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History of the iPhone
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History of iOS
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What's Going On With Huawei?
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iPhone: 10 Years Apart
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Apple's iPhone XR Problem
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Apple's Secret Weapon
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Why Siri Sucks
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Was Steve Jobs Overrated?
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Life Before The iPhone
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Is Apple Still Innovative?
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Apple Without Steve Jobs
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History of the MacBook Air
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Why Apple Is So Easy To Hate
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History of the iPad
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Apple's iOS 7 Controversy
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History of Bendgate
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Apple's China Problem
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History of the Apple Watch
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History of GarageBand
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History of iPhone Design
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History of Antennagate
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History of Beats by Dre
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History of Apple Maps
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History of macOS
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History of NeXT
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History of iOS
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History of the iPhone
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History of the Mac Pro
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History of Apple's 'i'
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History of the eMac
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History of the iPad
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  • Ahmed Har'shah K
    Ahmed Har'shah K 4 minutes ago

    If you explain about Apple, Then please explain about Why Apple Fears to turn on RU-clip Comments in their videos?

  • John Citrowske
    John Citrowske 9 minutes ago

    I think the biggest thing that people hate about Apple is the lockdown mentality of the company. They don't place nice with other companies at all and they don't admit when they make a mistake (i.e. antenna gate, bendgate, touch disease etc.). Looking at apple they nickel and dime customers so religiously it's ridiculous. Until now they have never included a fast charger with any iPhone (even though literally every single company included it in the box), apple music required for Homepod, 1000$ for a display stand, requires Apple TV to cast screen etc.

  • gemeaux29
    gemeaux29 29 minutes ago

    I cant choooooose iPhone 7 plus or 8?

  • TheAirak
    TheAirak 30 minutes ago

    There already are wireless over ear headphones from apple, they're called Beats. They also have the W1 chip just like AirPods so they benefit from the same things as airpods.

  • Noah Bickenson
    Noah Bickenson 40 minutes ago

    After iPhone six nothing really has changed lol

  • Polly the Bird
    Polly the Bird 49 minutes ago

    Oh god dammit Tim apple

  • Samuel Ortiz
    Samuel Ortiz 54 minutes ago

    Life before iphone was a life when your dad makes fun of the conversation you had with your girlfriend after using the landline phone lol.

  • Onthatile Mashilo

    im in South Africa and an XS Max is like R23 000 which is about two thousand dollars

  • jnlje
    jnlje Hour ago

    Hi Apple Explained , I think you have made an error about the specs of the Bionic chipset for iPhone 11 Pro Max as it stated that it uses A12 Bionic Chipset ? Please refer to the video at 4:21

    SARAN SANTOSH Hour ago

    Who cares! I own my phone and it's SONY XPERIA XA1 PLUS! 😉

  • Boom Gacha
    Boom Gacha Hour ago

    Bitch i wanted to get that next summer for uni😂

  • Ран Кор:D
    Ран Кор:D Hour ago

    4:02 my Ipad

  • Jaiden Reddy
    Jaiden Reddy Hour ago

    I think it's because of Apple wants you to buy the $999 stand

  • John Doe
    John Doe Hour ago

    ipads were more powerful than the macbook... it was so underpowered it's not even funny

  • Lord Yamcha
    Lord Yamcha Hour ago

    My father had one and he said it was bad.I don’t know why exactly.

  • Joseph Grigoletti

    the iPad Pro has better processing power than the lower end entry level Macbook. Makes perfect sense.

  • Sand
    Sand Hour ago

    wth the wallpaper from 1:42 that has mountains in it is on Huawei's wallpapers

  • DerpyDino Studios

    Wow, good clickbait.

  • baystidd
    baystidd Hour ago

    Can’t wait for the A 10 Warthog to come out🤔

  • treffur
    treffur Hour ago


  • Carlton Weisey
    Carlton Weisey Hour ago

    iOS 13 is coming out tommorow :)

  • Irvin Ong
    Irvin Ong Hour ago

    Apple is removing features and calling it a new feature and saying it’s a better thing but in reality it’s not .

  • Ferdinand Lopez
    Ferdinand Lopez Hour ago

    Go ahead Apple, chinese competitor is doing fine you will regret soon

  • Blue Phoenix Productions

    Notice how there's always an "i" cause you know...the apple to my eye.

  • Liam Hambidge
    Liam Hambidge 2 hours ago

    lol os is back lol!!

  • Caleb Buchta
    Caleb Buchta 2 hours ago

    Funny there’s no actual professionals weighing in on this. “Worth” is subjective

  • Will P
    Will P 2 hours ago

    Who else got triggered that he was using photos of the old MacBook Air while talking about the new one?

  • Ted G
    Ted G 2 hours ago

    I wish they would had upgraded it instead. Best notebook ever made.

  • Naima Jones
    Naima Jones 2 hours ago

    I'm so lost, how are they gonna sell the iPhone X for $1,000 but the newest phone the iPhone 11 for only $700

  • じは
    じは 2 hours ago

  • Wahyu Setiawan
    Wahyu Setiawan 2 hours ago


  • Super Vortex
    Super Vortex 2 hours ago

    apple sucks they should pay us ..potting spy tools in our homes

  • The SpartanNintendoGachaFan

    I have the IPad Pro

  • Qalif Play
    Qalif Play 2 hours ago

    3:33 my ipad lol

  • Fun Mooze
    Fun Mooze 2 hours ago

  • Fun Mooze
    Fun Mooze 2 hours ago

  • Fun Mooze
    Fun Mooze 2 hours ago

  • Harry Williams - ROBLOX

    I got AirPods before they were even a trend

  • Fun Mooze
    Fun Mooze 3 hours ago

  • PH Gaming
    PH Gaming 3 hours ago

    I don't want to pay for a crappy tablet with an Apple printed on its back, especially if it's $1k I can buy an Android tablet for $120 with the same mechanism of an iPad but better.

  • meraj aalam
    meraj aalam 3 hours ago

    iPhone is bad phone

  • Nicholas Ridgway
    Nicholas Ridgway 3 hours ago

    Those camera stats!

  • Hi-Fi Insider
    Hi-Fi Insider 3 hours ago

    I love the fanless design of MacBook adorable.

    • spavatch
      spavatch 2 hours ago

      I know, right? It's perfect for what I'm doing, voiceovers. Not a single hiss. Try doing that with anything from current Apple lineup...

  • PizzaHut Honoka
    PizzaHut Honoka 3 hours ago

    This is one thing I’ve always had an issue with in Apple. There’s never a middle ground. You either get a real basic entry level device or a dumb expensive one with literally everything. 128gb is perfect for most users but you have to either get a 64 or 256.

    • pete lee
      pete lee Hour ago

      You know a regular hard drive on a cheaper windows computer is a full terabyte

  • u have so much worth

    i just wanted the xs max more 😖

  • Urbun Spirituk
    Urbun Spirituk 3 hours ago

    You said in your video that they would last 3 hours while listening to music but the pair I bought only last 1 hour 20 minutes before or I I have have to charge them back up do you think they are broken or maybe if I turn the volume down on the the pods maybe b&i will get set 3 hours I have no idea but please share where is there a way to to increase the battery maybe put device into power save or stop some things from running in the background I want to hear your thoughts for those of us who.are aren't getting the full 3 hours anyway great video thanks for sharing,,, also I wonder why they flash blue when you press the little button on the box

  • zYmo
    zYmo 3 hours ago

    Хто тут русский. Ставит лайк

  • che eks
    che eks 3 hours ago

    Iphone 10 bezel is more less than the Iphone 11

  • Tommy's Turnout Tips

    Where my Snow Leapord gang at

  • Snips 0o0
    Snips 0o0 3 hours ago

    Man I still have 6s

  • Chris Q
    Chris Q 3 hours ago

    I miss old Apple

  • Mathew Uy
    Mathew Uy 3 hours ago

    Greedy company stop buying ISHEEPS wake up!!!!

  • edo
    edo 3 hours ago

    Apple; the best at having people buy the new phone despite it being the same thing as the iphone 6 but slightly more hard to use and a lot more money.

  • SKYE LOVER 2003
    SKYE LOVER 2003 4 hours ago

    Sigh they discontinued the iPhone X what I still own

  • Aaryaman Narang
    Aaryaman Narang 4 hours ago

    2019- Huawei Ban

  • Jimmy Ochoa
    Jimmy Ochoa 4 hours ago

    The MacBook was discontinued because it will be re-released with an A-series processor used by iPads and iPhones. Basically a ARM MacBook running macOS 😉.

  • Hendra W
    Hendra W 4 hours ago

    Macbook design supposed to born with Apple arm processor. Maybe 2015 is too soon, and intel was and still stand still.

  • animate it
    animate it 4 hours ago


  • 0breezy
    0breezy 4 hours ago

    0:34 my first iPad 3:27 my second ipad

  • la cagadota humana fornoto rranakaba

    Yo ya tengo el 11 pro max

  • Bukan Vanessa Angel
    Bukan Vanessa Angel 4 hours ago

    0:43 _"... it was a relatively affordable choice for Apple fans ..."_ Yeah, no shit.

  • Bukan Vanessa Angel
    Bukan Vanessa Angel 4 hours ago

    The 12" MacBook got discontinued because it had too much malus and pretty much was a prototype of Retina MacBook Air. The 12" MacBook doesn't make sense anymore on 2018/2019 MacBooks lineup. But we could see the comeback of 12" MacBook equipped with Apple ARM processor.

  • Alex Wong
    Alex Wong 4 hours ago

    The macbook has been my biggest frustration and disappointment. As much as I love the form factor, it is really a poor laptop from macbook and I had so much repair headache. I bought the 1st model... which was a mistake on my side

    • spavatch
      spavatch 2 hours ago

      The third one was much better though, the keyboard is 2nd gen Butterfly, contrary to what this video guy says, the battery time is even better and all the first/second model pros are retained. It's just not for everyone, not for power hungry tasks. Still, believe me, there are many people who greatly appreciate its unique features - size, weight, perfectly silent operation etc. Just read the comments.

  • Nattaphat Jamthorn
    Nattaphat Jamthorn 4 hours ago

    cuz they're broke

  • Adam Durrani
    Adam Durrani 4 hours ago

    The word MacBook sounds weird to me now..

  • 1000 subs with no videos Challenge

    Tm is iOS 12

  • Patrick Gaming
    Patrick Gaming 4 hours ago

    I have IPad Air or air 2 gold

  • Silent MM
    Silent MM 5 hours ago

    Does airposs work on samsung?

  • Brion Emde
    Brion Emde 5 hours ago

    I have a 2017 12" MacBook and love it. For me, the distinctive selling point is that it does not contain a cooling fan. Fans have been the downfall of my previous laptops and I was specifically looking for a fan-less computer.

  • Dwikky 101
    Dwikky 101 5 hours ago

    Will Marques Brownlee still use his MacBooks?

  • Sol Giraudo
    Sol Giraudo 5 hours ago

    El iPhoneXR salió después del iPhoneXS max

  • abdullah abdulaziz
    abdullah abdulaziz 5 hours ago

    Android is best for mobile phones. Apple is best for their iPads And windows is best for the PC It should be this way which will keep the market more diverse

  • Ronnie Lamkin
    Ronnie Lamkin 5 hours ago

    Try to change a battery in an IPad and tell how easy it is which means in about five or less years there will be a lot of IPads in the trash. The weight and size makes the MacBook made it easy to carry around not as much as the Air or IPad 12 inch.

  • Vitalik Vitalik
    Vitalik Vitalik 5 hours ago


  • Jack Khang Its me
    Jack Khang Its me 5 hours ago

    1:02 my ipad :(

  • Screen Patch
    Screen Patch 5 hours ago

    Because they realised macbooks are ripoff laptops Message from apple fanboy

  • Koen Johnson
    Koen Johnson 5 hours ago

    Love how the peices went from low to so high. Where apple gives you less for more.

  • Donuutz
    Donuutz 5 hours ago

    The MacBook air still has the same old specs from 2014 wtf and still $1000 what a rip off

  • mineTurtle DXR
    mineTurtle DXR 5 hours ago

    Just like the iPad lineup, they should make the MacBook a budget model, the air, a bit better, and the pro for high end users

    • George Hernandez
      George Hernandez 3 hours ago

      That would seem like a good idea but prices would be ridiculous knowing how Apple is

  • iamAchint
    iamAchint 5 hours ago

    Guys i am form 2045 future you would not to me diamond is cheaper than apple devices

  • xX_SoLuxy_Xx 1
    xX_SoLuxy_Xx 1 5 hours ago

    the prices are wrong on some of the phones

  • SKYE LOVER 2003
    SKYE LOVER 2003 5 hours ago

    I still use cd drive

  • Winston M
    Winston M 5 hours ago

    iphone 11 is a good strategy....

  • Sander Evers
    Sander Evers 6 hours ago

    I think Apple will make a new MacBook with an A13 / A14 chip next year. Preparing MacOS for the jump to ARM-based chips.

  • Mr. Futturwing
    Mr. Futturwing 6 hours ago

    Nooo! Cuz I’m not even in middle school so no MacBook for collage that’s new I guess. 😥

  • MMR
    MMR 6 hours ago

    Who cares!? ...the 12” MacBook was garbage anyway

    • spavatch
      spavatch 2 hours ago

      Haha, what a dick comment! Listen up Apple, stop doing this or that because this single MMR guy can't find a use for it so it must be useless! You hear that Cupertino Castle? Shut it down!!

  • CrazyPiPo
    CrazyPiPo 6 hours ago

    At first, It’s kinda make sense to release the 12” MacBook since they haven’t updated the Air for quite a while so the 12” MacBook was, in a way, the Air’s successor. But once Apple updated the Air, it makes absolutely no sense to have them both in the line up. Apple had to pick one and they picked the right one.

  • Nema Ime
    Nema Ime 6 hours ago

    I hate iPhone,but iPads are hand down the best.

  • A A
    A A 6 hours ago

    The only issue with the MacBook Air is that if you use cpu intensive programs you’re gonna run into insane thermal throttling which means you’re almost never going to get the specs you paid for.

    • spavatch
      spavatch 2 hours ago

      And then you realize - since when you buy Apple for sheer specs?

  • Powi
    Powi 6 hours ago

    1:00 seeing Johny Ive with this much hair... xD I didn't even know I needed it xD

  • Tomás el Gaming noob

    Huawei psmart ?

  • Barbora Rusnáková
    Barbora Rusnáková 6 hours ago

    Hi, you forgot to go there to give huawei nova 3 and huawei nova 3i

  • Benzinewagen
    Benzinewagen 6 hours ago

    The core problem is lack of direction and lamented innovation, leading to feature delay, staggered introduction and lack of platform-wide implementation of functionality intended to be core, name/pricing overlap and all kinds of inconsistencies as a consequence. In other words, half-hearted product management of the worst kind. A CEO openly saying that computers are of secondary business interest and messing up this way should have been removed from that industry

  • Edmund Martinez
    Edmund Martinez 6 hours ago

    they should streamline th iphone

  • Rahul Dhakne
    Rahul Dhakne 6 hours ago

    Shitty title. Mention the variant they discontinued

  • Zsombor Polgár
    Zsombor Polgár 6 hours ago

    Huawei P smart?

  • ashur
    ashur 6 hours ago

    You said some stupid stuff and even those people in the video that you mentioned

  • Harsh Mistry
    Harsh Mistry 6 hours ago

    Storage of these phones are on next level 🤣🤣🤣😅

  • David Bloyd
    David Bloyd 6 hours ago

    Maybe 2 years ago, I was wondering if Apple would just sell the MacBook Pro only at different price points and not have iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, MacBook Air, or MacBook. They would just focus on iOS stuff.

  • Tran Vanson
    Tran Vanson 7 hours ago

    iPhone 11 ????????