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  • ღ† K i m M a r i †ღ

    jang wonyoung uwuwuw❤❤❤

  • Wizone Always
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  • 銀ちゃん
    銀ちゃん 29 seconds ago

    当初批判的なコメントも多かったが、PV、そしてMステを観て、 肯定的な意見も多く出てきました。 ライブで観るとさらに良い曲に感じると思う。

  • Hun Im
    Hun Im Minute ago

    가사 번역된 부분을 본 후 내용을 알고 뮤직비디오를 보니까 컨셉에 대한 의도가 보이네요. 귀엽고 깜찍한 소녀의 사랑 판타지...? 자꾸 들어보니 중독성이 있기는 해요. 영상의 분위기도 묵직한데 이 가사에 춤, 노래까지 무거웠으면 이상해졌을 것 같아요. 아마도... 대상으로 하는 청취자 층을 어린 세대로 잡은 것이 아닐까 하는 생각도 들어요. 여기에 만화영화에 열광 했던 나이 지긋하신 세대들의 옛날 풍요로웠던 일본의 향수도 불러 일으키고.. 그냥 상상해 봤습니다. 그런데 어떤 컨셉도 깔끔하게 소화시키는 아이즈원은 개개인이 천재 아닌가요?

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  • Rjisun
    Rjisun Minute ago

    need dance ver, need longer Vampire BTS, need showroom for vampire

  • Salwa Nabilah
    Salwa Nabilah 2 minutes ago

    kkura-chan😍😍 neomu yeoppo😘

  • Joel Tan
    Joel Tan 2 minutes ago

    1:05 the most harmless vampire. Yena

  • YaYa Sb
    YaYa Sb 2 minutes ago

    Sakura mi patrona ♥️

  • captainsoshi
    captainsoshi 2 minutes ago

    The song is good but the quality is really bad. Maybe because they have a lot of schedule overseas and they didn't have time to record the song in Jp, so it's not the same with sukito. When they prepared sukito they had to go back and forth (jp n kr) to record the song and shoot the mv. I think they record this song (part by part) in kr and send it to jp. They also said that the mv was shot in korea.

  • 베나
    베나 2 minutes ago

    nako kkkkkk

  • 신이
    신이 3 minutes ago

    사쿠라가 뱀파이어 숙주고 중간에 춤추는거보면 사쿠라가 춘다음 그춤을 나머지가 따라춥니다. 사쿠라가 나머지를 뱀파이어로 만들고 조종하는거래요.

  • Josefa3021 Bustamante
    Josefa3021 Bustamante 3 minutes ago

    Alguien habla español? No?

  • VVSdiamonds
    VVSdiamonds 4 minutes ago

    2:37 so cuuutttee

  • Gyuhyun Kim
    Gyuhyun Kim 4 minutes ago

    노래 진2짜 개씹구리네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • JayTeeHD
    JayTeeHD 4 minutes ago

    Visuals: 11/10 Concept: 10/10 Lyrics: 10/10 Song: 2/10

  • kagnomi
    kagnomi 4 minutes ago

    I like the song actually but the quality is pretty bad. It sounds like I'm listening to it from another room.

  • Eunha X Yena X Yeonjung X Yeji

    0:57 yenyul attacking minju 😂😂😂

  • lemon정국
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  • btsxhalsey
    btsxhalsey 4 minutes ago

    I always hear this on spotify and memorized it and now I’m interested in the song

  • オポノポノ
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  • 102
    102 5 minutes ago

    wonyoung please post pics of you with those cats on instagram 🥺

  • 19 TPadila
    19 TPadila 5 minutes ago

    17/09/19 *IZ*ONE - VAMPIRE* 🕸 Views : 5,2M views Like : *295k* Disclike : *19k* Coment : *38k* FIGHT *WIZ*ONE* 💪💜

  • Xxx Xxx
    Xxx Xxx 5 minutes ago

    I think the video and the concept does not seem to match the music, lol.

    Nik Z ARMYBOY 5 minutes ago


  • rosmah yusuf
    rosmah yusuf 5 minutes ago

    this is what wizone want..behind the scene

  • taengoo ly
    taengoo ly 5 minutes ago


  • Fishy Games
    Fishy Games 5 minutes ago

    IZ*ONE is what the Kpop Industry needs! I LOVE YOU IZ*ONE! ❤️

  • 102
    102 5 minutes ago

    wonyoung and cats 🥺 im: SOFT

  • _megalo_メガロ
    _megalo_メガロ 6 minutes ago

    ひぃちゃんがどんどん美しくなっていく... 一生の推しです。

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    102 6 minutes ago


  • IS H
    IS H 6 minutes ago

    웬지 목을 씻고 봐야할것 같다.

  • きのしたきの
    きのしたきの 6 minutes ago

    I feel we have a hope for Dance ver. for this one

  • 채원원픽
    채원원픽 6 minutes ago

    보는내내 흐뭇합니다.

  • LOONA_Periapsis
    LOONA_Periapsis 8 minutes ago

    They all look amazing but imo Wonyoung & Eunbi really suit this image for some reason, maybe it’s their facial structure or something? Like I could actually believe they could be vampires just looking at them 👀

  • kenny lee
    kenny lee 8 minutes ago

    give me korean

  • pcmiffy07
    pcmiffy07 8 minutes ago

    It should be 1 hour video for 12members

  • my laptop charger is broken

    hyewon got more screentime at here

  • pcmiffy07
    pcmiffy07 8 minutes ago

    only 3mins making of WTF??????

  • Love Yourself
    Love Yourself 8 minutes ago

    I thought it was Tzuyu for a second 1:45

  • Jerry Wibawa
    Jerry Wibawa 8 minutes ago

    OMG they're all cute and beautiful.. thanks OTR, you're really understand us.. 🥰 Kwangbae with fang is the cutest vampire ever, my blood is yours.. 😘

  • wizone청춘마법사
    wizone청춘마법사 9 minutes ago

    왜이리 이쁜데ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    • SJ K
      SJ K 7 minutes ago


  • [Min] tube
    [Min] tube 9 minutes ago

    Chaeyeon is behind the bar ㅠㅠ

  • Hafiz Guccy
    Hafiz Guccy 9 minutes ago

    Hitomi hime-sama I LOVO U SO MUCH hahaha

  • 白の姫
    白の姫 9 minutes ago

    0:57 Joyouriz are expanding their ranks 😂

  • Hulyeta Apostol
    Hulyeta Apostol 9 minutes ago

    Kkura tan's hair and make up in this mv is really on point 😍

  • hhuhuh94
    hhuhuh94 9 minutes ago

    송곳니가 있는데도 귀여움 ㅎㅎㅎ


    chaewon looks so smol while jumping on that trampoline

  • Bukanteko
    Bukanteko 10 minutes ago

    eunbi in that white dress such a goddess

  • [Min] tube
    [Min] tube 10 minutes ago

    김채원 떨어지는거 트렘플링에서 찍은거구나 ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ

  • 吟遊歌人
    吟遊歌人 11 minutes ago

    Music video making video is interesting😆😆😆

  • 만개
    만개 11 minutes ago

    대박이다ㅜㅜ그냥 다 대박이다ㅜㅜㅜ채원이 직접 저렇게 뛰어서 한것도 대박이다 그냥 다 대박이네ㅜㅜㅜ

  • kimmy x
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  • 민주만세
    민주만세 11 minutes ago

    소속사 일 잘하네요~^^ 존예♥

  • Genaro Vernal
    Genaro Vernal 12 minutes ago

    Thank you IZ*ONE I love you!!!

  • Lua F.
    Lua F. 12 minutes ago

    Sakura looks so good with dark hair and mature makeup 🌸 I really like it.

  • ʚJisuɞ
    ʚJisuɞ 12 minutes ago

    Sakura <3

  • Thel Reazo
    Thel Reazo 12 minutes ago

    My JinJoo 😍

  • Mohammad Syarifuddin
    Mohammad Syarifuddin 12 minutes ago

    finding Chaeyeon

  • Loan thạch1998vn.
    Loan thạch1998vn. 13 minutes ago

    chaeyeon 👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤

  • lei
    lei 13 minutes ago

    when i saw this girls happy im also happy. IZONE FIGHTING!

  • Hafiz Guccy
    Hafiz Guccy 13 minutes ago

    Thank You Off the record & Yasushi Akimoto-san hahaha

  • • Beby ChimChim •
    • Beby ChimChim • 13 minutes ago

    Please bite me. I surrender 😝😝😝😝😝

  • Kobegyu Tabetai
    Kobegyu Tabetai 13 minutes ago

    最後にチェヨンの顔が見えないのはぞっと惜しいと思うね。Mステでは見えたからMV取る時もぞっとカメラの構図とか皆の隊形とかを修正して、チェヨンも見える方にするのが良かったとおもう。 뮤비 끝나는 장면에서 째욘 얼굴 안 나오는 건 좀 아쉬움. M스테에서는 정면에 금샄율 라인 대형을 살짝 바꿔서 보였는데... MV 찍을 때도 카메라 구도나 대형 살짝만 수정해서 째욘도 모이게 했으면 좋았을 텐데.

  • yabukiyujin 36
    yabukiyujin 36 13 minutes ago

    1:52 yenyul againnn as expectedd😍

  • Weiss Frost
    Weiss Frost 13 minutes ago

    The cat has more screentime than Chaeyeon

  • 21 Srixon
    21 Srixon 13 minutes ago


  • 챈무
    챈무 13 minutes ago

    쌈무 트램펄린 타는거 왜이렇게 귀여워 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Mal Sam
    Mal Sam 13 minutes ago

    Center anf friend shitttt

  • Jae Jae
    Jae Jae 14 minutes ago

    Not to be rude but who the hell produced this?

  • Fadel M. ぱず
    Fadel M. ぱず 14 minutes ago

    2:12 surprised nako so cute

  • 조동헌
    조동헌 14 minutes ago

    처음엔 뽕짝 같았는데 자꾸 듣다보니까 어느새 흥얼거리고 있음...ㅋ

  • JUN
    JUN 14 minutes ago

    이거 사이타마 콘서트때 뮤비비하인드 영상틀어주고 본무대에서 뱀파이어 부를거같다. 부에노스아이레스처럼.

  • incessdaa _e
    incessdaa _e 14 minutes ago


  • saaya
    saaya 14 minutes ago


  • 新闻世界 有趣闻1000訂閱挑战中

    I Love IZONE,SAKURA So Beautiful!😎

  • G Rollaze.
    G Rollaze. 15 minutes ago

    3:34 wonyoung looks so good wearing fangs 😍

  • chaeyeon's long legs
    chaeyeon's long legs 15 minutes ago

    Chaeyeon barely got any screen time here as well

  • akka801
    akka801 15 minutes ago

    Sakura 💖

  • Ryan Satrio
    Ryan Satrio 16 minutes ago

    love the production~ keep up the good work girls!

  • 오리요정
    오리요정 16 minutes ago

    자막은?? 자막은??

  • どーもどーも
    どーもどーも 16 minutes ago


  • Zayna Hashim
    Zayna Hashim 16 minutes ago

    i love hearing tomi speak japanese

  • Jeremia Nathanael
    Jeremia Nathanael 16 minutes ago

    0:57 YenYul trying to suck Minju's blood

  • mboook
    mboook 17 minutes ago

    I need the bts of the cats

  • revlctzen !!
    revlctzen !! 17 minutes ago

    hyewon :((

  • Sarah Femytha
    Sarah Femytha 17 minutes ago

    Itu yang lompat-lompat di trampoline siapa? 😅😅

  • Anton Sujarwo
    Anton Sujarwo 17 minutes ago

    kochengnya wonyoung :3


    thank you OTR!

  • Julieta Toledo
    Julieta Toledo 18 minutes ago

    Me va a explotar el corazón de tanto amarlas

  • TJ H
    TJ H 18 minutes ago

    일본 친구들 일본곡은 뮤비 조회수가 왜이리 안나오나요 뮤비나 음악 안 즐기고 악수만 주야장천 하러 다니나요?

    • 김한결
      김한결 14 minutes ago

      이런 글 쓰려고 급하게 달려오다니 대단하네

  • あかり豆
    あかり豆 18 minutes ago

    こうやって頑張って撮ってるのに、わざわざメンバーが見てるであろうsnsで批判するやつの神経よ、性悪すぎる そしてIZ*ONEちゃんは今日もかわいい

  • 대마왕
    대마왕 18 minutes ago

    노래 음질....어쩔...ㅠㅠ 그냥 한국에서 다 작업하면 안되나??

  • revlctzen !!
    revlctzen !! 18 minutes ago


  • 세돌이형
    세돌이형 18 minutes ago

    진짜 일본만 가면 노래 퀄리티 확 떨어지네

  • Vortex_개임
    Vortex_개임 18 minutes ago

    is it right that duck turn to a vampire...seems right to me ahahhaha

  • NAKY George
    NAKY George 18 minutes ago

    옵더레 자막도 없이?

  • のあ
    のあ 19 minutes ago


  • Farrah Mae Villanueva
    Farrah Mae Villanueva 19 minutes ago

    Tzuyu? 2:45

  • 유윤선
    유윤선 19 minutes ago