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11.9 Wochit Ops NOVO
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Brad Pitt Talks About AA
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  • Mélanies CALERS
    Mélanies CALERS 9 minutes ago


  • Mélanies CALERS
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  • Mélanies CALERS
    Mélanies CALERS 10 minutes ago


  • Mélanies CALERS
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  • Freddie Beltran
    Freddie Beltran 34 minutes ago

    Men are weird, I mean the ones who act alone and cowardly towards young boys. Make them strip down to nothing for attention. Think I haven’t already been through it?

  • KibaMillers
    KibaMillers 50 minutes ago

    I have a friend called Taylor and her Mum is a tattoo artist, and her Mum actually tattooed Miley Cyrus, no joke.

  • Mr. Nice-Nice
    Mr. Nice-Nice 2 hours ago

    i Vote for Nicholas Hoult as Bruce Waye... better!

  • Olgica Filipovic
    Olgica Filipovic 3 hours ago


  • Phatpipes
    Phatpipes 4 hours ago

    Who wouldn't?

  • Dalia Lule
    Dalia Lule 4 hours ago

    White privilige.

  • Harry Helen
    Harry Helen 6 hours ago

    Hahahahahahaha Anyway. Whose your boss ?? Yes Milano. It’s Cruz.

  • LD SW
    LD SW 6 hours ago

    I've noticed lots of actors from SATC on The Affair.. very interesting..

  • Jason Raymundo
    Jason Raymundo 7 hours ago


  • Crypto Smith
    Crypto Smith 7 hours ago

    Total Fraud.

  • Franny Becker
    Franny Becker 11 hours ago

    Hello saudações Graças por compartilhar mais um belíssimo vídeo 👍🔔 Muitos beijos com carinho 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 Love 🌹

  • Sawrye Farag
    Sawrye Farag 11 hours ago

    سوريا فرج

  • BeingHonest
    BeingHonest 12 hours ago

    Cancel Ellen now

  • Jacob Snyder
    Jacob Snyder 12 hours ago

    This was one of the laziest videos on RU-clip. Write a blog post. Or better yet a tweet...

  • Stranger Things
    Stranger Things 12 hours ago

    I honestly feel really bad for him. I mean he didn't know that everyone thought it wasnt the best accent.

  • Facepalmer Chaos
    Facepalmer Chaos 13 hours ago

    Mixed feelings

  • Facepalmer Chaos
    Facepalmer Chaos 13 hours ago

    I think he missed him but also felt angry because they fought a lot

  • Deane Adoum
    Deane Adoum 13 hours ago

    islam is not the second most popular religion its the greatest and largest religion

  • Saba Shahzadi
    Saba Shahzadi 14 hours ago

    Cal me

  • jdoggestyl
    jdoggestyl 14 hours ago

    I believe the time has come where Ozzy Osbourne has sold out!!! I never thought I would see this day! I blame it all on Sharon she is clearly a libtard. I thought it was the coolest thing ever to see the best president ever standing there clapping with music from the best metal artist ever. It was a match made in heaven and Ozzy just f***** up because his socialist British side is showing and that doesn't sit well with a hardcore American Patriot like me. #takingabreakfromOzzyforawhile

  • 1970harleybike
    1970harleybike 14 hours ago

    Who cares.. Go away already... Stop crying about it ...

  • Levi Notrub
    Levi Notrub 14 hours ago

    Seinfeld is a Square House 💎 🔥

  • mona2242
    mona2242 17 hours ago

    This movie is only about J.Garland’s tragic last year of life. I don’t see how any actress is capable of putting across the great icon’s magic . Making a movie on her last year is a mockery of Garland’s suffering . RIP Judy!

  • Haitian Caveman83
    Haitian Caveman83 17 hours ago

    Justin Bieber shouldn’t be driving at all

  • ILoveYouBeluga
    ILoveYouBeluga 18 hours ago


  • JJ
    JJ 20 hours ago

    The righteous is delivered from trouble, and the wicked walks into it instead. Proverbs 11:8

  • Blake Nance
    Blake Nance 20 hours ago

    I find the lack of "Faith" disturbing.

  • Si Si
    Si Si 22 hours ago

    How Meghan hypnotized Harry explained. Harry has been hypnotized. That is why everything is so un-natural to a normal human reactions. A clear minded man will not do this. Hypnosis does not have to be done “in a quiet room, music, tea pot”. It can be done by “little signs”. For example:”shy di look”, “I am so innocent do not know anything”, “dress up like Diana”, “giggle at the right time right place”, “copy cat of Diana which is his mother”, “a family I never had which reflecting Harry’s wish to have a family he never had, because his mum died”... all these, all small steps but very effective fast steps to hypnotize a broken man. Harry is a broken man and all of this is Harry’s weakness towards a woman and MM had abused all of those. Everything we found uncomfortable with, everything we are criticizing, we are really just spotting out MM’s hypnotizing tricks towards Harry. That is all what it is. Because we are not as broken as Harry. Hypnosis is something tailored for each individual. One set of hypnosis works for one person does not work for another. That is why some of us could see the creepy, weirdness of it, because we are not as broken as Harry we do not have the same life like Harry. MM tailored specific set of hypnosis package for Harry, which break it down, is everything we found off and wrong here. That is how hypnosis work the fastest (fast marriage), specifically tailored the broken part of Harry. Which is the most disgusting part. This man is broken because his mother died, and MM took advantage of someone who is vulnerable, not because he loves her. She knows he does not love her. But he does not know. We are all trying to point this out to Harry. This is unlawful and Meghan actually should be send to jail. Meghan had stalked Harry and tailored a specific set of hypnosis package (which is everything we saw MM and that persona she put up), all part of the hypnosis.

  • Yusuf Ziliotto
    Yusuf Ziliotto 22 hours ago

    James Baskett, without the help and struggle of Walt, wouldn't have won the Oscar for Song Of The South (becoming so the very first male african-american actor to win such a prize), he defended also Hattie MacDaniel (the african-american community wanted to deny the Oscars to MacDaniel and Baskett because they considered them both "modern slaves of the Cinema")! He detested all Hitler's sympathizers, even Christian Rub, he made movies against discrimination based on other novels(Shere Khan is a xenophobic villain in The Jungle Book) and he had many jewish colleagues and all of these and other people said that Disney wasn't racist or anti-semitic! I hate Meryl Streep, she is a frustrated misandric woman who pretends to be a "feminist", a slanderer and a liar who thinks that legends, myths of conspiracy and a movie based on another novel (realized when segregation in the Southern already ended and he died one year before its realization and release) can be considered "evidences"! Even the crows in Dumbo (based on african-american Jazz artists and entertainers of that time and this fact was confirmed even back then), the best friends of Dumbo along with Timothy, were created as a critic towards Jim Crow laws, in fact Disney changed the original name of the leader Jim Crow (just on the script of the movie as a reference) to Dandy Crow, but almost nobody know this and almost all the crows were voiced by african-american actors, including James Baskett and other black people worked on Dumbo, a movie created as a critic towards discrimination and set in the Southern USA (Florida) during the '40s! Even the Flowers scene in Alice In Wonderland is a critic towards discrimination! Also King Louie appeared in the original Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book and in the animated movie was voiced by Louis Prima, an actor and singer with italian origins, and I'm italian! Where's the HELL the problem in it?! And what about the Disneyland attraction "It's A Small World"?! He even created a series of movies that aimed to establish good neighborly relations between USA and Latin America! Walt can't even defend himself because is dead! This is just COWARDLY!!! Who agrees? P.S. MacFarlane and Groening should go easy with the "jokes" about Uncle Walt!

  • willl 88
    willl 88 23 hours ago

    hollywood allways tries to re write history....

  • Alasdair Mcgavin

    Clearly she has not been getting enough attention recently.

  • saika7365
    saika7365 Day ago

    He is naked

  • Penelope Keya
    Penelope Keya Day ago

    Gosh, im way behind, Rest In Peace Neil Fingleton, sad. His attitude always seem to be upbeat.

  • belle mcellis
    belle mcellis Day ago

    Bill Maher thinks he can "BULLY, SHAME, HUMILIATE SHOW RACISM" against any group because of their DIFFERENCES. He BULLY a group for their SIZE GENDER RACE AGE, why because he thinks it's FUNNY. THIS is unacceptable.

  • Steve Timms
    Steve Timms Day ago

    The New Songs are now 'delayed' until 2020. Which is anytime from January to December...

  • nikolai x
    nikolai x Day ago


  • Edgame T
    Edgame T Day ago


  • Edgame T
    Edgame T Day ago


  • Jerry D
    Jerry D Day ago

    Looking at bridges he looks like an all washed up liberal prune...

  • Janaya Celestine Mykaela Manze

    It's Zen-Day-a not Zen-Die-a

  • Jamie Saberi
    Jamie Saberi Day ago

    Dominick Brascia was the one who Raped Haim.

  • Juder Jy
    Juder Jy Day ago

    Fake frauds that are actually poor

  • David Higgins
    David Higgins Day ago

    No wonder why his brothers or family don’t talk to him or Even care.. I would be embarrassed if this douche was in my family too

  • David Higgins
    David Higgins Day ago

    Who cares! This guy is an f....ing pig... I hope these cops hit his head into the ground a few times on the way to the jail. Liberal f...ing scum!

  • cathy smith
    cathy smith Day ago

    We are free to choose our actions, . . . but we are not free to choose the consequences of these actions.

  • cathy smith
    cathy smith Day ago

    Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. - Isaiah 5:20

  • cathy smith
    cathy smith Day ago

    HOMOSEXUALITY IS AN ABOMINATION!..ALWAYS HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE!...God loves the sinner ...but hates the sin. We are not to judge anyone, for Salvation is our responsibility and God gives us all that choice. We choose either eternal life or eternal damnation.....Warning someone of eternal consequences is not judging them, its loving them....God doesn't send anyone to hell....we do it to ourselves when we choose to reject God. God doesn't want or need to punish people, sin in itself is its own form of punishment. Hell was not created for humans but for Satan and his demons. But for those who reject Christ will be cast into Hell for the life and choices they make.

  • Master Of The Gaming Arts

    Colby Covington bout to get jealous asf. 🤣

  • Free Sara Tonin

    George and his friends having no kind of emotional or empathetic reaction to Susan's death was very dark and unappealing in my opinion.

  • Whitney Wells
    Whitney Wells Day ago

    Digital projection systems are cost prohibitive.

  • Jim Ramos
    Jim Ramos Day ago

    Great 👍👌⚡💯

  • Afro Boy
    Afro Boy Day ago

    Nice grammer

  • Peter Mar
    Peter Mar Day ago

    In other words " the age difference is way too much to deal with now"

  • hksrb25s16
    hksrb25s16 Day ago

    I have that rule too , as a father , a young girl should solely focus on school and not doing lipstick during class. I can see he is a firm caring father.

  • ThatCampingOwl

    Fuck your clickbait.

  • Terrill Goodwine Jr

    Coming in May 15 2020

  • Redbeard Rick
    Redbeard Rick Day ago

    People that get offended at a comedy show because all of a sudden your life is relatable to that joke go die. Please.

  • Hank Clock
    Hank Clock Day ago

    Because that movie, except for the demos and animation, sucks

  • T
    T Day ago

    It's not just stars. Many people hate him. He's the most sickening president, EVER!! He makes people want to throw-up.

  • Lisa
    Lisa Day ago

    Love her so much!💞

  • Sam11176
    Sam11176 Day ago

    Damn she’s looking Ghetto as hell in that picture.

  • Mustafa Altindag

    robert wagner is MURDER MURDER

  • tim huynh
    tim huynh Day ago

    Won??? Is this a joke?

  • hollyh1969
    hollyh1969 Day ago

    We lost on of them. Two neat people, peace to the family. Peace Ric, i will never stop listening to you. Rest on a job well done.

  • Vegeta SSJ
    Vegeta SSJ Day ago

    Even I'd marry her just to keep having sex with her.

  • Marlene C
    Marlene C Day ago

    Trying to brainwash kids with his Bullshit ! Hypocrites! ru-clip.com/video/xPDWDl6_KbY/video.html

  • CrazyRussianDiaries

    Creators of videos like these: *please go to Hell!* Oh, wait, there is no Hell. Just die in agony then, pretty please?

  • The Trooper
    The Trooper Day ago

    F@$k this idiot. Just read he ripped a marvel exec for Trump donations? Really? So he is one of the cool cats now? Since most 2 bit Hollywood actors do it to see more lights on their name? Gawd, no wonder he did not get the batman gig. This guy is a subpar actor at best. Please Arm n Hammer stick to acting if that's what you call it. Jackass.

  • Lisa Darnell
    Lisa Darnell Day ago

    I would have driven you home Squidward.

  • GeorgiaWarBoy81

    She was offended because the trans community told her that should be offensive.

  • Stigma
    Stigma Day ago

    Too old? He's the same age as shock rock legend Alice Cooper, who tours extensively year after year with death defying illusions on stage night after night..

  • The Cost
    The Cost 2 days ago

    I would like to fit into her ^^ with my deek. Lol, seriously though she should go out with cool people... who have the SAME interests as her. I don't because I'm a lost cause and social phobic but she has a bright life ahead of her, just domt do drugs and study/stay in shape. I pretty much just play videogames 247. (I get that my pervy jokes r the worst but I dont care...lol worst is Dutch for sausage) anyways, she looks amazing especially that face, bae marry me.

  • Liam Hartman
    Liam Hartman 2 days ago

    What is the best way to break free from acne? I read lots of great opinions on the internet about how exactly Fopobiacne Secrets can assist you break free from your acne. Has anybody tried using this popular natural acne remedy?

  • O K
    O K 2 days ago

    Who is Ginger Lawrence?

  • Jupiter Girl
    Jupiter Girl 2 days ago

    I loved him on Mission Impossible, John Wick and Hunter Killer. I was looking forward to his next performance- had no idea he died since 2017. In probably what was his last role (Hunter Killer)- Michael Nyqvist certainly left us wanting more. Rest In Peace. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Seksiumutcocuk -_-
    Seksiumutcocuk -_- 2 days ago

    bro I cant see this woman the same after I watched knock knock(everything aside how can you let your girlfirend show her tits and ass and pussy for a movie)

  • Brian
    Brian 2 days ago

    A white woman telling a black man how he should act as a minority while accusing him of being tone deaf. The irony is incredible.

  • Wambam spoomboom
    Wambam spoomboom 2 days ago

    Optimus Prime does not approve

  • JaCk CaCk
    JaCk CaCk 2 days ago

    The canned laughter was so bad

  • Fendernirvana
    Fendernirvana 2 days ago

    He went nuts from TDS..

  • The Nepali Devils
    The Nepali Devils 2 days ago

    She is in Hollywood. She is a showgirl. And it's actually people like her that make that impression. Has she ever been on television without wearing a makeup? There you go. Do you have any responsibility?

    EDEN ETIENNE 2 days ago


  • dondon k
    dondon k 2 days ago

    they kill babies all the time on game of thrones (i.e ramsay and the dogs) - so why not "it"?

  • Sigrid Koppel
    Sigrid Koppel 2 days ago

    Okay but that video definitely didnt answer the question asked in the title

  • K.Nuyts
    K.Nuyts 2 days ago

    Bill Clinton also raped many woman and Hillary threatened them afterwords, to keep their mouth shut. The woman were scared to go too the police. The Clintons have to be locked up.

  • Julia
    Julia 2 days ago

    No doubt they offered her Baby’s mother. I wouldn’t have done it either. She’s right, if it’s going to be a new project, make it separate from the original, don’t use her for ratings.

  • Eliy M-Brown
    Eliy M-Brown 2 days ago

    I don't see where her statement is even going?

  • Cookiegamer17
    Cookiegamer17 2 days ago

    CGI more like CGEYE

  • Leonardo Ramírez Guardado

    Fake fake FAKE

  • J Bro
    J Bro 2 days ago

    "You're mother's almost dead Jack! Can you say hallelujah?"

  • Bita Andrei
    Bita Andrei 2 days ago


  • Jack Tucker
    Jack Tucker 2 days ago

    i cant be the only one who dislikes pewdiepie

    • S Abhishek
      S Abhishek 2 hours ago

      @Jack Tucker You have really bad logic and reasoning son. Btw the ADL is not an anti hate group. In fact It's the exact opposite.

    • Jake F
      Jake F Day ago

      @Jack Tucker you need to look at the context, the media just provides what happened and nothing else. Racist slurs, come on that's completely unfair, the guy was in a heated gaming moment and it just slipped out. I've said much worse while gaming. Outfits, the Media will tell you about how he wore a nazi officer outfit, when in reality it was a British ww2 outfit. Anti semitism, again unfair, when he had those guys hold up that anti semitic sign, he told them to do it as a complete joke, he said afterwards that he was sorry and he didn't expect this to actually happen. and now the ADL. The ADL are not good people, pewdiepie was told not to donate because they target those they don't like and remove them. They are corrupt and the media ignores that because they want to continue to use pewdiepie for attention. He cancelled the donation for a reason, and he's looking for a new charity to donate to, one that isn't controversial. Ever heard of the time Pewdiepie raised money for poor Indian children? I bet you haven't. It's not the kind of story the media would tell you.

    • Jack Tucker
      Jack Tucker Day ago

      I just cant forget all the things he has done in the past; first of all his anti-Semitic incident which i get was to prove a point but was still very inappropriate. I was ready to move past all that until i saw him wearing a kkk outfit and using racist language in a few of his videos. Also, when i heard about his donation to this company that called him out in the past, at first this impressed me, but then him cancelling it due to backlash from his fans made me realized that it was never going to improve. i know a lot of people who would have really liked to see that donation, and i don't think it would have hurt his channel at all, and it really wasn't worth all the shit from the media.

    • Jake F
      Jake F Day ago

      Reason being?

  • Shu Willis
    Shu Willis 2 days ago

    I'm so sorry tara reid.

  • A Berryman
    A Berryman 2 days ago

    I find Kathy's remarks fabulous. No, it is NOT glorifying the man. It shows his lies. How he could deceive so many people. That's not glory. That is shocking and creepy.

  • sharpaycutie2
    sharpaycutie2 2 days ago

    Well his story arc and characterization is being a bully. And of you tak that away its a dofferent chatacter