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  • Apriori Aposteriori
    Apriori Aposteriori 8 hours ago

    Regarding the Swedish Same-land, new studies have shown that the swedes came before the Sami's. Of course is this information that is very hard to find in our PC orientated world but the research is out there for those who are interested.

  • will hilhorst
    will hilhorst 10 days ago

    Hou vol met jullie missie !!!!

  • Tally Jones
    Tally Jones 10 days ago

    Apparently this is the english translation: In Sárevuomi the earmarked reindeer took off Ántte Nils-Duommá Ber-Ántte Irene In Sárevuomi the earmarked reindeer took off -I can’t find out what “Ántte Nils-Duommá Ber-Ántte Irene” means, let me know if you do!

  • Billy McNeil
    Billy McNeil 29 days ago

    🙌🏼Sápmi💕 underbar låt och riktigt snyggt art work! ✊

  • Henry K
    Henry K Month ago

    Who is Saara, and what does she have to do with the Sámi People?

    • Andrew Tyren
      Andrew Tyren 10 days ago

      Saara's a RU-clip she sung part of this song in a old video. I'll link the video below She sings it at about the 2:00 minute mark

    • William Gilreath
      William Gilreath 19 days ago

      I think they mean Saara Forsberg. As for being Sámi, I don't know if she is. She's Finnish ancestry, I know that. I've some myself. AncestryDNA indicates I have a Sámi, but I don't claim to actually being part Sámi, only that it's possible, out of respect for the Saami Council, which does not base a person's status as being Sámi on what that person's DNA say. Mind you I'm not sure of the exact criteria, but I did contact them not to long ago and I got a reply that DNA's not taken into consideration. Alternatively, they could be talking about Saara Aalto.

  • Moodinator429
    Moodinator429 Month ago

    me and my class mate in 1st grade making up our own language

  • lillie c
    lillie c Month ago

    I just learned that my 4th great grandparents were Sami. I love learning about my newfound heritage.

  • Redbad Radboud
    Redbad Radboud 2 months ago

    I cannot understand the text, but I like the music very much. Respect for the Sami people.

  • Rebecca Johnson
    Rebecca Johnson 2 months ago

    Beautiful song!!!😊 Researching family history,knowing some from that area& surrounding area was a good time to find your music. Always have loved reindeer&native ways. Possibly Sámi in ancestry.Have had people ask if half Native American because of my looks. Great respect!!!🙂🏔💪💕

  • /\ hour_light760 /\
    /\ hour_light760 /\ 2 months ago


  • Alce Caipira
    Alce Caipira 2 months ago

    Does anyone have this song lyrics?

  • Chris N Isaksen
    Chris N Isaksen 2 months ago

    my land and people..

  • Mike Allan
    Mike Allan 2 months ago

    Just beautiful. I just listened to this song with my friend Nicolette and have been mesmerized by it since. I don't know why, I don't care why, I love it's sound as I listened to it for the fiftiest time. I hope I get the chance to see her live. Love this song!!!

  • I didn’t think so but oh well

    I love this song even though I don’t understand a single word. I love the video as well. I wish it would still snow like that here but global warming is preventing that...

    AMAZIGHLAND 3 months ago

    So Beautiful , Thank you Sofia !

  • Allan Hirsch
    Allan Hirsch 3 months ago

    Love your music and your joy of life. Admirer from New York America.

  • Trym Vanhatalo-Vierhaug

    Sámi pride❤️

  • Stalker I
    Stalker I 3 months ago

    the samisk.. languge is so simple and they have 1000 words for snow or ice or watar... but no even 1 word for war!!!!! in finland they have 100 words for vodka.. ehh not good but it is still a alkohol .. .. in poland they have 1000 words for snow.. vodka .. breinwain.. snow.. and love!!! why is this samiska lanugge so similar to polisch languige?? linguistic is same!!! vikinggs??? hm wonder that.. jomsborg is .. intressting.... and alot more.. so before u see on sweds... u shuld understand what they come from!!!! no samiska is not from eskimos......... it is originaly from europe.. first ppl who go on ice... well if u wonder more of the history .. dont hesitate .. just contact me.. maybve u have somting u can learn me??? na zdrowie.. 3majcie sie chlopaki!!!

  • Veli Kaptan
    Veli Kaptan 4 months ago


  • Allan Hirsch
    Allan Hirsch 4 months ago

    I can't speak the Sami language and I am from a different side of world but I love you. You are a gem.

  • LazlaTheFallen
    LazlaTheFallen 5 months ago

    im native southfinlander (forest fin) myself, our culture got lost in ways of man of aurope, but may sami reign forevermore. We are sons of sun no matter is sun black or white or red.

  • Paul Sixtus
    Paul Sixtus 5 months ago

    Beautiful energy channelled and expressed. I love you.

  • ButterFly1970
    ButterFly1970 5 months ago

    I was born in Finland, my family is from Savonia and Rovaniemi, we are Sami people. I can not say my official name here as I use a nickname here, I participated in the creation of a natural wild life reserve after receiving a land and a reindeer herd from a parent after his death. I am angry whenever governments or organizations or companies try to make believe that the Sami have disappeared, we still exist, we will not disappear. I live in France, but I am a Sami.

  • Silberpfeilchen Supergirl

    NEVER GIVE UP!!! You should get in contact with other active People - YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Just work together!!!

  • Handsome Guy
    Handsome Guy 5 months ago

    Alinge lode dejto , alinge lode dejto the whole song

  • Emoudssine Heille Dettouthe я

    Saami language ?

  • Emoudssine Heille Dettouthe я

    Неllо . I'm love this sing . Thank you sofia jannok

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 6 months ago

    do these lyrics not seem to match up to anyone else?

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  • Gam gam
    Gam gam 6 months ago

    I like to hear it in 1, 5 speed

  • Henry K
    Henry K 6 months ago

    Such an uplifting "joik/yoik"

  • Jeff McCormack
    Jeff McCormack 6 months ago


  • Małgosia Kubicka
    Małgosia Kubicka 7 months ago

    1,25 x speed is better for me love it!

    • Stalker I
      Stalker I 3 months ago

      u r soo right..!! wowoo2o2o22wwww but 1.5 is even better.. but frankly i prefer normal speed hhahahahahaha

    • Thousand Stars in the Sky
      Thousand Stars in the Sky 6 months ago

      You are right, that's so better and emotionnal.. 😊

  • Soparla
    Soparla 7 months ago

    I literally don't understand nothing but sounds good

  • Tundra Runner
    Tundra Runner 7 months ago

    Militant, young, Sámi, talented and ... pretty! What do you want more? ❤💚💛💙

  • R Storm
    R Storm 8 months ago

    Wonderful song Sofia and thank you, I am so grateful to you that I have find the Sami songs, this music and culture, it provides answers to my unknown questions of my long root before my birth in my soul. I am not a sami, but I feel the connection in heart and soul, I have this love for your country. The Sami culture is something that has become so attractive and special to me. I am grateful to you Sofia.

    • Allanism
      Allanism 28 days ago

      Sami music is really beautiful

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    I want to marry a Swedish woman

  • Marie Curie
    Marie Curie 8 months ago

    Here after watching SAARA

  • penearth
    penearth 8 months ago

    I cannot believe this. Incredible.

  • A. Stone
    A. Stone 8 months ago

    Please provide subtitles for everything, even the beginning quote in Swedish. I want to share this with others, but there must be accessibility.

  • Nadil Kabjos
    Nadil Kabjos 8 months ago

    I'm speechless!!!😳😊😍

    • hiya Lux
      hiya Lux 24 days ago

      Me the same. 😍😀

  • HsinYun Chang
    HsinYun Chang 9 months ago


  • marina nononsense
    marina nononsense 9 months ago

    love !!!

  • bruno andre
    bruno andre 10 months ago

    love mother earth

  • Anne-Marie Thomsen
    Anne-Marie Thomsen 10 months ago

    Big love from Denmark :-)

  • Roman Michalak
    Roman Michalak 10 months ago

    co znaczy Áhpi?

  • Steirer Lisa
    Steirer Lisa 10 months ago

    Hello Sofia, I used your voice (Yoik of the wind) for my video Dovrefjell. Is this allowed? If not, then I delete my video.

    SADNESS SADNESS 11 months ago

    I feel your music ... I'm from peru ... And there we have people who speaks quechua natively ..and for a long time .. That human being group has been discrimimated for their culture... Which is different from the people who speaks spanish natively... That's why i'm learning some quechua now...

  • Kra-kra Voh
    Kra-kra Voh 11 months ago

    очень нравится

  • Sophia Skinner
    Sophia Skinner 11 months ago


  • Carl Norberg
    Carl Norberg 11 months ago

    Trash simpson mucho better. this vary trush

  • ytf9
    ytf9 11 months ago

    I need a shout out

  • Muhammed AKVERDİ

    Our Countries are our heaven, but there is always evil waiting to take it from us. We must stand strong, we must be determined, successful and get along. Our unity will be our resolution against despotism. Thank you Sofia, you do this with your songs for your beautiful country, Sápmi. Each of us must find a way to be with his/her own people which is being disregarded for centuries... Greetings from Kurdistan...

    • Abraham Shekelbergstien
      Abraham Shekelbergstien 6 months ago

      It’s the Jewish people pushing everybody out of their homelands in order to mix the populations and destroy their native traditions and cultures so they can easily manipulate them

  • Malin Möller
    Malin Möller Year ago

    Mästerverk! Musiken, konsten, aktivismen och budskapet, sånna som du och Anders driver världen framåt, ni är grymma! <3 <3

  • Rova Dalheim
    Rova Dalheim Year ago

    Väldig vackert! Sofia är stor inspiration

  • M. H.
    M. H. Year ago

    You are absolutely right, i am no native American of Sami but i life on a little island in the sea and love the nature and the living on earth , and i hope that it wil continue a long time . In peace and love .


    I hear .... From USA

  • A. Stone
    A. Stone Year ago

    Please provide subtitles so I can share with others!

  • Andreea Midvighi

    Hey, Sofia! We love and respect your work! How can we get in touch regarding the possibility of including a few shots from your video in our documentary? I sent you a fb invite and message with more info :) Best, Andreea.

  • Andreea Midvighi

    Hello! We'd love to include a few seconds of this video in our documentary, we're in touch with Anders. How can we we contact you to provide more info? Best! Andreea :)

  • Henry K
    Henry K Year ago

    Deepest respect from the San Francisco East Bay.

  • Antti Aalto
    Antti Aalto Year ago

    Thank you. May your people and your lands be blessed ❤️💜💛

  • Liokardo
    Liokardo Year ago

    This, it speaks to me. Juo, dát gal muitála juida munnje.

  • Ryan Borganson
    Ryan Borganson Year ago

    No matter where my minds gone. Through hel or worse... this brings me home. Thank you

  • Libor Paulovic
    Libor Paulovic Year ago

    Beautiful, magic and true .....a song accompanying me on my Scandinavian ways. Sit on the top of Galdhøpiggen and listen to your amazing songs, a lifetime experience .... thank you Sofia

  • Nasty Cupid
    Nasty Cupid Year ago

    I recently learnt about this ''dispute'' between the Sami people and Scandinavian states, really extraordinary how such ''liberal free countries'' such as Sweden in particular who lets in so many middle eastern migrants and give them more rights and freedom then a people that has been living under their rule for over 500 years...

    • Apriori Aposteriori
      Apriori Aposteriori 8 hours ago

      In Sweden Sami people are treated like royalty though with special laws et cetera so... and this even after research coming out that clearly shows that the Swedes came to the land before the Sami's. Research that made many PC politicians very uncomfortable to the degree of silencing it down.

    • Abraham Shekelbergstien
      Abraham Shekelbergstien 6 months ago

      Look up UN replacement migration

  • Chris N Isaksen
    Chris N Isaksen Year ago

    æ e en blanding av norsk, finsk, samisk og kvensk og e STOLT!!!!!

  • cratturyoura
    cratturyoura Year ago

    your missing the point

  • ahmed ortiz
    ahmed ortiz Year ago

    esos malditos politicos que saquean nuestras riquezas en Peru

  • Chris N Isaksen
    Chris N Isaksen Year ago

    æ e en kvart same. elsker det!

  • rachel newport
    rachel newport Year ago

    israel is with the sami fight for their fatherland! much love !!!

    • Abraham Shekelbergstien
      Abraham Shekelbergstien 6 months ago

      Ummm no it’s not. It’s Israel’s fault that Scandinavians are losing their land . You people are literally pushing the Arabs to Nordic countries in order to expand your country. Fuck Israel

  • Grumpy Viking
    Grumpy Viking Year ago

    I unfortunately don't know how much a part of me is sami as my grandfather who i get it from was left at an orphanage without too much information, but I know I am at least part of it.. And Sofia Jannok always seem to manage to make me feel connected to it in a way that I want to be.

  • Wiilma
    Wiilma Year ago

    Sakka buorre Sofia😁❤

  • Jonas Rosén
    Jonas Rosén Year ago

    I wonder how you can dislike this?

  • Joaquin Gonzalo
    Joaquin Gonzalo Year ago

    The same goes for Swedes in their land Sweden Sweden is the homeland for Swedes...Is their land !

  • V Lightning
    V Lightning Year ago

    What an amazing video! And the time and talent that it took also is outstanding! Love your work Sofia!☺️☺️👍🏻👍🏻

  • anders andersson

    du är en fantastik jojkare älskar din jojk. har själv sameblod i släkten på min pappas sida har alltid älskat allt med samiskan

  • Richard Krupnow
    Richard Krupnow 2 years ago

    I have been fascinated with the Sami since I first read about them in National Geographic years ago. Jannok's music captured me when I first heard "Irene." I would play it to my students at university and challenge them to listen: not knowing the words, what to you see? What do you feel? I mourn because I live in the USA under Trump. But I rejoice when I hear this song. All may not be hopeless.

    • Abraham Shekelbergstien
      Abraham Shekelbergstien 6 months ago

      You’re a hipócrite. You don’t like living in the USA under trump because of his tough stance on immigration, but then you’re against migration into Europe ?? How does that make sense ...

  • wunjothurisaz
    wunjothurisaz 2 years ago


  • NatureBoi Hikes
    NatureBoi Hikes 2 years ago

    I wish the very best for you and the Sami people. I certainly hope that your efforts have aided in furthering your rights as the First Peoples of Sweden

  • alistair mackinnon
    alistair mackinnon 2 years ago


  • picatarte1
    picatarte1 2 years ago

    Amazing song, beautiful arrangement and lyrics

  • araci jara
    araci jara 2 years ago

    Hello Sofia, from Portugal, I want to say that you are one of the most inspirating people I've ever come across on this internet world, I've been following you for some years now and more and more I feel connected to your way of thinking, thank you so much for having transformed my life and saving it

  • Jason Martin
    Jason Martin 2 years ago

    Is it possible to get the song "Irene" on Spotify?

  • Chris Rip
    Chris Rip 2 years ago

    All indigenous people of the earth are its true custodians, may you all be successful in your keeping your rights and lands. Your music is beautiful and 1000 times better than any crap, commercial rubbish.

  • Øystein Nilsen
    Øystein Nilsen 2 years ago

    Fantastisk.Fikk oppleve Sofia Jannok live i Karasjok 2017, og det var en stor opplevelse.... Ellos Sàpmi.

  • Devyx
    Devyx 2 years ago

    Unfortunately there is no such country

  • Z J-P
    Z J-P 2 years ago

    This was your land...

  • Jeff McCormack
    Jeff McCormack 2 years ago

    You are our queen! no quesrion

  • Säh
    Säh 2 years ago


  • Александр Лекомцев

    Love you Land

  • Raventooth
    Raventooth 2 years ago


  • Anna Natalia Kopczyńska

    You are doing great job! I keep my fingers crossed from Poland :)

  • Eric Jones
    Eric Jones 2 years ago

    Beautiful , respect from the US ...

  • Green Potatoes
    Green Potatoes 2 years ago

    What country is this?

  • Jeff McCormack
    Jeff McCormack 2 years ago

    we are still here

  • Desiree 8a
    Desiree 8a 2 years ago

    Love thiss

  • Александр Лекомцев

    beautiful song . Cherken is Russia