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  • Lindaaa aaa
    Lindaaa aaa 2 months ago

    Your hair is soo pretty!! 😍 I think mine is close to this texture

  • Naomi Sandoz
    Naomi Sandoz 3 months ago

    are you curl type 2A ?

  • Amy Morgan
    Amy Morgan 3 months ago

    I genuinely find it so weird when I see someone with the same type of hair as me as I rarely do hahaha. I'm like yyeeasss wavy hair gang!

  • Space Ghost
    Space Ghost 3 months ago

    So beautiful (2c, I guess) hair😌

  • Becksnnc
    Becksnnc 5 months ago

    What do you do with your hair when you go to bed after you've done all of this?

    • Dre NekroMantik
      Dre NekroMantik 5 months ago

      Or just a regular 100% cotton t shirt works fine too

    • Dre NekroMantik
      Dre NekroMantik 5 months ago

      If you shower at night just put in in a microfiber turban and try to sleep with it like that see how it comes out :)

  • anna curtis
    anna curtis 6 months ago

    omay how to be like a hair like that my hair was straight for how many years and i just wanted to make my hair change then i saw u omg🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Southern Belle
    Southern Belle 7 months ago

    Thank you

  • heartquaked
    heartquaked 8 months ago

    Omg you and your hair are stunning! I am going to try both the products you showed

  • Jamie Correll
    Jamie Correll 8 months ago

    Finally a video for wavy hair!

  • Kanochi
    Kanochi 9 months ago

    olaplex is not a deep conditioner. It's a bond builder that have a special molecular that helps the hair to bond. It is recommended to use a deep conditioner or mask that is nourishing and moisturizing after because olaplex will leave your hair dry. Very nice video and you're super pretty. Keep it up!

  • Ashley
    Ashley 9 months ago

    Leave it in longer , don’t use heat, keep using it weekly to see results. You need a deep conditioner for frizz, this is a bond builder so it repairs the inside of your hair.

  • Paula
    Paula 10 months ago

    You are so pretty and I love your hair. Thank you for the tips!

  • vriiskaa
    vriiskaa 10 months ago

    what's the song in the beginning?

  • Just Cailey
    Just Cailey 10 months ago

    OMG FINALLY SOMEONE WITH THE SAME WAVES AS ME except mines a tiny bit wavier to start with but then starts to drop out until it’s nearly straight ( I don’t use silicones ) so I’m going to buy a gel to help them stay in?

    • Dre NekroMantik
      Dre NekroMantik 5 months ago

      Gel makes me hair so beautiful!! Put some in when your hair is soaking wet still and SCRUNCH!:) do not comb or brush. Either diffuse it or air dry and try not to touch it :) I personally use the shea moisture one or regular alcohol free aloe vera gel (clear kind)

    • Just Cailey
      Just Cailey 10 months ago

      limawoo I got an ecostyler one because it was the only silicone,alcohol etc free one but I’m going to see how it works and hope it does

    • AllAboutEva
      AllAboutEva 10 months ago

      I would buy a cheap, alcohol free gel and see how you like it, personally I am not really a fan of gels.

  • Michelle Balcarcel
    Michelle Balcarcel 11 months ago

    Very pretty!!!

  • LemonadeLaura
    LemonadeLaura Year ago

    Thanks for posting this! I just started the CGM a few days ago, and I'm loving it so far. But I'm still trying to figure out what works for me, etc. Your hair texture seems similar to mine, so I'm gonna give your routine a try sometime soon. Just have to pick up that smoothie stuff :)

  • Allyshia Berger
    Allyshia Berger Year ago

    Your hair is gorgeous! Similar wave pattern to me. So glad i found you ❤

  • Brooke Graham
    Brooke Graham Year ago

    Your hair reminds me of the girl from mama mia so beautiful

  • Monica Gallegos
    Monica Gallegos Year ago

    My hair is about the same as mine, only longer XD What do you do on days when you don't wash your hair?

    • AllAboutEva
      AllAboutEva Year ago

      I am going to make a video about that soon :)

  • RoxxiRockstar
    RoxxiRockstar Year ago

    Would you say your hair is thin or thick?

    • AllAboutEva
      AllAboutEva 10 months ago

      maybe try to look into products for low porosity hair? I just recently started to learn about this, maybe thats the reason why?

    • RoxxiRockstar
      RoxxiRockstar Year ago

      @AllAboutEva oh great! I have thin hair so I was curious. It seems when I add products like leave in conditioners that my hair gets weighed down and greasy very quickly.

    • AllAboutEva
      AllAboutEva Year ago

      the hair strand is thin because its blond but i have a lot of hair. :)

  • J Meis
    J Meis Year ago

    Oh my wave, I am so happy. I clicked on the video and was like noooo way, that is exactly my hair! Finally

  • My Green Nest
    My Green Nest Year ago

    Thank you for showing me, I’m gonna try!

  • Cat Lover
    Cat Lover Year ago

    I'm so happy I found a girl with about the same hair texture!!

  • consciousbabe
    consciousbabe Year ago

    Ur hair looks gorgeous!!

  • Zerita McAtee
    Zerita McAtee Year ago

    We have the same hair pattern! You should try using gels. Gel really helps with better hold and definition!

  • Keydy Ladyqc
    Keydy Ladyqc Year ago

    Your hair looks amazing! I think I might have the same type of hair as yours, so thank you for giving me options on how to style it :) It’s been a week since I started the CGM and happily I got the same products that you have. Thanks!

    • AllAboutEva
      AllAboutEva Year ago

      i am glad i was able to help you :)

  • Mariah Delgado
    Mariah Delgado Year ago

    My hair is just like this and i hate it because it’s mostly straight in the back and it always looks good and wavy in the front

  • Bobbie Ditcharo-Roland

    Your hair is beautiful!

  • Adrianna Orgasinska

    finally found someone with the same type of waves as me💕

  • Lily Hershberger

    lol my hair is just a bit wavier than yours and i use the shea moisture KIDS(yes, kids) curling buttercream. it works well to define the waves and keep them wavy all day. It is really light and doesn't weigh down my hair. I would highly recommend if you want to try this or are trying to look for something similar

    • AllAboutEva
      AllAboutEva Year ago

      I will have to try that one out :)

  • C P
    C P Year ago

    That’s so relatable I always brush my hair straight and when I diffuse my hair it curly but it gets knoted

  • Sláine MK
    Sláine MK Year ago

    Your natural hair is GORGEOUS💕