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No More KStar.
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YouTube Beef!
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My First Q&A...
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  • fkEsco
    fkEsco 2 minutes ago

    Swear down mums life, this is fake af saw deez yute walkin around the ends together, talkin bout beefin with each other, stop milkin it for views

  • R14 Gamer
    R14 Gamer 4 hours ago

    Suggesting that they shouldnt bother trying to make fake beef just for views as it ruins their credibility. They are all lit regardlesssssssssss

  • R14 Gamer
    R14 Gamer 4 hours ago

    people will still watch these vids even tho they are fake.

  • KTtheViolent1
    KTtheViolent1 5 hours ago

    This is so fake

  • DripKid
    DripKid 5 hours ago

    Each channel has a certain part of the story. 🤧 smart tactics my boy

  • FxmeS
    FxmeS 6 hours ago

    Uno u have the same birthday as me brooo💙🥳

  • ICANPLAY2 67
    ICANPLAY2 67 6 hours ago

    Smart guys 🤝💼

  • Oskar K
    Oskar K 7 hours ago

    were the whole video g

  • Tiabrnrd
    Tiabrnrd 7 hours ago

    10:25 reubz acc did say smooth criminal

  • Seintz FN
    Seintz FN 7 hours ago

    This seems real but ronzos video seems fake af

  • Evin Akbaba
    Evin Akbaba 8 hours ago

    ks 2020 is gonna be your year and love you❤️ stay blessed

  • ellas vlogsss
    ellas vlogsss 8 hours ago

    jojo hd is a waffler big man ting 🙄

  • RaynZ
    RaynZ 9 hours ago

    Who’s here after Ks And Ronzo Ain’t Boys No More💯

  • K1 49
    K1 49 9 hours ago

    They probably blessed ih look at jojo HD recent video

  • J1
    J1 9 hours ago

    the way ks got emotional

  • Soraia
    Soraia 10 hours ago

    They’re trynna get there views up

    BMGHD 10 hours ago

    Jojohd is a genius 😂

  • Candy J3mes
    Candy J3mes 10 hours ago

    Roses are red violets are not blue I got clickbaited and so did u

  • Axel
    Axel 11 hours ago

    0:00 loool why did ronzo walk in the room with his camera already on when he didn’t know ks was in the room in the first place🤣🤣, this is defo fake fam🤣🤣

  • Beast Squad 19
    Beast Squad 19 11 hours ago

    Fake cah in other vids it was all black at the fight and now it don't even show it

  • A.
    A. 11 hours ago

    Your dancing 😂

  • AJ2drippy _
    AJ2drippy _ 11 hours ago

    Why your sliders so big

  • Helllo H
    Helllo H 11 hours ago

    Lol this was sooo fake they love their views🤣🤣

  • Mohamed Adam
    Mohamed Adam 12 hours ago

    Man got a black eye

  • Kion Wilks
    Kion Wilks 12 hours ago

    U didnt put in the bit where ronzo.beat u up

  • r.ayoola rayoola
    r.ayoola rayoola 12 hours ago

    It’s fake so he couldn’t hear ronzo at the door ye ?

  • Swingos 6
    Swingos 6 12 hours ago

    Someone tell Jo-Jo to get a trim bladdddd

  • ShxrpzFN
    ShxrpzFN 12 hours ago

    Who’s here after the Ronzo and Ks Beef👀👀

  • Jm_mak123
    Jm_mak123 12 hours ago

    Ks looks depressed all the time he used to be funny guy ngl....

  • Yaa Ab.
    Yaa Ab. 15 hours ago

    Love u Ks but you need to be sleeping more cos laaakkk...😒

  • Strapz 2Loose
    Strapz 2Loose 16 hours ago

    Dis acc made me unsubscribe The only reason ppl pressed on this is 2 c what happened Why would yu end it right when ronzo and yu see eachother

  • YungMB
    YungMB 16 hours ago

    wag1 for jojos eyes

  • Jack Rutledge561
    Jack Rutledge561 16 hours ago

    Jojo looks like a crackhead

  • Kieren Hamilton
    Kieren Hamilton 17 hours ago

    Happy birthday 🥳

  • Dasi3y
    Dasi3y 18 hours ago

    I don’t think it’s that Deep

  • nasraaa ._xo
    nasraaa ._xo 18 hours ago

    Nah u man are taking the piss how h gonna leave it on a cliffhanger

  • drummer_wumz x
    drummer_wumz x 18 hours ago

    Nah nah nahhhhhhh I wanna see the action

  • Honey Rifat
    Honey Rifat 19 hours ago

    Happy bday

  • Itz Sniperz
    Itz Sniperz 19 hours ago

    Ks is wet y is he ending the vid so quick

  • Nathan Bonner
    Nathan Bonner 20 hours ago

    Ks needs to close his mouth .😂😂

  • Horley Ntenday
    Horley Ntenday 20 hours ago

    Happy birthday ks 🎊👑x

    JONO BBK 20 hours ago


  • jj red
    jj red 21 hour ago

    When you dropping part 2?

  • The Lasting List
    The Lasting List 21 hour ago

    Why you do your fans like that this is to fake

  • Y. Smoke
    Y. Smoke 23 hours ago

    If he wants to know he can watch the videos

  • Tarik Unal
    Tarik Unal Day ago

    Nobody sees this is scripted???

  • SHEA’ LE
    SHEA’ LE Day ago

    I’m confuse where is the rest of video 🤣👀

  • 32Jerøhż
    32Jerøhż Day ago

    This is the fakest beef I’ve ever seen 😂u to trynna get views cuz ur both washed

  • Anonymous H
    Anonymous H Day ago

    I failed science to but I’m not retaking it

  • Official AO
    Official AO Day ago

    Can we just take a moment to count how many times he says cool in each video😂

  • Mobile_ UrielBTW

    It was click bait???????

  • African-Rose
    African-Rose Day ago

    Happy Birthday KS!!!!!

  • Akilah Noel
    Akilah Noel Day ago

    Happy brithday omg big up 17 and that my fave youtuber hope this year is amazing for you. Big man 17 and that ❤❤

  • UKN0WN THR33
    UKN0WN THR33 Day ago

    Happy birthday 🥳 I hope you haved a good day it’s one minute till 19th lol I’m a bit late sorry

  • UKN0WN THR33
    UKN0WN THR33 Day ago

    Happy birthday 🥳 I hope you haved a good day it’s one minute till 19th lol I’m a bit late sorry

  • The3blackboys
    The3blackboys Day ago

    Ks can dance 🔥🔥❤️

  • Jrizzy Or J Mizzy

    KS Your Ment Not Stress Stay Bless Whats Going On With You and Ronzo And Can U Sort it out so it Don't cause anymore problems

  • Joseph Adedipe

    big up January ppl

  • Reverse Exzotic

    This is fake

  • Jaski TV
    Jaski TV Day ago

    Regardless of everything else Happy Birthday bro 🎉🎂

  • LifeWidKai
    LifeWidKai Day ago

    was 100% a set up🤣

  • Joel Kanamuli
    Joel Kanamuli Day ago

    Hbd ks more blessings man

  • Bismark Owusu
    Bismark Owusu Day ago

    Happy birthday

  • Keat _YT
    Keat _YT Day ago


  • AimZz-YxngDrilla

    Happy Birthday🎉🎉 Keep up the good work

  • Shakyla vlogs Period

    Happy birthday 🥳🎉🎁

  • ItzMya -MyaFaith

    Happy birthday 🥳

  • Cavell Atkinson

    Fake beef nittys

  • Elizabeth Manyakanya

    KSs face when he clocked Ronzos voice 😂

  • Tyana Leslie
    Tyana Leslie Day ago

    happy bday btw.

  • Aishat Kolawole

    Birthdaytwin happy birthday💕

  • Lamine Kaba
    Lamine Kaba Day ago

    My bday was on Thursday and celebrated it today Happy bday to u🥳

  • Triumph Otchere

    Send the next bitttt

  • Royal Mxdeleine

    Happy birthday thooo🥳🥳🥳

  • Parodoxity Box

    it was my birthday yesterday;)

  • ZeeRuby
    ZeeRuby Day ago

    Happy Birthday! 🎉

  • It’syourfave Lindsay

    Happy birthday 💘

  • Deja Odeghe
    Deja Odeghe Day ago

    Happy birthday ks xx

  • Anjee Akinyemi

    Happy birthday 🥳

  • K2drippy 01
    K2drippy 01 Day ago

    But ur stress

  • gosife 6
    gosife 6 Day ago

    9:52 😂😭

  • m1_ jama
    m1_ jama Day ago

    happy bday bro 🥶❤️🤟🏾

  • K2drippy 01
    K2drippy 01 Day ago

    Ur beefing over a girl bruv it wnt that deep it not like he kissed her or anything

  • Lizzie Fulton
    Lizzie Fulton Day ago

    His face switched

  • UDL
    UDL Day ago

    JOJO needs to start banging gym ngl

  • Daniel John
    Daniel John Day ago

    I like how you both looked at each other than looked at jojo as if you were about to jump him😂😂

  • Cutiex
    Cutiex Day ago

    Happy birthday 🥳

  • Daniel John
    Daniel John Day ago


  • nathan folarin

    Snap @nathanxxf Ig @_nathanf_06

  • Schuyler Fernandes

    Happy bday

  • WiggerWire 87
    WiggerWire 87 Day ago

    Happy Bday continue to grind

    COLDKILLER24 Day ago

    What happened next👀

  • Jaurel Fenton
    Jaurel Fenton Day ago

    Y leave it on a cliff hanger

  • King Ry
    King Ry Day ago

    He was struggling not to cry saying that 😢 at the start

  • Slimshady2euphema1 Gordon

    Naah bro how did you just leave a cliffhanger like that

  • Noah Dunning
    Noah Dunning Day ago

    Why don’t you chat to Malachi or whatever jojos brotner is called

  • Kamer Bachatene

    We have the same bday

  • bratz sksksks
    bratz sksksks Day ago

    Y did he get involved tho???

  • TRK official
    TRK official Day ago

    Hbd bro, ks dont stress stay blessed

  • T Trix
    T Trix Day ago

    u and ur mum act like siblings awwww 😫😫