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  • Ms Liz
    Ms Liz 3 hours ago

    I regret not going to American adventure this last visit😢

  • Ms Liz
    Ms Liz 4 hours ago

    Ok so how do you not sweat, ?? It’s sept, HOT, humid 😂.

  • Edward Hanscom
    Edward Hanscom 4 hours ago

    You didn't eat the cheek of the fish!!!! It's the best part.

  • Alyssa Eddy
    Alyssa Eddy 4 hours ago

    Molly: Soarin is for everyone! Me: I don't think so, one time I took my grandma on that ride and she screamed the whole time.

  • Mary Hurley
    Mary Hurley 5 hours ago

    Like the hat, especially on u, I thought that I would not like it but I do now.

  • cinderaimee
    cinderaimee 6 hours ago

    Was the fuel rod swap free? I thought they were going to start charging for swaps.

  • Robert Ofenloch
    Robert Ofenloch 6 hours ago

    Is it just me or is this the easiest park to not only do everything in one day (and then some), but to get tons of FastPasses (and then some)? Things will probably shake up when Guardians of the Galaxy opens and Spaceship Earth closes. I also can't believe that people are still applauding during Soarin'. Every single time I go on it. It almost makes me tear up to hear audience reactions like that to a ride.

  • Sherry McMahan
    Sherry McMahan 7 hours ago

    How much are the Minnie vans???

  • Mike Fatty
    Mike Fatty 7 hours ago

    Hey Molly, this is Mike from Hoth that works in Launch Bay, i finally found this video thanks to one of your loyal viewers that came to launch bay yesterday! yay! he said that he loved my jokes and says uses them regularly. thanks again for letting me be in your video. I love all of your content and am now subscribed.

  • Marcia Pemberton
    Marcia Pemberton 7 hours ago

    I am glad that you brought up the motion sickness issue. Unfortunately, my motion sickness affects me in Soarin’. There are many times in Soarin’ that I close my eyes or I just choose not to ride. Tried numerous cures, not much helps. My family still talks about the last time I rode Star Tours. 😞

  • Kristin W
    Kristin W 8 hours ago

    I was shocked that Navi River Journey was so short, definitely not worth a wait of more than 30 minutes, if that. Don’t get me wrong, they did a fantastic job in theming the ride. I just wanted more, when the end of the ride came, I was like WTF that’s it? I wasted a fast pass on what seemed like a 30 second ride. I will only ride it again if the wait is 15/20 minutes, no longer.

  • Natalie Whitaker
    Natalie Whitaker 8 hours ago

    Hey Molly! Apparently my daughter tracked you down today at Epcot and you took a selfie with her! I was more excited to see that picture than any of the 100+ PhotoPass pictures we've seen throughout the week! Thanks for stopping for her. Really enjoy your spin on videos!!

  • Anyday Blessings
    Anyday Blessings 8 hours ago

    On Main Street, is there a separate line for bakery case items and coffee in the Main Street Bakery? That Starbucks line is crazy and all we want is a cinnamon roll shaped like Mickey, lol 😂

  • Paul Beale
    Paul Beale 8 hours ago

    We always go for a week. We can only go around every 5 years [or more] and usually can only afford one week. It's always enough thou as we plan ahead.

  • Michael Perry
    Michael Perry 10 hours ago

    Hey Molly - do you know Bradley Roberts who sings at The American Adventure?

  • Janice Walker
    Janice Walker 11 hours ago

    Because of hurricane Dorian our vacation was delayed a few days. Thankfully our airline and Disney were wonderful about adjusting our reservations. I thought rescheduling Fastpasses and dining would be disappointing but the crowds were so low that it really wasn't a problem. Many of the attractions and rides the wait time was only about 10 minutes. The whole vibe was more upbeat and relaxed. I noticed the other guests were especially friendly and helpful. I think its because only the fearless souls braved the conditions and kept their reservations instead of cancelling. If I had one complaint it was that the weather was HOT and we never even got rain to cool things down. The solution was we enjoyed an afternoon swim in the pool. It was definitely our best Disney World vacation.

  • Leiza Schmidt Errington

    YAY snakebites! Truly enjoying your videos Molly!

  • Karen Ross
    Karen Ross 11 hours ago

    The benefit of staying at the Contemporary is you are in walking distance to Magic Kingdom. Boats for Wilderness are at the dock. Monorail is at your door and transportation hub is right there. We saved so much time in travel that it was worth the cost. We did everything we wanted to do in five days and avoided the weekend crowds.If I wanted to sit by a pool, I could go to plenty of cheaper places.

  • lucinaxcroft
    lucinaxcroft 11 hours ago

    does beaches and cream desserts count as snack credit? trying to figure out this whole dining plan thing lol

  • Lighsadra S
    Lighsadra S 11 hours ago

    When you smile and laugh at the camera and no one’s around...I don’t know wether I should be amazed or disturbed that you can have a party all by yourself just for you....personally I think Disneyland would be more fun with other people...but if there’s a party already going on inside your head who needs other people?

  • Candyce Monroe
    Candyce Monroe 11 hours ago

    You look like Colette from Ratatouille!! Cute. ♥️🇫🇷

    • YouTube Fangurl
      YouTube Fangurl 6 hours ago

      What? she looks nothing like Colette, Colette had short hair

  • FastPass Studios
    FastPass Studios 11 hours ago

    it makes me so mad when i see character who just doesnt enjoy what theyre doing

  • Willow vs World
    Willow vs World 11 hours ago

    Those orange smash chocolates are my FAV!!!!

  • Grace McCrady
    Grace McCrady 12 hours ago

    *Beware Headphone Users*

  • Life With Gigi
    Life With Gigi 12 hours ago

    I’d say 4-5 days. You won’t get everything done but can still accomplish a lot if your prioritize fast passes and extra magic hours.

  • Lover Land
    Lover Land 12 hours ago

    We stay for 30 days once year and we still can't do it all!

    • YouTube Fangurl
      YouTube Fangurl 6 hours ago

      Dayyyum!! ❤️🤨🥰

    • Lover Land
      Lover Land 9 hours ago

      @Imac's Gaming yes, this year, if we are blessed to be here we will go home from May 27-Jun 28

    • Sherry McMahan
      Sherry McMahan 10 hours ago


    • Imac's Gaming
      Imac's Gaming 12 hours ago

      Lover Land like a month consecutively?

  • Amy Thyer
    Amy Thyer 12 hours ago

    LOVE your videos! Maybe we’ll see you in March! Your’s my favorite. Where is it from?

  • chrlybrwn711
    chrlybrwn711 13 hours ago

    You probably get asked this all the time. What do you use to film your videos?

  • Mitchell Ries
    Mitchell Ries 13 hours ago

    For me I think I would need a minimum of 4 days to a maximum of 6 days to visit the 4 main parks and the 2 waterparks. I think I could possibly do two park in one day but I wouldn't want to do two waterparks in one day so that's probably why I could do 4 parks. But if I decided to do one park per day, I think that's why I'd need all 6 days. I would not do more than two parks per day. I tried that and it was a disaster. But whether I did 4 or 6 days of Disney, I'd probably need one day to do both Universal parks and another day for Volcano Bay for a total of two days at Universal. After that, I would need one day for SeaWorld and another day for Aquatica plus another day for Island H2O Live!. Finally, if I decided to head down Tampa, I would need one day for Busch Gardens and another day for Adventure Island. All in all, I'd probably need between 11 to 13 days to do all those parks. Hopefully 11 that way I could spend another day exploring more stuff in Tampa and another day in St. Agustine (maybe even a day at Discovery Cove). I guess it all depends on when I decided to go down there. I am sure I could do other Orlando attractions like the Sea Life Aquarium, Fun Spot, Gatorland, and the Skyplex (assuming it ever gets built) at the end of certain days.

  • Michael Mathias
    Michael Mathias 14 hours ago

    Easy answer 365, and 366 on leap years.

  • KayCee C
    KayCee C 14 hours ago

    She keeps interchanging "plant-based" and "vegan" like they are the same thing.

  • x Lendvayi
    x Lendvayi 14 hours ago

    You failed to mention staying off property. Still close with a car rental, more flexibility, cheaper dining options (bring food and snacks into the parks from Wal-Mart), able to do outside activities on days off, and much much cheaper rooms.

  • Abed Morad, PT
    Abed Morad, PT 14 hours ago

    Molly. Any suggestions for family of 4 (7yr, 1yr boys) to get tickets to? Fast pass? Never been in Disney. Coming from Memphis in Spring break 2020.

  • Shane Cooper
    Shane Cooper 15 hours ago

    From the uk we do 14 nights minimum our relax days are in the water parks we have tried to do all the other rival parks in a 14 night stay I wouldn’t recommend it as when you get home you need another holiday

  • Kevin Karcher
    Kevin Karcher 15 hours ago

    Molly’s point rankings are mostly spot on but I cannot use point rankings to determine my rankings. I just go by my feel. My top 4 without ranking are UK, France, US and Italy. The concerts during the festivals are my number one reason to visit Epcot and The American Adventure show is my favorite attraction in. all of WDW. Italy is my fireworks viewing spot for Illuminations which I have seen over 50 times. Epcot Forever is OK. UK for British Revolution and for fish & chips. France for the ice cream and Impressions de France. I typically spend more than an hour in these 4 locations every time I go but will pass by the others on many occasions.

  • HappilyEverDevines
    HappilyEverDevines 15 hours ago

    I live in New Jersey and we have APs and my husband thinks every time we go we have to hustle like we’ve never been there before 😂 lol meanwhile we go at least ten times a year for 5 days at a clip ! Lol

  • Nick Poverman
    Nick Poverman 15 hours ago

    Answer: As many days as we can afford. Usually 8 days. We take a day off from the parks in the middle to rest. Sit by the pool and relax and recharge.

  • Craig Rogers
    Craig Rogers 15 hours ago

    Oh the background music takes me back... 🎵🎶

  • Dd FF
    Dd FF 15 hours ago

    Blech!! Po is a terrible character. Nothing but a wannabe Han.

  • A Wedo
    A Wedo 15 hours ago

    Ideally if money was no object then at least 2 weeks but most people can’t afford that unless you save up for years and years. I’m going for 7 nights/6 park days and feel we will be pushing it a little but it was what we could afford.🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Raymond
    Raymond 15 hours ago

    The issue with Navi River Journey is they skimped. They had plans for more animatronics but reduced to one due to "budget" which is crazy with all the money they make. If they say had two more animatronics incorporated into the ride I believe the reception would be much better.

  • briananddeanna Anderson

    Margo, Much better body motion! you did try , I can tell that you are trying to not be so High pitched, keep it up. your video need more one third screen, maybe the topic on left or right or plug in the references as crowd levels levels, temps, etc... I really like what you are trying keep it up.

  • Noeline Francis
    Noeline Francis 16 hours ago

    This was the first of about 50 million videos that I didn't mute the volume. Thank you for making it so much more fun to watch than the monotonous commentary that force me to mute. :)

  • Toni A.
    Toni A. 16 hours ago

    Question: as the Swan and Dolphin are on Disney property but not Disney owned, what is the transportation system used to get to the parks? Do the guests get the same perks I.e. extended park hours?

  • kimytaf
    kimytaf 17 hours ago

    Ok WHAT IS UP WITH ARIALS EYES!!!!!!!? They were so big! !! And creepy!!!!

  • Sandi Ammons
    Sandi Ammons 17 hours ago

    Staying in a condo like Bonnet Creek gives you everything a DVC villa has at a fraction of the cost. And it’s on “property”.

    • Candyce Monroe
      Candyce Monroe 11 hours ago

      I loved Wyndham's bonnet creek with my extended family. We had a four bedroom and a kitchen. With my much younger child we did a park, break, park, break, park, break. But when there older I might stay on site if 60 day fast passes are still a thing.

  • Bruce S.
    Bruce S. 17 hours ago

    Bonjour Morgan! The best advice is to schedule your days. And the best time to stress over this scheduling is weeks or months before you leave. Back in the day, Disney used to let you plan a loose schedule. One that you know... let you _enjoy_ your vacation! But these days, they practically force you to schedule every hour of every day. And nothing can suck the life out of a vacation faster than scheduled spontaneity and relaxation. So my second best advice...? Understand that just because My Disney Experience lets you schedule days of running around from this to that doesn't mean that you should.

  • blackrose86lh
    blackrose86lh 17 hours ago

    Went about 5 years ago for only 9 days to do both Disney and Universal.. it was alot... only one day per park.. plus a split day to do two parks we really liked at each.. and 2 days were travel days. We stayed off site which helped, and got a rental, but we were wiped by the end of the trip. We're planning another trip down in a couple years and want a solid 2 weeks.

  • dougconley
    dougconley 17 hours ago

    Disney Darlings?!?!?.....why thank you 😊

  • Jeff Beaman
    Jeff Beaman 17 hours ago

    Great video Molly, as always.

  • Anny Lockard
    Anny Lockard 17 hours ago

    I'm so hooked on your videos! Please do a tour of Disney's amazing themed restrooms!

  • Bonnie Chiaccio
    Bonnie Chiaccio 17 hours ago

    You always look so fresh and cute!

  • Patrick aka Canrugger
    Patrick aka Canrugger 18 hours ago

    Im going for 10 lol

  • CharlieChannel
    CharlieChannel 18 hours ago

    After visiting 8 times with kids, I would say you need at least 10 days, not including the days you check in and check out. So 11 nights would be the absolute MINIMUM at Disney World to ENJOY yourselves. Down time needs to be factored in as much as much as fun time. 5 park days (MK twice) and 5 off days is the goal. Oh, and avoid MK on Mondays.

  • Izzy Fon’alledas Arnault

    Six days, three days of parks visits, three days of rest and relaxation. Magic Kingdom day one, rest, Hollywood, rest, Animal Kingdom l, rest. Skip Epcot if you have very young one. You are welcome!

  • ReyJ
    ReyJ 19 hours ago

    I did a 3 days 3 nights in September 2018. Arrived at noon, went to AK at around 3 pm, had dinner at Jiko. Next day, Akershus PPO, Epcot then hop to Hollywood Studios, then MNSSHP at night. Third day, EMM Magic Kingdom, Lunch at BoG, Dinner at California Grill. That's probably as good as it gets when I only had 3 days.

  • Diane Weslosky
    Diane Weslosky 19 hours ago

    Great video

  • Fifthrider
    Fifthrider 19 hours ago

    14 days. I'll save you some time here, the answer is 14. Here's 2 years worth of research that really paid off, condensed. I went to WDW once in early 1973 and never had the chance to go back. I spent 2017-2018 researching every possible detail, low crowd times, least rain, lowest hotel rates, etc. The sweet-spot was any January, just a few days after January 1st but before MLK day. The only event to mitigate was some running event, other than that it was smooth sailing with very low crowds. ( Use the mobile order app! ) In those 2 weeks I stayed at different Disney resorts every night ( Moderate to Deluxe ), visited all parks ( 2 days each ) and went on everything. I did all non-park activities as well; rent a boat at the Polynesian, went to the Luau show, rented a carriage at Port Orleans, saw YeeHa Bob, went to the Hoop-De-Doo, went into every shop in Disney Springs, etc. They say "you can't do it all in one trip" but my goal was to prove otherwise. I didn't even want to play miniature golf but I played both courses at both minigolf places just to assure I did. ( Unable to do water parks in January, not exactly on my bucket list.) This was only accomplished by getting an annual pass, not tickets. Good discounts on food and room as well. I came back for 1 week in Sept-Oct to stay at AoA and ride the Skyliner. I thought I'd use this week to pick up any loose ends but found myself pretty much duplicating everything I had done before. I'll admit, even though I did it all in 2 weeks that didn't mean I went slowly and savored the experience. A lot of it was rushing from one thing to another. Honestly it was all a blur in some places, especially the ones where you can't be in 2 places at once. ( Enjoyed dinner on the roof of Contemporary and saw fireworks, but recorded fireworks from camera on the balcony of my room at the Contemporary. ) In that one week I returned I really didn't do anything new outside of Galaxy's Edge and the Skyliner. ( ...and I de-boarded THAT about one hour before "the incident" so yay. ) Long story short, I found you could do it all in 2 weeks.

  • screambluemurder101
    screambluemurder101 19 hours ago

    I don’t really understand why you’d opt for the deluxe resort option if you’re on any kind of a budget (go for it if money’s no object). If you’re largely out and about all day you’re paying extra for a place you’re barely seeing

  • Disney Parks Addict
    Disney Parks Addict 19 hours ago

    At least 364 days!

  • Jennifer Freed
    Jennifer Freed 19 hours ago

    We're going go disney for 8 days for our honeymoon march 2nd. So excited and hope the crowds are low!

    • Brittany K
      Brittany K 14 hours ago

      Same !

    • Daryl Faulkner
      Daryl Faulkner 15 hours ago

      Jennifer Freed we’ll be there March 2 for 8 days as well! Have a magical time!

  • reagan
    reagan 19 hours ago


  • TK Brown
    TK Brown 20 hours ago

    Molly. You're so great! I'm loving your videos!

  • Grant Moyes
    Grant Moyes 21 hour ago

    next time you go to united kingdom world , try a PINT of Guinness , its great .......Cheers x

  • TwinNova
    TwinNova 21 hour ago

    Tiki room is air conditioned and great way to take a cool off break

  • AnathemaAddy
    AnathemaAddy 22 hours ago

    WHY DIDN'T I GET A NOTIFICATION FOR THIS?!?! i love Molly's videos like these!!

  • Video News
    Video News 22 hours ago

    So you just have to be a scheduling and computer science graduate to ride the rides at Disney!..........................Pass

  • JustForFun Kona
    JustForFun Kona 22 hours ago

    LOVE Pop Century! This is my family’s “go to” Disney resort. Haven’t stayed there in a while so I really enjoyed the video. Made me a little homesick... Great and thorough review. Thanks

  • mike mckenzie
    mike mckenzie 23 hours ago

    Lol the way she attacked that cheese steak

  • the_tennessee_mom

    We were there on the same day! So sad we didn’t run into you! But there were a ton of people that day!

  • Stephanie Yurchuk

    lol "lots of hockey things.... you know.. Canada stuuf!!" Come visit us in Vancouver and ill show you Canada stuff!!!! Also wheres the poutine?

  • VegasGoldenJediKnight

    Dare u to try this again now with Rise being open ;-)

  • XoxoKittySolano

    Hey! I’m vegan and just to clarify some of the cast members aren’t 100 % aware on vegan I’ve had people serve me thing that wasn’t vegan and I have a dairy allergy! I don’t think that buttercream cupcake was vegan to be quite honest. But thank you for trying to dedicate a video to plant based

  • Chris Skowron
    Chris Skowron Day ago

    Ok people, for reference, “Castle, Super Zoom Line, Castle, Super Zoom Line”! 🏰 ____| 📸

  • Robert Ofenloch

    You should try this again now that Rise of the Resistance is open and Runaway Railway is about to open. I'm interested in finding out if the wait for those new rides will lower the wait time for the other rides, balancing out and ending up spending the same amount of time. Also, I was the Rebel spy last time. It was unfortunate I went by myself so nobody could laugh at me. I suspect that the center of the seating are the ones usually chosen, but I may be wrong.

  • Alicia Pearson

    The huge smile before 'Fan interaction' comes on screen is so sweet. Yay for more Molly fans.

  • Katie wehrer
    Katie wehrer Day ago

    Molly where did you get your straw at?

  • Candyce Monroe

    Poor Molly, I just realized she is going to spend most of her time out of world showcase. I hated every second of mission space.

  • Ashley Saldana

    Thanks for the straw tip! I think I"ll buy one but I'm thinking about this one it has a bendable tip!

  • Julie Calkins
    Julie Calkins Day ago

    Molly I have to agree with you that Festival of the Lion King is the best show in Animal Kingdom.

  • Lisa Dunn
    Lisa Dunn Day ago

    Just visited from OH...we were looking for you! Missed you by a couple of days in EPCOT! Love all of your videos! You bring the magic to us when we can't be there! Thank you!

  • ashton gillin
    ashton gillin Day ago

    I’m not happy that they Took away the ride but guardians of galaxy mission breakout is a cool ride

  • CD Smoak
    CD Smoak Day ago

    Thanks, that was great. Often I walk in turn around twice and am not sure where to go. Now I have many new corners to explore.

  • Joseph Dickerson

    Did the balloon ride... But not that one. I rode on one in of all places South Africa. Johannesburg. It was amazing. And yeah, I'm afraid of heights too.

  • Melanie Tye
    Melanie Tye Day ago

    Davy, Davy Crockett! LOL, nice throwback

  • JaguarDude
    JaguarDude Day ago

    My question is... If you get a fastpass that is normally hard to get (FOP, SDD, 7DMT) but is late at night, and the time at the moment isn't night, is it worth it to keep it?

  • billjanetcsu
    billjanetcsu Day ago

    This is our favorite resort. The closeness Tom Disney Springs is a great bonus.

  • aggiesoldier
    aggiesoldier Day ago

    Molly we want to meet you! Come to the parks on Veterans day! Yes I know that's so far from now!

  • Amanda R
    Amanda R Day ago

    I love Journey into Imagination. The song is catchy too.

  • Denise Duffin
    Denise Duffin Day ago

    I typically go to the parks by myself as well and have really scored with your FastPass tricks. But around Thanksgiving time my mom and brothers came with me and I was able to fiddle faddle us ALL onto every ride as well. Sooooo.... it can be done, y’all!!

  • Alexandra Macias

    I have that shirt!!!! Love seeing how you styled it with classic polka dot ears and a red lip ❤ Also, I got SUPER sick from raw cookie dough when I was 13. I puked for about 24 straight hours. So fun. Didn't eat cookie dough again until I found the edible version at All Star Sports.

  • Kelli Lemelin
    Kelli Lemelin Day ago

    This was so great, thank you so much...heading there 2020🎃

  • O
    O Day ago

    I was at port orleans riverside last summer. My room had fleas. They came back with me and infested my blanket. I had to throw that away and run a dehumidifier for a week to kill them. Also, no cold water. I like taking a cold shower in the morning. This was impossible. My water temperature choices were warm and scalding hot. Definitely NOT going back.

  • JaguarDude
    JaguarDude Day ago

    Frozen 2 is so much better than the first.

  • Kimberly Yeaton

    Still can't believe you rode Orange just for the vlog! That's nuts.

  • Willow vs World

    I love the bird show because I worked on the show at the zoo in my city when I was a young adult. So I can appreciate all the work that goes into training the animals.

  • briananddeanna Anderson

    heather you missed the the gold apple only does it on the seventh touch, then the count starts over again, good spacing, walk slower for smoother shot, great voice not as high as before. you forgot the echo spot by carousel of progress, america sings, innoventions, north corner facing the far end of the cars walking toward the train station there is a "notch" that is not a sitting area. WEB did this for fun, they wanted to us sound on more of the outside rides. This was a test and proof that they could do it. There is a PERFECT ECHO SPOT , if it is to noisey you may have trouble hearing it. but get in there and stand and start with a word, then a short sentence, it will echo 4-5 times based on your volume and the length of the sentence and your hearing, (mine is bad to many REAL Rock Concerts) it is not the whole area but the exact center, it is large enough for about 8-10 people to stand in the spot area to hear the ECHO but the person has to be in the center to make it work. on Main street east side notch forward the lockers, stop and listen to the Business windows for the singing and talking and other stuff, just as you were in a downtown area off main street. in this space is the Testing of bricks wall, they would test the look of brick here before using them in the park, to reject the color, sizing, so on and on.

  • Disney Magical Days

    The bakery food look awesome

  • A Wedo
    A Wedo Day ago

    I will be at Epcot in about 3 weeks so I appreciate this video. Unfortunately Test Track will be under refurb so I won’t be able to go on that. Even still, looking forward to visiting during the Festival of Arts! 🙂

  • Mark Anderson
    Mark Anderson Day ago

    Yes, but have you EVER been stuck on Splash Mountian in the last section for 45 minutes????