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  • Valerie Nolan
    Valerie Nolan 11 seconds ago

    I made this for my family,it was just about gone in one day,thank you so much for teaching me ,I'm sure I will make this again

  • Jackie Leduc
    Jackie Leduc 2 hours ago

    I have got to try these they look scrumptious and so festive !!!

  • Nena Viajera
    Nena Viajera 3 hours ago


  • Karen Wong
    Karen Wong 3 hours ago

    I started preparing two days ago and baked them this afternoon, they turned out perfectly. Thank you so much!!!!! 🥰

  • Leyla Gadzhieva
    Leyla Gadzhieva 3 hours ago

    Nice recipe!!! Delicious video. I love your desserts very much!

  • Toca
    Toca 4 hours ago

    Came here after watching Come Dine With me.. gay giraffe

  • jun rosel acoba
    jun rosel acoba 5 hours ago

    this is all-time favirite since my childhood, that ma mama use to cook 😅

  • Адэлия Билалова

    Школьное пирожное 😊

  • Fati Enna
    Fati Enna 8 hours ago

    J'aime ces délices

  • Christina Song
    Christina Song 8 hours ago

    Hi Ella, these cupcakes look so delicious. May I ask did you bake with or without fan at 180 Celsius in the oven?

    KOTOR DA GOD 8 hours ago

    Hey guys I work at Pizza Hut so just come down and get a Hershey’s brand cookie exactly like this for 4.99

  • Sadia Asad
    Sadia Asad 9 hours ago

    So fast So difficult to follow

  • ajisa a p
    ajisa a p 11 hours ago

    Hi dear I've made this delicious cake twice. Such a mouth watering cake it is. Everything came out perfect except the meringue layer. It's taste was superb but I was not able to remove it from the baking sheet and tray. Tried a lot but it stuck on it. Then I Crushed it with a knife. Is there any way that I can get the meringue layer perfectly? Please reply me Thank you 💞

    MONIRA SIDDIQUE 13 hours ago

    Very innovative 😋

  • hannah indla
    hannah indla 14 hours ago

    So yummy tasty

  • مرضیه نظری
    مرضیه نظری 17 hours ago


  • naufal gibran
    naufal gibran 17 hours ago

    gelatin powder boleh diganti agar2 plain?

  • عيوش حسين
    عيوش حسين 17 hours ago

    يعني انا شايفه ماشاءالله ناس كثير فاهم ياليت فاعل خير يشرح بالعربي ويكون سوا خير لانو مو كل الناس تفهم

  • ttlee
    ttlee 23 hours ago

    I made your cranberry orange cookies last year, and loved it! Looking for inspiration for this year’s cookie exchange

  • Jasmine Tripoli

    CARAMEL cake

  • God's Obedient Child-Deuteronomy 27:10 & 30:2

    I LOVE your channel and recipes😍😋💖😊💕👍!!!!!!!

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    Jose Perez Day ago

    😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋look good

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    La musique n'est pas à mon goût mais le gâteau!!!! Réussi du 1er coup! Super beau, super bon!!! I love it!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams Day ago

    Omg...this is my first time seeing this....ooohhh I love you guys and the kids awww they're gorgeous...I always knew there was something about you that I just gravitated towards no I know..I love you even more after seeing this...lol the kids are lovely..thanks for sharing.

  • Missy B
    Missy B Day ago

    Best enchilada recipe, video on youtube😁

  • kresta leonard

    These look beautiful and 😋

  • Falone Akoussan

    And as usual, I like and save before 0:03 😄

  • Anais Andrade
    Anais Andrade Day ago

    Hello! Thanks for the recipe. Could be all purpose flour?

  • Malak Amir
    Malak Amir Day ago

    C'est delicieux svp les ingredients en francais 🙏😘

  • aleksandra8971

    Hun i have a question how long these can be stored? How many days before christmas i can make them ?

  • 111dogger
    111dogger Day ago

    Hey. I got inspired by this video and i cooked a paella following exactly like your video. It tasted like heaven! Thank you so much for showing us a really simple yet elegant way of cooking Paella.

  • أم حسن
    أم حسن Day ago


  • Sihem Khaldi
    Sihem Khaldi Day ago

    Waw is very nice and good job thank you

  • prachi
    prachi Day ago

    Can we leave out the pumpkin puree ?

  • Kinnari's Kitchen

    Yummy cupcakes. Toasted meringue must be awesome.

    UROOB ZAHID Day ago

    there was no lava what so ever

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    gehan mekawy Day ago

    ياريت حبيبتي تنزلى عليها ترجمة عربى عشان نعرف المواد المستخدمة والمقادير

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    Iulia Evelina Day ago

    I made these yesterday and they turned out amazing! It was the first time I made eclairs. Thank you for your recipes! Everything I tried from your channel was good!

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    Eden Attias Day ago

    Thank u

  • andersbacken.de

    so wonderful. They look amazing. :D

  • kh k.z
    kh k.z Day ago

    What if I don't have dried raspberries powder? What would be the replacement?

    • Home Cooking Adventure
      Home Cooking Adventure Day ago

      Just leave them out ..the powder simply enhance raspberry flavor without breaking the texture and composition of the whites

  • أم حسن
    أم حسن Day ago


  • Ajeng Yuli Fitriana

    Looks soooo goood!

  • Dia C
    Dia C Day ago

    Very nice cupcake recipie! Ella can you make us Snickers Cupcakes? Have a nice day! 👍👏🍫

  • Cunning
    Cunning Day ago

    Fucking lier the dough is not even close to this. It's just crumbs.

  • Serena Mathew
    Serena Mathew Day ago

    Really can't wait to try this cake but I cannot make the Swiss buttercream so can you suggest which other frosting can I make with this cake ?

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    04paok Day ago

    Nothing beats Greek olives and Greek olive oil!! Bloody copy cats!!

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    Lupus Dante 2 days ago

    very well explained. Do you know by any chance what the ratio would be for vanilla sticks in grams instead of vanilla extract?

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  • Nada Hashim
    Nada Hashim 2 days ago

    Am planning to make these for a brunch tomorrow,, can i make them a head and put them in the oven until they are almost done and then continue cooking just before the guests arrive???

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  • Sue Findlay
    Sue Findlay 2 days ago

    Just made these and they are so simple to make and absolutely delicious! Next recipe to try will be your baked falafesl. Love your simple presentation - straightforward and easy to follow. I've now subcribed.

  • Janvi Agarwal
    Janvi Agarwal 2 days ago

    Wow I love it so much

  • Notnow
    Notnow 2 days ago

    After returning from my vacation in Spain I thought I would check out a recipe- I have just intently watched and studied, made some notes etc, my conclusion- go and buy some from the bakery, it will save you a lot of time stress and hassle. great video though , sadly i just don't have the time for this.

  • Stefania De Maio
    Stefania De Maio 2 days ago

    very good recipe! Can coffee be replaced? to make the kids eat it. thank you so much 😘☺️

    • Stefania De Maio
      Stefania De Maio 17 hours ago

      Home Cooking Adventure thank you so much! Is it possible to make a cake with this recipe? 😋😀

    • Home Cooking Adventure
      Home Cooking Adventure 2 days ago

      Simply use warm water instead

  • Couch Caviar
    Couch Caviar 2 days ago

    Wow so good! I need to do some baking on my channel! Thanks for the inspiration !

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