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  • VIKYSEK1987
    VIKYSEK1987 44 seconds ago

    I don´t really like salmon but I HATE nutella... so even though I am comming 4 years too late, my vote is going to Barry...

  • TeaWill
    TeaWill 44 seconds ago

    OMG! I love seeing James in the States! I just wish I could’ve met you guys while you were here! Maybe someday you can do a meet and greet. I would love to have my picture taken between Mike and James. 🤗. Come again soon!

  • Isobel Davies
    Isobel Davies Minute ago

    oh I LOVE salted crisps preferably Pringles and melted chocolate as a dip mmmmmmm......

  • M Row
    M Row 2 minutes ago

    I now know what I'm getting my sister, the wine snob, for a Christmas gag gift.... Wine condoms.

  • Fanny Götesson
    Fanny Götesson 2 minutes ago

    Listen listen... Ben is Link, James is Rhett and Mike is Stevie.... The only thing wrong with this comparisson is that Ben is actually allowed to hold a knife!

  • M Row
    M Row 4 minutes ago

    Is the first guy Ryan Fitzpatrick from the Dolphins?

  • Himesh Chauhan
    Himesh Chauhan 7 minutes ago

    I actually found you guys from your first appearance on Rhett and link

  • WhiteBread
    WhiteBread 7 minutes ago

    The collab I never knew I needed, love the GMM guys

  • idara akpan
    idara akpan 11 minutes ago

    Best streaming week of my life. Rhett + Link + Sorted + Kitchen gadget reviews... I’m in internet heaven ☁️

  • J Ponduforus
    J Ponduforus 12 minutes ago

    My absolute favorite collab!!

  • kateemma22
    kateemma22 13 minutes ago

    Everyone knows the only way to apply your wine condom is while making awkward eye contact.

  • The Minnesota Wolf
    The Minnesota Wolf 14 minutes ago

    I have a cartridge shaver that vibrates like that and in that it makes a big difference. So much rougher when the battery runs down.

  • Sohail Rahman-Blake
    Sohail Rahman-Blake 17 minutes ago

    Love the content with Rhett and Link!

  • Nikolaj Haun Hansen
    Nikolaj Haun Hansen 17 minutes ago

    The amount of innuendos in just the first minutes. Go down on a watermelon. Munchable cylinder...

  • NightBladeNation
    NightBladeNation 19 minutes ago

    It's the bloodlines guys!!!

  • Nick  Somoza
    Nick Somoza 20 minutes ago

    Rhett has me dying 💀💀💀

  • gsundell
    gsundell 20 minutes ago

    Can someone explain the dadjoke?

  • Angela Wat
    Angela Wat 23 minutes ago

    Yes!!!! I thought I was seeing things!!!🙌🙌🙌

  • Celairiel
    Celairiel 23 minutes ago

    Make your own instant soup pack is so clever. I love soup for lunch.

  • Sam Fulwider
    Sam Fulwider 24 minutes ago

    "I thought it was a toddler condom" ~Rhett 2019

  • Nikki Heinrich
    Nikki Heinrich 32 minutes ago

    Always good for a laugh! Thanks boys 🤘🏻🤣🙌🏻

  • Alec
    Alec 33 minutes ago

    It’s a bit too late now but halo halo means ‘all mixed up’... you’re supposed mix it all up before you eat it, but good job

  • Warrior Scholar
    Warrior Scholar 33 minutes ago

    Love GMM & Sorted mash ups!!! My two favorite channels!!!

  • lyn baker
    lyn baker 34 minutes ago

    Awesome video!

  • Tami Shafer
    Tami Shafer 35 minutes ago

    Absolutely love both channels so it's super cool to see y'all colaborating- Daniel Smith

  • olinda013
    olinda013 37 minutes ago

    2:58 gabbie hannah

  • Exayevie
    Exayevie 39 minutes ago

    This is the crossover that led me to Sorted Food in the first place, more than a year ago! Edit: It's actually been a while since I've watched GMM. I forgot about Rhett always being right about everything ever lol.

  • Tori/Kura Slain
    Tori/Kura Slain 39 minutes ago

    Anyone but Rhett and link. :p Babish for sure. And yeah, Bon appetit.

  • Chris Howell
    Chris Howell 41 minute ago

    I'd love to see y'all do a cooking battle with mythical chef Josh.

  • whocares12345
    whocares12345 41 minute ago

    Link opens wine condom: "Uh, this is not going to meet my needs." 😂

  • meikusje
    meikusje 42 minutes ago

    Don't y'all know you need to squeeze the tip while rolling down the rubber?! 😁 This isn't proper condom etiquette!

  • Luvely 106
    Luvely 106 42 minutes ago


  • Christopher Raff
    Christopher Raff 43 minutes ago

    The wine condom only proves yet again that wine drinkers will buy literally anything if you put the words "for wine" on it.

  • gogogadgetkat
    gogogadgetkat 44 minutes ago

    Can we just have this show all the time? Okay thanks

  • Sim K.
    Sim K. 45 minutes ago

    James' awkwardness during the wine condom bit made me crack up...he just looks so awkward

  • Happy Wife
    Happy Wife 47 minutes ago

    👍🥩👍🤗❤️‼️. Good reviews guys

  • Systems Science & Maths
    Systems Science & Maths 47 minutes ago

    The ring in the middle of the watermelon slicer is probably a manufacturing/engineering requirement. Without it, holding the blades rigidly fixed in the center would be more difficult and it might be necessary to use heavier-gauge metal.

  • Dominic Mariani
    Dominic Mariani 50 minutes ago

    This video was too short

  • Rainbow Socks
    Rainbow Socks 53 minutes ago

    SortedFood AND GMM!! What is it, my birthday?!

  • Jongup's Mullet
    Jongup's Mullet 55 minutes ago

    Aaaaa my favorite youtubers doing a video together. Excellent.

    ENERSTAR 55 minutes ago

    Like the condoms... too short.

  • Kirpat
    Kirpat 57 minutes ago

    Ummm why not just put the cork back in the bottle.....?!

  • Judith Drake
    Judith Drake 57 minutes ago

    9 o’clock watershed? 😂

  • JCKjenes
    JCKjenes 58 minutes ago

    Can you put gooey in the middle baby let me bake back in the intro now please???

  • Dynastysc2
    Dynastysc2 58 minutes ago

    Ebber's shave that chest son.

  • Annon User
    Annon User Hour ago

    Thumbs up before it even started playing. My two fav channels in one and a gadget review. I must be dreaming

  • Missmethinksalot1

    Not gonna lie, thought this one was dry/no chemistry.. and a sense of deja vu too.

  • Toad Ette
    Toad Ette Hour ago


  • Sue Caggiano
    Sue Caggiano Hour ago

    They put up with you??! You know them right!? Theyre so not mature normally

  • Janek O'Toole
    Janek O'Toole Hour ago

    Is seriously no one talking about how James's perfect Hollandaise sauce is actually a Bearnaise sauce? EDIT: And then he criticises Jamie's Hollandaise for not being a Bearnaise at tasting! No, sorry lads, poor form, especially in a video that's all about judging whether the normals have learned the right way to do things.

  • Kael Sanity
    Kael Sanity Hour ago

    Condoms and vibrators

  • lynxloco
    lynxloco Hour ago

    You should do something with the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen chefs! (Brad, Chris, Claire, etc.)

  • Rachel Frumkin
    Rachel Frumkin Hour ago

    My favorite boys!


    Just use traditional kitchen tools. Stop being lazy. LOL

  • Samir Royy
    Samir Royy Hour ago

    Omg the good old days!! Can you guys by any chance re do this recipie !!!!?!?!?

  • AltoClarBear
    AltoClarBear Hour ago

    You had me at "toddler condoms" lol

  • stylesuxx
    stylesuxx Hour ago

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Nice!

  • Library Adjacent

    "Who eats that much watermelon regularly? NO ONE!" But... I do 😥

  • Anna B
    Anna B Hour ago

    6:00 Link after unwrapping the tiny condom: "aah - this is not going to meet my needs..." So what size *will* meet your needs, Link? Care to share with us?

  • Arabella de Koning

    For the julien one the 3rd thing is obviously a vibrator

  • changkra
    changkra Hour ago

    Who eats that much watermelon daily? Thai people do!

  • Robino WB
    Robino WB Hour ago

    Auto like

  • Arabella de Koning

    Ben how has it taken 6 years for me to see your chest hair It was interesting the first time but now it’s in EVERY video. WHY!?

  • Rae
    Rae Hour ago

    God it would have been so funny to hear bang out "oh yeah its original gangster"

  • Luke Naoumovitch

    Heard of you guys through Rhett and Link and now I’m a sub😎

  • georkost
    georkost Hour ago

    Ben bites a bit of the middle of the watermelon, Link eats the rest casually.. love it!

  • Taylor Killen
    Taylor Killen Hour ago

    Ebbers innuendos went largely unnoticed in this episode and I loved it. The doublespeak was EXPERTLY EXECUTED. Well done sneaking those in, they probably chalked it up to colloquial language differences

  • harry peli
    harry peli Hour ago

    The ring in the middle of watermelon slicer is probably for strength and ease of design. How would you make all the metal blades meet in the middle otherwise ?

  • Marie's Real Husband

    Oh my god the wine condom part had sooooo many great innuendos.

  • Taylor Killen
    Taylor Killen Hour ago

    Omg ebbers unappreciated joke at the wine condom. "Is this related to the last one" 😂 what do you do with your veggies ben?? Haha I like how they didnt even acknowledge his comment

  • CricketsAunty
    CricketsAunty Hour ago

    The wine condom makers didn't get the memo about the world wanting less single-use products and plastic... maybe the ornate cork makers should have a chat with them on that one

  • Celestine jess Demetria

    love rhett and link. side suggestion you guys should do children's food battle.

  • snagh
    snagh Hour ago

    Why not to use a normal condom

  • Morgan B
    Morgan B Hour ago

    I saw the background and thought “wait what show am I watching?!”

  • Donna Broaddus
    Donna Broaddus Hour ago

    Best innuendos on the channel in a long time!

  • Aurin saint
    Aurin saint Hour ago

    Every week should be gadgets!

  • Spartan Crap
    Spartan Crap Hour ago

    My favorite collaboration between youtubers

  • hoovesonearth
    hoovesonearth Hour ago

    Welcome to sortedfood, where professionally trained chefs are now professional gadget reviewers #liveyourdream

  • Craig Ezard
    Craig Ezard Hour ago

    Ben is by far the best this week and easily the winner. He is the bob ross of moose making

  • Redstar Skellington

    Wine condom? What the actual hell?!? Just put the fricken cork back in the bottle

    AWESOM-O Hour ago

    Who eats that much water melon? WELL if you are being a little stereotypical, you can probably think about someone that does.

  • Erica Roozendaal

    Yay another review kitchen gadgets! That peeler is a joke. Why patent this? How did they accept it at the pattent office? I want to read their application..

  • grumpy narwhal
    grumpy narwhal Hour ago

    Wow for anyone on chemo steroids or Niall by mouth then this video is either your saviour or your brendon soz I cant spell but u understand lol xx

  • Chris Stevens
    Chris Stevens Hour ago

    WOW! Wasn't expecting to see this collab, so cool!

  • Ouplord
    Ouplord Hour ago


  • Amazingly Awkward

    Now you guys just need to collab with Binging with Banish or a celeb chef!

  • hattie2525
    hattie2525 Hour ago

    How on earth did James say 'I would rather use a plug aswell' with such a straight face?!! 🤣

  • Astrid
    Astrid Hour ago

    Aren't we talking about Ben licking the watermelon top like a cat?

  • magnumtheoutragous

    I've been dreaming about this!!!! Thank you, thank you ,thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Costas Vrettakos

    kitchen gadgets you should colab with the expert on it Russian Hacker :P

  • Callie Johnston
    Callie Johnston Hour ago

    Is this Mike’s first time on GMM? Congrats Mike!

  • Oswald Gardner
    Oswald Gardner Hour ago

    10:12 Ben kind of sounds like that old guy from the skype laugh meme

  • Rainna T.
    Rainna T. Hour ago

    6:13 I love Link's reaction

  • Lauriti
    Lauriti Hour ago

    When you think north americans are white in come the brits after a whole summer in the UK showing off the true meaning of pale

  • JVMMs
    JVMMs Hour ago

    1:51 Ben licking the watermelon top killed me, hahahaha

  • Kelcy
    Kelcy Hour ago

    I have wine condoms! They actually work great. I can keep my wine lying sideways with it on.

  • Hanne Bjørnson
    Hanne Bjørnson Hour ago

    "Who eats that amount of watermelon" weeell.. I craved a whole melon a day being pregnant xD

  • Jessica Stevens
    Jessica Stevens Hour ago

    Had to satisfy my curiosity for the 3rd use, and you guys were shorted - there was supposed to be a third blade. I'm sure that would have made all the difference.

  • emmarose
    emmarose Hour ago

    The ultimate collab video would be sorted food, Rhett and Link, and Grace and Mamrie!!

  • Mackenzie Ferguson

    Maybe the second gadget is really intended for people who have mobility/motor skill/strength issues and was promoted outside of that so that it could get the capitol needed to be put into production.