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  • Anthony C.
    Anthony C. 2 minutes ago

    Paid actor.

  • Sam Gallimore
    Sam Gallimore 17 minutes ago

    Oh god jokes are satan, JOKES ARE SATAN!! Another Carlos and CNN video got ratio’d for terrible content? Wow what a surprise!

  • NatCatKitty
    NatCatKitty 21 minute ago

    This is so cool! I love that he is just like yeah I paint these paintings it’s chill but when I draw I’m like It ALL LOOKS WRONG!!! 😆 No seriously tho he’s really really good! 💕

  • James Cameron
    James Cameron 22 minutes ago

    Damn..Buffet's office is only as big as my bedroom...

  • Norcal Mtnjunkie
    Norcal Mtnjunkie 43 minutes ago

    Of course they let him in. They are always recruiting good little future commies. 😂

  • Bang Zy
    Bang Zy 43 minutes ago

    the tester would be the best job

  • Vince Marquez
    Vince Marquez 46 minutes ago

    Get those boomers out of there

  • Vince Marquez
    Vince Marquez 47 minutes ago

    This sounds like grandparents asking their grandson questions about technology

  • The 'Woke Dyke
    The 'Woke Dyke 56 minutes ago

    Might as well live in a car or, better, RV

  • The 'Woke Dyke
    The 'Woke Dyke Hour ago

    Lordt they doing this in China for cheap

  • Google User
    Google User Hour ago

    Instead uber should contact private airplane and helicopter owners to offer trips from point a to point b just like an airline. It serves the purpose of less wait time,more luggage one can carry, fly anytime anywhere and no advance bookings to get best price. It will also help fleet owners to pay off their investment quicker or would help them to generate extra income.

  • ZionYGO
    ZionYGO Hour ago

    People: Rich people should give to the poor. Poor person: *invents something, becomes instantly rich* People: hey, that's illegal. Give to the poor Poor person, now rich: But I am poor.

  • Kevin
    Kevin Hour ago

    Fuck all your stupid ass comments about trump the whole reason he ones cause all the white people voted for him talking about building a wall and lowering taxes FUCK TRUMP !!!

  • Jaz Owen
    Jaz Owen Hour ago

    It is year 2088 and I still havent seen this product. I bet he regrets passing up this offer every single day, if he accepted it, it would be out there.

  • Mollene Parker
    Mollene Parker 2 hours ago

    Get soros out of our country !

  • Enrike murillo
    Enrike murillo 2 hours ago

    that just give the R/V living a real bad name , no way in hell would I live like that , R/V is to live in a decent life and to travel to see beautiful places NOT to live in the streets of cities.

  • creator Space
    creator Space 2 hours ago

    That's a good one.

  • Dennis Kohnow
    Dennis Kohnow 2 hours ago

    Unfortunately Trump is probably gonna win again. They're too many sheeple who love him. And why shouldn't they? He plays all their greatest hits. "Build the wall", "drain the swamp", etc. We really have dumbed down so much in this country. Smh

  • Notta Victim
    Notta Victim 2 hours ago

    The New Harvard Man. An asshole on the Aspergers spectrum. This is an argument against the so called meritocracy.

  • wales2k
    wales2k 2 hours ago

    The origins of a legend. This is a true story of rags to riches.

  • HarryLopez
    HarryLopez 2 hours ago

    I cant feel sorry for her she needs to hustle cause the world is not forgiven...get it together

  • Gia Pacella
    Gia Pacella 2 hours ago

    We know now...the fires!

  • M J
    M J 2 hours ago

    Thought they didn’t believe in modern electronics 😂

  • Ryan Ryder
    Ryan Ryder 2 hours ago

    I love how he’s trying so hard 😭😭😂

  • Determined Dylan
    Determined Dylan 2 hours ago

    This is a great example of what living in a democrat run city is like.

  • Megan
    Megan 2 hours ago

    "cHinA ThInKs wE ArE dUmb SoBs" ....because you all are.

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana 3 hours ago


  • MRGCProductions20996

    that little smirk at the end is everything

  • karlwashere123
    karlwashere123 3 hours ago

    Opens his acceptance letter. Doesn't even read it.

  • geoff dearth
    geoff dearth 3 hours ago

    I bet they don't pay themselves outlandish salaries.

  • Just Ethan
    Just Ethan 3 hours ago

    Sorry but I just cannot even comprehend how sad I am becuz I know that dogs don’t live long....

  • Jack Alley
    Jack Alley 3 hours ago

    Yay...I’m accepted

  • Artastic_Aimz
    Artastic_Aimz 3 hours ago

    Aw just look at him 🤗

  • The cereal muncher
    The cereal muncher 3 hours ago

    This guy looks smart. He should make a website or something.

  • Mask on Trick shots
    Mask on Trick shots 3 hours ago

    Mark just casually robotically says “iM In”

  • Treasure Geo
    Treasure Geo 3 hours ago

  • Isaac Boaz
    Isaac Boaz 4 hours ago

    Mark Zuckerberg was probably doing some big textbook assignment in college, then he got stressed out and dropped his face into his book , and then he said, “say, this gives me an idea!”

  • jwkk28
    jwkk28 4 hours ago

    If she get more money 💰 she would not apply the child support

  • Alex Boyd
    Alex Boyd 4 hours ago

    ok boomers

  • Rage was Taken
    Rage was Taken 4 hours ago

    “yay I got accepted “ “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?” “yeah”

  • locksmithmuggle
    locksmithmuggle 5 hours ago

    Where is AOC and Green with their self righteous racially decisive pointless questions? Oh wait this is CNN. Gotta protect your peeps. Liberal media industrial complex at work

  • jason trehy
    jason trehy 5 hours ago

    If they both work and he's making $19 an hour then he needs to move out of wherever they are even if it means a pay cut I am sure the bills will be low enough to where they can find somewhere to rent I make a little more than that and survive on my own doing very well so if there's two of them there is no excuse

  • Dave102693
    Dave102693 5 hours ago

    HBO max and Disney+ will beat the rest

  • Don Dark
    Don Dark 5 hours ago

    Wait is that his camera?

  • Mike ChiCity Medic Relf

    I been where u at and I Adopted 4 Beautiful Kids, I finally made it when I became a Paramedic, keep fighting and keep looking 4 a better Job, or Become a Paramedic, Much Love 2 U My Sista

  • John-Paul Hunt
    John-Paul Hunt 5 hours ago

    here's to the future people. gets out of ai quantum tesla car being tired of these fights being like a marathon.

  • john jj
    john jj 5 hours ago

    They're living in a van because they made a bad choice opening a business and getting into debt which probably ruined their credit to rent. There's always more to a persons story like their bad habits that keep them poor.

  • Steve Andrade
    Steve Andrade 5 hours ago

    I will not listen to anything this DEMON says.He admits to trying to kill BLACK AFRICANS , (TED X says it, he does not say black but that is what he means)He has been to Epstein Island and this pervert IS guilty!!!!

  • Jesse Callicutt
    Jesse Callicutt 6 hours ago

    Way to trigger the racist voters obama you dipshit.

  • soles outback wildlife pursuit

    Give the animals a fighting chance to easy with a scope like that

  • Ravi Mahalay
    Ravi Mahalay 6 hours ago

    Some living in million dollar mansions and this poor people living in tents ,shame on country

  • D Medlin
    D Medlin 6 hours ago

    It is so frustrating that Safiyyah doesn't have a hint of a connection between her past conduct and where she is today.

    • Moises Antonio Frías Taveras
      Moises Antonio Frías Taveras 6 hours ago

      that is the worse...cause she will keep doing the same mistake and wont give advice to other about her bad criteria.

  • TastyPit
    TastyPit 6 hours ago

    When you get your information from Wikipedia

  • V.F.H. on Youtube
    V.F.H. on Youtube 6 hours ago

    "Baby you're a rich man" starts playing.

  • Max Rallings
    Max Rallings 6 hours ago

    The real question is hows the dog

  • Andrew P Brito
    Andrew P Brito 6 hours ago

    Don’t create account in Facebook and fuck you

  • Andrew P Brito
    Andrew P Brito 6 hours ago

    Poor mark this is everything because Donald won... fuck

  • JWH
    JWH 6 hours ago

    Beattyville will become a ghost town. See y'all in the city.

  • Mclovin
    Mclovin 7 hours ago

    Pretty cool

  • XxvenomzillaxX
    XxvenomzillaxX 7 hours ago

    Welp kids terminator is a reality

  • shaiq butt
    shaiq butt 7 hours ago

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  • peter james
    peter james 7 hours ago

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  • peter james
    peter james 7 hours ago

    lately my wife stay glued to her phone, she doesn't give me attentions like she used to, I kept thinking if I've became ugly already, but the answer was and still NO. During my search, i found a post when a lady was showering praises on a man called TONY who helped her out, quickly I jumped on the way to contact him and it was through his gmail smithhackspy@gmailcom OR WhatsApp +1 330-271-6380. I was shook and overwhelmed that I could read her texts, see pictures, emails and all that after he completed my job. I am pleased to tell you people about him

  • Another NPC
    Another NPC 7 hours ago

    We need more women down in the mines. And also in the first line in battle.

  • Adventure Music
    Adventure Music 7 hours ago

    Hope you have a great day! ❤️.

  • Isaac Shaun
    Isaac Shaun 7 hours ago

    **World Hunger Ends** Mark: *y a y*

  • Teach2Write
    Teach2Write 7 hours ago

    There are many reasons the education bar hasn’t moved even though we spend more money on it - but look at where the money actually goes! To the testing, textbook publishing companies who make billions off of holding schools accountable. If you want to improve education put less students in each classroom, make students accountable for their own achievement, provide useful teacher professional development, pay the teachers what they are worth, and make sure kids are fed and clothed.

  • MR Boduke
    MR Boduke 7 hours ago

    Fuck the bitch trump

  • David Rogers
    David Rogers 7 hours ago

    I'm reading these comments a lot of trump lovers you can say what you want Trump was was red in the face he was embarrassed he got his ass roasted.. As for Obama's Legacy Trump can't destroy it

  • Annika
    Annika 7 hours ago

    Stop saying trump is smart lol

  • John Dickson
    John Dickson 8 hours ago

    Fuck that wouldn’t last 5 minutes with this shite I’am not a robot.

  • J055H
    J055H 8 hours ago

    One of the top? THE top!

  • Bean
    Bean 8 hours ago

    I watched a video on the news of him and Bill Gates talking about being billionaires. Buffet hates middle class and poor people. Since then I don’t like him anymore...

  • Dark Bitch
    Dark Bitch 8 hours ago

    Carlos is a mistake

  • motorola762
    motorola762 8 hours ago

    Because their tax-exempt

  • DiggleSmack
    DiggleSmack 8 hours ago

    Mannnn’ Morgan Freeman is overrated. When is the Alex Jones version coming out? The reason why I want it because I’m a fucking dad now.

  • Hamza Elsaid
    Hamza Elsaid 9 hours ago

    Public class HelloHarvard{ Public Stativ void main (string[ ] args) If ( Mark got to Harvard) { System.out.println("hes gonna change the world") } }

  • Sanjini R.
    Sanjini R. 9 hours ago

    Y’all need to chill. This isn’t racist

  • Sanjini R.
    Sanjini R. 9 hours ago

    I’m indian and I’m laughing, not offended.

  • Víctor Eduardo Carranza

    We're in a new era and new revolution

  • poopy1972 poopie1972

    All lies and it has been proven

  • Jorge Rojo
    Jorge Rojo 10 hours ago

    Wait are they allowed to use the register/cash machine?

  • Isaaq La'aantii Waqooyi iyo koonfur Midoobi Maayan

    Woow Ismael Ahmed a great innovator in the world of online money transfer 👌 a true inspirational guy from the Republic of Somaliland 👈

  • Jacqueline Alvarado
    Jacqueline Alvarado 10 hours ago

    2919 and if you make $1980 still you don’t qualify for food stamps when rent are too high.

  • Akshit Sharma
    Akshit Sharma 10 hours ago

    Mark Zuckerberg:I want to go out of here as soon as possible. Congressman:Could you,would you,should you be behaving like this. Oh no no no no actually I want to say something else. People in back:They are themselves confused.

  • Armando Rafael mejia
    Armando Rafael mejia 10 hours ago

    Donald J Trump will win the presidential election in 2020, no Democrats can beat him, he is a fighter and his has demonstrated to be a fighter.

  • Brady Stafford
    Brady Stafford 10 hours ago

    She’s not worth more than minimum wage

  • Eetu eetutre
    Eetu eetutre 10 hours ago

    Welcome to .edu . You have been accepted cause of your academic achievements... Been there, done that. 😘

  • 1 nice Gopnik
    1 nice Gopnik 10 hours ago

    And thats the beginning of 'the Zucc'

  • SS Z
    SS Z 10 hours ago

    Government, Wall Street and China. Hahahaha I like your last sentence, that's why they pointinv to the wrong one as they feel they are so good and nothing to blame to.

  • Pink Gal
    Pink Gal 10 hours ago

    General manager

  • Jay Jones
    Jay Jones 10 hours ago

    His podcast is great as well. Just a very thoughtful young man

  • Dave Harryman
    Dave Harryman 10 hours ago

    two libs giving their opinion ............. who gives a shit what these two think ?

  • Britheoverlord12 Vlogs

    If ur bored of real ppl come talk to the girls at my school

  • Elly Devidt
    Elly Devidt 11 hours ago

    Our lunch cost €5,50

  • Brian Pan
    Brian Pan 11 hours ago

    It's well documented that Amish men abuse horses. keep your lousy apple pie.

  • Mihaitza
    Mihaitza 11 hours ago

    I can bet that's a robot in a man body

  • Master Plays
    Master Plays 11 hours ago

    ok boomer


    Greece 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷👏👏

  • Douglas Reuber
    Douglas Reuber 11 hours ago

    why the fuck do i want lithium in my body?