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  • Brisney andrea machado

    Like si hablas español

  • Lorna McGuire
    Lorna McGuire 7 hours ago

    Who only came to watch for Drew I knew I did 😂😂😂😂

  • Michael L
    Michael L 7 hours ago

    Different color people harmony, devote harmonious life with each other, admire light tower country America, great country

  • basher basher
    basher basher 7 hours ago

    Simon Cowell is SOOOOO last decade.

    PRABHUDEVA P 7 hours ago

    Voice and 1:18 Drums and Guitar is Amaaaazing. Wow!.

    SWOLESILVERBACK 7 hours ago

    nice camera cuts in that second act....fake

  • Hussen Ahmed
    Hussen Ahmed 7 hours ago

    أو رائع

  • Millicent Gbor
    Millicent Gbor 7 hours ago

    I don't understand anything but just crying through out

    FRIDAYZRULE 7 hours ago

    8:12 shame he got stage fright

  • Tays Land
    Tays Land 7 hours ago

    Ira got so happy when he got a kiss

  • Alice Pavão
    Alice Pavão 7 hours ago


  • mimi dzoux
    mimi dzoux 7 hours ago


  • Sandy M
    Sandy M 7 hours ago

    Oh man the deaf girl looking for her daddy. Sniffle

  • Alex Boback
    Alex Boback 7 hours ago

    where was boogie storm

  • Gacha taco._. UwU
    Gacha taco._. UwU 7 hours ago

    The next time Hannah the girl in the green jacket. Sticks her toungh out again. I'm gonna cut it off with a danm Katana

  • Марта
    Марта 7 hours ago

    Есть просто отвратительные номера. Да, человек гибок, но как это иногда уродливо. До тошноты!

  • Amina Daudi
    Amina Daudi 7 hours ago

    Daah hii nzuri sana adi moyo una sisimka Tz like hapa

  • sasa
    sasa 7 hours ago


  • technical Fun
    technical Fun 7 hours ago

    I hope this addition very liked all friends

  • Papulay Hast
    Papulay Hast 7 hours ago

    Respect from iraq

  • Pigeon.itツ
    Pigeon.itツ 7 hours ago

    His face is so scary

  • Aritta Gashi
    Aritta Gashi 7 hours ago

    amanda: can i press the golden buzzer?? **presses it** also amanda: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • technical Fun
    technical Fun 7 hours ago

    Ooooooo wao very very nice

  • Sandy M
    Sandy M 8 hours ago

    I'd die for a smile from Simon

  • Quint Gecko
    Quint Gecko 8 hours ago

    37:29 i dont have a dam clue on what language they are speaking ¡Hola! ¿Bonjour? you get that im talking about

    FRIDAYZRULE 8 hours ago


  • TheGamer YT
    TheGamer YT 8 hours ago

    Not stupid talent

  • Melba Beatriz Ortiz Verdugo

    Soy inmigrante y cuido personas ancianas, enfermos terminales. Viejos como dicen despectivamente. No digo todos, pero si la mayoría de : hijos, nietos, sobrinos. Por quienes éstos '' viejos '' sacrificaron todo. Muchas veces, las únicas personas que les acompañan en la última etapa de su vida Somos ''las badantes '' como nos llaman en Italia a las que asistimos a las personas ancianas y quizá porque también nosotros sufrimos de soledad y nostalgia. Nos llega el dolor y la soledad de los abuelos. Me encanto la interpretación y la letra de ésta hermosa canción.

  • Диля Жаббарова

    Ай дурак, больной участник. Издевался как хотел. 😳😳😳

  • Megan Matthews
    Megan Matthews 8 hours ago

    Gotta love a bad screamer lol rock on dude it's funny how they are so offended by it

  • A. S.
    A. S. 8 hours ago

    Amazing, why did i saw this so late in this year? Great, super MEEEEEEGGGAAA. Greetings from Germany

  • Roblox Ham
    Roblox Ham 8 hours ago

    When Simon Buzzes too soon!

    JUST MY THOUGHTS 8 hours ago

    The baby drummer doesn't seem to be paying attention to what he's doing but he doesn't lose the beat

  • Anton Burkhardt
    Anton Burkhardt 8 hours ago

    The first one was not shocking...only ridiculous I think.

  • Supreme Elegance
    Supreme Elegance 8 hours ago

    Sophie is so easy at this transfo

  • Blue Sheep
    Blue Sheep 8 hours ago

    So this is what storm troopers do in there free time!

  • Marly Silvaveras
    Marly Silvaveras 8 hours ago

    Lindo de+++++

  • guy-desire laigret
    guy-desire laigret 8 hours ago

    Dans ce qui plait en eux, il y a certes leur TALENT mais aussi et surtout leur HUMILITÉ... Et la cerise sur le gâteau, c'est le brassage de leurs couleurs...SUBLIME !

  • Sandy M
    Sandy M 8 hours ago

    Simon made this little girl and her bunnys LIFE

  • hebbe keke
    hebbe keke 8 hours ago

    what is that judge with those black around her eyes? looks horrible.

  • SamTheSpaceQueen
    SamTheSpaceQueen 8 hours ago

    2:24 who else cried?! whenever i see a person or animal that dies,i cry :( I I I v

  • American woman Video

    My god she just literally reminds me of how flat my chest is...

  • Toby Bocko
    Toby Bocko 8 hours ago

    I would like to give a message to those 8.2k people who disliked: :( :( BBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adnan Adnan
    Adnan Adnan 8 hours ago

    Ya yahdeo ke nasal Behai ko aam kar rahy he ab

  • Andrew Carruthers
    Andrew Carruthers 8 hours ago

    Make me proud to be british these men are true hero’s and not bad singers ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Barry Katz
    Barry Katz 8 hours ago


  • Gaming with queenroyal


  • A & G -
    A & G - 8 hours ago

    8:40 simba

  • Аскат Ирсалиев

    Биро. Мени менен чогу окуйт

  • Sone Kapp
    Sone Kapp 8 hours ago

    I'm from South-Africa and in Limpopo. Loved them ❤️ and the struggle is real and I hope someday it will change for all of us

  • victor darbon
    victor darbon 8 hours ago

    You have nothing to prove,, you already did it. Greatest

  • kokichi best boi
    kokichi best boi 8 hours ago

    Why the heck is there so many Justin fan girls?

  • Gabriella Dickherber

    I really like Simon because he gives his real opinion like he’s not mean he’s just acctuly judging and he only gives golden buzzers to the people who really deserve it😁

  • Noam e T Naïm
    Noam e T Naïm 8 hours ago


  • Takudzwa Munatswa
    Takudzwa Munatswa 8 hours ago

    Mr. Kodi is a star.

  • Sneha Triveni
    Sneha Triveni 8 hours ago

    Oh my god ,her voice is just like fairies from heaven. 😍🤗😍😍

  • Max army troop
    Max army troop 8 hours ago

    Larry is the goat

  • Zeljko Adamovic
    Zeljko Adamovic 8 hours ago


  • overseer panini
    overseer panini 8 hours ago

    0:30 he's not a flute player is he?

  • Farwa Ali Ali
    Farwa Ali Ali 8 hours ago

    47:38 no one gonna talk bout that kid crying is so cute and sad

  • Диас Жубатхан

    Эти ребята откуда?

  • Kačka Nováková
    Kačka Nováková 8 hours ago


  • Zachary R
    Zachary R 8 hours ago

    The contestants face when the golden buzzer hit🤣🤣🤣

  • rookie cookie cat
    rookie cookie cat 8 hours ago

    7:18 PINK would be proud as f***

    BABASSU 8 hours ago

    Re ton kyrio Pampo hnta talento eni aaa. Edixthkamen je stous egglezous😂😂

  • Jay Fisher
    Jay Fisher 8 hours ago

    I was always a big Dean Martin and Tony Bennett fan. Now I'm a big Sal Valentinetti fan!

  • Gio Ribeiro
    Gio Ribeiro 8 hours ago

    O:52 ariel

  • doniaitalsuis Toulouse

    Trop mignon

  • Sam Orriss
    Sam Orriss 8 hours ago

    Hee hee

  • House moon
    House moon 8 hours ago


  • Sophia Smyth
    Sophia Smyth 8 hours ago

    Perfect singing

  • Fridi Salim
    Fridi Salim 8 hours ago


  • *I am drum.*
    *I am drum.* 8 hours ago

    *P A N S E X U A L S*

  • ateez atiny
    ateez atiny 8 hours ago

    3:00 ptdr coucou alyson

  • KA
    KA 8 hours ago

    Why do they always have to tell that someone died?

  • 谭健聪
    谭健聪 8 hours ago


  • Krzyś Olszak
    Krzyś Olszak 8 hours ago


  • sathya Vinoth
    sathya Vinoth 8 hours ago

    This girl is on fire

  • Korn Hole
    Korn Hole 8 hours ago

    I wanna marry Sophie Dossi ❤️💙💜💙❤️💜💜🌹😍 so cute!

  • Maryシ
    Maryシ 8 hours ago

    As a fellow human from Atlanta Georgia, we all support her! ❤️

  • Natalija Tanaskovic
    Natalija Tanaskovic 8 hours ago

    Ellen Rome Cheese

  • Viktorija N
    Viktorija N 8 hours ago

    Thanks for miracles, for happiness moments. Thank you make people happy. Amassing feelings ❤💜💛

  • Ella Rowe
    Ella Rowe 8 hours ago

    If I was Simon I would ignore the rudenes of the singing trolls and spam the red buzzer and say get of singing troll

  • J0_S3
    J0_S3 8 hours ago

    10:50 is my favorite Good job!

  • Diário da Gabriele .P


  • Marius Madsen
    Marius Madsen 9 hours ago

    What did I just witness...

  • Julie Kagawa
    Julie Kagawa 9 hours ago

    I don’t care who you are, it’s not ok to call someone useless.

  • اسامه بو ماجد دعيس

    مانا داري اه تقول

  • All iñ ONE SM
    All iñ ONE SM 9 hours ago

    The American telent

  • NatanelSuliman
    NatanelSuliman 9 hours ago

    גאווה ישראלית

  • Amelia Stothard
    Amelia Stothard 9 hours ago

    She should be a famous singer.This is how much times she should get the golden buzzer!👇

  • Tony Jr
    Tony Jr 9 hours ago

    They should have won... they are incredible... thei performance the sound they chose they are perfect If someone know the title of all sound they chose it will be great To me To have them

  • Gih Gacha
    Gih Gacha 9 hours ago

    That's talent boi

  • Yosf Alhlfe
    Yosf Alhlfe 9 hours ago


  • Amelia Stothard
    Amelia Stothard 9 hours ago

    If i was the juge for the partner one i would say yes,because they were realy good and she is a little old lady SO A BIG YES FOR HER AND HIM!❤

  • Michéal aranki
    Michéal aranki 9 hours ago

    The 1# one is really disturbing

  • Lyle Chatt
    Lyle Chatt 9 hours ago

    I’m going to be honest. The 1st one was surprising. He can really sing! I thought he’d be mostly good at the piano. God bless this kid. I hope he becomes famous one day and makes many hits.

  • Назгул Бекмуратова

    Кыргызым Алгааааааа

  • PepeNOAR
    PepeNOAR 9 hours ago

    Años y años se pasaron y pasarán y esta sigue y seguirá siendo la audición musical más impresionante de toda la historia del got talent...

  • Kamciovek
    Kamciovek 9 hours ago

    0:24 music?