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  • Ken Lintanh
    Ken Lintanh 2 minutes ago


  • Wakanda Forever
    Wakanda Forever 2 minutes ago

    17k dislikes lol

  • The Epic Waffle
    The Epic Waffle 9 minutes ago

    I mean she’s good and all but she totally is ripping off Janis Joplins style. Again, she’s really good but I think she might need to be more original.

  • Jose Gabriel
    Jose Gabriel 13 minutes ago

    La wea lokaaa

  • Archiemagne Mendoza
    Archiemagne Mendoza 15 minutes ago

    I cant keep smilling.. A 9 year old sings like a professional singer..

  • Juan David Saaibi Rey
    Juan David Saaibi Rey 16 minutes ago

    Bro the goosebumps were real on the first performance

  • LowsonIntl
    LowsonIntl 19 minutes ago

    Wow, what an extraordinary talent. The precision and depth of her voice at such a young age is amazing. She is blessed. #prodigy

  • fatima salinaz
    fatima salinaz 19 minutes ago

    nombre de la canción cuando le dan el botón dorado

  • Stephanie Gough
    Stephanie Gough 19 minutes ago

    Damn. I forgot how much fun Kelly was to watch. So damned natural.

    TøK GAMINGZ 20 minutes ago

    Well the last one was shit and obviously planned

  • Rehoboth
    Rehoboth 21 minute ago

    Did they actually miss multi Platinum, star of stage and screen Jackie Evancho? most of these people are long forgotten while Evancho has 8#1 Billboard albums in a row and sings everything from Opera to Hard Rock.

  • SaG
    SaG 22 minutes ago

    рожа и поведение ДАУНА.......

  • James Burdzinski
    James Burdzinski 22 minutes ago

    Be careful young little lady Rihanna and Beyonce worship the devil Sasha Fierce is the devil she even said it herself on Oprah. Never change your sweetness. You have amazing talent a GOD -given talent

  • Ella Murray
    Ella Murray 25 minutes ago

    When 1D came on I screamed and then started crying 😭😭 I love them so much

  • June June
    June June 28 minutes ago

    He got nice friends

    THEOFFICIAL _JC 29 minutes ago

    The dancing though

  • David Alexander
    David Alexander 35 minutes ago

    At 9:19 the subtitles said thank you very racist🤣

  • Sinyo Priss
    Sinyo Priss 38 minutes ago

    I've been watch this video more than 10 times. But always makes me cry to hear celine sings my heart will go on, it sounds amazng 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Esther D
    Esther D 38 minutes ago

    yikes 😣

  • Unk _ Own_26
    Unk _ Own_26 39 minutes ago

    Such a good voice

  • 李海棋
    李海棋 41 minute ago


  • William Dixon
    William Dixon 42 minutes ago

    Sorry you forgot the best of all Louisa Johnson. duh!

  • Al.mansoor baluch
    Al.mansoor baluch 44 minutes ago


  • Maynard Runkle
    Maynard Runkle 47 minutes ago

    The first one was full of emotion but since then seems to be lost out in the ocean. The second one is clever and cute but musically not that astute. The third requires skill and talent that was rarely topped. (What are Jonathan and Charlotte doing now? Have they completely stopped?) The fourth is great and had charisma unmatched to date. The fifth is not funny nor my Valentine. If you like that style, which I hate, I guess she still is second rate.

  • adixtrim
    adixtrim 54 minutes ago


  • Izaque Araujo
    Izaque Araujo 59 minutes ago

    Essa menina é fantástica...

  • Daniel Svensson
    Daniel Svensson Hour ago

    Who is the idiot in the crowd/seats...with white?! What did ge do that Max Martin did not??????

  • Nonik R N
    Nonik R N Hour ago

    So sad😭

  • Kimberly Corradi

    I read the title of the video as “worst covers”. I was very confused.

  • Drea Molina
    Drea Molina Hour ago

    Chandelier omg she was amazing

  • thuy tran
    thuy tran Hour ago

    Giỏi .

  • Mikael Schoanz
    Mikael Schoanz Hour ago

    Muito fodaaa!!!!

  • Trina m
    Trina m Hour ago

    Simon's facial expressions have me dying with laughter

  • LonnieCIsaacsJr 9372170450

    Wow!!!! Susan, what a perfect voice, (freekin 5 octave changes in the word share) timing - spot on, unbelievable tone. . . Completely SICK!!!

  • Jared XD
    Jared XD Hour ago


  • Mark Parkhurst
    Mark Parkhurst Hour ago

    I really would want my little girl risking her life for this. Incredibly stupid

  • Kathy Loranger
    Kathy Loranger Hour ago

    She'snotgood at all!!!!!!

  • Jorge Portillo
    Jorge Portillo Hour ago

    Chingen a su madre todos.

  • Aidana brbsn
    Aidana brbsn Hour ago

    Omg she is so beautiful 😍😍😍😍🎶

  • Mark Parkhurst
    Mark Parkhurst Hour ago

    When I first watched this I was amazed. But the more times I have seen her the more amazed that she got as far as she did. She lacks what it takes to truly amaze. Gets old quickly

  • Agaanwar Anwaraga

    I want to hug this little girl in the singing family so bad soooooo cute love her

  • Leyla Stark
    Leyla Stark Hour ago

    Wow 🤩, she’s so gifted ❤️🥰

  • Little Liyah
    Little Liyah Hour ago

    Why do I cry with them once they get the buzzer?

  • Xxbublegumboixx Hah hah

    Singing: 💯💯 Movement: sorry I can’t see I’m to sideways. Btw not hating this is amazing

  • Aware. littleisland

    Pls tell me I am not the only one who has watched the second one 1000 times 🥰

  • 오진석
    오진석 Hour ago

    왜 골드부저 눌렀는지 이해 못하는 사람들이 몇몇 있는디...?

  • Hola Soy Fredy
    Hola Soy Fredy Hour ago

    Who else recognized Griff right away

  • Dayu Mas
    Dayu Mas Hour ago

    Oh Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma~ 😂😍

  • Faisal Turkiy
    Faisal Turkiy Hour ago

    حركاتها مالها داعي😂بس صوتها حلو

  • 岩城菜葉
    岩城菜葉 Hour ago

    凄い良い声な上に腹話術、1人二役とか男の子の声が出来るのはすごすぎる 何回も見ちゃう… 相当緊張もするだろうし本当に凄いしか言えないくらい凄い…

  • Eimy Love
    Eimy Love Hour ago

    Who in 2019???

  • Лариса Кривенео

    ,30000 петь умеют...?

  • Morgana Krüger Cost


  • Лариса Кривенео


  • Lucas Daniel
    Lucas Daniel Hour ago

    e já começa assim é kkkkkkkkk

  • VKigan
    VKigan Hour ago


  • Chromica Pop
    Chromica Pop Hour ago

    this kid is Janis Joplin reincarnated and sings amazingly. #KidJanis

  • Hopedieslast89 Lj

    Callum Scott 🎶 still my favorite audition! 😍😇

  • loodle doodle
    loodle doodle Hour ago

    *The first girls left arm has left the chat*

  • Sarah Akinbuwa
    Sarah Akinbuwa Hour ago

    I love her

  • Marianne Loidl
    Marianne Loidl 2 hours ago


  • Hari Krishna Sahu
    Hari Krishna Sahu 2 hours ago

    Nice video... #HariKrishnaSahu

    JESUS SAVES 2 hours ago

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  • Danger Noodle
    Danger Noodle 2 hours ago

    and then here’s me at age 14 laying in bed and wanting doritos and ready to fall asleep

  • Classic Shay
    Classic Shay 2 hours ago

    The second guy 🥺💔 I hope he is doing good and good things are coming his way💓🥺

  • Classic Shay
    Classic Shay 2 hours ago

    The first guy I felt his vibe and he is so touching like I love him with his beautiful smile 💓🥺❤️🤴🏾

  • vũ đoàn vũ đoàn

  • nada a ver irmão
    nada a ver irmão 2 hours ago

    Cadê os BR

  • Rhu-Aisha Godvriend
    Rhu-Aisha Godvriend 2 hours ago

    November 2019?

  • Nayzo Yt
    Nayzo Yt 2 hours ago


  • nada a ver irmão
    nada a ver irmão 2 hours ago

    Cadê os BR

  • pantslizard
    pantslizard 2 hours ago

    celine deon...yeah...I'm gonna curse my kid by naming it testaclese...

  • Matt Milner
    Matt Milner 2 hours ago

    I feel like Simon Cowell is just...dead inside after hearing so many cover songs in his life...

  • DDS Software
    DDS Software 2 hours ago

    Lions sound much better than this crack addict

  • Ineni du bled 235
    Ineni du bled 235 2 hours ago


  • Maron C.
    Maron C. 2 hours ago

    Wahnsinn. Irre viel Power in der Stimme und so ausdrucksstark. Kinnlade ist unten.

  • Tuân Rùa VTV
    Tuân Rùa VTV 2 hours ago

    Việt Nam đâu nhỉ ✋🖐️🖐️

  • Mobile_god
    Mobile_god 2 hours ago

    First two auditions I hate

  • Marianne Loidl
    Marianne Loidl 2 hours ago


  • Paulo Camargo
    Paulo Camargo 2 hours ago

    O que significa ganhar esse Golden buzzer

  • Angela Caravalia
    Angela Caravalia 2 hours ago

    Past life vibessss

  • Shelby Noel
    Shelby Noel 2 hours ago

    It's so beautiful

  • alvin pembe
    alvin pembe 2 hours ago

    He is like the other version B.O.B.

  • Nikta Aminian
    Nikta Aminian 2 hours ago


  • mica gonza
    mica gonza 2 hours ago

    she have a good future

  • James Phun
    James Phun 2 hours ago

    I love her how she sings! From Philippines

  • Multi tiered Investor

    Very subjective.

  • Sol Dias
    Sol Dias 2 hours ago

    O gordinho estava nervoso mas ..... MARAVILHOSO

  • Valeria Plata
    Valeria Plata 2 hours ago

    100/: sad 😭😭❤️❤️

  • Pop_aint_my_thang !
    Pop_aint_my_thang ! 2 hours ago

    😳 Damn she is so good 😱😱😱

  • Gantl Man
    Gantl Man 2 hours ago


  • Emerson Casaes
    Emerson Casaes 2 hours ago

    Essa mulher que apertou o botao è muiiito linda .qual o nome dela a negra mais linda do mundo

  • Zixi
    Zixi 2 hours ago

    Damn i couldn't watch last because my mom started cutting onions.

  • Gabrielle Davis
    Gabrielle Davis 2 hours ago

    Callum kinda sounds like Adam Levine

  • I’m in 6B
    I’m in 6B 3 hours ago


  • Davi Messias Braz
    Davi Messias Braz 3 hours ago


  • Heike Schultze Guesgen

    Great girl

  • Jeanette Bird
    Jeanette Bird 3 hours ago

    Callus’s voice touches the soul , the two young lads very inspirational and both have lovely personalities. a well deserved standing ovation and golden buzzer !! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Johnathan proved to be loyal be standing by his partner despite Simon’s opinion . Love the confidence of the little diva, can see her going a long way and last but not least the beauty therapist Alice who doesn’t even know just how good she is , beautiful interpretation ! All very talented and yet humble people. A great compilation and enjoyable to listen to ! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻