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  • TheRangeControl
    TheRangeControl Hour ago


  • J. Berrout
    J. Berrout 2 hours ago

    Looks yummy! And his name was axle from the middle!!! Lol. Love that show!!!

  • Fredo ChickEone
    Fredo ChickEone 2 hours ago

    My 28 yo Kenmore is on life support I’m so sad and the anxiety looking for a new one behind it’s back is unreal -who knew - and everyday that I’ve taken it for granted just pains me more. It’s a side by side and I’ve opted for a Kenmore Elite so screw all you haters, warning people that “they don’t last or they’re horrible.” Refrigerators deserve love too! As much as I paid for it compared to 28 years ago I can remove the shelves and be buried in it, save money on the casket. Great review on the Kenmore Elite!

  • Dying Light Switch
    Dying Light Switch 4 hours ago

    "Major Success"? Okay pal, keep telling yourself that.

  • TheEnd
    TheEnd 5 hours ago

    Air fryer for life!!!!

  • J K
    J K 5 hours ago

    It will be nice to provide prices so it is easier

  • Vikie Laura
    Vikie Laura 7 hours ago

    I would love to try that! <3

  • Brian Runyon
    Brian Runyon 7 hours ago

    You definitely got this one wrong.

  • Jon D
    Jon D 8 hours ago

    Jesus Christ

  • Etty Levi
    Etty Levi 8 hours ago

    you koshered the meat this is why is better and softer...

  • Mr Noob
    Mr Noob 8 hours ago

    This guy sucks at cooking

  • Jasmine Garcia
    Jasmine Garcia 9 hours ago

    We know you're masking that raw chicken taste with eating them celery and carrots. Smfh

  • aymee villar
    aymee villar 10 hours ago

    I love rice and milk (arroz con leche) but with no eggs

  • Kammakay
    Kammakay 10 hours ago

    When I first started cooking I tried to make a roast out of one of these.. cooked it for an hour in the instant pot and It was like trying to eat a tire.. I’ll never forget it. 🤣

  • Nicky
    Nicky 11 hours ago

    You child, you disabled comments.

  • Nicky
    Nicky 11 hours ago

    I hate the sound effects oh my god.. the lip smacking, The mmm’s The ooohhh’s The crunching The heavy breathing The talking please stop

  • you166mhz
    you166mhz 11 hours ago

    I'm sure he used the instant pot before on chicken ... he deliberately over done the chicken just to prove failure on the Instant Pot use ... this example video is a scam ....

  • Francesco Mainardi
    Francesco Mainardi 13 hours ago

    4:36 orrible

  • Lost Memories
    Lost Memories 13 hours ago

    Marinade a steak with onions for 24 hours. Way better effect. You won't end up with a ton of salt and the steak cuts like butter.

  • Sean Wykle
    Sean Wykle 16 hours ago

    Meat salad

  • Craig Scott
    Craig Scott 18 hours ago

    Setup MEATER link and cloud you will have unlimited range you can even go to the shop and see your temp

  • ソアー
    ソアー 18 hours ago

    In thailand we Roasted the coffee beans with a frickin PAN

  • Javier Mancheno
    Javier Mancheno 21 hour ago

    fair comment !

  • Devan Watt
    Devan Watt 21 hour ago

    Your show is just “not worth watching” you literally talk about how flaw-full something is , tried your bbq sauce and it stinks , literally, NOT WORTH BUYING “best bbq sauce you’ll ever taste” more like wtf have I just ate

  • Devan Watt
    Devan Watt 23 hours ago

    It’s a CUTTING BOARD it’s gonna get CUT it’s a CUTTING BOARD! Stop whining

  • r Luc
    r Luc Day ago

    I am from Italy we have the best cooks in my family I went to Olive Garden and ordered meat soup fish a little bit of everything because I went with several people and I gave back every dish that they gave me it was absolutely disgusting and does not represent Italian people they had Spanish people cooking the food but the food was horrible taste in the weird thing it looks great on TV and even look good on my plate but the taste the sauce the soups taste nothing like they’re supposed to

  • Charles Dinkins

    Using a liquid measuring cup does not work the same for dry ingredients.

  • 1BrotherMack
    1BrotherMack Day ago

    Obviously this video is for entertainment purposes only 😂😂😂👍 October 2019

  • nick420jones
    nick420jones Day ago

    Thank god the onion didn’t go in and ruin this fine stew hahaha

  • Shaylin Monk
    Shaylin Monk Day ago

    This is what caused jacks stroke

  • Shaylin Monk
    Shaylin Monk Day ago

    Don’t be shy with your 2lb of cheese

  • Albert Arguelles

    Hey Great Idea but doesn't it add a lot of salt to the meat even after you wash it off?

    • Lonnie Adams
      Lonnie Adams Day ago

      Someone said it was too salty in the comments

  • nick420jones
    nick420jones Day ago

    Holy f3/$ daddy’s getting smooches tonight !!!

  • Bookoo c
    Bookoo c Day ago

    dude, there is nothing new about this fridge. my 15 year old GE has everything this has, except the app and air filter. You must be using a cooler with bagged ice to get this excited about this.

  • Lynda Savage
    Lynda Savage Day ago

    I tried this......ugh

  • Michael Richter

    Can you use standard Ionized salt instead of Sea Salt?

  • Pdiddy Hoe
    Pdiddy Hoe Day ago

    Looks really nice mate

  • Raghvi S
    Raghvi S Day ago

    its called ghee in india. Indians use it all the time

  • Media Penguin
    Media Penguin Day ago

    Is that what Americans call garbage beef? Wow

  • Yow Theng Lim
    Yow Theng Lim Day ago

    i love this crap

  • Lusy Garcia
    Lusy Garcia Day ago

    hell naw!!!😕 rather do my roll up enchilada!!! this looks just nasty.

  • Billy 0575
    Billy 0575 Day ago

    Top cursed food recipes

  • DEfan
    DEfan Day ago

    So, you only salted one side? Why not both? As far as A1 please try the thick and hearty from A1, really good.

  • James Armstrong
    James Armstrong 2 days ago

    I've fixed and eaten many chimichangas, but corn has never been an ingredient.

  • WV591
    WV591 2 days ago

    nothing comes close to T-fal when it comes to making steaks and chicken and few other things. perfect every time all the time.

  • DesignerzOnly
    DesignerzOnly 2 days ago

    I made this about 2 weeks ago because I was on a budget. I would never make this again. I'm not being mean but honest. This recipe has potential but its a no. Its nice if you plan on eating it all in one night but not to refridgerate. 😷

  • Gim Ang
    Gim Ang 2 days ago

    Salty afterward

  • lucky sevens
    lucky sevens 2 days ago

    This is my Disney mug, it's filled with mayonnaise.

  • Devan Watt
    Devan Watt 2 days ago

    You complain to much , also change your intro please , like I’m watching a kids channel

  • 16rage
    16rage 2 days ago

    shut up

  • Johnny Rocker
    Johnny Rocker 2 days ago

    I thought he was Mexican? Also, this isn't anywhere near enchiladas. I'm not saying this meaning she's not a "real" Hispanic or gatekeeping, (I'm white but I grew up in West Texas.) I mean this isn't even close because there are no rolled corn tortillas with filling. It's supposed to be rolled filled tortillas, sauce, cheese, and then another layer with more sauce and cheese (depending where you grew up, it may be a bit different; but not by very much). This is closer to being a weird version of Frito pie.

  • Sheila Mallobox
    Sheila Mallobox 2 days ago

    You don't give measurements

  • Sheila Mallobox
    Sheila Mallobox 2 days ago

    What are the measurements?

  • Phred
    Phred 2 days ago

    Try a pineapple, puree it skin and all , stick the meat in it for like 30 minutes and then rinse off , that's the best tenderizer you can find

  • JohnBoehners
    JohnBoehners 2 days ago

    It's just a typical "dry brining", that's all.

    • Anon Ymous
      Anon Ymous 10 hours ago

      It's like a colorblind person finally seeing color for the first time. 😂

  • older than you Cali

    This guy doesn't know how to fill a tortilla, and fold in the ends, must be a Puerto Rican.

  • Riptydez
    Riptydez 2 days ago

    “The artery explosion” 😂 Like I’m a diehard vegan, but even pre-vegan me would’ve been disgusted by this 😂 eat some plants, Jack. Your poor arteries beg you 😂💀

  • funny bones
    funny bones 2 days ago

    Jack inside his mind: You want to sweeten in up, put in some mayonnaise.

  • Isaac Ate
    Isaac Ate 2 days ago

    Fukn gross

  • funny bones
    funny bones 2 days ago

    The dish would explode inside of your belly once you consume the whole thing.

  • ツAntZz
    ツAntZz 2 days ago

    *You should be arrested*

  • Mr Noob
    Mr Noob 2 days ago

    He sucks at cooking

    PEPPER STONE 2 days ago

    looks yummy

  • Kennedy Robot
    Kennedy Robot 2 days ago

    Hey Jack from North Korea!

  • Escekar
    Escekar 2 days ago

    Tried it. This made the meat too salty. Not so good. You should try tenderising using green pawpaw. Blend up the pawpaw, coat the cheap meat in the pawpaw for up to 3 hours. Wash it off and you have a very yummy meal...

    • Lonnie Adams
      Lonnie Adams Day ago

      I only add salt to eggs, grits, watermelon, & apples. You answered my question for me... Too much salt leeches into the meat. Thanks.

  • John Deere
    John Deere 2 days ago

    "How come all your recipes, you never fail?" Jack, everyone in every comment section of every one of your videos is saying the exact opposite of this. No one has ever seriously said this regarding your videos ever. Also, put the damn thing in the freezer for an hour. Jesus.

  • Jill Monroe
    Jill Monroe 2 days ago

    My kind of kid full of generous energy. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Robyn Nunya
    Robyn Nunya 2 days ago

    I love Miracle Whip but sadly we can no longer buy it in Australia.

  • dluen Mogstar
    dluen Mogstar 3 days ago

    You can do the same thing with a blended pineapple. If you are in an area where pineapple is cheaper than salt.

  • Denny Rogers
    Denny Rogers 3 days ago

    great video jack!

  • Average Musical Jay

    Surprised there’s no mayonnaise.

  • Pdiddy Hoe
    Pdiddy Hoe 3 days ago

    I’d eat this one minus coffe and chocolate

  • Rodeo Clown Obama
    Rodeo Clown Obama 3 days ago

    at 6:00 I left

  • Rodeo Clown Obama
    Rodeo Clown Obama 3 days ago

    this is how to screw up pizza

  • Aaron
    Aaron 3 days ago

    Fck that I had a friend of mine go was over priced and said it was nothing special and he actually bbqs a lot himself he wouldn’t have dogged them for anything

  • sentencedtoburn
    sentencedtoburn 3 days ago

    That is a really portuguese desert, and i usually mock this channel but he did it actually pretty much as we do! So if anyone of you are intrigued by this, don't be, its an amazing desert!

  • Aaron
    Aaron 3 days ago

    That’s a stupid wait there is plenty of other bbq places for what’s its worth it’s just a meal and I’m not waiting or being told we only cooked 3 pork buts fck that safe to say I will never eat there.

  • unused acc
    unused acc 3 days ago

    Could I use this for pie

  • Jill Monroe
    Jill Monroe 3 days ago

    Cool Dad

  • Denny Rogers
    Denny Rogers 3 days ago

    great video jack!

  • Vape Naysh
    Vape Naysh 3 days ago

    I legit thought his last one was just going to be water

  • Jeffery Ruiz
    Jeffery Ruiz 3 days ago

    Yo This is the same guy who thought that blood in chicken is normal

  • Shawn Knox
    Shawn Knox 3 days ago

    I love that funny after taste. Lol Gamey is good. Lol

  • Jacob Fremont
    Jacob Fremont 3 days ago

    If you are eating a steak with A1? You obviously have no taste buds for steak. IM done here!

  • Dinglebop
    Dinglebop 4 days ago

    tfw when the plate looks better than the food

  • Denny Rogers
    Denny Rogers 4 days ago

    great video jack!

  • Samuel Ammirato
    Samuel Ammirato 4 days ago

    Pick up the pace jack

  • panesar94p
    panesar94p 4 days ago

    Surprised you didnt add 8 cups of mayo

  • smo kin
    smo kin 4 days ago

    thank you

  • vita
    vita 4 days ago

    tnx jack! yummy

  • justincole21
    justincole21 4 days ago

    Venison isn't tuff at all. Plus not super gamey or did you forget to cut out the glands?

  • Nicky
    Nicky 4 days ago

    When I saw the title I was immediately worried you’d burn the house down.

  • Cyrzic Miyze
    Cyrzic Miyze 4 days ago

    The butter quesadilla wasn't actually that bad lol

  • 16rage
    16rage 4 days ago

    what a legend

  • Heisenberg White
    Heisenberg White 4 days ago

    Ramsay would be proud

  • Anna Echevarria
    Anna Echevarria 4 days ago

    First time I see eggs on rice pudding, but I will have to make it Before i make any more comments. It does look delicious!

  • C_ Farther
    C_ Farther 4 days ago

    Electric roasters are also slow cookers, could you make some bean soup in your roaster and show us step-by-step?

  • System32
    System32 4 days ago

    I season my meat with lots salt and leave it for about 45 mins with the salt on so i been really doing this anyway, I found that it does make it more tender so this is true, However pineapple is amazing at tenderizing meat give that a go plenty of tutorials about it

  • Chuck Lewis
    Chuck Lewis 4 days ago

    Are these processed food?

  • Light Delus
    Light Delus 4 days ago

    This honestly looks plain disgusting to even smell or look at it tbh, don't even talk about eating a piece of it.