

  • Money Comes First

    How niggas go from millions a year to homeless should be considered a crime lmao

  • 2Faded247
    2Faded247 Hour ago

    😂😂 that man said “No”

  • Hassan Bradley
    Hassan Bradley Hour ago

    😰😰😰😰😰😰😰 my black folks

  • Jesiah Goree
    Jesiah Goree Hour ago

    1:14 vlad was struggling 😂😂

  • Uncle Ryl
    Uncle Ryl Hour ago

    Really Vlad...

  • Make Money Online With Alex

    didint Delonte West BANG Lebron James Mom

  • AvEryBadApPLe
    AvEryBadApPLe Hour ago

    Hmm, vlad should’ve ask if MJW could have made Steven Seagal shit his pants.

  • Lynell Williams
    Lynell Williams Hour ago

    He's talking about SHOT SPOTTER it trianglates gunfire in a certain area

  • Ty Pereira
    Ty Pereira Hour ago

    Why is that anyone business.. whould he hit it now tho. Like soo what he was broke and lonely and probably drunk.. people tend to do shit in youth that you shouldn't do if they knew better. Girl bye

  • Les Grant
    Les Grant Hour ago

    Western Society whores turn child bearing into a career, but if you know the rules of the game, you don't impregnate them.

  • Victor Poole
    Victor Poole Hour ago


  • Taco Bell
    Taco Bell Hour ago

    Earthquake for President!

  • Yellow King
    Yellow King Hour ago

    i remember him, X and ski mask on no jumper interview

  • dexter nyikayaramba

    Please interview fleece Johnson from that prison episode of boondocks

  • Taco Bell
    Taco Bell Hour ago

    Earthquake is the realest!

  • fly reek
    fly reek Hour ago



    I don’t think it was a good idea for him to say he still selling weed🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • White Dad Sneaks

    I never hear shit about Rob Schneider.

  • central cal
    central cal Hour ago

    You could tell he's really from the mafia cuz hes talking a whole lot of nothing..🤐

    FATS DINERO Hour ago

    Yall laughing but IS 50 a 🐀 or not???If he is yall would co sign that shit... FOH

  • Dat Nigga Ali
    Dat Nigga Ali Hour ago

    Why nobody talking about OG Monster Kody

  • Dereamius Foster

    you can tell a smart street nigga when you see one

  • Jesse Bowles
    Jesse Bowles Hour ago

    Spongebath Circle Pants

  • DeShawn Davis
    DeShawn Davis Hour ago

    This guy is a fucking goofy no 🧢

  • Bill Scott
    Bill Scott Hour ago

    Prince was murdered

  • Jackson Hallman
    Jackson Hallman Hour ago

    I know a flaw, DaBaby promotes fake ass weed scammers on his snapchat frequently.


    This guy 🤣 talks a lot of poop 💩 ha ha Em is the GOAT

  • Best Served Chill

    That's why you get a 15 year fixed rate mortgage and pay it in 7 years.

  • Auguste Piccard
    Auguste Piccard Hour ago

    A guy hitting rock bottom ha ha thats so funny vlad.

    BUD WHITE Hour ago

    That kardashian old bitch should be hung from the nearest light post.

  • Ryan Ringgold
    Ryan Ringgold Hour ago

    Please someone tell this no name to shut the f up!!! I think he jus likes to talk shit !!

  • Monty Cc
    Monty Cc Hour ago


  • Infinit 0
    Infinit 0 Hour ago

    Why do they keep talking to this rat??

  • Victor Valentine

    I miss smoking with my brothers before street hooping

    JEFFREY KING Hour ago


  • The Enemy's Public

    Miss Gibbs reminds you of your favorite aunt!! The beautiful aunt who takes no mess but never forget to give the love along with the gems.

  • money Mig MM
    money Mig MM Hour ago

    Ol boy glasses throwing me off

  • Wade Williams
    Wade Williams Hour ago

    Diet said “yeah take that, take that,”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • James Moore
    James Moore Hour ago

    they did escape

    BANANAHAMMER420 Hour ago

    Vlad is the police!!!

  • Victor Martinez
    Victor Martinez Hour ago

    Tray dee sound dumb grow up

  • Kevin Porter
    Kevin Porter Hour ago

    He made his money off kids and adults baggin on a little girl that knows her worth, and clad is messy as fuck, because he was trying to make her sound like she made a mistake, he could’ve made her bigger, but she said it all! I have money for video shoots, I have money for studio time, actually have a studio... now his ass playing shut back without context, and grown assed people talking about her!!!

  • La-la-la-la_la!
    La-la-la-la_la! Hour ago

    He made those song about Aaliyah

  • Supermanis4real Pastor Dixon

    She's unnecessary

  • Omicron
    Omicron Hour ago

    Salute Joe Brown for BEING A MAN.

    THE TRUTH Hour ago

    This dude should do comedy 🤣

  • NH Scuzzy
    NH Scuzzy Hour ago

    fucced up false advertising clicc bait chit 🚮

  • KaNarcy DaLive1
    KaNarcy DaLive1 Hour ago

    This sum hip hop shit. Oh wait... na na this sum hip hop shit.

  • Sauce Gotti
    Sauce Gotti Hour ago

    Irv speaking facts. 50 a bitch fr.. supreme & irv the real niggas. Free preme.. y’all need to learn y’all history

  • money Mig MM
    money Mig MM Hour ago

    That illuminati shit , the whole B2K got molested

  • Brian
    Brian Hour ago

    The battle of the trash rappers pt 1

  • James Moore
    James Moore Hour ago

    vlad corny

  • Melanin Antonio
    Melanin Antonio Hour ago

    I'm with Quake 💯💯

    BUD WHITE Hour ago

    Tito must be broke as fuck...remove those moles already...damn😱😜

  • Bobby Clark
    Bobby Clark Hour ago

    I been saying 50 is a bitch snitch boy

  • croydonrudeness
    croydonrudeness Hour ago

    The difference is Dre and Ice Cube are both extremely wealthy and successful. Whereas all these straight gangbangers are dead, in jail or broke. So who made the better call, the pretend gangstas or the real ones?

  • Nathanael Gill
    Nathanael Gill Hour ago

    She just made me horny 😂

  • From The DMV
    From The DMV Hour ago

    Vlad has moved on from getting rappers to snitch on themselves to trying to get mob guys to kill each other 😂😂

  • LondonsLanding
    LondonsLanding Hour ago

    Rumor has it that Delonte West was in a mental health facility and was accidentally given the wrong medication, which messed him up. I have nothing but compassion for him. I hope he gets better soon

  • Vita Bruno
    Vita Bruno Hour ago

    Too be honest, Lil Nas X didn’t sound country enough. It legit sounded like a hip hop song

  • Marcus LosGreat
    Marcus LosGreat Hour ago

    Dry snitchin

  • skor wolf
    skor wolf Hour ago

    Yo he's authentic

  • Angle Mota
    Angle Mota Hour ago

    And new boys got there shit from the pack it’s always coming back to the bay.. they could keep that skinny jeans shit tho

  • ____Cost ____
    ____Cost ____ Hour ago

    Tellin ppl to make "Jerkin" videos..

  • money Mig MM
    money Mig MM Hour ago

    RazB looks weird , this dude got them glasses you wear when you come from the eye doctor

  • Donnell Marley
    Donnell Marley Hour ago

    The new boyz was a big influence tho

  • El Luech
    El Luech Hour ago

    So if ur dad was Italian and had a baby by a black women they could be made?? Yea right ..

  • ChicaGorilla312
    ChicaGorilla312 Hour ago

    Wifi: "I'ma be real I think bruh working with the FEDS" Vlad: 😅"On some Tekashi shit?" Everyone Watching: *No on some VladTV shit

  • Robert E Cali
    Robert E Cali Hour ago

    Dam I did watch his show

  • bloodcurdling 35

    Just love love Luenell

  • Emerge Matic
    Emerge Matic Hour ago

    If Versace paid Tupac to wear his clothes why not Biggie? Maybe complexion and style i don't know! But I see where Jammar is going

  • Omicron
    Omicron Hour ago

    Damn, this dude real AF. He don't give a sh*t.

  • Kevin Porter
    Kevin Porter Hour ago

    Don’t treat her like an object, like a product or check!

  • Kalifah Bey
    Kalifah Bey Hour ago

    when was this interview done

  • hector ayala
    hector ayala Hour ago

    Russ u gotta be careful fighting crackheads those muthaphukkas have superpowers

  • Rich33
    Rich33 Hour ago

    I have a great feeling he’s about to lose a good amount of females fans.

  • cheza bell
    cheza bell Hour ago

    🗣 If you know you do not want to pay child support stop having children with multiple women have respect for yourself and self discipline and then you will live in peace. 🗣USE A CONDOM AND TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE. ✌✌🙄🙄

  • Santiago Official

    On the West Coast they maybe had an influence but around the same time on the East Coast,specifically in the South around 08'-09' , the group Travis Porter started the "Black Boy, White Boy" movement of wearing less "urban" brands and non-baggy clothes. Ironic that these things happened around the same time

  • los angeles
    los angeles Hour ago

    Vlad a piece of shit!

    IAMTAJAB Hour ago

    The best interviewee that I've seen on your channel. Very heartfelt & deep