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10 Biggest Snakes Ever Found
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10 Deepest Holes On Earth
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  • darren apple
    darren apple 4 hours ago

    copper pedy amazing wow living underground different as long doesnt cave in which proberly wont cool idea

  • Emperor Palpatine
    Emperor Palpatine 5 hours ago

    hahaha their own kid knew that was bullshit and snitched. This kid is going places!

  • Pualon. TV
    Pualon. TV 6 hours ago

    Lodi pa tadjak nmn Po Ng bahai ko salamat😊 tapos Kona tadjakan bahai mo 😉

  • Tiger Shroff
    Tiger Shroff 6 hours ago

    how can a person biet his own teeths

    AULIS A.O.T 7 hours ago

    4:10 dude, thats a flying drone

  • Jit Gurung
    Jit Gurung 8 hours ago

    hi. you have to add TILECHO lake Nepal, this lake is staying in the highest place in the world.

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis 8 hours ago

    Ship # 10: A cruise liner that suffered the fate of Nazi Germany. Sunk by a Soviet submarine at the end of World War 2. Ship #9: Ireland's empress of the sea that sank by collision with another ship on a cold night. Ship #8: Canada's titanic in WW2. Sunk by collision with two ships creating the largest man-made explosion that triggered a tsunami. Ship# 7: A US Civil War ship designed to transport Union soldiers home. Sunk by boilers explosion just as ship's war ended. Ship# 6: The infamous Cunard liner sunk by a German submarine responded by World War 1. Ship# 5: Trans-Atlantic liner sunk 60 years before Titanic. Sunk by collision with French steamer off the coast of New Finland. Ship # 4: An american liner sunk by iceberg collision in terrible weather conditions-with all but one survivor. Ship# 3: Trans-Atlantic liner built to outclass all others in her time. Sunk by surrounding icebergs in her final voyage; determined by a message bottle found on shore in 1861. Ship# 2: US World War 2 cruiser known for transported the first atomic bombs in history. Sunk by two Japanese torpedoes within 12 minutes. No distress caused the worst shark attack in history. 317 of 900 survivors live to tell ship's fate and victim's shark attacks. Ship# 1: A tragic liner sunk by large explosion by gasoline leak. Survivors dived in the ocean to escape the infernos of ship's fate.

  • Satisfy
    Satisfy 8 hours ago

    In the picture, that girl looks like an actor

  • Ignis Ursulus
    Ignis Ursulus 8 hours ago

    Bea ch

  • The Royal Crowned Tiger

    Woohoo like this video.

  • Phiban Lyngdoh
    Phiban Lyngdoh 9 hours ago

    It's all fake🤥🤥

  • chira sirisambhand
    chira sirisambhand 10 hours ago

    Malaysia is not an Island!

  • GamerVince 1208
    GamerVince 1208 11 hours ago

    Volcano lightning happened in phillipines and i love here :(

  • MoonLghtKnght
    MoonLghtKnght 11 hours ago

    "Neverending Lightning Storm" Happens for 10 hours, 260 days a year. Sounds like it ends.

  • Sebrina Walters
    Sebrina Walters 11 hours ago


  • the shit
    the shit 12 hours ago

    Nagy is full of shit lol

  • Tagabuhat ng mabibigat Sa ML

    Hinde lng si LOLONG ang pinaka malaking buwaya sa pilipinas pati ang mga GOBYERNO😌... Legiittttt lng kasi para saken

  • Shaun H
    Shaun H 12 hours ago

    Fort Knox is empty. America doesn't have any gold left.

  • The Real Gonzalo
    The Real Gonzalo 13 hours ago

    See, there’s no such thing as this “God” if he was or she was real we wouldn’t be where we are now ! Fk God!

  • Wasili Blog
    Wasili Blog 13 hours ago


  • Trust nobody Trustsnuthin

    Don’t believe in the hand of God?what your seeing this is biblical to the letter there will be pestilence and famine wether in diverse places..people will say there always has been!read on it says it will come as birth pangs what do birth pangs do?they come more frequently and severe !get yourself right with God!do so while you can!eternity is forever!man faithless self centred animals but you indeed will reap what you sew 🙏🙏👹👹

  • IcyboyGaming
    IcyboyGaming 14 hours ago

    Jodpour boom is testing of beam weapons to the atmosphere

  • Gavin Kerslake
    Gavin Kerslake 14 hours ago

    Tit-less. LOL

  • Kenn Clark
    Kenn Clark 14 hours ago

    Stretch much?

  • yesiand cruz
    yesiand cruz 14 hours ago

    Half of the crocs mentioned were not even captured. Cornyyyy wack bro...👎🏼

  • Johans A
    Johans A 14 hours ago

    Search the every forbidden places on google map

  • saber Rahimi
    saber Rahimi 15 hours ago


  • William Maher
    William Maher 17 hours ago

    On the rabbit you're mistaken. There's a hare larger than that from the wild of South Dakota. I've seen 1 too tall big long ears minus the ears it was already 4ft tall and it walked long front legs more of an upright angle. I saw it on Ellsworth Air Force base by the tracks headed into the flightline area.

  • N.shashi Kiran
    N.shashi Kiran 17 hours ago

    I believe in mermaids and Megalodon

  • Cayden Moore
    Cayden Moore 18 hours ago

    I be swimming boom dead

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 18 hours ago

    Time to invest in an indestructible flying submarine

  • muyendekwa Mulonda
    muyendekwa Mulonda 18 hours ago

    Mr. Yan🤔

  • Martha Lopez
    Martha Lopez 19 hours ago

    Ha prekkinj

  • Henry Fidel
    Henry Fidel 19 hours ago

    Cleanup can take 300 - 700 years! By cleanup they must mean decomposition.

  • Henry Fidel
    Henry Fidel 19 hours ago

    ru-clip.com/video/DO6O6FY66VI/video.html - Megalodon does not exist, never existed and NO evidence was ever found that supports it once existed... The maker of this fakeumentary are getting "facts" from movies and other terrible sources.

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 19 hours ago

    3:13 it's man made

  • Ornina Chiba
    Ornina Chiba 19 hours ago

    Wait a min they said that the Mateo tsunami could go to Chicago and that's where my mums family lives.....

  • Lila Torp
    Lila Torp 19 hours ago


  • Ornina Chiba
    Ornina Chiba 19 hours ago

    I have no idea how big the new Zealand tsunamis are...

  • Crystal Zuniga
    Crystal Zuniga 20 hours ago

    Because thats dangures...

  • Crystal Zuniga
    Crystal Zuniga 20 hours ago

    I repeat

  • Crystal Zuniga
    Crystal Zuniga 20 hours ago

    PEOPLE pay atention to me dont come to mariana trench is dangures you might die theres megledons and huge killer whales and those fish who are huge with a light please don’t go to mariana trench....!

  • Jason Rick
    Jason Rick 20 hours ago


  • manjula wijesinghe
    manjula wijesinghe 20 hours ago

    Srilanka my beutiful country .

  • HZ Ronan
    HZ Ronan 21 hour ago

    The fluffy ginger cows are actually called Highland cows from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Stefanie Freed
    Stefanie Freed 21 hour ago

    6:35 and 6:51 kinda describe the movie titanic everyone dies except rose and the boat collided with an ice burg .-.

  • BerkanZpGaming YT
    BerkanZpGaming YT 21 hour ago

    uhhhh DÉJÀ VU happens at least 5 times a month (only good things like being happy or idk yea) btw I’m serious but you don’t have to believe me

  • Tamoli Luv
    Tamoli Luv 22 hours ago

    I hate rain,b4 I even watched this video,😔💔🤷🏾‍♀️

  • B G
    B G 23 hours ago

    You should consider a lake in central Florida that drains yearly. When it drains, it is so fast that it sounds like a thunderously loud toilet flush! The water drains in a matter of hours.

  • Gaia Girl
    Gaia Girl 23 hours ago

    Dude, I like your videos but you gotta pay more attention to detail. A Native American princess is not from India, as your graphic shows. You repeat yourself when talking about the paranormal researcher who thought she had brought a spirit home with her after the lake investigation. And Manzanita is 15 miles south of the Oregon coast? It’s on the Oregon coast!

  • maveryk
    maveryk Day ago

    "The land was taken" lol

  • BartenderizerDave MaitaiMaster

    Boooo false info last one old video already was identified as whale and lots of false info.but 2 mil subs shows people are easily misinformed...sad

  • Roy Tack
    Roy Tack Day ago


  • Rachel Barie
    Rachel Barie Day ago

    Scientists: okay so if we drop this green food dye and ping pong balls into this waterfall, it should show us where it ends up Scientist's friend: you know what would be really funny.... if we dropped food dye and ping pong balls into a river on the other side of the world just to mess with his dumbass... nah too much work. Would be funny though.

  • Olivia The Duck

    Are you all dumb? These people are stubborn but not in a bad way, they are, by the literal definition, stubborn

  • Kevin Wakli Fitness

    I love flight attendants; they're all blessed up😊

  • Privacy Lover
    Privacy Lover Day ago

    Gnomesville creeps me out. It sounds like something that started out cute and became increasingly terrifying.

  • Privacy Lover
    Privacy Lover Day ago

    Wow...someone trying to force their religion on people who are extremely angry and offended by outsiders and who have made it abundantly clear that they aren't interested in ANY part of the rest of the world, and on a protected island where _no one_ is supposed to set foot. Ah, Christians. The epitome of arrogance.

  • Legz For Dayz
    Legz For Dayz Day ago

    Every 's' sound you hit is coming out distorted on the mic... other than that minor annoyance the video was cool

  • Pamela Scriven

    *Un-Real And So Far-Fetched*

  • Hemant parakh
    Hemant parakh Day ago

    Curse is a ten Degrees Blessing

  • jasmine Locsin

    Lolong is from:Philipines.............pilipina here im proud to be pilipina

  • Tabby
    Tabby Day ago

    Its alright its natural

  • Eleanor Dellosa

    I must raid it with myself or with others Mah brain:let's go

  • Reeve
    Reeve Day ago

    why dude sound like a robot

  • Tyme Prime TV
    Tyme Prime TV Day ago

    #4 is Manbearpig

  • Matthew GarettyConnorLinkMetroid

    @7:35 looks like a tampon or a piece of poo 🤔🤣

  • Yaah girl Babooz

    I love heights

  • Marci Turner
    Marci Turner Day ago

    Signs of the end of this age MATTHEW 24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in diverse places. Isaiah 19:2; Acts 11:28

  • Finn Monkey
    Finn Monkey Day ago


  • Brett Kavanaugh

    I like pulling out my hair, no my hairline looks messed up but luckily I love wearing wigs 😂 I just can't stop

  • Ravi Kumar .Vagga

    Am from *ANANTAPURAM*

  • Ravi Kumar .Vagga

    Felling proud from *INDIA*

  • Brandon Hardeman

    Snakes need to be killed

  • Cathy costa
    Cathy costa Day ago

    It is truly amazing how these building's are made😲I still believe that they must've had help from outher planet's, because there is no way not even today can we make anything close to those.

  • James Camero
    James Camero Day ago

    He said titty caca 😂

  • James Camero
    James Camero Day ago

    It’s Barrow Alaska.

  • David Gomez
    David Gomez Day ago

    4:09 racist fuck

  • Anthony Dipasquale

    Clickbait. thumb's down

  • 1Lusin
    1Lusin Day ago

    I want to cross them all with Miranda Kerr.

  • Jaylee Brown
    Jaylee Brown Day ago

    Imagine how the snakes is in scary movies and you get bitten by one

  • Alexis Lucas
    Alexis Lucas Day ago

    People only that these things are real bcause they dont want to scare other people that think everything is real

  • zamzuri anuar
    zamzuri anuar Day ago

    Bujang senang the biggest croc

  • WoordWatcher
    WoordWatcher Day ago

    Shame to put a price tag on elements!!!

  • beethovenalexander

    Lmao at the Israel crack. Mf you're on crack

  • Bill Gregg
    Bill Gregg Day ago

    “She mad a ran for it.”

  • M.Hamza Bin Umar

    There is another big gold pit in saindak Pakistan (no go zone) i visited that

  • rep toob
    rep toob Day ago

    Fort knox. The United states bullion cube depository. Soup is a serious matter

  • Stanley Snufkin

    John chow, what an idiot, why did he have the arrogance to think he had the right to go there , Americans are so entitled

  • Kash Kash
    Kash Kash Day ago

    Clinton never wen to bohemian club but sure as hell went to Epstein pedophile island

  • Imagine Gamez
    Imagine Gamez Day ago

    Where is Atlantis

  • Imagine Gamez
    Imagine Gamez Day ago

    If only one of the heist in gta was in FORTKNOX

  • Imagine Gamez
    Imagine Gamez Day ago

    Very specific in ww1 :the trees were smashed

  • Dregs
    Dregs 2 days ago

    your translation feature is shit

  • Dorcas Zvenyika
    Dorcas Zvenyika 2 days ago

    I do believe am so addicted i hv a spirit for

  • Miss Cadets
    Miss Cadets 2 days ago

    Yes Niagara Falls (Canadian side) has caves behind it and yes you can go down and see. It's pretty scary because you're in this carved out cavern with little offshutes that lead about 10ft away from the falls. Obviously the ends of those little shutes have bars up... But you could technically hop right over and dive right in. Quite disconcerting considering you know what is above you and you know they are eroding. I highly suggest a visit!!

  • Mattis Fatha
    Mattis Fatha 2 days ago

    The sound that resounds with the gears of Karma

  • samantha lewin
    samantha lewin 2 days ago

    Can't go to Heard Island, but you can go to Mcdonalds..

  • k n
    k n 2 days ago

    This was not ice sonami but it was the ice of ANTARTICA

  • WYD Classic
    WYD Classic 2 days ago

    Dubai is the modern Egypt.