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  • Hi Dude
    Hi Dude 3 hours ago

    Apex is the best

  • Bark the Spark
    Bark the Spark 3 hours ago

    I liked, subscribed, and i click the bell. I just wanna say 😁😁😁

  • Ginger Cheesecake
    Ginger Cheesecake 3 hours ago

    Mr Beast went to Area 51. So I was hoping Morgz would do the same and get shot and die

  • Erti Sijarina
    Erti Sijarina 4 hours ago

    i tried charlie charlie chalenge in my school it workt

  • POCA !
    POCA ! 4 hours ago

    It'd be cool to see Mr beast and Morgz do an ultimate challenge together, maybe that's just me

  • Joshua Sanchez
    Joshua Sanchez 4 hours ago

    She fingered her own son😱that's the real crime

  • Perfect Chaos
    Perfect Chaos 4 hours ago

    I think life sentences are stupid it’s way easier to spend a fu pennies on a bullet take em out back and shoot em. Then grind up the body for fertilizer make some use out of them. VS paying tax payer money to feed cloth and house them in prison for the next 90 years

  • Cory Klein
    Cory Klein 4 hours ago

    there is ZERO chance that ticket will stand up in court. It will get thrown out 100%

  • Samuel Siro
    Samuel Siro 4 hours ago

    Boi oh boi I better like this video because a lego that is not in the hotel will be stepped on by me

    CodyUSSEAL PUBGR6 4 hours ago

    I’ve never heard trendcrave yell

  • Dripzyy YT
    Dripzyy YT 4 hours ago

    Ok don't have a school bus

  • Gold Gaming
    Gold Gaming 4 hours ago

    I would punch that guard

  • Dennis McDonall
    Dennis McDonall 5 hours ago


  • Logan Baker
    Logan Baker 5 hours ago

    @Morgs copied like 11of @ Killem vids lol

  • Kalvin Emitt
    Kalvin Emitt 5 hours ago

    an über is like a cab its harmless so you don't have to be a total mom okay bitches don't try to be parent of the year

  • Lana Mahera
    Lana Mahera 5 hours ago

    my mom is perfect... my biggest problem was when i got a bad grade and she ONCE took my laptop from me for 2 hours. so naturally i decided to get a nap

  • D Greer
    D Greer 5 hours ago

    After nobody thanked the bus driver he proceeded to bus down like tatiana

  • WatchPeopleDieInside

    What about the Live tinder date. The Sidemen did it first and just research how many people copied him

  • TNL Capo Lean
    TNL Capo Lean 5 hours ago

    i wanna give people money

  • Kalvin Emitt
    Kalvin Emitt 5 hours ago

    standing up

  • Kalvin Emitt
    Kalvin Emitt 5 hours ago

    you are troopers

  • exeno rex mad rex
    exeno rex mad rex 5 hours ago

    The rape one is unfair becsuse if a man yells rape no one will belive him

  • Kalvin Emitt
    Kalvin Emitt 5 hours ago

    thats how bad it is

  • Kalvin Emitt
    Kalvin Emitt 5 hours ago

    school makes hell look like fucking heaven

  • Kalvin Emitt
    Kalvin Emitt 5 hours ago

    I hate the groups of bulling pieces of shit

  • ethnic comedyyy
    ethnic comedyyy 5 hours ago

    Lol im a smart kid i always ask my mom can i have this and always say yes to your kid

  • Phantom Alpha
    Phantom Alpha 5 hours ago

    Man, I’d beat the hell out of someone who stole one of my pets. Lock those guys up.

  • ICY Dr Dank
    ICY Dr Dank 6 hours ago

    Teacher don’t lie be honest Me i don’t like you Teacher Go to the principals office Me for what I was being honest

  • Walking Nightmare
    Walking Nightmare 6 hours ago

    There’s only two genders

  • remy vybz
    remy vybz 6 hours ago

    The 77 people who disliked are the people who copyed the videos

  • Mike Honcho
    Mike Honcho 6 hours ago

    Back in 2015, this guy called from Missouri to tell me to stop talking to his girlfriend. I asked who she was, and he told me that it was my girlfriend of 2 years. He had only been dating her for a few months, but had been sleeping with her for around a year, so a solid year into dating her. While I was in the Marine Corps. Yeah. This guy said he'd kick my ass, and all I could do was laugh. So; I took my car back, my house keys, garage door opener, and let the lease on the appartment in Missouri go out, slept with her best friends and a few co workers of hers; and then sent her the pictures of her two friends at my house in Texas in what was supposed to be our home on my 11 acres. Hope that 1 bedroom appartment still rocks; rocked? Don't care. Oh, and one last thing, I don't have to supply drugs or alcohol to get women, unlike the guy she cheated with.

  • Cj92 boy
    Cj92 boy 6 hours ago

    Gravy train

  • Haila Smith
    Haila Smith 6 hours ago

    I think that boy deserved what he got from his dad for bullying

  • Jessica Berry
    Jessica Berry 6 hours ago

    I don't want to say exactly but stepdad and dad #metoo that's the easiest way to say it

  • Slade Nolan
    Slade Nolan 6 hours ago

    He is high

  • yanz Opema
    yanz Opema 6 hours ago

    I see goat so many times lol

  • AveragePS4Player
    AveragePS4Player 7 hours ago

    I hate I always hated and always will hate morgz

  • myriah guyton
    myriah guyton 7 hours ago

    Um I just love how the second woman that put a hit out on her husband busted out fake crying before the police could even say he’s dead she messed up big time

  • John & Jeremy Ye
    John & Jeremy Ye 7 hours ago


  • Tron3434_Glitches
    Tron3434_Glitches 7 hours ago

    I served. Fries whopper division

  • Dj Jourdy
    Dj Jourdy 8 hours ago

    I liked this video when ads were still on

  • Brandybot
    Brandybot 8 hours ago

    Nobody: Treadcrave: Your going to step on a Lego and die if you don't click the like video

  • Belinda Brown
    Belinda Brown 8 hours ago

    Fuck he🖕🏽🤑🤑

  • Siddhant Singh
    Siddhant Singh 8 hours ago

    I got an incident report because I said poopy is second grade

  • The Last Dragonborn
    The Last Dragonborn 8 hours ago

    I hate parents who defend their kids if your child murderers someone they deserve everything they get vile mother and her vile scumbag son

  • Sam Deale
    Sam Deale 8 hours ago

    The kid who broke the TV wasn't playing fortnite

  • Poab YT
    Poab YT 9 hours ago

    3:08 lol what happened there?

  • lynn Lombard
    lynn Lombard 9 hours ago

    Macbook girl!! The 'stupid spoilt bitch brat' key on my on my 'message sending' macbook broke. Thats why Im using my mobile!!

  • Marc Cervantes
    Marc Cervantes 9 hours ago


  • Poab YT
    Poab YT 9 hours ago

    I’ve raged more playing Mario party than geometry dash lol

  • Zedrick Lebron
    Zedrick Lebron 9 hours ago

    And subscribe to flint

  • Daily World
    Daily World 9 hours ago

    At my school there was a ghost in the bathroom

  • Poab YT
    Poab YT 9 hours ago

    Day 1 of asking Trendcrave to play Rick Astley- Never Gonna Give You Up for the outdo music.

    GHOSTPER GAMING 9 hours ago


  • Jack Wickham
    Jack Wickham 9 hours ago

    I'm not super down in the RU-clipr community, but one instance of blatant copying I've seen is NoughtPointFourLIVE copying RobbinRams' GTA V videos (and just being a cringey, fake slimy prick on top of it all)

  • { •ßutterfly• }

    *I Kinda Think It Was Worth It*

  • Angelo Fanella
    Angelo Fanella 9 hours ago

    Gets robbed with a 12’ knife ..not the chips rack

  • Ricardo Thijssen
    Ricardo Thijssen 9 hours ago

    2:30 METAL GEAR

  • Survival
    Survival 9 hours ago

    A red car? That’s ok! She has a problem.

    SPARKS SPARKIE 10 hours ago

    For 2 days

    SPARKS SPARKIE 10 hours ago

    My brother got suspended for punching a kid In the face

  • Yadasa
    Yadasa 10 hours ago

    Ik late gang but it makes my blood boil when adults are strict and close minded because they believe they're the only one who's right. I'd fight any of these parents cause they're idiots.

  • Ethan Omarrah
    Ethan Omarrah 10 hours ago

    well guess what i dont use a tv tho and yes i know this is a old vid

  • Poab YT
    Poab YT 10 hours ago

    7:25 that’s actually quite smart.

  • Wïńdöws Më
    Wïńdöws Më 10 hours ago

    almost 1 millon visits

  • Poab YT
    Poab YT 10 hours ago

    8:48 So we’re just going to ignore the *red* box on the background?

  • John Rutherford
    John Rutherford 11 hours ago

    Lol. I was playing bioshock 2 on my 360 and when I got to this one part my stupid controllers R1 button broke and so I died. It took me a few times to finally figure out the button broke and I got so pissed that I tore to controller to pieces with my bare hands and threw it across the room and screamed at the tv ha ha ha ha.

  • Matthew Alderink
    Matthew Alderink 11 hours ago

    This ain't a threat im not going to do those things i was talking about im just saying i wish i could because if i could get away with it i would cause i hate cops but i can't get away with that so im not going to do that

  • Matthew Alderink
    Matthew Alderink 11 hours ago

    Im speaking up for these kids because im a good person the police are bad i don't think the war against good and bad will ever go away but as long as the cops are there the good people will be there to fight back against the pig Nazis from hell that ruin peoples lives

  • dumpsteRat
    dumpsteRat 11 hours ago

    Legos on the floor is the next Home Alone booby trap

  • Matthew Alderink
    Matthew Alderink 11 hours ago


  • Matthew Alderink
    Matthew Alderink 11 hours ago

    Man im in the mood to do a sadistic ridual on a cop right now or some type of law enforcement there causing these kids ptsd this kids are scarred 4 life no lie they already go through hell then they got videos saying crybaby this is all thanks to law inforcement as i said i would love to do a sadistic ridual you know where i slowley dismember a cop or some beyond scared straight show person law person and rub there blood on my face like war paint then dip there severed limbs in acid to burn away the skin of the pigs

  • captain of ss chalupa
    captain of ss chalupa 11 hours ago

    i would love to taste her poonam

  • Watermelon With butter

    Basically Every Morgz Video.

  • Most Awkward
    Most Awkward 11 hours ago

    Does it count as copying someone's video if it's been a year?

  • 0 0
    0 0 11 hours ago

    i was i m not truing to be men but i biting up 1 bully a day

  • nightshadow the cat
    nightshadow the cat 11 hours ago

    If someone snitched on me I would punch um right I the face

  • Weegee
    Weegee 11 hours ago

    I ain't stepping on lego

  • Jinx :3
    Jinx :3 12 hours ago

    This is why I don’t trust anyone

  • wakta ym
    wakta ym 12 hours ago

    school is dumb😈😈😈😒😭😎😎😎

  • ray32245mv
    ray32245mv 12 hours ago

    What’s worse? A lisp or a wisp?

  • lur lia?
    lur lia? 12 hours ago


  • Caleb Gill
    Caleb Gill 12 hours ago

    That is my store wtf

  • Lil Wassabi
    Lil Wassabi 12 hours ago

    I live near that McDonalds omg i know the employees

  • Hardheadhunter
    Hardheadhunter 12 hours ago

    I don’t own legos

  • Makai Brown
    Makai Brown 12 hours ago

    That first clip reminds me of of the many west song goldigger. "18 year 18 years come to find out it wasn't even his."

  • YM Random
    YM Random 13 hours ago

    Why does the first girl look like if longneck was a female.😂

  • Rogerrabbit 221
    Rogerrabbit 221 13 hours ago

    2nd one

  • Rogerrabbit 221
    Rogerrabbit 221 13 hours ago

    Fucked up

  • Lil Wassabi
    Lil Wassabi 13 hours ago

    I stepped on a lego👌

  • Boi Boi
    Boi Boi 13 hours ago

    Anyone got some offensive jokes I got a date tomorrow

  • Zack 2.O
    Zack 2.O 13 hours ago

    My friend smashed my dads tv because are team lost my dad got so mad

  • Zack 2.O
    Zack 2.O 13 hours ago

    WTH was that

  • Gastergaming Exe
    Gastergaming Exe 13 hours ago

    I would be proud of my child if they were gay or les

  • Dilo the potato Nub
    Dilo the potato Nub 13 hours ago

    I have a friend who came from dubai,but hes not even close to anyone in this list

    MADDEN BATMAN 13 hours ago

    this is even scary just wayhing this

  • Fornite ButterYT
    Fornite ButterYT 13 hours ago

    Hay bro i play you on Apex

  • Danil Pendleton
    Danil Pendleton 13 hours ago


  • Sky
    Sky 13 hours ago

    One time I made a book about monsters and stuff into a book called "How to kill a teacher" and I got caught and almost suspended. I learned that even if you want something, you won't always obtain it.

  • Bryan Salazar
    Bryan Salazar 13 hours ago

    Beast running outa ideas ?