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Tokyo's BEST Cat Cafe
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  • Brendon mihokovic
    Brendon mihokovic 23 hours ago

    jebote, ne mogu se nositi s tim

  • oreo artisy snowleopard

    racist? i just think the cats weren't interested in you, cats are just like that sorry.. they just need time to get use to people sometimes, or maybe there shy, or just can't get use to other people besides there owner.

  • Hydrangea
    Hydrangea 3 days ago

    3:52 Ya boi Dustin is really out here doing what few are brave enough to attempt, saying 'malk'.

    SHIVERZ 3 days ago

    I don't like the way you talk. Maybe just talk normal? Lol

  • AmberHere!
    AmberHere! 3 days ago

    All that looks sooooo good going to make some MaMa noodles

  • Harshit Jain
    Harshit Jain 3 days ago

    Nigga holds 2 slices together

  • theFareulookinat
    theFareulookinat 6 days ago

    The way he talks make me want to off my self with a crowbar

  • Eliana Okabe
    Eliana Okabe 6 days ago

    please give me the address of this bar, thank you very much

  • May Malfoy
    May Malfoy 7 days ago

    I love your vids and your humor. It's really BUCKWILD. What's your star sign??

  • spookanide
    spookanide 7 days ago

    Hey that's V.A.G. series isn't it? Nice snag! Those sofubi are impossible to obtain out of trade fairs or Tokyo.

  • Otto Kalliomรคki

    Divine canines! This made my Sunday! Now, I was just strutting around a random forest in Finland and happened to book a trip for next summer. I shall check out Osaka&Kyoto regions next Summer :) Looking forward to getting the inside knowhow from your videos sir!

    • SoloTravelBlog
      SoloTravelBlog 5 days ago

      Lovin it, dawg. Kyoto is spiritual to the max

  • John Smith
    John Smith 7 days ago

    finally i found a taoist master that i can understand just saw on the grams that you got yourself one buckwild travel partner for LIFE, and i gotta say wow, just WOW

  • Bobcatethan
    Bobcatethan 7 days ago

    Ag Ag

  • Vegard Heyerdahl
    Vegard Heyerdahl 7 days ago

    Lau Tsu would probably light his food with that turbolight every day of the week!

  • astroboy3507
    astroboy3507 7 days ago

    I bet if them mentaiko chips were calibee or tohato brand they be spot on and buckwild!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • alexander Filyaev
    alexander Filyaev 7 days ago

    did you ever think to lay mallsoft track on the background? during speaking

  • Kasper Hjelmager
    Kasper Hjelmager 7 days ago

    As the man Lao T. once said himself: "This new convenience store video was wild, dare I say, BUCKwild. Know what I'm saying sweet buns?" Truly wise beyond his years

  • Trevor Random
    Trevor Random 7 days ago

    Baby cakes

  • KANE
    KANE 8 days ago


  • spacemarinebob
    spacemarinebob 8 days ago

    Those bread crusts are just croutons

  • meestaShin
    meestaShin 8 days ago

    One thing you can do is minimize the window of the recording software once you hit the record/stream button. The best thing would be to get a second monitor, though.

  • Spun
    Spun 8 days ago

    If there is any greater pleasure on this earth than a Conbini hamburg freshly microwaved, I haven't had it yet.

  • Tim Tam's
    Tim Tam's 8 days ago

    Please could you do more drinks.

  • TheAndySan
    TheAndySan 8 days ago

    Deep down, I know exactly what I want, and it's pizza chips!

  • Victoria
    Victoria 8 days ago

    DAWG RATING SYSTEM!! I've missed this haha, these are still some of my favourite videos of yours Dustin. I hope the real gachapon dawgs have a place of honour somewhere in your new home.

  • tirsa hizkia
    tirsa hizkia 8 days ago

    your videos keep me alive

  • William Randall
    William Randall 8 days ago

    Reppin' ma man LT!

  • flash light
    flash light 8 days ago

    Oh yes more buckwild goodness

  • Holly R
    Holly R 8 days ago

    Oh daaaawg, Iโ€™m in bed feeling pretty tipsy and DAMN these buck wild selections are getting my stomach aโ€™ growling.

    • SoloTravelBlog
      SoloTravelBlog 8 days ago

      If only there was some way you could reach through the screen and CHOMP on those puppies

  • Vinayak Singh
    Vinayak Singh 8 days ago

    You are underrated my friend.

  • Japan Questions Answered

    Lao Tzu inspires me every day, in every POSSIBLE way, baby.

  • SoloTravelBlog
    SoloTravelBlog 8 days ago

    Would Lao T. approve of this BUCKWILD video production?

    • Jank
      Jank 8 days ago

      These quotes spoke to me on a spiritual level.

  • Jank
    Jank 8 days ago

    Just want I needed on a Saturday night!

    • SoloTravelBlog
      SoloTravelBlog 8 days ago

      I hope this video brings you to a higher plane of consciousness

  • michael bland
    michael bland 8 days ago

    time to get buck wild my friend

    • michael bland
      michael bland 8 days ago

      @SoloTravelBlog After watching this video I have gained a new level of spiritual level of enlightenment I feel i must meditate to strengthen my inner chi

    • SoloTravelBlog
      SoloTravelBlog 8 days ago

      This COMMENT feels life-changing

    • michael bland
      michael bland 8 days ago

      this video feels life changing

  • Casey Portnell
    Casey Portnell 8 days ago

    I think the owner(s) are Heterophobic ones not the birds. the birds are fear of humans hurting them.

  • ใ‚จใƒžใฎใ›ใ‹ใ„!

    Do they still cut it off though? Like I know they keep it. But do they like clamp it Just curious lmao

  • mobius
    mobius 9 days ago

    those noodles ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  • ihmpall
    ihmpall 10 days ago

    Why did I get hard watching this

  • newuser285
    newuser285 11 days ago

    Been to all 3 restaurants. I'd rate them as follows: Silverlake Ramen (it's the broth man!), Daikokuya, and Shin-Sen-Gumi. 2 other restaurants that I would give honorable mentions, and both also happen to be in Little Tokyo are: Kouraku and Men Oh Ramen.

  • Mohammed AL-Hitmi
    Mohammed AL-Hitmi 11 days ago

    and is it a fake southern accent??

  • Mohammed AL-Hitmi
    Mohammed AL-Hitmi 11 days ago

    It's Omurice always Omurice nobody ever calls it omelet rice.

  • Payal Choudhari
    Payal Choudhari 13 days ago


  • ํ˜•์‹๊น€

    I'm boy from South Korea and now you are talking and you are drinking too so

  • Alana Hones
    Alana Hones 14 days ago

    I've watched this video and some of the others a few times since finding them a few days ago. These are great! ๐Ÿคฃ

  • tito Balkani
    tito Balkani 16 days ago

    This is cool, you guys are friggin' funny. ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿฝ

  • Bob Singh
    Bob Singh 18 days ago

    What happened to this guy? He was funny

  • ilikeceral3
    ilikeceral3 18 days ago

    Thatโ€™s incredibly illegal and dangerous.

  • 11an
    11an 18 days ago

    Hope you managed to exorcise the demons....

  • Patrick Hodges
    Patrick Hodges 19 days ago


  • Ekarshi Ray
    Ekarshi Ray 20 days ago

    So stop using the slang

  • Ekarshi Ray
    Ekarshi Ray 20 days ago

    How will you feel?

  • Ekarshi Ray
    Ekarshi Ray 20 days ago

    Why this too much slang?

  • Ekarshi Ray
    Ekarshi Ray 20 days ago

    Why ?

  • Ekarshi Ray
    Ekarshi Ray 20 days ago

    No slang please

  • mike
    mike 20 days ago

    This guy is a fuckhead smart ass taking the piss.. Love to see him get a smack in the head over there

  • Terry Carroll
    Terry Carroll 21 day ago

    Buck Wild ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  • CrazyTesseract
    CrazyTesseract 21 day ago

    You can't do much in a millisecond, let alone a nanosecond. A nanosecond is 1000 microseconds, or 1,000,000 Milli seconds. Eating all that meat just because it tastes good is not good for you. You may suffer from negative health effects later in life... like blocked arteries.

  • a y.
    a y. 22 days ago


  • KashMoneyKhan07
    KashMoneyKhan07 22 days ago

    I like how this nigga talk ๐Ÿ‘

  • Almir Mujaric
    Almir Mujaric 23 days ago

    Stupid man

  • MexicanDre
    MexicanDre 26 days ago

    Now what were the prices like?? Definitely wanna check it out Edit: oops lol saw em thanks

  • Jordan Falco
    Jordan Falco 27 days ago

    Ahhhh I was traveling MYSELF when you did this live stream so I missed it! But thanks for reading my Haiku and telling the world that I'm buckwild lmao

  • Vinny
    Vinny 28 days ago

    Poor cats were very hungry

  • Elkis A
    Elkis A 29 days ago


  • amber rose
    amber rose Month ago

    keep up the good work love all these beautiful poems! wish i could have made this stream iโ€™ll keep a lookout for the next one >:3

  • Wolfman Shaq II: The ShaqeningTM

    You need dual monitors.

  • John Jason Jose
    John Jason Jose Month ago

    bro please can you give me catzilla :D

  • normalpsychology
    normalpsychology Month ago

    I love this guy's personality and way of talking. Keep making videos please. I need you.

  • No Filter A Nintendo Podcast

    I'm doing well, in fact I'm doing real fucking well. thanks brobeans

  • Celler2
    Celler2 Month ago

    Hi, from Canada.

  • John Jason Jose
    John Jason Jose Month ago

    bro can ii have your catzilla pls...

  • Dick Plummer
    Dick Plummer Month ago

    Bear Jing Quality

  • Joe Briggs Jr
    Joe Briggs Jr Month ago

    I'm dead๐Ÿคฃ

  • Aibhlinn Oakhart
    Aibhlinn Oakhart Month ago

    Came here bc of Suzy and arin. Does he do this weird talk every time?

  • Lazar Obradovic
    Lazar Obradovic Month ago

    Preterase ga 600 dinara za jednu sarmu (price is too high)

  • trisha hardy
    trisha hardy Month ago

    Makes you want to punch them in their cute little faces but you would be a really bad human slave if you tried that. Just accept the cats are in charge.

  • Marzia Khan
    Marzia Khan Month ago

    Glad you tried the dish from hyderabad, in it's authentic form! :) All of these yummy dishes are a part of the mughali and nizam cuisine

  • Secret_ star_art
    Secret_ star_art Month ago

    It gives me cring whenever you say Hyderaeeeeeebaaad

  • creep tho
    creep tho Month ago

    You too extra

  • Varun Sapra
    Varun Sapra Month ago

    Mahatma gandhi was an asshole and yes i am an indian and i know all the plans (evil) he implanted

  • Neil Liddle
    Neil Liddle Month ago


  • Bakir Boss
    Bakir Boss Month ago

    sad sam gladan. Ko ce sa mnom na ฤ‡evape

  • 771
    771 Month ago

    whats up everyBADY

  • Ernest R
    Ernest R Month ago

    Oh babycakes...

  • Ernest R
    Ernest R Month ago

    Oh babycakes...

  • joshjaydah
    joshjaydah Month ago

    This guy is fucking annoying

  • ari n
    ari n Month ago

    appliance shopping has never been more riveting

  • Kimmie K
    Kimmie K Month ago

    That looked awesome!๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘

  • lindholmaren
    lindholmaren Month ago

    Went there for lunch today, we might have forgotten to set the settings for our bowls but the food was great, the staff was super nice and the general atmosphere was comfy (also they had a little thing saying they were celebrating their 2nd anniversary, yay!) Only odd thing was one guy that had the table behind us that shouted a single word while we were ordering from the machine, one of the staff patted him on the back and he said down on his arms on the table. We then waited for our food, ate for about 15-20 minutes, his phone rang for a couple of minutes, then he finally moved and laid down on the sofa thing. Didn't answer though. lol

    • lindholmaren
      lindholmaren Month ago

      @SoloTravelBlog Holy smokearoli, I didn't expect to get a reply from the main man himself. Sometimes I forget you aren't as big as your video quality and consistency makes you feel, hope you are doing well and keep making videos! I have a question for anyone that might be able to help: I found a little place in akiba when I was just wandering around where they had s vending machine for (what I'm pretty sure was) audio chips from around the SNES/Megadrive days and I'm sure I've seen the place before in some video. If anyone remembers please do drop me a link! Edit: Took me two days of thinking and a minute to write the comment down was what actually got me to remember. It was Strange Part's "Exploring akihabara with Only in Japan" at around 9 minutes. And much like this place all the best food I've had so far has been at least slghtly off the trail and the ticket machine system is amazing.

    • SoloTravelBlog
      SoloTravelBlog Month ago

      Glad to hear it! Sounds like that guy was in the zone haha

  • R&B Presents
    R&B Presents Month ago

    But if u ask for beef in New Delhi ... you will get ur dick cut off๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Arin Jรคger
    Arin Jรคger Month ago

    these prices aren't buckwild, they ain't

  • Montgomery Fortenberry

    0:35 difficult to relax with a melted dick

  • Mansi Sharma
    Mansi Sharma Month ago

    He did not try gol gappa๐Ÿ˜ถ๐Ÿ˜

  • Makurrado Shi
    Makurrado Shi Month ago

    My heart exploded when you went OH man and zoomed in on the sign for the pig cafe!!

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  • VoxyMC
    VoxyMC Month ago

    Do you try to eat dogs. Ha ha ha

  • irpacynot
    irpacynot Month ago

    Wow...that all looks amazing!

  • Bobcatethan
    Bobcatethan Month ago

    Ag Ag

  • 11an
    11an Month ago


  • Evan Fletcher
    Evan Fletcher Month ago

    I know they put the spike in the head cuz it's the most non-violent way to kill the fish