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Max Oazo - Close To Me
Views 113K2 months ago
Max Oazo - Here For You
Views 16K5 months ago


  • Enkhjin Bd
    Enkhjin Bd 14 minutes ago

    Love this mix <3 <3 <3

  • Bartek Blauth
    Bartek Blauth 26 minutes ago

    Its a nice mix for hearing it at Home as background music, But for GYM its a little bit to „sad“ for me.

  • elina mej
    elina mej 3 hours ago

    Love looovvveeee from Copenhagen ❤️ 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  • celutronikaventas37  Herrera

    Que linda música

  • celutronikaventas37  Herrera

    Hermosa música

  • Isabel Ribeiro
    Isabel Ribeiro 10 hours ago

    Adoro :-) :-) :-) :-)

  • Udyog Khadka
    Udyog Khadka 12 hours ago

    Max oaz music song is the haven song like love to god there is greet popular view nice dancing every things accept to people your beautiful programme we are happy for your growth forwarding new popular projects successful for 2019thank you massage sent by udyog khadka from kathmandu Nepal to max oazo good night have a sweets dreams Jesse Christ name amen

  • Ida Kg
    Ida Kg 14 hours ago

    love your mix... list of songs please <3

  • Adalberto Chan
    Adalberto Chan 15 hours ago

    Me encanta , no sejo de colocarla cuando inicio mi trabajos de diseno !! disfruto mas mi trabajo.

  • agus freddy kurniawan
    agus freddy kurniawan 16 hours ago

    Nice . I like it ❤

  • Едок Шарипбаи


  • Arianna Lavoy
    Arianna Lavoy 21 hour ago

    One word. Awesomeness!!!😍😍

  • Daniela Dughila

    Frumos... cind conduc ma relaxează

  • Tyrone Karlsson

    Can you put your name in the corner. It destroys the beatiful videos.

  • Anna Stanulova

    Тanx for lovely muzik!

  • Павел Дорошенко

    Спасибо, хороший сборник..)

  • Ingrida Jokšienė


  • MR. SNOW
    MR. SNOW Day ago

    Cami's voice got stuck in my head😻

  • Sanaullah Khan
    Sanaullah Khan 2 days ago


  • andre dias
    andre dias 2 days ago

    iki yo enak rekk,,,,,,mantull

  • andre dias
    andre dias 2 days ago

    lumayan c enake,,,,,,

  • Open Air
    Open Air 2 days ago

    nice music

  • BMI
    BMI 2 days ago

    Love your music! You are one of my inspirations to create music! <3

  • MR. SNOW
    MR. SNOW 2 days ago

    Damn! This is freaking awesome 🥰

  • Val Morais
    Val Morais 2 days ago

    Great songs, great DJ and Producer!

  • bangseh Don't Be Sad


  • Cris Oliveira
    Cris Oliveira 2 days ago

    Alguém por favor poderia me dizer o nome das duas primeiras músicas

    • MAX OAZO
      MAX OAZO 2 days ago

      Hi Cris :) 🙌 1)Max Oazo ft. Cami - What Is Love 2) Max Oazo ft. Cami - Supergirl (TIM Remix)

  • Игорь
    Игорь 3 days ago

    Beautiful mix! What track at 00:47:01?

    • MAX OAZO
      MAX OAZO 2 days ago

      Hi Igor...Thx for comment 😉 Ojax - Run

  • Orlando Fernandes
    Orlando Fernandes 3 days ago

    So as melhores músicas do mundo 🇧🇷🎧🎧

    • MAX OAZO
      MAX OAZO 2 days ago

      Thank You Orlando 🙌

    STUDIO BLUESCREEN 3 days ago

    Oui Bonjour

  • Lakpa sherpa Sherpa

    I rely like feel

  • Miriam Rosas
    Miriam Rosas 4 days ago


  •  4 days ago

    The music was so great for the work out. Hi can I download this video for me please??

  • injung kim
    injung kim 4 days ago

    음질이 좋습니다.!!

  • Bettina Szutter
    Bettina Szutter 4 days ago

    Hello, I like it, how can I download this mix? Tnx Bettina

  • Valbona Shkreli
    Valbona Shkreli 4 days ago

    Perfekt 👍

  • thang luu
    thang luu 4 days ago

    am thanh bass trelbe ok thanks

  • Pedro Ortiz
    Pedro Ortiz 5 days ago

    felicito a quien corresponda sensacional música la escucho mientras obtengo una solución a mi duelo amoroso y en mi trabajo

  • Wuensche werden Wirklichkeit

    Great sound - give us more of that 👍

  • Hamza Ammar Mouhoub

    Amazing Mix 👌👌👌🇨🇭

    • MAX OAZO
      MAX OAZO 2 days ago

      Thank You Hamza Ammar

  • saba ahsan
    saba ahsan 5 days ago

    superb and cool music.i really enjoy it.👌👌👌 well done max...👍

    • MAX OAZO
      MAX OAZO 2 days ago

      Thank you so much Saba Ahsan

  •  5 days ago


  • natoik2
    natoik2 5 days ago

    Excellent mix! Thank you!

    JERRY POON 5 days ago

    12:55 WHAT SONG?

      JERRY POON 2 days ago


    • MAX OAZO
      MAX OAZO 2 days ago

      Hi Jerry 😃 Max Oazo - Small Talk (feat. Moonessa)

  • شهرزاد تلمسانية

    Amazing fitness &wonderful song 💖😍❤🇩🇿

  • J. Ivan Quezada
    J. Ivan Quezada 6 days ago

    Great music and videos. Greetings from China

  • Sheetal Purohit
    Sheetal Purohit 6 days ago

    One of my favourite tracks ever so uplifting. Thank you and god bless

    • MAX OAZO
      MAX OAZO 2 days ago

      Thank You very much Sheetal Purohit ;)

  • Ninz
    Ninz 6 days ago

    nice remix.

  • Ewa Pawlak
    Ewa Pawlak 6 days ago


  • Junnior Omar Untiveros Aguilar

    Genio.....Max Oazo

  • Aichaoui Mohamed
    Aichaoui Mohamed 6 days ago

    Vary gooooooooooood

  • Erika Giske
    Erika Giske 6 days ago

    Einfach Klasse!!! Danke!!!


    IGNORANCE OR DISHONESTY ON BEHALF OF NON PROFESSIONAL "DJs" IN RU-clip? CALL IT THE RIGHT NAME "EDM POP' “Deep House” genre has been somewhat hijacked by a new generation searching for something new but it’s now more repetitive with cheesy pop vocals over a grimy square-wave moody baseline. Fair play for making your own music style each to their own but we are fuming that this genre name has been hijacked. Remember “DEEP” refers to the fact that the tracks are thought provoking and more spiritually or emotionally reflective this is apparent in both the lyrics and tone and IT IS NOT a reference to the baseline.

  • nostressannie
    nostressannie 6 days ago

    Beautiful music and nice voice ...thank you

  • nostressannie
    nostressannie 6 days ago

    Fantastic video and song ...thank you @UCeI_Ji5Wc1YQvG2dCHZJINw

    • MAX OAZO
      MAX OAZO 2 days ago

      Thank You very much for your support

  • Валерия Масленникова

    Офигенно! Cool!! Thank you, MAX!

    • MAX OAZO
      MAX OAZO 2 days ago

      Cпасибо Валерия

  • Ahmed Meto
    Ahmed Meto 6 days ago

    25:50 song name please???

    • MAX OAZO
      MAX OAZO 2 days ago

      Hi Ahmed😉 Bonzana - Got Lost

  • Marilene cabral dos santos Lene

    Vc tem um bom gosto musical lindo obrigada 👋👋👏👏💯

  • Ania Anusia
    Ania Anusia 7 days ago

    Do auta dla nerwusów i odrazu "stop agresji drogowej" 😁

  • MsTheReds
    MsTheReds 7 days ago

    Thank you

  • Mario Arroyo
    Mario Arroyo 7 days ago

    Thanks for this chill morning.........from Méx!!!!

  • Farouk Belkadi
    Farouk Belkadi 7 days ago

    Good music and beautiful women

    OMAR LEON OFICIAL 7 days ago

    Esta música lo escucho día a día, es buenísimo. 😉👍😎

  • Sandra M
    Sandra M 7 days ago


  • Ельнур Абдуллаев

    Круто Макс дальше продолжай

    • MAX OAZO
      MAX OAZO 2 days ago

      Cпасибо за вашу поддержку Ельнур Абдуллаев 🙌

  • IAMBRANKO 6726
    IAMBRANKO 6726 7 days ago

    Congratulations for your work,bro!Greetings from Bulgaria ❤️

    • MAX OAZO
      MAX OAZO 2 days ago

      Thank you so much ❤

  • JuanCarlos Valdes
    JuanCarlos Valdes 7 days ago


  • Saher Mokhtar
    Saher Mokhtar 7 days ago

    What a lovely music for the road..

    • MAX OAZO
      MAX OAZO 2 days ago

      Thx Saher Mokhtar 🙂

  • the funky Groove
    the funky Groove 7 days ago

    im curious ,,i wanna know where you get all the video and which program are u using to edit it

    • MAX OAZO
      MAX OAZO 2 days ago

      Hi the funky Groove 😃 I use Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Валерия Масленникова

    Love this mix❤️💛💚

  • Patrick Douma
    Patrick Douma 7 days ago

    You naild it again....another great mix!!!! Keep it😉👍🏻💪🏻 greetings from holland🇳🇱

    • MAX OAZO
      MAX OAZO 2 days ago

      Thank you very much Patrick

  • joshh411
    joshh411 7 days ago

    SUPER, SUPER, SUPER, ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  • Helda El Mughrabi Milla

    Compartido en mis dos páginas de Facebook Spotify y SoundCloud!🎧🎶🎧🇪🇸

  • millhill46
    millhill46 7 days ago

    Again good music

  • Kelvin Tan
    Kelvin Tan 7 days ago

    You are so master,very good mix,really love MAX OAZO,hope you always mix more song...

    • MAX OAZO
      MAX OAZO 2 days ago

      Thank You very much for your support Kelvin

  • Abduk Rohman
    Abduk Rohman 8 days ago

    Music noeva

  • Mr. Irônico
    Mr. Irônico 8 days ago

    Amazing vocals! 🙂

  • Eduardo Figueroa
    Eduardo Figueroa 8 days ago

    Excelente tema musical y muy bien editado. Enhorabuena al jugador. Esperemos continuar reeditando las viejas canciones para que nuestra juventud del futuro valore el trabajo musical del pasado, también recuerde a nuestros ídolos. Sin embargo, aprecio al mismo tiempo el avance tecnológico de la electrónica.

  • Eduardo Figueroa
    Eduardo Figueroa 8 days ago

    Excellent musical theme and very well edited. Congratulations to the player. Hopefully continue re-editing the old songs so that our youth of the future values ​​the musical work of the past, also remember our idols. However, I appreciate at the same time the technological advancement of electronics.

  • Eduardo Figueroa
    Eduardo Figueroa 8 days ago

    Excelente tema y muy bien editado. Felicitaciones al reproductor. Ojala re-editen las canciones antiguas de la misma forma aprovechando la tecnolgia actual.-

  • MsTheReds
    MsTheReds 8 days ago

    Good music

  • MsTheReds
    MsTheReds 8 days ago


  • MsTheReds
    MsTheReds 8 days ago


  • MsTheReds
    MsTheReds 8 days ago

    Very cool

  • MsTheReds
    MsTheReds 8 days ago

    Good mix

  • MsTheReds
    MsTheReds 8 days ago


  • Scorpion OGL
    Scorpion OGL 8 days ago

    I'm listening to it over and over again and can't stop. It's great ❤️❤️❤️

  • Diego T.
    Diego T. 8 days ago

    Nice playlist, bro. Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. Deep House 👏👏

  • Eugenio Manuel Mendoza

    Es lo mejor de la musica para hacer gimnasia o para relajarse

    • MAX OAZO
      MAX OAZO 2 days ago

      Gracias Eugenio Manuel

  • Juan Hidalgo
    Juan Hidalgo 8 days ago

    Love IT great song. I imagine me driving a car traveling to a unknown place.

  • Wulff
    Wulff 8 days ago

    I have been listening your music and it's really amazing... awesome vibes!!!

  • Hoffmann D.
    Hoffmann D. 8 days ago

    So freaking good! ⚡️Yeah ⚡️

  • Mr. Garrison
    Mr. Garrison 8 days ago

    The quality of the music is indisputable remains at the highest level compliments bro!👌

  • Sammy
    Sammy 8 days ago

    Your music is really special 👌

  • Laurence Navarro
    Laurence Navarro 8 days ago

    Max Oazo never disappoint!!!🌟