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  • Aldo Vazquez
    Aldo Vazquez 41 minute ago

    Sound isnt sexist just people!

  • Wattain 666
    Wattain 666 58 minutes ago

    I HATE arrogant, cocky, conceited people who call themselves "vocal coaches" on youtube. (just saying)

  • Kathy Smick
    Kathy Smick Hour ago

    Your not from here....another good one.

  • Joe Mauceri II
    Joe Mauceri II 2 hours ago

    In love with this vocal reaction. So many have done this and this is the best/ my fav and seeing your visceral reactions. He really defies proper training with posture and with that power behind his voice. He gets into a trance with music and it takes him to a whole new place. Would love to see you watch more songs.

  • GergLounge
    GergLounge 2 hours ago

    Your insight on this stuff was awesome to watch! There's infinite good stuff out there by so many artists, but I'd love to see you check out some of this band's other stuff. They're unique and amazing.

  • Nick Langille
    Nick Langille 2 hours ago

    WAke up !!!!!ToolArmy enjoy

  • Nick Langille
    Nick Langille 2 hours ago

    Welcome too the Army if ya want🤟🏻

  • Nick Langille
    Nick Langille 2 hours ago


  • Snake Doctor
    Snake Doctor 3 hours ago

    People always mention the position he sings from, but if Maynard sang that with "proper" posture, every person in the first five rows would have fallen over dead.

  • Jack 1607
    Jack 1607 3 hours ago

    Criticising you're brave! One of the best singers out there! Let's hear you sing.....?

  • L1quiD 89
    L1quiD 89 3 hours ago

    Satan summoned?...and she did=)

  • x666xIronMaiden
    x666xIronMaiden 3 hours ago

    Surprised you got copyright blocked. I have never seen this one get blocked before. Great reaction none the less.

  • Paolo Yaranon
    Paolo Yaranon 3 hours ago

    He is the one who organized that song. He doesn't have sound man

  • FavianTube
    FavianTube 3 hours ago

    Listen to the Pot (album studio version) by Tool! Please give commentary

  • tpietropaolo01
    tpietropaolo01 4 hours ago

    What a perFUCKINformance man wowzaaaaa

  • Stuart Dagger
    Stuart Dagger 5 hours ago

    Your tears are the same reaction I had when I first heard this song and his words in this song really hits home for me today as I’m currently going through the passing of my dear sweet mum and it’s hit me so hard that “Time waits for no one”. 😢😢

  • Tim Stack
    Tim Stack 8 hours ago

    🤘🏻 welcome to my world 🤘🏻 Please do more Tool

  • King Lear is Dead
    King Lear is Dead 8 hours ago

    Best reaction video. Teaching me, who has little singing talent, how to sing better is much appreciated. Subscribed too.

  • Kareem de Vries
    Kareem de Vries 8 hours ago

    This is my favorite reaction, can t wait for the next Tool reaction 😅

  • Robin Paul
    Robin Paul 9 hours ago

    Welcome to the space between spaces .

  • iipantera
    iipantera 9 hours ago

    I love your take on this. I would suggest checking out the song Lateralus by Tool, or that whole album... They used a Fibonacci sequence in writing the song. Awesomeness 👍

  • ashlee legeret
    ashlee legeret 10 hours ago

    Maynard is by far bar none for me. No other vocalist makes me feel the way he does. I highly suggest for live performances: Tool-Pushit (salival) APC-By and Down (live at the red rock's) Puscifer-Grand Canyon

  • Yohann Pudelko
    Yohann Pudelko 10 hours ago

    Please Alice In Chains - Love, Hate, Love - Live at the Moore !

  • Stephen Morelli
    Stephen Morelli 10 hours ago

    Please do more tool but make sure it’s old tool not new how voice was more powerful early on

  • halfbakedoreo
    halfbakedoreo 11 hours ago

    The body movements and stage presence is because Maynard goes all out to use not only his voice but his physical form to portray what he is singing. He is showing the pain and anxiety the song is about.

  • halfbakedoreo
    halfbakedoreo 11 hours ago

    Considering that Tool has been around since 1990 and was a very big band it is hard to believe that you have never heard of them.

  • Mercilles
    Mercilles 11 hours ago

    Try Wings for Marie (part I and II). Great vocals and lyrics. I'm sure those songs will move you as well.

  • TheRealEmperor
    TheRealEmperor 12 hours ago

    "If you feel like it at any point, you know... pick a tempo!" Devy saying outloud what 99% of performers think when the crowd tries to clap along.. lol EDIT: His voice breaks at the end NOT because of the fry screams, but because, as others have pointed out, he was recovering from a bad flu at the time of the recording. There are multiple videos of his shows on YT where his voice never breaks after doing fry screams.

  • Joffy Jener
    Joffy Jener 12 hours ago

    They are definitely not death metal

  • TheRealEmperor
    TheRealEmperor 12 hours ago

    if you ever want to do more TOOL, try Right In Two, Parabol/Parabola, Wings For Marie & 10,000 Days (2-part song), Forty Six & 2, and something off their newest album, Invincible.

  • PirateMark
    PirateMark 12 hours ago

    This song is from Lucio Dalla.

  • BZComedy Channel
    BZComedy Channel 12 hours ago

    YOU FOUND US! Welcome to TOOL!! You have a Glorious road ahead of you...may I suggest "Lateralus??"

  • Jack Randall
    Jack Randall 13 hours ago

    Tool is an artistic and emotional adventure. if you head down this rabbit hole you'll be richly rewarded with some staggering musicianship and esoteric musings.

  • Stephen Ruff
    Stephen Ruff 14 hours ago

    Such a beautiful song.

  • fransheska V
    fransheska V 16 hours ago

    please please ,react to : Icy - Kim Petras (Official Music Video) ,all love thank you

  • tim purcell
    tim purcell 16 hours ago

    Might I suggest Tool - Wings for Marie and 10,000 days. Listen to Part 1 then part 2 in one sitting. If you don't get teared up you are not human. Beautiful pieces.

  • gorga14
    gorga14 16 hours ago

    Can you PLEASE react to Pearl Jam black mtv unplugged. PLEASE

  • John Q. Public
    John Q. Public 16 hours ago

    Spiral out

  • Steve Levin Cinematography

    Devin is the Deadpool of Metal.

  • Steve Levin Cinematography

    I highly recommend The Grudge. Absolute insanity. Longest scream I've ever heard.

  • BeyondTheRain
    BeyondTheRain 17 hours ago

    I love these tips! Especially the spine lengthening tip. It makes breathing into the diaphragm MUCH easier for me. It also helps me to keep my throat muscles from getting involved, as thats my number one bad habit. Engaging the sternocleidomastoid muscles is the number one bad habit i have, but that spine lengthening tip really helps me so much!

  • MrBoxx117
    MrBoxx117 18 hours ago

    As you have mentioned, Maynard has a wonderul voice, however, this is probably not the best example of it. I'll add to the many others who have recommended "Pushit (Live)" from the Salival album as one of the best examples of his vocal range. If you choose to react to another Tool song, please let it be that one.

  • Carol Coates
    Carol Coates 20 hours ago

    I am totally obsessed with this young lady especially with this song. Every time I hear it, my heart get tight and tears pour down my face. I've been watching dozens of reactions from vocal coaches, probably over 100 now, and without exception, they ALL react the same struggling to speak, almost in shock. Diana is totally unique and no-one comes close. She's the whole package, very beautiful, wonderful flawless voice and her stage presence is out of this world.

  • T S
    T S 21 hour ago

    A Perfect Circle - 3 Libras (live @ The Tonight Show). One of Maynards best live performances check it out

  • Kris Rafanan
    Kris Rafanan 21 hour ago

    I like your reaction ma'am absulotelly.i like it.

  • Nick Pease
    Nick Pease 21 hour ago

    "This is what music's supposed to be, it's supposed to move you" Perfect sentiment

  • Henric Von Rosen
    Henric Von Rosen 21 hour ago

    Another awesome reaction from you.. totally love your work. If i may come with a request it would definitely be one of my favorites of the unknown bands. Van Canto with the song seller of souls, a great cappella metal band i think you would like

  • Tyler Sama
    Tyler Sama 23 hours ago

    yeah Maynard is awesome

  • Chill Ass LoFi

    Tool is a different kind of animal altogether. No other band sounds like Tool. No one even tries to sound like Tool. I have always thought of them like Pink Floyd. Completely different from everyone else within their time, and wholly unique. Here's where I'd normally give a request, but honestly there is no bad Tool song. Listen to them all.

  • shakido vlogs
    shakido vlogs Day ago

    You have no idea what you have done. You have stepped into the TOOL rabbit hole. Welcome. Be ready to be in awe and to be absolutely enlightened by the concept that is TOOL. I urge you to continue on this path. They have just released their first new album in 13yrs and it instantly went to number one. And one other thing. If you do continue on this journey, and do more TOOL reactions, the TOOL army will come. And your YT channel will see numbers never seen before. 🙂🙂

  • cyberwolf77X
    cyberwolf77X Day ago

    Love the reaction. You do such a great job and I really enjoy it. Would love to see you do a reaction video of David Gilmour - " Sorrow " Pompeii 2016. It's a mesmerizing and relaxing song. The music is so calming. Thanks and God bless.

  • matt matt
    matt matt Day ago

    Mjk is one of the best vocalists ever period the man can sing like an angel say orestes apc or can scream one of the most divers able singers ever

  • Orly Melgar
    Orly Melgar Day ago

    Plz react i wanna know a love is longest whistle

  • Michael De Tie

    So, on that hunched position of his: One of the band mates used to be in film production of some sort, he was doing their videos at the time. The video to this song is creepy as hell. Maynard was trying to emulate the motion of the character from the video.

  • Александр Бирилов

    Очень добрая и профессиональная реакция. Спасибо, что поддержали нашу девочку. Но Диана стоит ваших тёплых слов и нашей любви.

  • Mark man
    Mark man Day ago

    It's kinda disturbing to watch... not a big fan of the band, but holy crap dude can sing.

  • Zephyrbal
    Zephyrbal Day ago

    Best description I've ever heard of Maynard's on stage presence is "It's like an Alien trying to pilot a human body for the first time"

  • Paul Freeman
    Paul Freeman Day ago

    Hi Christi...I just subscribed to your channel...This will blow your mind...There is a Danish TV show called Beste Zangers (best singers) please react to Floor Jansen (lead singer for the group Nightwish) and Henk Poort performing Phanton Of The Opera on this season's last show a few days ago...The Video already has over a million views in 3

  • Kimmer N
    Kimmer N Day ago

    Great reaction!!I really hope you continue down the rabbit hole. Their music is like no other.

  • Dominic Cerna
    Dominic Cerna Day ago

    This was so good I had to watch twice

  • Jeminai
    Jeminai Day ago

    Maynard also sings in A Perferct Circle, id suggest "Judith"

  • Dominic Cerna
    Dominic Cerna Day ago

    TOOL is TOOL, and they’ve thought like that for 20 years plus

  • Dominic Cerna
    Dominic Cerna Day ago


  • Jeminai
    Jeminai Day ago

    its a tough one to get a good sense of cos very few songs are entirely the same voice but id love to get your opinion on Mike Patton. he is reknown for his genre crossing style and 6+ octave range. most know him as the singer of Faith No More but has done so much more, he fronts many bands. Fantomas, Tomahawk, Peeping Tom, Dead Cross & Mr Bungle. many collabs, game scores and voice FX and a few film scores too. he does things vocally that should be impossible. there are a few videos on YT that cover his abilities in the one video but ofc many songs to experience also.

  • Dominic Cerna
    Dominic Cerna Day ago


  • Zodd 3224
    Zodd 3224 Day ago

    Great reaction!

  • Fazi.smkn1 Indonesia

    4.37 That's my face expression when I for the first time listened to Dream theater-finally free live from Boston:)

  • Salty Gaming
    Salty Gaming Day ago

    You got chills now watch the music video.

  • Kevin B-rad
    Kevin B-rad Day ago

    Loved your reaction! Please do more Tool

  • Jim McGinley
    Jim McGinley Day ago

    This is a phenomenal song from Chris Cornell and my favorite

  • Marcin Kamiński

    If you like time signature changes in music try Dream Theater - The Dance of Eternity. ^_^ It's instrumental tho.

  • MrCubensis420
    MrCubensis420 Day ago

    Tool pushit,the grudge,parobol parabola

  • Sexi Grande
    Sexi Grande Day ago

    Next review ticks and leeches by tool 😉

  • lordskysixss
    lordskysixss Day ago

    Pllllease, do Shaman - Fairy Tale (live), they are a brazilian power metal band! Their vocalist Andre Matos unfortunately passed away a few months ago. If you consider doing a reaction of this band. I am VERY VERY sure you will enjoy it.

  • CircuitSix
    CircuitSix Day ago

    This was the song, and the album, that got me into Tool. Manyard is also the singer of the bands A Perfect Circle and Puscifer, his voice is amazing. Cant wait to see you listen to more of Tool and Manyards work!

  • Gabriel Laverdière

    Off topic, but if I may: lovely color lipstick.

  • Jan Willem Schaper

    Thank you for this video. You should check out Floor Jansen en Henk Poort, doing the Nightwish version of the Phantom of the Opera. Prepare to be blown away

  • bdd1469
    bdd1469 Day ago

    If you havn't heard it already you should react to Sound of silence by Disturbed. You won't be disappointed.

  • Станислав Брусникин

    Посмотрите ! Диана исполняет Реченьку на Первом канале на юбилее Александра Михайлова (Поздравляем ! Долгих лет ему ! ) на 52 минуте

  • Barry Miller
    Barry Miller Day ago

    Best review I’ve seen. Please do more Tool...

  • k2raf
    k2raf Day ago

    I cried, which happens quite often while watching this performance. Let it go, it is good.

  • Yuri Söderqvist

    Or Perfect Circle - Weak and Powerless - Stone and Echo Live at Red Rocks!

  • Tyler
    Tyler Day ago

    Check out these tool songs: The Pot, Lateralus, 7emptest.

  • BeforeReform
    BeforeReform Day ago

    I hope you do more Tool in the future! Their live performance of Pushit (salival) is also incredible!

    • BeforeReform
      BeforeReform Day ago

      artists who push the envelope you say? maybe you should listen to Tool's song Lateralus 😂

  • Yuri Söderqvist

    This is fantastic! Maynard is also the singer in a band called A Perfect Circle, it would be awesome if you could do a reaction video to A Perfect Circle - Orestes - Stone and Echo Live at Red Rocks, it's an experience.

  • Sebas V.
    Sebas V. Day ago

    nowadays everyone is voice teachers :v

  • Luis Carballo
    Luis Carballo Day ago

    You need more TooL in you life

  • Alexander Jimenez Euan

    React to "Pushit" live performance from Salival

  • Miguel Acosta
    Miguel Acosta Day ago

    one of my fav bands

  • jason tejas
    jason tejas Day ago

    Welcome to the rabbit hole 🔧

  • PalmDesertRock

    "How is he doing this?" is the question we've all been asking ourselves about the whole band for the last 30 years.

  • Nalin X
    Nalin X Day ago

    Since you seemed to like this, I recommend you check out Maynard's vocals on '3 Libras' or 'Judith' with one of his other bands, A Perfect Circle. This guy and Thom Yorke are my favorite rock vocalists who're still active.

  • Eden Lester
    Eden Lester Day ago

    Please, please, please do more Tool! You will never be disappointed. You should definitely listen to "Wings for Marie" parts 1 and 2. Beautiful vocals, beautiful lyrics and emotion. I'd love to see your reaction to it.

  • Ryan Kraus
    Ryan Kraus Day ago

    Welcome to the Tool club...

  • carinaejag
    carinaejag Day ago

    This video is really boring for us that want's to see Dimash. Please react to Ogni Pietra fancam version instead as that shows close up on Dimash. Here it is

  • bobinchainz
    bobinchainz Day ago

    Other vocal teachers have reacted to the same video. I enjoy reaction videos but please choose different songs and videos for Gods sakes .

  • Selma
    Selma Day ago

    You should react to their live songs on Salival. There's a couple of covers on it. But their live version of pushit is beautiful. The subject matter in that song is domestic violence. They aren't afraid to cover topics that bring us to a vulnerable place in our minds, hearts, bodies. Their latest album is a progressive rock masterpiece.

  • Patrick Aalfs
    Patrick Aalfs Day ago

    @The Voice Love Co. If you're even vaguely interested to hear what the kid in the pink onesie sounds like as a fifty five year old man, listen to Tool's new album "Fear Inoculum." And by the way, I've not heard of any news reports about a woman who has spent the last 30 years living in an underground bunker so how have you not heard of Tool. If you grew up in the Canadian outback or the state of Indiana, I guess I could see it. Other than that, no way, I'm calling "shenanigans" on you.

  • Selma
    Selma Day ago

    Isn't he so dreamy? 😍

  • Benedictine Punk

    Tool is its own genre. I recommend diving into their work. There are so much variety in how MJK sings. I highly recommend H. It's beautiful.