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10 Deepest Holes On Earth
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  • Lucas Childress
    Lucas Childress Minute ago

    Fake no ripples in the water

  • william blake
    william blake 12 minutes ago

    why did you mix bullshit fakes and cool encounters?

  • Yonathan Samuel Teshale
    Yonathan Samuel Teshale 16 minutes ago

    I am addicted and can't stop watching these videos.

  • maria burgos
    maria burgos 17 minutes ago

    I thought you was talking about the men on the boat 🚣‍♀️ who was the prehistoric one ☝️ ja ja ja 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Nyah Daniel
    Nyah Daniel 53 minutes ago

    Maybe “The Fish from Hell” is a result from two different fish breeding and had conjoined twins.

  • jimmy bluejeans
    jimmy bluejeans Hour ago

    It is BEhemoth not BOhemoth.

  • derick.
    derick. Hour ago

    a l i e n s

  • MultiGaming G936

    what about Notre dame cathedral, Paris France

  • starlooker
    starlooker Hour ago

    Two words ...Hadron Collider. Began operating in 2008. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is getting a big boost to its performance. Unfortunately, for fans of ground-breaking physics, the whole thing has to be shut down for two years (will restart in 2021) while the work is done. But once it’s back up and running, its enhanced capabilities will make it EVEN MORE POWERFUL!

  • Jim Freeda
    Jim Freeda Hour ago

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee no these are weird

  • Jannat Rj
    Jannat Rj Hour ago


  • Angela Mattson
    Angela Mattson 2 hours ago

    The last animal looks like a Coywolf -coyote/wolf hybrid. The species have been officially documented and is proof the two species occasionally cross breed.

  • Hazel Lamanosa
    Hazel Lamanosa 2 hours ago

    That's a big stairs in the forest

  • Singsing MacKinstrie

    The worm is sand that gets cast out as the lugworm burrows into the sand. In UK these are everywhere on the wet sand part of every beach in the country. If you go sea fishing and want to dig your own bait...you start digging with a garden fork there...at the lugworm casting, you dig in a trench till you find the worm...No mystery

  • Josh bosh Gamer
    Josh bosh Gamer 3 hours ago

    What dose RMS stand for?

  • fuck American
    fuck American 4 hours ago

    Wow it's amazing

  • Viveca Cat
    Viveca Cat 4 hours ago

    the fish from hell looks like a severely deformed female angler fish

  • Noann xyra Carenosa
    Noann xyra Carenosa 4 hours ago

    i saw an flouting island in the philipines but at a beach

  • Final Generation
    Final Generation 5 hours ago

    theres probably someone in the world right now trying to push a door with a PULL sign on .

  • Kiran Kang
    Kiran Kang 5 hours ago

    It's the sun reflacting the red sky

  • Joey Cappella
    Joey Cappella 6 hours ago

    Great videos and there mind boggling

  • Natural Calamities
    Natural Calamities 6 hours ago

    These must be zombies

  • Angel Agnetha
    Angel Agnetha 6 hours ago

    After watching this, I have only one thing in my mind....God's creation is incredibly amazing!

  • Mighty Rebel
    Mighty Rebel 6 hours ago

    Could these doors get any closed?

  • uNItePak Waqar 2nd Id Love with style

    😍😍😍Great Love to all , live with love & PEACE THESE GREAT PEOPLE , THANKS FOR GREAT MOVIE 😍😍😍😊 🙃😘 ..💞💞💞

  • Top 10
    Top 10 7 hours ago

    how about the butt hole

  • Elisha Concepcion
    Elisha Concepcion 7 hours ago

    This is click bait because you should have done research and verified them. Most of these are legends and hypotheticals! Smh what happened to the quotes?

  • Jeff Graham
    Jeff Graham 7 hours ago

    Ms Velvet. Why would the U. S. send in bombs? I assume you live in the USA . Amazing how snowflakes never miss an opportunity to bash the country that gives them a standard of living that exceeds that of any nation in the history of the world and is more generous with the blood of its sons and daughters not to mention its financial blessings than any country has ever been. Truly astounding.

  • Rajarshi Nath
    Rajarshi Nath 7 hours ago

    Am I the only one who got clickbaited by the thumbnail?

  • Gacha Alien dog
    Gacha Alien dog 8 hours ago


  • _ Limluv _
    _ Limluv _ 8 hours ago

    I keep hearing tss from the narrator Does anyone else heard this?

  • The masala Gamer
    The masala Gamer 9 hours ago

    What if a person falls down on that hole se scarrrry

  • Julie Bonn
    Julie Bonn 9 hours ago

    Sorry to say... the lights inNorway night sky are seen around the world. In Canada we call them Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis.

  • Brett Allen
    Brett Allen 9 hours ago


  • xXETHAXx
    xXETHAXx 9 hours ago

    6:27 that's a whale penis

  • xXETHAXx
    xXETHAXx 9 hours ago

    5:42 it's called a dead man or woman

  • Jesse Ociones
    Jesse Ociones 10 hours ago

    lightning one is speedster

  • Ooshma Verma
    Ooshma Verma 10 hours ago

    5:56 the reason people have these sleeping mishabs is because the city has uranium mine near by which was closed 20 yrs ago all the wood and support in the mine have oxdized and release carbon monoxide which as we all know reduce the oxygen in the body and loss of memory causing the people to sleep

  • Home On The Range
    Home On The Range 10 hours ago

    like 8 min in did i see the human centipad

  • HoeLess Jose
    HoeLess Jose 10 hours ago

    She made a ran for it

  • bloxygacha-w- wolfycat

    Dont say im the onlyone whos dying from that name in Mexico with that birds. I heard chiwouwa Sorry for bad english

  • Jewell serenity Silverwood

    number 5 woah hahha

  • Golen
    Golen 11 hours ago

    I remember that stupid balloon stunt. As soon as it was announced on tv I knew it was fake b/c how the hell can a child float away in a balloon? They can't even a child is too heavy to be floating like that even if it is helium

  • Kosei Arima
    Kosei Arima 11 hours ago

    imagine lolong is at least 50 yrs old he died chz of sickness and imagine if he was 100 yrs old he would atleast bw over 25 meters tall

  • Candy Tamio
    Candy Tamio 11 hours ago

    Remember Moses the water slits to two when saving slaves of egyp

  • Sevaytlan
    Sevaytlan 11 hours ago

    3:43 probably just a tornado making a weird shape because of the visibility

  • Travis Stoudt
    Travis Stoudt 12 hours ago

    Soo what I don’t care I luv ships and luv going on cruises cruises r my life flying sucks

  • bobby digital
    bobby digital 12 hours ago

    They cant find the devil kettle because sat and radio waves are blocked by the earths crust when it goes underground..no way to track it with current tech..all signals require line of sight.. I would train a retarded dolphine tho to figure it out..need gov funding for this,hit me up nasa

  • John Mrshall
    John Mrshall 12 hours ago

    Unless we are lied to about life in China.

  • John Mrshall
    John Mrshall 12 hours ago

    You think in China it wpuld be easy to pay to have them forced out.

  • dave berry
    dave berry 13 hours ago

    just kill it

  • Joshua Bain
    Joshua Bain 13 hours ago

    A rock


    *Calls Dr Van Hellsing*

  • Laurence Canda
    Laurence Canda 13 hours ago

    Manok NA pula❤️😍

  • Eliza vanessa Mariscal


  • Desales Joseph
    Desales Joseph 14 hours ago

    This video really thought me something

  • TaZeR_Ambush
    TaZeR_Ambush 14 hours ago

    UFO doesn't exist duh..

  • Karina Alaniz
    Karina Alaniz 15 hours ago

    LOOKS at .... POR favor

  • Karina Alaniz
    Karina Alaniz 15 hours ago

    Okay no so much all what you are the good 🤩🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🙄

  • Karina Alaniz
    Karina Alaniz 15 hours ago


  • Karina Alaniz
    Karina Alaniz 15 hours ago


  • Sanchez Manson
    Sanchez Manson 15 hours ago

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  • sydney wellington
    sydney wellington 16 hours ago

    The mystery of Devil's Kettle Falls is already solved. And yes, they tried GPS. Didn't worked. www.mprnews.org/story/2017/02/28/hydrologists-solve-minnesota-devils-kettle-falls-mystery

  • Anna Vega
    Anna Vega 16 hours ago

    I love all of the pets 😘😻🐂

  • Leonard Roland
    Leonard Roland 16 hours ago

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  • Nicholas Gambrel
    Nicholas Gambrel 17 hours ago

    The biggest white shark is 60 feet?? Wtf are you talking about man not even close. Do your research.

  • Starin Vasquez
    Starin Vasquez 17 hours ago

    i never ride a plane on amerika before im not on amerika

  • Jeremiah Negron
    Jeremiah Negron 17 hours ago

    Shit got real dark when he started talkin bout that boiling river.

  • Riley Thompson6783
    Riley Thompson6783 18 hours ago

    All of the answers are easy, God formed them in his own special way just as he made everyone

  • raaj chand
    raaj chand 18 hours ago


  • Bethzy Rojas
    Bethzy Rojas 18 hours ago

    8:50 Maybe Thor (The god of thunder) got really mad in the past and is still mad to this day

  • Abby Kitsune
    Abby Kitsune 18 hours ago

    That Alaskan town seems like the setting for that 30 days of night movie As my AutoCorrect won’t actually let me say the name of that Alaskan town correctly because it keeps putting Gucci on there I’ll just keep it the Alaskan town

  • Abby Kitsune
    Abby Kitsune 18 hours ago

    You know all these islands sounds great for me I’d love to live there but a here’s a question a lot of them seem like I’d probably die before I get any of my medication so how’s that going to work because that one island where you have to like weeks or months in Advance seems like the only want to be live on

  • Bethzy Rojas
    Bethzy Rojas 18 hours ago

    3:35 Maybe my brother farted there

  • Aniram Anid
    Aniram Anid 18 hours ago

    me : (sees the thumbnail) also me: Konan, you are...REAL?! also me after watching the video: Awh man.

  • K M
    K M 19 hours ago

    where is the location of the photo you see at the start?

  • Gordon C
    Gordon C 19 hours ago

    1.78 subs.Any channel that uses clickbait does not deserve such a number of subs.

  • Tracy Cromer
    Tracy Cromer 20 hours ago

    I heard the titanoboa was but I had an anacada card from national geographic that a guy had said that he had seen an 165 foot anaconda but said no proof cuz no one would get near one to measure.

  • O9lolboy
    O9lolboy 21 hour ago

    4:51 only 47 degrees ciltius in Kuwait my country it is usually 50+ in summer and it once reached A record of 62 degree ciltius

  • ReZocc
    ReZocc 21 hour ago


  • Viryl Lucas
    Viryl Lucas 22 hours ago

    Its the egg of Lilith

  • Supapon Carlysle
    Supapon Carlysle 22 hours ago

    maybe these were just god doing stuff because it was in Jerusalem and some bible stories are taken place there...right?

  • Jovan Ragmac
    Jovan Ragmac 22 hours ago

    Raining money until now is most awaited 👇moment

  • Sam Britton
    Sam Britton 22 hours ago

    The definition of Twaddle

  • Jonathan Southward
    Jonathan Southward 22 hours ago

    - clicks video - pauses video - heads straight to comment section - hold my beer!

  • Mary Seriah
    Mary Seriah 23 hours ago

    woooow it's wonderful oh my

  • Janet Ndambuki
    Janet Ndambuki 23 hours ago

    I 💕 it

  • Jaina Danlen vlogs

    I love old things. I always wonder how old are they and what happened to them long long time ago. .if theres an another life. I want to be archeologist too 😆

  • Craig Bishop
    Craig Bishop Day ago


  • Pearl Pearl
    Pearl Pearl Day ago

    Nante kulangot

  • Johnny Galatikitis

    the fuck was that with Obama and Jerusalem? A whole new level of stupid.

  • Impish Misconception

    Hugh Mungus?? Lol that's funny.

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan Day ago

    Thier is one such community in Pakistan known as kalash.

  • Maong Toshi
    Maong Toshi Day ago

    Mia Khalifa??

  • randonification

    Interesting facts, but the video was just random picture salad and cheesy effects.

  • Morris Mungai
    Morris Mungai Day ago

    humans not allowed only scientific research,🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mae Caldoza
    Mae Caldoza Day ago

    Wow, it is such amazing😯

  • Alen Joy
    Alen Joy Day ago

    Ooh my god 😰😰😰😰

  • florenca xhoka

    How do we know that all this is true???

  • All about Jimelyn Mae

    My jaw dropped because of this beautiful and wonderful places I never knew exist!!😮