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  • Gene Clark
    Gene Clark 14 days ago

    Going in the water? It's apparently not even safe to hang on the beach because of sneaker waves, esp. in Winter.

    • Neal Mathur
      Neal Mathur 14 days ago

      obviously, this video was shot in the summer...look at the size of the beach!

  • FrancescaJoyBubbles

    Wow! Amazing! Thanks for putting this up!

  • Roaming_Domi
    Roaming_Domi 21 day ago

    Nice video, dude. Was in Guadalupe in October, best place to observe GW's! What operator did you go with? Is that the Explorer?

  • hdhsvfgdudn hendhdbdudhdh

    They said Hanakapiai is a dengerous beach

  • Mary Bigler
    Mary Bigler 2 months ago


  • Scott Drew
    Scott Drew 3 months ago

    Great video. Headed back down to Isla Guadalupe in 2 weeks.

  • Sarah Hancock
    Sarah Hancock 3 months ago

    Hate that you killed that beautiful fish

  • Neal Mathur
    Neal Mathur 4 months ago

    please note everyone... many people have died trying to cross the stream during flash floods and when there's huge surf several people have died that way... today the surf was 6" and we even stayed in the lagoon... totally safe :)

  • Nick J
    Nick J 4 months ago

    That’s the strongest looking rip currents I have ever seen. You go in, you are not coming out

    • Nick J
      Nick J 4 months ago

      Actually I do

    • Neal Mathur
      Neal Mathur 4 months ago

      you don't understand how rip currents work

  • Marcus Arilious
    Marcus Arilious 6 months ago

    Hey Ron , hope all is well! I desperately need a side flute ! I’ll buy it from you for sure ! Hit me back. My ex wife took my flute and it kills me everyday to not have it ! Please get this message Thank u brada! I know u meet a lot of people but when I was there we had a great time . I hunted a goat and we made the best stu ever got to have those valley ingredients man! Much luv and respect ! Your da man

  • jonathan wright
    jonathan wright 9 months ago

    SOYCD... Nice.

  • taylor may
    taylor may 11 months ago

    140 people have died here.. DROWNED DEAD!!! so MANY HAVE DIED HERE

  • Docomonater Skywalker
    Docomonater Skywalker 11 months ago

  • Millicent Cummings

    Who wrote this script?

  • Doruk Adal
    Doruk Adal Year ago

    akıntı ananızı siker gitmeyin

  • Dominique Mireault

    I've never seen her swim with bullsharks .....

  • Blair Smith
    Blair Smith Year ago

    Hi Neal. Great videos. Any updates on the corals in Kauai (now, 4 years later)?

  • Hanna
    Hanna 2 years ago

    You guys have had such a magical special day! Sharks, dolphins, whales. Amazing!

  • Rod Koehler
    Rod Koehler 2 years ago

    I did my student teaching in Koloa in 1976. I snorkeled nearly every day in many spots near Poipu. When I came back in 1987 it seemed those same reefs didn't have the color they once had. Am now having second thoughts about returning to Kauai in 2018. What are your observations in Poipu? I'm guessing it's the same story? Thank you for the work you're doing. I love Hawaii, but after loads of snorkeling in Bay Islands, Roatan and Utila, in the Caribbean off the coast of Honduras, even the best snorkeling I've done in the Hawaiian Islands (Kealakekua Monument and Two Step on Big Island) doesn't compare, I'm sorry to say. Swim out a couple hundred yards in Roatan in calm seas, and have miles of multicolored reef, and not see another snorkeler. But it's a third world country with no-see-ums that seem to seriously mess with 25% of the people who visit.

  • Adriana Oliveira
    Adriana Oliveira 2 years ago

    Péssima idéia Isso pode encorajar pessoas a nadarem neste lugar perigoso

  • Pietro Zucci
    Pietro Zucci 2 years ago

    ocean, for me you are a big Positiv role model

  • Pietro Zucci
    Pietro Zucci 2 years ago

    Oceanramsey is wonderful

  • Julie Bbb
    Julie Bbb 2 years ago

    You will die.

  • Seattle Flyboard
    Seattle Flyboard 2 years ago

    It is too bad that there seems to be no video of the Kauai reefs back when they were healthy...I'm curious if they ever appeared as thickly covered with live corals as the reefs off Kona? if so, is this what Kona would look like in the future?

  • Stranded73
    Stranded73 2 years ago

    Holy shit, look at the last frame. It looks like the waves are going up hill. No wonder it's so easy to get swept out to sea there!

  • i SkyWalKing
    i SkyWalKing 2 years ago

    Ocean Ramsey is my spirit animal.....

  • Cayla Drzewiecki
    Cayla Drzewiecki 2 years ago

    Good idea encouraging people to swim in one of the most dangerous smimming spots in the world 👍

  • Cotswold Seeker
    Cotswold Seeker 2 years ago

    Thanks so much for sharing this lovely video- and thank you so much to Ocean for helping to change our perceptions about these beautiful creatures- I can only speak for myself when I say that I have developed such a respect and admiration for these amazing creatures thanks to Ocean and her work :) Thank you!

  • Anna Mathur
    Anna Mathur 3 years ago

    What a trendy bolo!

  • Ashleigh Hayworth
    Ashleigh Hayworth 3 years ago

    wonder what that house sold for? Donna

  • Steve Bee
    Steve Bee 3 years ago

    Could it be Sunscreen from the many humans that is killing the Coral?

  • Neil Fraser
    Neil Fraser 3 years ago

    I love watching this video, it's so hypnotic. Please make an extended version. When the music runs out it just feels so short and it makes me want more every time. Keep everything the same up to 2:17, it's perfect as is, just add more footage at the end, and of course play more of the song :) Awesome! I hope to visit Hanakapiai Beach some day. Did you swim out in the waves, if so, how scary was it? The currents look pretty intense.

  • S C
    S C 3 years ago

    Are the neighbors comfortable with tenants walking to the beach from this property? Do you have to walk through someone's yard?

    • Neal Mathur
      Neal Mathur 3 years ago

      there is a beach access trail, you don't have to walk through anyone's yard.

  • Jim Nagle
    Jim Nagle 3 years ago

    Amazing cinematography Terry!!! I hope to see these with you one day soon!

  • Harry
    Harry 3 years ago

    WOW! Great footage!

    • Neal Mathur
      Neal Mathur 3 years ago

      +Harry Rabin Isn't that shot of the baby whale breaching above/below amazing! It would be easier to do it in cg.

  • Trenton Adamson
    Trenton Adamson 4 years ago

    Came here from reddit. Dope, dude.

  • colddarkemptyspace
    colddarkemptyspace 4 years ago

    how much for the discounted SEP 16-30. can i smoke and be alone here?

  • E- Billing
    E- Billing 4 years ago

    LOVED IT! Staying here in October...can't wait!

  • stubble jumper1
    stubble jumper1 4 years ago

    I'm going to Hanalei Bay next week and had no idea this was happening, Thanks for your information. It has put a whole new perspective on how I will experience this beach. Amazing there is so little commenting on this video!

  • Ocean Ramsey
    Ocean Ramsey 5 years ago

    Loved diving with you Terry & Pam! See you on North Shore Oahu or Kauai :)

  • Logan Barris
    Logan Barris 5 years ago

    I will be there tomorrow. Can't wait!!!!

  • brent haestier
    brent haestier 5 years ago

    Awesome! Can't wait to see my first shark...

  • onegist
    onegist 5 years ago

    It's either the Navy or perhaps it's from the radiation from Fukushima.... in any event. I'm really glad you are watching and paying attention to this and posting your video. Thank you for making this and for sharing it. We all need to pay more attention to the world around us and become more responsible for what is happening.

  • JupiterOnKauai
    JupiterOnKauai 5 years ago


  • Greg O'Shea
    Greg O'Shea 5 years ago

    I'm pretty sure those turtles narrowly escaped being a snack for a tiger shark.

    • Neal Mathur
      Neal Mathur 5 years ago

      that day... no doubt they are shark poo at this point in time.

  • JupiterOnKauai
    JupiterOnKauai 5 years ago

    So sad :( ... Seeing many sad pictures from today today... Kids from gaza,, our ozean here...

  • StandUp555
    StandUp555 5 years ago

    Fascinating ... thank you for sharing.

  • JupiterOnKauai
    JupiterOnKauai 5 years ago

    This is so sad, would like to see a video about the possiable causes

  • Marielos Zuniga
    Marielos Zuniga 5 years ago

    Que belleza!!

  • Michael Westerhout
    Michael Westerhout 5 years ago

    Awesome video Gregg. Makes me want to go diving!

  • Gary Reid Music
    Gary Reid Music 7 years ago

    Beautiful song :) Mahalo wahine!

  • Liam Strain
    Liam Strain 8 years ago

    Very genuine and enjoyable to listen to. Nice work Brandi!