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  • Hamza Mudassar
    Hamza Mudassar 49 minutes ago

    Happy birthday birthday Mickey Mouse

  • Hanii Al khazani

    Anjayyy ikut kagetttty

  • DonutDragon 25
    DonutDragon 25 2 hours ago

    I love Jose and angel

  • DonutDragon 25
    DonutDragon 25 2 hours ago

    Max laughed like goofy

  • Roro Mahmod
    Roro Mahmod 4 hours ago


  • H3adphonez
    H3adphonez 5 hours ago

    this sounds effing terrifying

  • Rossy Mariposa
    Rossy Mariposa 5 hours ago

    Omg that was so funny hahaha whezz 😂😂😂😂

  • Pushpita Sharma
    Pushpita Sharma 5 hours ago

    I love Disney princess

  • johnnyreality
    johnnyreality 6 hours ago

    So cool.

  • Chomp
    Chomp 7 hours ago

    Kevin Pollack Tyra Banks Katherine Namjamy aka Peggy Hill

  • Jen Fleming Jones
    Jen Fleming Jones 8 hours ago

    Thank you!! A great flashback 💕

  • Jayla Sm
    Jayla Sm 9 hours ago

    I wanna go there!!!!>😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • ByChris Channel
    ByChris Channel 10 hours ago

    It's interesting how everybody's talking about Edgar, but not many folks are talking about Eddie, especially since he was NEVER in the parks prior to this!

  • ByChris Channel
    ByChris Channel 10 hours ago

    WOW! Edgar The Butler & Eddie Valiant! Those aren't characters you see every day!

  • TadThuggish
    TadThuggish 10 hours ago

    This is a lot cooler than Soarin'

  • Albert Triumph
    Albert Triumph 10 hours ago

    yeah, we saw it the eddie murph's movie, b.h cop 3 ...... something like 25-30 years ago i guess

  • XxMushiSushixX-Fortnite

    1:57 I love how they even put the 👌🏾 in the animatronic since trump always does that 😭

  • Nutty
    Nutty 11 hours ago

    Poor eeyore

  • Mason Barton
    Mason Barton 11 hours ago

    1:26 Arabian Nights

  • Ebu Lopezhhh hhh
    Ebu Lopezhhh hhh 11 hours ago


  • the cute polar bear channel holly

    Oh I when on that ride last year when I went there

  • mundo das irmãs jujuba e Eliza

    I Love 👏👏👏👏

  • Omary Rodriguez
    Omary Rodriguez 13 hours ago

    Good luck oswarld you well get it some day

  • Omary Rodriguez
    Omary Rodriguez 13 hours ago

    Por oswrold

  • Antonia Anais
    Antonia Anais 14 hours ago


  • Scott Joseph Whiley
    Scott Joseph Whiley 14 hours ago

    U must be lucky to film it before it closes

  • Diana Constant
    Diana Constant 15 hours ago


  • Annelies Thuwis
    Annelies Thuwis 15 hours ago

    Oh wow... this was the first time we went to America, this is one of the few things I remember :) I was 8 years old...

  • Gloria Terlimbacco
    Gloria Terlimbacco 16 hours ago

    A man has fallen into the river in Lego City ( who knows this meme will continue ;) )

  • Gloria Terlimbacco
    Gloria Terlimbacco 16 hours ago

    Oof. This is the shittiest thing i've ever seen

  • Dragon Lady
    Dragon Lady 16 hours ago

    I was born when luxo came out and I wish I had a chance to see him

  • Hamza Kalal
    Hamza Kalal 16 hours ago


  • Bugra Han
    Bugra Han 17 hours ago


  • Bugra Han
    Bugra Han 17 hours ago

    Jlşlnj907y6r32. 9

  • Kevin Blaze
    Kevin Blaze 17 hours ago

    and this was used in sharknado!!XD

  • RaiRai kun
    RaiRai kun 18 hours ago

    That costume of Elsa is so cheap .. doesn't look like elsa.. looks more like a ... woman that dance on a know xD

  • Ali Alhamar
    Ali Alhamar 18 hours ago


  • brandon dowlen
    brandon dowlen 18 hours ago

    This Raptor Encounter is pretty cool and i would love to take pictures with the mascot raptors:)

  • JaimieNatthan
    JaimieNatthan 19 hours ago

    I've been there it's good

  • Coaster du PARC ASTERIX

    So beautiful 😍

  • Epicdays
    Epicdays 20 hours ago

    The officer got clowned on by Kylo.

  • Roy Stephens
    Roy Stephens 21 hour ago

    Important note: The asteroid field doesn't always happen. This was filmed either in the cockpit enabled for handicapped access, or there was a delay in another group ahead of this one unloading. The asteroid field happens as a "bonus time" feature in the event of loading delays in order to keep things going smoothly. The ADA cockpits always have the asteroid sequence as those cockpits tend to load and unload slower due to wheelchairs/scooters/etc... other cockpits have it on occasion, but only if there is some unexpected delay.

  • Daniele Comini
    Daniele Comini 21 hour ago

    Meeting him in flesh and bones is something of incredible!

  • Thefollower Gamer
    Thefollower Gamer 21 hour ago

    Anna with the queen dress is a giant spoiler for the movie, idem the new Elsa dress. I think Disney can give the adventure clothes and not this.

  • 細胞分裂
    細胞分裂 22 hours ago


  • protoborg
    protoborg Day ago

    It is beyond obvious those are so not his actual legs. Aside from the fact that there is no such technology to make that thing, those legs are not proportional to his upper body.

  • Harihar Behera

    I love Frozen Princess

  • Aعشر جولاتmina Albaloushi

    جميل جداً جداً

  • timvogel68
    timvogel68 Day ago

    Wonderful memories from a wonderful time in WDW history. Still love Disney but miss those days of spontaneous daily vacation planning; no 180 days for dining, no 60 day fastpasses. Got to see a Bonnie animatronic on 2007 Backstage Magic your!

  • Matt
    Matt Day ago

    This is truly disturbing. I think instead of giving a speech, we should see him on his mobile device and then have him speak as if he is writing, one word at a time, a Twitter post.

  • Kahli
    Kahli Day ago

    Robot trump is way smarter than the real trump

  • TheMonsterGroovy

    I'd give anything to experience this show... too bad parents were too dumb to heed warning signs.

  • Teacher Jan's Favorites

    I remember this show so well and I actually bought a plush mr. Broccoli! I'm going to have to look in some of my storage boxes and see if I can still find him. And I still remember the veggie veggie fruit fruit song too LOL

  • Golden Walter
    Golden Walter Day ago

    I miss it.

  • Home Ideas
    Home Ideas Day ago

    WOW, awesome! :)

  • Find The Magic

    Fantastic footage, absolutely love these older videos. We recently had all our 1993 transferred to digital from VHS and I must say for 1991 the quality of your recording is excellent. Thanks for sharing.

  • Scott Joseph Whiley

    That’s such a long time ago

  • shdwstrm
    shdwstrm Day ago

    Omg this is awesome! My best friend had an old recording of this show her dad took. We loved it so much!!

  • Matthew's Random stuff

    You should do the Disney mania show that had the little mermaid Pocahontas beauty and the beast and the lion king

  • Kaitlyn Cassey

    i Love it so much ❤️❤️

  • Jessica Montufar

    was it real is the big question

  • Pedro Leitao
    Pedro Leitao Day ago


  • Kevin Gomz Lopz


  • Disney Magical Days

    We want to go there so bad

  • Conor Meehan
    Conor Meehan Day ago

    3:40 - Little did those pigs know Eisner was to gorge upon them that evening...

  • نبيل عبدالله


  • 7f239m gklnuu
    7f239m gklnuu Day ago


  • Andre Rivera
    Andre Rivera Day ago

    Nanking:jbtty7 t?:,h .h), Ppppppoooooiiiiiiiiuuuuuuuuyyyy. Mo

  • Fabiana Silva
    Fabiana Silva Day ago


  • Green Girl's Imagination Station

    I just got back from disney and that ride was so much fun thanks for the video

  • Sith Trooper
    Sith Trooper Day ago

    I wish I didn't join the Sith Troopers and remained a normal Trooper.

  • ちゃんゆい


  • 佐藤淳子
    佐藤淳子 Day ago


  • Silvana Martins

    Maria. Rita

  • Truelove
    Truelove Day ago


  • Tatiana Kuchuk
    Tatiana Kuchuk 2 days ago

    This looks really alike to Yukon Striker at Canada’s Wonderland

  • Soli Delgado
    Soli Delgado 2 days ago

    San Francisco

  • Darth Nihilus
    Darth Nihilus 2 days ago

    Master Yoda what are you doing Hanging Back there

  • Gabriel Ponce
    Gabriel Ponce 2 days ago


  • Brant Disney fan
    Brant Disney fan 2 days ago


  • Siripon Rungaroonanotai

    นนืฺสิ. คค

  • Shifty
    Shifty 2 days ago

    2:53 Just the way he glances at the camera

  • Milind Utpat
    Milind Utpat 2 days ago

    I liked it sooooo much

  • Zeke Holloway
    Zeke Holloway 2 days ago

    wtf! it used to be a finger!!! i thought it always was an arrow! why would they change that!!!

  • Benjamin Owen
    Benjamin Owen 2 days ago

    LOVE the Robin Hood artwork. Yay for Skippy!

  • Rivalry
    Rivalry 2 days ago

    Imagine being on this ride and suddenly a real earthquake happens. You’d be the only one not scared lol.

  • Joseph Zielinski
    Joseph Zielinski 2 days ago

    A mural of Disney characters!

  • Johnathan Lupinetti

    I feel like that’s not his job to put together your entire lightsaber...

  • Peita Papp
    Peita Papp 2 days ago

    That’s relly fake

  • SoggyMogwai
    SoggyMogwai 2 days ago

    Are these permanent? Hope not just a limited time thing. Would love to see the whole park covered by these in the years to come

    • MouseSteps / JWL Media
      MouseSteps / JWL Media Day ago

      These are for Epcot International Festival of the Arts and will be removed after it ends.

  • Nicole Hernandez
    Nicole Hernandez 2 days ago

    Que ikckkwllelj

  • Aaron Van Cleve
    Aaron Van Cleve 2 days ago


    • figment1988
      figment1988 2 days ago

      and don't forget the Aulani exclusive friend, Olu the Turtle.

  • Aaron Van Cleve
    Aaron Van Cleve 2 days ago

    3:25- 3:45 There is a Hidden Duffy and Gelatoni in Japan Pavilion!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! So please BRING DUFFY BACK TO EPCOT TO HONOR HIS 10TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY SINCE HIS DEBUT in 2010!!!!!!

  • 28MouseEars
    28MouseEars 2 days ago

    There are a lot of nice characters, but I’m most excited about Duffy and Gelatoni being included!! ❤️

  • XxMushiSushixX-Fortnite

    Wait soo what was actually going on, on this ride?? Was it like hydraulics lifting you up and down or vibrations/ air etc...

  • Gamora zen-whoberi ben Titan

    6:25 when your depression kicks in

  • Francisco javier Palacios Vicente Palacios Vicente

    Yo ví a leo de little einsteins montado en la carroza de mickey mouse y a jake el pirata lo ví montado en la carroza de Peter pan Los ví con mi amiga irene en Disneyland paris 2018

  • Major League Trainspotting

    This has to be Wonderworld 😂😂