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  • Mike Marley
    Mike Marley 13 days ago

    Diamonds are shit.They are not very beautiful .Hardness makes the usefull but for beauty ,fubies ,sapuires and emeralds are beautifull.

  • Francisco Santos
    Francisco Santos 28 days ago

    Thank you

  • jernej ravbar
    jernej ravbar 2 months ago

    hello watching from Slovenia

  • Francisco Santos
    Francisco Santos 2 months ago

    BORON is so important

  • Naomi Whittle
    Naomi Whittle 2 months ago

    The woman who inspires me most❤👍

  • angela nadeau
    angela nadeau 2 months ago

    That was explained nicely, thanks

  • hamayoun khilji
    hamayoun khilji 3 months ago

    What would be the pay of geologist there ?

  • James W Roberts Jr
    James W Roberts Jr 4 months ago

    Nasty corrupt company . One 9f biggest polluters of earth. They will all go to Hell

  • James W Roberts Jr
    James W Roberts Jr 4 months ago

    Polluting the sea and bribing government is their way. Trashy Execs in charge

  • Rooster Kliewer
    Rooster Kliewer 4 months ago

    great video sir!

  • baressa jackonia
    baressa jackonia 5 months ago

    I'm from there i stay near the beach iand my uncle and my grandma work there

  • Wayne Oneal
    Wayne Oneal 7 months ago

    What is the flow rate per hour in metric tons for that loader?

  • Tony Arellano
    Tony Arellano 7 months ago

    bullshit crystals ! I don't believe in jewels ! they enslave humans!

  • Vivek Tikle
    Vivek Tikle 8 months ago

    good jop

  • Betterworld ok
    Betterworld ok 10 months ago

    What the Australian mining companies and the government have done to help the Australian Aboriginals to better their living conditions? I want to see results not just bulshit talks. Their living conditions are not the best and there is no equal opportunity for them. The mainstream look down on them and this has to change now.

    • joey saladass
      joey saladass 6 months ago

      there is equal opportunity, go to school like everyone else, we have schemes that allow uni degrees to be paid off once in work - therefore put in the hard yards and you will be rewarded, hey, cause you're aboriginal means you will most probably be picked first.

  • Tuvshinbat Sundui
    Tuvshinbat Sundui 10 months ago

  • Marty Girl
    Marty Girl 11 months ago

    They”re destroying the planet that will kill our children our grandchildren and there children ...

    • LS2MGB
      LS2MGB 7 months ago

      If your children's grammar is a bad as yours, that won't be a bad thing….

    • LRM KLM
      LRM KLM 10 months ago

      Marty Girl shut the hell up

    IIIIIFlY Year ago

    I actually googled Oyu Tolgoi, because I did some mining project back in the days and I remembered that this was one of the- and an exceptional case of block caving. Not only that, it's from a political standpoint interesting too. Dear 'you' mispellers, I know it's all funny and let this comment be a catalyst, but also recognize that this project has a special place is some people's hearts. With a lot of love, Me

  • Kevin Delgado
    Kevin Delgado Year ago

    The best place to work!!!! I wanna work on diavik, is my dream

  • TheCoinDiva PR
    TheCoinDiva PR Year ago

    Nice video, tks

  • MSE Filterpressen GmbH

    Awesome! Regards, MSE Filterpressen.

  • MSE Filterpressen GmbH

    Awesome! Greetings, MSE Filterpressen®. Your filter press specialist from germany.

    • Sandra Feng
      Sandra Feng 3 months ago

      Iron ore beneficiation plant:

    • James W Roberts Jr
      James W Roberts Jr 4 months ago

      So your a earth polluting shitnag also?

  • Candy C
    Candy C Year ago

    Had the pleasure of meeting Emma today. She was so fun to talk to, truly inspiring!

  • Nat Noonoo
    Nat Noonoo Year ago

    I love Resources and Minerals, I also love my Aboriginal Ancestry and the History of my indigenous family....In Australia our land is rich and produces so much and its good to see the harmony...I hope some day to Work in the Mining Industry as that is where my passion lies. 👍

  • Bicycle Ryder
    Bicycle Ryder Year ago


  • Cindy Lee
    Cindy Lee Year ago

    I can see Korean subway footages in this video!

  • Raveen Dassanayake

    whats the song

  • Joey Koh
    Joey Koh Year ago

    She's awesome!

  • Silvino Silva
    Silvino Silva Year ago

    Inspiration 🙏🏿

  • cjsdragon
    cjsdragon Year ago

    Go Gary, go!

  • Jomo Makhanya
    Jomo Makhanya Year ago

    Our economy is stolen by foreigners

  • Jomo Makhanya
    Jomo Makhanya Year ago

    Our economy is stolen by foreigners

  • Randy Scott
    Randy Scott Year ago

    Seems that the simple man is becoming more obsolete every day I guess we just go the way of the dinosaurs

    • Matt
      Matt 3 months ago

      I thought they told everyone in school to be nice to the geeks. They'll rule the world. #learntocode ;)

    • Flyingwise
      Flyingwise Year ago

      yep, they want everyone to be a computer nerd

  • Aware Ness
    Aware Ness Year ago

    Thank you 🙏💙

  • Judge Dredd
    Judge Dredd Year ago

    im proud to say that we ship a lot of stuff from kitimat, Made in BC

  • Erin B
    Erin B Year ago

    Guess I am the same as everyone else. I watched the whole video, though lol.

  • Denis Girard
    Denis Girard Year ago

    Bravo tres impressionnent merci Josée.

  • N & M
    N & M 2 years ago

    Woah cool and subed to your channel

    VIGNESH RK 2 years ago

    accidentally came here by tying oyu instead of youtube

  • Logan Leslie
    Logan Leslie 2 years ago

    I know for a fact that a prospector found diamonds in NWT before1981.Ispoke to the man who found them. He got nothing from the discovery.

  • Adrian Pinto
    Adrian Pinto 2 years ago

    well done!

  • Rail Rhino
    Rail Rhino 2 years ago

    Pretty cool! Nice video. Would be helpful if you could check my channel out.

  • Barry Hart
    Barry Hart 2 years ago

    That came out real good. Just subbed your channel for more. Keep them coming.

  • C-mmon ;
    C-mmon ; 2 years ago

    damn thats the same train from gta 5

  • vava85
    vava85 2 years ago


  • Pond6 Gaming
    Pond6 Gaming 2 years ago

    I think one day a lot of Canada will be taken up by civilization in all these heavily wooded remote areas. Most of it will be preserved, and if people don't believe in that or not, it's probably going to happen.

  • Łukasz Marek
    Łukasz Marek 2 years ago


  • SwedTv
    SwedTv 2 years ago

    when you type youtube wrong haHA

  • Milica Obradovic
    Milica Obradovic 2 years ago

    "..opportunities will present themselves and you're got to take advantage of those opportunities." Thank you Joanne Farrell for one of the big piece of advice.

  • Ruan S. P.
    Ruan S. P. 2 years ago

    Great but do you have a dragonglass mine, so we are ready when winter comes ?

  • stone collector gem stone

    very nice !!!

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  • Starrion 95
    Starrion 95 2 years ago

    I am from huelva in rio tinto

  • Victor Tenma
    Victor Tenma 2 years ago

    So that's how it works. Never see it before. Nice music. Thanks for sharing.

  • Paulo Benevides
    Paulo Benevides 2 years ago

    I have interest in working in oyu tolgoi my contact is I am a mining engineer and a security engineer.

    • Rio Tinto
      Rio Tinto 2 years ago

      Hi Paulo, all roles are advertised on our global careers website where you can apply for open vacancies and sign up to job alerts so you never miss an opportunity ➡️ You can also look for vacancies on the Oyu Tolgoi website ➡️

  • JellyPopsicles TV
    JellyPopsicles TV 2 years ago

    Dam i hate trying to watch RU-clip smashed from typing in oyu

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    Platzz 2 years ago

    233.849 mispelled "you" so far...

  • ravenrg84
    ravenrg84 2 years ago

    a tree has more value than that stupid rock, stop killing the environment.

  • Dylan Llewellyn
    Dylan Llewellyn 2 years ago

    Fascinating, but I hope the environment is respected and returned to as close as possible to original condition once the mine is depleted!

  • Crazy Ooze
    Crazy Ooze 2 years ago


  • Jaqueline Carranza
    Jaqueline Carranza 2 years ago

    my teacher is making us watch this help

    • Tre Nyte
      Tre Nyte 6 months ago

      I'm 30 and looking at this stuff cuz it's cool. If I was 15 I'd be stoned and late for class if I had to watch thus

    • Zorry
      Zorry 2 years ago

      Help me first!

      CODE LAZAR 2 years ago


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      Heaven Dueñas 2 years ago

      Karla Estrada lol

  • mark
    mark 2 years ago

    I like the cutting edge part

  • Jay Allen
    Jay Allen 2 years ago

    love me livi msj

  • NYGamer
    NYGamer 2 years ago

    5:56 is sick

  • Rising Pheonix
    Rising Pheonix 2 years ago

    I will own this diamond soon... 😊

  • Rising Pheonix
    Rising Pheonix 2 years ago

    The Violet is my ultimate diamond fantasy...

  • pennsyr1
    pennsyr1 2 years ago

    Intriguing! Is there a full-length version of this documentary available?

  • Vusi Khumalo
    Vusi Khumalo 2 years ago

    I love this Company,

  • UnburdenedPanda extremeFun

    i'm here because i misspelled you to oyu so sad at least i learn something.

  • Peter Janik
    Peter Janik 3 years ago

    Rarity = valuation ;)

  • Frank Aris
    Frank Aris 3 years ago

    They're truly SENSATIONAL!!!!

  • Frank Aris
    Frank Aris 3 years ago

    The violet is truly ONE OF A KIND!!! Simply exquisite.

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    iam bad in typing yuotube

  • Faith & Panic
    Faith & Panic 3 years ago

    Didnt reach homepage, but still landed on the right website..thanks google. its 2016, and im curious if this project actually managed its deadline?

    • Rio Tinto
      Rio Tinto 3 years ago

      Please visit for the latest information.

  • mchughcb
    mchughcb 3 years ago

    It would nice to see a timelapse of the markers moving through an actual cave. Lets thank the person with the original idea - Bart Pienaar and Paul Lever.

  • Frank Aris
    Frank Aris 3 years ago

    I couldn't agree more. They're truly spectacular.

  • Tomos182
    Tomos182 3 years ago

    9gag brought me here

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    Any geologist here who legitimately got here instead of a misspelled?

    MARIO ANGUIANO 3 years ago

    i will get a brand named oye then buum freee publicity

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    What kind of Native American people are they playing the odd looking drums? 03:44

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    uauuauaa 2016

  • Branden Frazier
    Branden Frazier 3 years ago

    Lol i missed typed you for and found this

  • Eric Strom
    Eric Strom 3 years ago

    Fantastic development, and congratulations to all involved! This will change cave mining across the industry, and I am happy to see it shared like this, thanks!

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    At least it has taken us to youtube...

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    Blåsmark SkatePark 3 years ago

    I came here to see this Oyu Tolgoi project. JK, of course i misspelled.

  • Kimberly Maevers
    Kimberly Maevers 3 years ago

    Great video by Rio Tinto, explaining the efforts they make to be a responsible community asset. Well done, Rio Tinto!

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    Shampoo Wow 3 years ago

    *_Awesome video! I like it_*

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    I want work in Rio Tinto how i can?

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    Who else is here because they accidently typed "oyu" into google and sent you here?

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    Beyond rare :) Value of timeless beauty and rarity.