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dogshit mw beta video
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getting a haircut later
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more bf1
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war criminal
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impaired vision
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DEATHWISH 1944 Teaser
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still hangin brain
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hangin brain
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*~*~|~ CoD4 ~|~*~*
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CCCC Vol.4
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CCCC Vol.3
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CCCC Vol.2
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CCCC Vol.1
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Apex 2
Views 2.1K6 months ago
Apex 1
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Eliminating Opponents
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11 years
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The Legend of whodat
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Happy Gaming
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mac and cheeze
Views 2.8K11 months ago
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Evil Deeds
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Silent Slaughter
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WW2 Homicides
Views 9KYear ago
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Very Happy
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nobody's home
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Messages I Get on PS3
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this video isn't good
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Let Her Go
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Jq & Vaevin
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Another CoD4 Video
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Keep It Live
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Target Practice
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CoD4 Daytage
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Multi-CoD Montage
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Randomness 5
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~CoD4~ 3
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~CoD4~ 2
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Scrub da ground
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It's Been Fun
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37 kill streak
Views 11K7 years ago
May there be peace
Views 29K7 years ago
Hi. new video
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Jq & Emento Dualtage
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Randomness 4
Views 11K7 years ago
MW3 FFA Clip
Views 12K7 years ago
In a Dream
Views 16K7 years ago
All Star
Views 12K7 years ago
MW3 / CoD4 #2
Views 12K7 years ago
MW3 / CoD4
Views 17K7 years ago
Here is video 4 u
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Randomness 3
Views 14K7 years ago
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  • Andrew D
    Andrew D 4 hours ago

    Do u mix the soundtracks yourself for your vids? They all have the same lofi-chopped/screwed type of vibe. I love it❤️

    • IJQI
      IJQI 3 hours ago

      i do not, link to the song is in description

  • Crftoso
    Crftoso 4 hours ago

    yes fella,this is not dogshit

  • Xcell
    Xcell 18 hours ago

    i love u

  • dfectt
    dfectt 22 hours ago

    Damn uncle

  • Keith McDolla
    Keith McDolla 23 hours ago

    worth a buy?

    • IJQI
      IJQI 23 hours ago

      I enjoyed the beta, I think it'll be a good game overall

  • RzyB IOS
    RzyB IOS Day ago


  • oBaakz
    oBaakz Day ago

    dude im literally going to buy the fucking game for this video

  • Fearedupon
    Fearedupon Day ago

    The only reason i'd ever want to plasy cod again, afta watching ur vids

  • eon zent
    eon zent Day ago

    alright jq we better game sometimes when the game comes out

  • Mick
    Mick Day ago


  • rsevn
    rsevn Day ago



    I remember watching you back when cod4 was poppin and you were making sick edits. Tbh idk why I keep watch these little things you put out now, but it's minimalistic and entertaining. Nice contrast to all these "high production" videos that are being pumped out now by others

    FfU_SNACKZ Day ago

    Too short

  • D
    D Day ago

    hey man, long time fan. How are you enjoying this game compared to cod4? whats your biggest gripe about it so far?

    • IJQI
      IJQI Day ago

      The beta was fun, no real complaints yet. I just hope the maps are good and that there is a good amount of maps for the 32v32 mode. Don't plan on playing that mode a lot but it'd be fun to play it every so often

  • pawkyyy
    pawkyyy Day ago


  • tellus
    tellus Day ago

    haircut looks good sweetie

    • IJQI
      IJQI Day ago

      thanks x

  • p
    p Day ago

    movement tho

  • BecomeSupreme
    BecomeSupreme Day ago

    hey bro! what didn't you like about it?

    • IJQI
      IJQI Day ago

      i enjoyed the beta, i was referring to the video being dogshit

  • whyCubey
    whyCubey Day ago

    Game is shit to watch

  • Lmax
    Lmax Day ago

    noah poland x jordanrise sighting @ 0:39

    • IJQI
      IJQI Day ago

      my dogz

  • inicity
    inicity Day ago

    so hyped for the mw vids. you have no idea

  • Dieter Engels
    Dieter Engels Day ago

    wtf how u not upload for an eternity but still make them fellas die

  • alldey23
    alldey23 Day ago

    So many clips going to come from WAR game mode lol I'm ready

  • Default Class
    Default Class Day ago

    This was dope, game looks great on pc, can’t wait to see you destroying on the full thing

  • Sugga
    Sugga Day ago

    He on xgames mode

  • shadoʍ
    shadoʍ Day ago

    What mouse bro

    • IJQI
      IJQI Day ago

      wireless g703

  • intra
    intra Day ago

    Wow 2 JQ uploads? The legend is back boys

  • JitterEye
    JitterEye 2 days ago

    now that's the dogshit i like

  • Clarence G
    Clarence G 2 days ago

    Meh the game is trash but the skills is real

  • Pyxal
    Pyxal 2 days ago


  • cdock
    cdock 2 days ago

    Looking forward to seeing you use iron sight kar on this game

  • zroa
    zroa 2 days ago

    the man

  • Caleb Cosner
    Caleb Cosner 2 days ago

    What're you're mouse settings? I normally play on a higher dpi but with COD games on PC it seems like you have to be so low on the scale even with my lowest dpi. Just curious, I've been trying to get used to it by playing MW2 again actually, big fan just asking in case you see this. Keep up the great work man, your music taste has to be the best out there lol

    • Caleb Cosner
      Caleb Cosner 2 days ago

      @IJQI Gotcha yeah I don't think I had to touch it too much when I played it either, thanks for responding!

    • IJQI
      IJQI 2 days ago

      i've always played on 400 dpi and i kept whatever the default sensitivity was on MW beta

  • Rooster 'QA' Marvos - 'B!hhh You Guessed It'

    Godfather of CoD JQ

  • rilehhh
    rilehhh 2 days ago

    god im so ready for these modern warfare jq videos

  • unoriginalgoals
    unoriginalgoals 2 days ago


  • Flappy Frags
    Flappy Frags 2 days ago

    JQ still killing it

  • Nile M8
    Nile M8 2 days ago


  • xKehvo
    xKehvo 2 days ago

    Back to back uploads ??

  • AlwaysBeDave
    AlwaysBeDave 2 days ago

    hey IJQI, i appreciate you uploading this. I could understand if you didnt like the game, i hope you do though man!! Will be liking all your videos forever

    • AlwaysBeDave
      AlwaysBeDave 2 days ago

      @IJQI thats so good! I've also been yoinking all your beats you these over the years hahah. If i could pick your brain for music i could.

    • IJQI
      IJQI 2 days ago

      i enjoyed the game

  • pawkyyy
    pawkyyy 2 days ago

    i love your edits. simple, good music, crazy frags

  • cdock
    cdock 2 days ago

    That jumpshot clip at 1:00 was so dirty

    • IJQI
      IJQI 2 days ago

      s/o toast

  • SacredLuckeh
    SacredLuckeh 2 days ago

    you gonna get MW? looking forward

  • phr33z
    phr33z 2 days ago

    Can’t wait til MW comes out. Can’t wait for domination in the decade-later MW2 lobbies

  • pawkyyy
    pawkyyy 2 days ago

    chill fucking edit thanks

    • IJQI
      IJQI 2 days ago

      haven't watched this in a while, thx for reminding me about it

  • TheShoxter
    TheShoxter 2 days ago

    hello Jason. Are you going to play Modern Warfare

    • IJQI
      IJQI 2 days ago

      waddup, yeah i'll be gettin it

  • tone
    tone 2 days ago


  • Funk Massive
    Funk Massive 2 days ago

    Direct impact on shipment was ridonkulous

  • unoriginalgoals
    unoriginalgoals 2 days ago

    The absolute smoothest bloke on the keys

  • Sugga
    Sugga 2 days ago


  • JoSe15 GP / Joseh 3z

    legend, you are going to destroy mw

  • rob
    rob 2 days ago

    i love you J

  • Aress
    Aress 2 days ago

    the king is back

  • Dre Raphael
    Dre Raphael 2 days ago

    imma be so mad if i buy this game and can't find lobbies

    • Dre Raphael
      Dre Raphael 2 days ago

      IJQI thanks bro, say no more 🙏

    • IJQI
      IJQI 2 days ago

      now is the best time to buy the game, it's on humble bundle for $12 i think, player base went from like 500 to a couple thousand. might die again once MW drops this week though

  • Surf LoL
    Surf LoL 2 days ago

    Escort the Tanks to the Bridge!

  • IJQI
    IJQI 2 days ago

    update: haircut went well

    • RANGER
      RANGER Day ago

      IJQI good to hear

  • Wisiu
    Wisiu 2 days ago

    go on jq! ur qs or ns is op af rn gg fr yo. ps, ur my bf ty to yt :)

  • DiscoCamell
    DiscoCamell 2 days ago


  • alldey23
    alldey23 2 days ago

    Wait, swag?

  • Prophet
    Prophet 2 days ago

    just got haircut i look like mackerelmore

  • J2
    J2 2 days ago

    I was hoping you would hop on with all the new players. Game has been poppin and its been so fun. Hyped for MW tho

  • CouzinBrewski1
    CouzinBrewski1 2 days ago

    You going to be playing modern warfare at all?

  • Lhilli
    Lhilli 2 days ago


  • VK
    VK 2 days ago

    you make this game look fun

  • zowy
    zowy 2 days ago

    been waiting for some new ww2 content

  • Scope
    Scope 2 days ago

    Hope the haircut went well, JQ.

  • sPook NE
    sPook NE 2 days ago

    hey boo

  • Dezrt
    Dezrt 2 days ago

    king shit

  • wazy
    wazy 2 days ago

    in need of a haircut myself

  • xWASDMitch
    xWASDMitch 2 days ago

    great vid

  • Exile
    Exile 2 days ago

    Haven’t fucked w cod in a while but still gotta watch these Jq vids man

  • dusty.
    dusty. 2 days ago

    last clip was a nice surprise

  • MardyBum100291
    MardyBum100291 2 days ago

    Will never not watch you. The GOAT in my humble opinion.

  • Bolek SSG
    Bolek SSG 3 days ago

    Can’t wait for the mw clips

  • ThisIsOwnex
    ThisIsOwnex 3 days ago

    Greatest of all time!

  • JitterEye
    JitterEye 3 days ago

    JoyfulGamer67 bringing joy to all his foes

  • tellus
    tellus 3 days ago

    that throwback direct impact on shipment was actually wild.

  • Artsy
    Artsy 3 days ago

    yeah me too

  • shadoʍ
    shadoʍ 3 days ago

    god lvl

  • GS540
    GS540 3 days ago

    gl with the small talk.

  • Simur
    Simur 3 days ago

    update on hair cut ?

  • Crftoso
    Crftoso 3 days ago

    Greatest men alive

  • tonyhawkww
    tonyhawkww 3 days ago

    Flame mane 🔥

  • Yup
    Yup 3 days ago

    watchu getting a caesar cut?

  • miso
    miso 3 days ago

    welcome back

  • bazz
    bazz 3 days ago

    let's go

  • inicity
    inicity 3 days ago


  • twelvey
    twelvey 3 days ago

    looking forward to seeing that mw from you

  • Brad Abbott
    Brad Abbott 3 days ago

    like this comment if you are part of IJQI notification gang

  • yomilo
    yomilo 3 days ago

    awesome clips

  • SlimFish
    SlimFish 3 days ago

    I agree with the title

  • Soulstealing
    Soulstealing 3 days ago

    still watching every video all these years later, you've been killing it for 10+ years it feels like

  • xKehvo
    xKehvo 3 days ago


  • xKehvo
    xKehvo 20 days ago

    post another video imy jq

  • E.S.
    E.S. 24 days ago


  • GizmoGonzo
    GizmoGonzo 29 days ago

    yo wheres the modern warfare beta video

  • John
    John Month ago

    This is art.

  • Seffums
    Seffums Month ago

    I've bumped this song since first seeing this vid thanks for the tunes Hope all is well.

  • soldier tf2
    soldier tf2 Month ago

    first in 4 months

  • VK
    VK Month ago

    i should be studying rn