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tell me where it hurts...
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  • Ernesto Castillo
    Ernesto Castillo 50 minutes ago

    Pa shout sa next ukelele turorial

  • Chlorophyll
    Chlorophyll 54 minutes ago

    Alam ko na late ang comment nato, pero... Paano po mag "chuck" pag walang daliri, dahil kinakagat ko kasi eh.. 😅

  • Bambi Latorre
    Bambi Latorre 4 hours ago

    Ate jaytee request ko lang po pwede po bang may tutorial po kayo na death bed by powfu....click nyo lang po yung like kung gusto nyo pong gawin..thank you po😇

  • Lovic Caceres
    Lovic Caceres 5 hours ago

    Shoutout ate

  • Kristalynne Martin
    Kristalynne Martin 8 hours ago

    Tutorial naman ate jaytee ng make it with you by ben and ben

  • Shyra Eusebio
    Shyra Eusebio 9 hours ago

    hello mamshie jaytee! imahe at panalangin by magnus haven po sana next tutorial 🤩 god bless! 💖

  • Cynthia Lim
    Cynthia Lim 17 hours ago


  • anes farhanna
    anes farhanna 17 hours ago

    wow thank you soo muchh for the details in the descriptions!🤧😆

  • Joey Domingo
    Joey Domingo 22 hours ago

    Hi po pa shout out po ang pangalan ko po "Nicole" atsaka bago po ako dito nag subscribe na po ako at like ng video niyo kapag tuwing nag hahanap ako ng tutorial ng mga iba't ibang kanta gamit ang instrumentong ukelele dito po ako nag hahanap ang laki po ng naiitulong niyo sa amin dahil sa inyo po nag papa galing namin ang aming talento😊💕💖💝

  • Roy Patron
    Roy Patron 23 hours ago

    This is an original song of Moira, together with Victory Worship.

  • Chersey Pingol

    Hi ateee😊!! Please do ukulele tutorial of sometimes by britney spears. Thank you poo🥺❤

  • Cassidy Angelika

    Pwede poba Yan sa soprano ukelele?

  • annamontesclaros

    Pede po pa request On The Wings Of Love tutorial. Jadine fan :(

  • -Loyal 26-
    -Loyal 26- Day ago

    Req ko po: Sol🌞 at Luna🌛 the best po kayo magturo🥺💛

  • What JC
    What JC 2 days ago

    Ganda bosses nyo teh :3-/

  • Hart and Hart
    Hart and Hart 2 days ago

    Ang galing mo po magturo at ang ganda ng boses❣️ thank you po!

  • Chummy Chavz
    Chummy Chavz 2 days ago

    super love the tutorial, request po ng mr. kupido

  • Kayecee Rendaje
    Kayecee Rendaje 2 days ago


  • starsnavigate
    starsnavigate 2 days ago

    the first two chords are so hard to strum -- when she plays it sounds like just 2 strums, but there's 4! (D DUD)

  • Kunde Brand
    Kunde Brand 2 days ago

    Check out our cover!

  • BoyYuks
    BoyYuks 2 days ago

    moira? 🙈🙈

  • Qassandra Rivera
    Qassandra Rivera 2 days ago

    Ate pwede po pa turo ng make it with you by ben&ben hehe thanks po and pashoutout na din po❤

  • Lyra
    Lyra 2 days ago

    Ate pa tutorial po tohhh please ate!!!

  • Christian John Santiago

    Fixing a broken heart po request

  • Golden Kookie
    Golden Kookie 2 days ago


  • Alpha Grace Palma
    Alpha Grace Palma 2 days ago

    la vie en rose uke tutorial po pleaasseeee

  • krizzlie matoza
    krizzlie matoza 3 days ago

    Hi please make a tutorial sa hindi pagalaala by muni muni. Pleaseeeeeee.

  • Ruthea Mijares
    Ruthea Mijares 3 days ago

    tutorial pleaseee

  • Hannah Lorraine Ordiz

    uk tutorial po pleasee

  • TeamElenaSalvatore
    TeamElenaSalvatore 3 days ago

    when you speak fast it sounds like you're talking thai or something

  • Bry Navea
    Bry Navea 3 days ago

    Gwabeng galing mo talaga mag turo 🥰😘

  • Sam Boquecosa
    Sam Boquecosa 3 days ago

    Is that a concert ukelele?

  • Ricci Ecat
    Ricci Ecat 3 days ago

    the only exception by paramore plszzz🥺

  • janinedaniela macapagal

    larawan by jroa ukelele tutorial po🙏

  • Amer Mustapha Obpon Official

    Hi po ma'am, tanong ko lang po, pag gagawa po ba ng cover ng isang kanta hnd po ba copyright yun?

  • reynald Duria
    reynald Duria 4 days ago


  • Ananette
    Ananette 4 days ago

    At first I thought Soprano and tehor ukeleles had Different sounds Then I saw this and said "Oh" Thx Ate💕💕💕

  • Elaine Jasmine Dimaapi


  • montenegrodrd
    montenegrodrd 5 days ago

    How many languages are you speaking on this video?

  • celine Gomez
    celine Gomez 5 days ago

    Shout ouuttt ate jayteee Celine gomez

  • Dianna Cruzado
    Dianna Cruzado 5 days ago

    Pa shout out poo Ate💖

  • Iesha Mananghaya
    Iesha Mananghaya 5 days ago

    Pede po ba rqst Ng tutorial thousand miles po ate jaytee💜

  • Jersey Tadena
    Jersey Tadena 5 days ago


  • Jersey Tadena
    Jersey Tadena 5 days ago

    Ate jaytee tutorial po ng let me be the onee plsss!!!

  • Jersey Tadena
    Jersey Tadena 5 days ago

    Tutorial po ng let me be the one plss!!!

  • Jersey Tadena
    Jersey Tadena 5 days ago

    Tutorial po ng let me be the one pls!!!

  • Jersey Tadena
    Jersey Tadena 5 days ago

    Tutorial po ng let me be the one pls!!!

  • Jersey Tadena
    Jersey Tadena 5 days ago

    Tutorial po ng let me be the one pls!!

  • Mark Louie Guzman
    Mark Louie Guzman 5 days ago

    Jaytee you strap sa may uke head mo sya itatali. FYI lang po. Thanks!

  • ash ansing
    ash ansing 5 days ago

    Pa-shout pooo

  • Dave Scheer
    Dave Scheer 5 days ago

    I started playing ukulele two years ago, I started out with a second hand soprano , I tried a concert and liked it better and bought it as it was easier to play ( big hands ) then I tried a tenor and of course that one felt easy to play and sounded great ,yep bought it ! , then I found a baritone at the second hand store and it was so cheap , ya ya I know but I had to have it , so now I'm an addict 😕 I now have eight 👀. 5 soprano's 1 tenor 1 concert and 1 baritone , I've found that each instrument has its own voice ,tone, and beauty , and love each for what they are , if I had to pick one that would be very hard but I think maybe I'm more parcel to the concert , because it's easy to place your fingers and you still get that higher ukulele pitch , ukuleles are like trying different flavored potato chips you can't just do one ! None are bad some are just better than others ! 🤔✌🏻️

  • Hannah de Guzman
    Hannah de Guzman 5 days ago

    Helloooo ate!! Circles din po by Post Malonneeeeee pleaseee ❤️

  • Jolisa’s Studio
    Jolisa’s Studio 5 days ago

    requesting ko po “best day of my life” by american authors

  • Jolisa’s Studio
    Jolisa’s Studio 5 days ago

    request ko po “best day of my life”

  • Derrick Correia
    Derrick Correia 5 days ago

    Oh my God. The language switch! So so confusing.

  • Windidon A.
    Windidon A. 6 days ago

    Promise by jimin please!!!

  • Rio De Leon
    Rio De Leon 6 days ago

    Tala namn sa susunod😅

  • Jessica Mae
    Jessica Mae 6 days ago

    Thank you po ate sayo po ako natuto ng mga songs na gusto kong tugtugin at first akala ko po mahirap, pero worth it naman at pinadali mo pa 😍😃💖

  • Rio De Leon
    Rio De Leon 6 days ago

    Pa shout out ako sa bago mong tutorial😊

  • Kristina faye De real

    Ate jaytee mag ukelele tutorial po ulet kayo please iloveyouuu! Hihi❤️😻

  • Judyann Ng
    Judyann Ng 6 days ago


  • Casey Pitalco
    Casey Pitalco 6 days ago

    new subscriber here.❤️

  • Star Kid
    Star Kid 6 days ago


    • Star Kid
      Star Kid 6 days ago

      Also ate Jaytee if okay lang po paturo po sana ng tutorial para sa "Make it with you" !!! I wanted to learn this from you since your tutorial is legit amazing! Thank you po!

  • Claire Marie Jiao
    Claire Marie Jiao 6 days ago

    Make it with you 🅿️lease❤️❤️

  • rhovieann semillano

    bakit bawal idl😥

  • Carmel Felyn Juyno
    Carmel Felyn Juyno 6 days ago

    Pashout out po

  • marlan reoveros
    marlan reoveros 6 days ago

    Hi shot out

  • shane mayuga
    shane mayuga 6 days ago

    Masarap sa tenga😍😊

  • Angel Taactaac
    Angel Taactaac 7 days ago

    please make a tutorial "So slow" by freestyle

  • FreyaCesca Playz
    FreyaCesca Playz 7 days ago

    Ate jaytee yung mga pang christian song naman po ung pang Jesus po pls❤

  • Deysiiee G.
    Deysiiee G. 7 days ago

    Ate loving arms ngapo by dixie salamat❣️❣️💕💕

  • Sophia Matibag
    Sophia Matibag 7 days ago

    waiting for a tutorial!😍

  • Faith Sumalinog
    Faith Sumalinog 7 days ago

    Napansin ko lang, parang out of tune yung uke mo po. 😁

  • Jomer Gualon
    Jomer Gualon 7 days ago

    Pano PO ung Cm

  • Mary Claire Manguiat

    Miss jaytee chords po nito pls❤

  • Winson Deasis
    Winson Deasis 7 days ago

    Pa shout out po ate

    I LIKE YOU 7 days ago


  • EJ Yanga
    EJ Yanga 8 days ago

    Hi Jaytee! Super helpful ng tutorials mo thank you sooo much! 🙏🏼☺️ Can you do a tutorial of up dharma downs Oo?

  • Graziel Anciro
    Graziel Anciro 8 days ago

    Ate plss do a tutorial of SOMEONE YOU LOVED BY LEWIS CAPALDI!!❤️(pashout din po : GRAZIEL ANCIRO)

  • Klei Amion
    Klei Amion 8 days ago

    Ate Jaytee Ivana by Soulstice po

  • Deysiiee G.
    Deysiiee G. 8 days ago

    Moreee ukulele tutorials ateee 😊😊 iloveeeitt. Labyuuu

  • blank
    blank 8 days ago

    Ate pwede mag ocean eyes billie eillish

  • Kashmir Chase Ramos Ramos

    Hi ate bago lang po ako sa chanrel nyo anp po yung magandang apps tuner fpr ukelele😊thanks

  • Ric
    Ric 8 days ago

    my congrat for your video

  • Hannah Fay
    Hannah Fay 8 days ago

    tutorial poooo

  • pArdOn AsHlEy
    pArdOn AsHlEy 8 days ago

    Tutoriaaaal pooo plsssssssss

  • Mariel Legaspi
    Mariel Legaspi 8 days ago

    Please compose a "BAD DAY" by Daniel Powter 🙏 Notice this comment please💓

  • Andrea Costa
    Andrea Costa 8 days ago

    Oh myyyyyyyy....Wich language is this? It's like I'm talking then eu começo a falar português agora. pero no, me gusta espanhol, but now je veux parler francais

    • Andrea Costa
      Andrea Costa 13 hours ago

      ​@댄스Taekook ok beloved...but the description are all in english... so, the first tought we have is...

    • 댄스Taekook
      댄스Taekook 4 days ago

      It’s a Filipino language

    • montenegrodrd
      montenegrodrd 5 days ago


    • Isaac Gausmann
      Isaac Gausmann 6 days ago

      @Andrea Costa I laughed so hard at this, like u don’t understand how hard I laughed at this😂😂

  • Zigma Lee
    Zigma Lee 8 days ago

    chuck is hard for me

  • Gherylin Moises
    Gherylin Moises 9 days ago

    ukelele tutorial po ng butterfly aaaaaplsu ate

  • John Abarra
    John Abarra 9 days ago

    Pa turo nmn po ng tutorial ng Lord I offer my life, ty po

  • ara mae Arana
    ara mae Arana 9 days ago

    Pa shoutout po

  • Graziel Anciro
    Graziel Anciro 9 days ago

    Ate jaytee Ano po yung mga chords!!❤️❤️

  • Rolando Mayor
    Rolando Mayor 9 days ago

    Pwede po ba binalewala ang I ukulele ninyo

  • Rolando Mayor
    Rolando Mayor 9 days ago

    Pwede po ba binalewala ang I ukulele ninyo

  • Pasquale Oberland
    Pasquale Oberland 9 days ago

    you forgot the super soprano uke

  • Andrea Marie Bernante

    New subscriber here!! Can I request a tutorial of klwkn by music hero? Thanks!😘

  • Andrea Valdez
    Andrea Valdez 9 days ago


  • LilGuitar Princess
    LilGuitar Princess 9 days ago

    Hi ate jaytee! Pede pa request po ng tutorial ng seniorita for beginers

  • IGem Cafe
    IGem Cafe 9 days ago

    Hello po pano kita magiging jowa? :)