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  • mateo ibarra
    mateo ibarra 4 hours ago

    i know it’s not a film or tv show but i wish sims language was on here

  • Chrysaura
    Chrysaura 4 hours ago

    Love how he sounds so irritated to be rolled out to answer these dumbass questions every time

  • imamiachia
    imamiachia 4 hours ago

    YES freaking Erik Singer. <3

  • Brittney
    Brittney 4 hours ago

    Please do brittany_broski’s tiktok of her English accent...please

  • Nicole Salinas
    Nicole Salinas 4 hours ago

    Rami is pretty on point. Shocking

  • Alisha Worden
    Alisha Worden 4 hours ago

    Please do another! I recommend Hannibal

  • Adam Berg
    Adam Berg 4 hours ago

    Deestroying could do It!🥇🏆🏅💯

  • fakeituntilyouareit
    fakeituntilyouareit 4 hours ago

    That was nice

  • Kejora
    Kejora 4 hours ago

    Oh he got hotter

  • Max S
    Max S 4 hours ago

    Who’s late and heard of iPhone 11?

  • Servanime2018
    Servanime2018 4 hours ago

    Ah yes, destroying little kids dreams

  • Richard H
    Richard H 4 hours ago

    My grandpa was 84 when he passed away 2 years ago and has built a dozen trains or so. With trains much larger that are used in national parks and amusement parks.

  • Top5
    Top5 4 hours ago

    It actually is pretty standard for an nfl kicker to be able to hit 80+. It is almost all mental. Justin Tucker regularly puts 75s through at practice but would never try one in a game

  • Aaron Miller
    Aaron Miller 4 hours ago

    When is Wired gonna have Ken Ham on ?

  • Qdog 99
    Qdog 99 4 hours ago


  • Jennikiko
    Jennikiko 4 hours ago

    Ahhhhhhhh my favorite videos are back!! Thank you!

  • Padraig Pearse
    Padraig Pearse 4 hours ago

    I'm going out on a limb saying this but honestly Rami Maleks rendition of Freddie is bad and the film didn't deserve any of the Oscars it got

  • gaming expeditio
    gaming expeditio 4 hours ago

    What! Spider-Mans not real lol Spider-Man does what he wants therefore he can't do it because his understanding of gravity is different, he does it because he's not real

  • Vince the beast
    Vince the beast 4 hours ago

    5:14 where are the infity stones .in thors hand me :what

  • Triscuits For Days
    Triscuits For Days 4 hours ago

    Always makes my day

  • Bridget Boyarsky
    Bridget Boyarsky 4 hours ago

    Bill, are you okay? You need anything?

  • Nathanael Hahn
    Nathanael Hahn 4 hours ago

    I find it interesting that Bill Nye dodged the parallel universe physics question. I'm suprised he did this, because as a scientist he should have dodged it, and lot's of the time he tries to answer questions with science that aren't in the realm of science. The alternate universe theory, I'd argue, is a question of metaphysics, something that science is not epuipped to answer. So i guess, kudos?

  • Dominic Cérasoli
    Dominic Cérasoli 4 hours ago

    Dennis Reynolds has come so far

  • Blake Roy
    Blake Roy 4 hours ago

    What am I going to do with all this new information

  • J Rod
    J Rod 4 hours ago

    Cool, but a Ferrari is a Ferrari because of the sound. This is like banging a supermodel with a blindfold on.

  • Daniel Embree
    Daniel Embree 4 hours ago


  • asmr with samantha
    asmr with samantha 4 hours ago

    I pretty sure it good for everyone im 10 and wached it

  • Travis Dubois
    Travis Dubois 4 hours ago

    We need more of these

  • gaming expeditio
    gaming expeditio 4 hours ago

    C'mon bill get it together lol

  • Janusha
    Janusha 4 hours ago

    I think a good actor shouldnt always strive to become an impersonator.

  • Batman 13
    Batman 13 4 hours ago

    Do Ryan Reynolds/ Deadpool as Bob Ross

  • Hunnah0055
    Hunnah0055 4 hours ago

    Do arab accents. You will light alot of people up lol

  • Jarrod
    Jarrod 4 hours ago

    So this is what Screech is doing now?

  • Nuke disaster
    Nuke disaster 4 hours ago

    U spelled weird wrong

  • Cian Chatten
    Cian Chatten 4 hours ago

    He returns!

  • Wynema Cantrell
    Wynema Cantrell 4 hours ago

    ~Jada looks so very lovely with long or short hair.~

  • Wilson Combatgirl
    Wilson Combatgirl 4 hours ago

    Fascinating subject matter!!

  • Lizbeth Godoy
    Lizbeth Godoy 4 hours ago

    i didn't get a single word of that

  • penks uwu
    penks uwu 4 hours ago

    i love Cameron Britton hes such a good actor

  • Ugh Not You
    Ugh Not You 5 hours ago

    not to be weird but I was having a panic attack and as I watched this video I slowly calmed down so thank you for that

  • Mechelle Conner
    Mechelle Conner 5 hours ago

    Bill Nye I have a question for you. What scientific question have you never been asked, but would like to answer?

  • Puppet lover
    Puppet lover 5 hours ago


  • AuraMaster
    AuraMaster 5 hours ago

    11:35 how you know you aren't any fun at parties. That is your comment.

  • Savanna Dilcher
    Savanna Dilcher 5 hours ago

    She said HALLE NAAH

  • Sprocket
    Sprocket 5 hours ago

    You folks want a small peak into Bills true character.... Look at the first thing he does at the beginning... He pretends to get his nose caught in the clapperboard... AKA a liar... He could have opened the scene with a infinity combinations and chose a lie.

  • Cody Curry
    Cody Curry 5 hours ago

    8:55 nice nipple ring dude

  • Clay Compton
    Clay Compton 5 hours ago

    Does this guy treat a trip to Kentucky or northern England like a trip to Disneyland?

  • bethany schaaf
    bethany schaaf 5 hours ago

    do the different clones in orphan Black !! (all played by Tatiana maslani)

  • TheMASDrummer
    TheMASDrummer 5 hours ago

    His Aussie accent sucks

  • Oscar Benavides
    Oscar Benavides 5 hours ago

    Bill: NO IM ONE OF YOU, I’m one of us, we are all in this together. Me: sounds like something an alien would say bill, IF THAT IS YOUR REAL NAME! 😑

  • Lizzie Corrado
    Lizzie Corrado 5 hours ago

    Just found out I have the same birthday as Vanessa Morgan

  • Bentley Sperling
    Bentley Sperling 5 hours ago

    Lin Manuel Miranda I love you so much you inspire me a lot and I really want to meet you. If I did meet you I would cry tears of joy. And I really like your songs my favorite song is the same as yours wait for it. And I really want to see your play

  • Yaboi Dawg
    Yaboi Dawg 5 hours ago

    I wish my dad can make rollercoasters lol

  • sc
    sc 5 hours ago

    accent expert is my favorite out of all of these

  • Maripoy
    Maripoy 5 hours ago

    I want a behind the scenes for these videos. I cant fantom him just doing such deep analysis on the spot

  • Mary Lane
    Mary Lane 5 hours ago

    I LOVE this series it is my FAVORITE series (specific to the speech episodes)

  • jeprox718
    jeprox718 5 hours ago


  • Amalia ichilov
    Amalia ichilov 5 hours ago

    9:57 IM DEAD

    IAME-MAN 5 hours ago

    I really want to make a motion capture animated movie

  • D'angelo Russell
    D'angelo Russell 5 hours ago

    I saw Freddie and I pressed

  • Mama B
    Mama B 5 hours ago

    I'm always happy to see Erik make a return. Bring him back more, please.

  • SoBanked-
    SoBanked- 5 hours ago

    He needs a RU-clip channel.

  • Jaymz Zeppelin
    Jaymz Zeppelin 5 hours ago

    Maleks performance was overrated, Claire Foys was much better imo

  • Mr. Al
    Mr. Al 5 hours ago

    I'm no hater, but I honestly have never heard anyone say "MoP was my fav xpac", lol xD

  • nakaharhoe
    nakaharhoe 5 hours ago

    my prayers have been heard

  • mikayla hunter
    mikayla hunter 5 hours ago

    hey slim killa

  • YouCare_ SoMuch
    YouCare_ SoMuch 5 hours ago

    Came here to here him raving about Rami’s dedication to playing Freddie, wasn’t disappointed ❤️

  • Das Krapital
    Das Krapital 5 hours ago

    Impersonating your father is hardly an accomplishment

  • Brian Felix
    Brian Felix 5 hours ago

    Really shocked no one asked about Loki taking the tesseract..

  • imrafa05
    imrafa05 5 hours ago

    Thumbnail: 2:51

  • Victoria González
    Victoria González 5 hours ago

    Please let's make this a weekly video

  • Madison Grooters
    Madison Grooters 5 hours ago

    should be called “Bill Nye Goes OFF on Twitter Stupidity”

  • JP_Ministries
    JP_Ministries 5 hours ago

    Bill Nye is not a real scientist lol.

  • Lauri Pearson
    Lauri Pearson 5 hours ago

    I think you look like the blue Muppet eagle!! I googled an image...seems I’m not the only one who thinks this!! 🤣🤣

  • yoga pangestu
    yoga pangestu 5 hours ago

    3:30 kpop boii : hold my kimchi

  • Lara Fraga
    Lara Fraga 5 hours ago

    Eles são muitos fofos

  • ImJcvlit
    ImJcvlit 5 hours ago

    Na, Cuz I hit 10/10 free throws last game

  • Kendall
    Kendall 5 hours ago

    Tell me why I screamed "YESSSSSS" when I saw this in my recommended. MORE

  • Kamal Harrison
    Kamal Harrison 5 hours ago

    This man just taught me how to say the letter r

  • Andrew Rothman
    Andrew Rothman 5 hours ago

    Go-JEE-ra SANz. Also, why do so many people who share my first name ask such moronic questions?

  • Aybak C.
    Aybak C. 5 hours ago

    I don't like when people use a question tone when making a statement. Edit 1:09 is the example.

  • Destructiv Donut
    Destructiv Donut 5 hours ago

    Bring back Neil deGrasse Tyson again!

  • Doctor Assume
    Doctor Assume 5 hours ago

    Me:Chris Hadfield Is A LEGEND!!! Morgan Freeman:Am I A Joke To You?

  • Bolt Kurenai
    Bolt Kurenai 5 hours ago

    Lmao he said the beef n go video was buried even though I searched it up and it was right there.

  • Andrew Tompkins
    Andrew Tompkins 5 hours ago

    It'd be interesting to see what he thinks of John Cusack and Paul Dano's performances as Brian Wilson in Love and Mercy, to compare the two portrayals within the one movie. Also, what's the deal with actors playing presidents (or those close to them in the case of Cheney) and dropping their voices so low?

  • Arman Bastavand
    Arman Bastavand 5 hours ago

    youre serve is slower because u cant play tennis tf it's like going up to Messi and saying I want to know why I can't play like you

  • David Watak
    David Watak 5 hours ago

    2:47 "When did Jeff Goldblum... Went to Ja- ...Oh Get married"

  • PillarOfWamuu
    PillarOfWamuu 5 hours ago

    This is one of my fav series.

  • starryviews
    starryviews 5 hours ago

    henry higgins is that you

  • Signe Anderson
    Signe Anderson 5 hours ago

    Bill Nye was FULLY TRIGGERED by the first tweet 😂😂😂 Ok .... and every tweet thereafter I guess 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

  • Adrian Chazz
    Adrian Chazz 5 hours ago

    For Ruth Bader Ginsburg nowadays, you would need Larry King... But enought talking, time to think like a lawyer!

  • Tabatha de Lacerda
    Tabatha de Lacerda 5 hours ago

    Paul is amazing. That’s all.

  • Unknown Jones
    Unknown Jones 5 hours ago

    What about James Franco in the disaster artist

  • Lauren Conrad
    Lauren Conrad 5 hours ago

    I'd love to see you pick apart Anne Hathaway's British accents in One Day and Becoming Jane. She's a fantastic actress in every other way, but she cannot do a British accent.

  • ecclestonsangel
    ecclestonsangel 5 hours ago

    Gary Oldman is spectacular! He puts his heart and soul into whatever role he's playing and makes absolutely certain he hits everything about it dead-on. The only problem with him throwing himself so completely into a role is, he's become so chameleonic over time that the poor man forgot his own, original accent, and required the services of a dialect coach to help him get it back! He confessed that himself. He truly is dedicated to his art. I never get tired of watching anything he does. He is exquisite!

  • PureBeauty511
    PureBeauty511 5 hours ago

    Yay! Please keep bringing Erik back! I was so excited to see you guys made another one of these.

  • Kairio
    Kairio 5 hours ago

    this man's energy is hot professor energy and honestly it's very rude i wasn't ready for this assault

    INTROVERT OMEGA 5 hours ago

    Claire Danes impressive But of course Bale NAILS IT

  • Matuca Matchola
    Matuca Matchola 5 hours ago

    So passive-aggressive, geez What a douche

  • MK
    MK 5 hours ago

    He must be a doctor.