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  • Abhiram kp ram
    Abhiram kp ram 2 hours ago

    Ee odukkathe size okke vech nadakkunna ivanoke enthina self defense, kanda thanne pedi aavum, ivanokke onn thalliya theeravunnathe ullu nammalokke, Anyways they are awesome

  • James Massey
    James Massey 3 hours ago

    Wow ! Enzo amores been good since he left the WWE!

  • James Massey
    James Massey 3 hours ago

    And you cantttt Beattttt that.

  • pemula abadi
    pemula abadi 4 hours ago

    7:36 not in his neck bat in his back head

  • MR V
    MR V 4 hours ago

    I truly don’t mean to be negative guys, but after seeing so many real fights first hand. All these techniques never work when attacked for real. Your techniques would not work unfortunately.

    GAURAV SINGH 4 hours ago

    Losers criticize first then they go to take milk from the nearest grocery stores 😀😀 BTW good work bro really helpful!!

  • James P
    James P 4 hours ago

    Ok so what if the bear hug happens on your elbows so you can’t lower the elbows?

  • Jeovany koshkarian
    Jeovany koshkarian 5 hours ago

    I carry a Baton & A knife

  • Yogesh Singla
    Yogesh Singla 6 hours ago

    what if they are in group n ur alone ??

  • Anony Mouse Likes DAWs

    Didn't see anything about the proverbial kick to the groin. Can be very effective.

  • LeBron James
    LeBron James 11 hours ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣that elbow tho

  • marlino321
    marlino321 12 hours ago

    Very nice guys!!!!!

  • rehan ashad
    rehan ashad 13 hours ago

    Loved it u are so awesome .......where are u from

  • Robin hood
    Robin hood 14 hours ago

    What about kokina clutch

  • Kane Sun
    Kane Sun 14 hours ago

    Good stuff, I wish I could thumb up twice

  • Frederic Tamisier
    Frederic Tamisier 15 hours ago

    il sont pretentieux

  • deepak bawari vines
    deepak bawari vines 15 hours ago

    Love you brothers 😘👌👌

  • Jamie Daly
    Jamie Daly 16 hours ago

    Nice, thanks guys!

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M 17 hours ago

    The best way to avoid street fights is to not be a dick. It's much easier than learning strenuous moves.

  • Veeramma V
    Veeramma V 18 hours ago

    Super anna

  • Arnulfo Vargas
    Arnulfo Vargas 20 hours ago

    I found this video funny at the same time useful. Great work bro 😂 👊

  • Katherine Stone
    Katherine Stone 20 hours ago

    Okay but those growls. Good God 😍

  • Prakash Awasthi
    Prakash Awasthi 20 hours ago

    It's very useful

  • Ivo Smoky
    Ivo Smoky 20 hours ago

    Good guys.I like your presentation.

  • Anmol Daglaik
    Anmol Daglaik 21 hour ago

    Went from Looking *B A D A S S* To looking *B A D & A S S*

  • Hlaele Tlali
    Hlaele Tlali 21 hour ago

    Is it just me or does he look like Jason Momoa?

  • seaker 101
    seaker 101 23 hours ago

    I rarely see that kind of attacks here in the philippines .. ..they use to do a hand2hand fight..

  • Mani Shankar
    Mani Shankar Day ago

    ru-clip.com/video/Olt7rL_g0Ug/video.html Guys please see this tutorial on front kick/chin kick and give it a thumbs up and subscribe

  • Oh yeah Nahui
    Oh yeah Nahui Day ago

    B...b... break and batter😂

  • stone77ish
    stone77ish Day ago

    Great tricks..

  • SilverAle
    SilverAle Day ago

    more of a clown show than actual working methods? or can anyone confirm this works when some lowlife wants to rob you

  • Goutom Basfor
    Goutom Basfor Day ago

    How to join your group sir

  • Goutom Basfor
    Goutom Basfor Day ago

    Tqu so much sir

  • Chris Brandstedter

    Love everything but the disrespect to Flash at the beginning none of us would have Tattoos without flash!!

  • DAN TV
    DAN TV Day ago

    No fighting just be friendly love each oher then subscribe my channel and comment down below.othnk u.

    GAMER IP Day ago

    Tq for help me lexfitnees can't I tell my name My name is bobby And someone call me a nerd Can't anybody tell me what's is a nerd and he always do on me a headlock and he always take my money he said give me that nerd What's is nerd? 😂😂😂

  • Cry Havoc
    Cry Havoc Day ago

    When I was a younger man, did some bouncer then bodyguard work. The shirt grab and sucker punch is a very common attack. Master counters to that, and you will be able to handle a majority of situations.

  • bi0lizard1
    bi0lizard1 Day ago

    Now that I’m over 50. Physically I don’t stand a chance against you young buff males. But I do carry a gun and know how to accurately shot it!

  • Brent Foster
    Brent Foster Day ago

    Ya hear that, Meat Heads????!!! Stretching is important.

  • Tall Boot Tall Boot

    U guys are awsome ...and thats coming from 1 black bet to another mate🗽🔥

  • Adesh Rawat
    Adesh Rawat Day ago

    Awesome tips

  • Bio Den
    Bio Den Day ago

    man this is good

  • sam paul
    sam paul Day ago

    What about a Slap how to dodge that...?

  • Angry Ninja
    Angry Ninja Day ago

    Thanks, now I can’t defend myself from my (insert name here to make this meme your)

  • Mike170874
    Mike170874 Day ago

    Same technique as we were taught in legion paras more or less simple not over complicated. Plus I like you guys not serious faced hard man wannabees. Good instruction

  • devyboy gaming

    Scott's gonna have to use these tips after all of that

  • Fahima Ali
    Fahima Ali Day ago

    What if the criminal/goon/bully is stronger than you and you try the techniques but you're not physically fit??

    • Hitta
      Hitta Day ago

      Then use a shank

  • lomel ortega
    lomel ortega Day ago

    good job bro, its same like a real situation..heheh

  • Mark Llanera
    Mark Llanera Day ago

    O my god you two guys is amazing thank you so much to your tutorial it is very effective thank you

  • Haydn Williams

    Good video - although concerning that the point of the exercise was to ‘go until the athlete can no longer continue’ but it ended up being ‘go until the athlete can no longer continue because the equipment can no longer facilitate for the athletes level’

  • Sunil Bhaggien

    you guys are doing a very good social work by posting survival video clips .you guys are my Heroes

  • Sunil Bhaggien

    thank you once again

  • Sunil Bhaggien

    please post some more videos about situations where a person is completely helpless because he or she is overpowered by more than one person

  • Sunil Bhaggien

    thank you guys once again

  • Sunil Bhaggien

    thank you guys. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because I have undergone stiuations like these

  • Mike
    Mike Day ago

    I defense against mob lynching ... Request for help for India

  • Pablo Ortiz
    Pablo Ortiz Day ago

    Click bait!! No kick defenses


    good and nice

  • Aashish Thakur
    Aashish Thakur 2 days ago

    Get us more situation plz

  • Shivang Rao
    Shivang Rao 2 days ago

    Man loved ur efforts subscribed 😘😘

  • Shivang Rao
    Shivang Rao 2 days ago

    U ar cool man

  • zaheer ahmed
    zaheer ahmed 2 days ago

    U both r great teacher

  • Mo Butter
    Mo Butter 2 days ago


  • Sarthak Singh
    Sarthak Singh 2 days ago

    Sir please make a video on fighting techniques

  • Sarthak Singh
    Sarthak Singh 2 days ago

    This was very helpful for me in my school

  • Pam Kowaski
    Pam Kowaski 2 days ago

    Have had this done and it made me ten times worse. The pain is horrible. After it was done I felt good, but it barely lasted 24 hours and my legs became weak and extra painful. I bruised all over as well.

  • Aris Parasyris
    Aris Parasyris 2 days ago

    Cool cool

  • Rocktim Bhuyan
    Rocktim Bhuyan 2 days ago

    U can also break away from headlocks by pulling hair of the guy.....unless its a bald guy😅

  • BadLuck Smile
    BadLuck Smile 2 days ago

    Yo, that double throat grab escape is genius. Me and some friends challenge each other to friendly fights, and this has happened a few times. Thanks.

  • your next your next

    Can you do this to gangstalkers haha

  • Serenity
    Serenity 2 days ago

    His beard cushions his hits

  • Mario Walladan
    Mario Walladan 2 days ago

    This video is GOLDEN...THANK YOU!!!

  • GameExperiment
    GameExperiment 2 days ago

    If you are in a headlock and u got arm free . Just smash him directly in tho the balls . Than ground and pound and he done

  • Mike Rose
    Mike Rose 2 days ago

    Cant you just slam your head into the face of the beargugger? Or does that only work on drunk fools?

  • Aelio Food lover
    Aelio Food lover 2 days ago

    Nice. Hahaha

  • laho taho
    laho taho 2 days ago


  • Martine Gjeldnes
    Martine Gjeldnes 2 days ago

    Can you do for shirt people bc im shot and everyone in my class is higher than me😅

  • Doragonz
    Doragonz 2 days ago

    I want to believe hes really not getting hit. If not it looks remarkably real! If so then OOOOOF

  • mark stephen
    mark stephen 2 days ago

    Great vid guys.thank you for your time.keep em coming!!

  • Nicolas Roy
    Nicolas Roy 2 days ago

    he didnt even hit him lol

  • Abhay Sharan
    Abhay Sharan 2 days ago

    Abe sidha gota Dhar lo be, and crush it hard as much as u can..🤣

  • Parul verma
    Parul verma 2 days ago

    Nice I loved it thanks

  • 天主Kami
    天主Kami 2 days ago

    those who didn't like the video are bullies lol

  • Little Manlet
    Little Manlet 2 days ago

    why dont trashy street fighting guys just move to a better neighborhood and that way they wont have to fight to survive as they seem to need to? Easier to move and u wont seem so trashy then. No need for street fighting,AR1 5s ,etc --they all make u seem like trash

  • sinclear savior
    sinclear savior 2 days ago

    i will rip your eys out and skill fuck you while your girlfried watches.

  • the lost child
    the lost child 2 days ago

    I keep watching to see the ass .but there is no

    DOKDONTSTOP 2 days ago

    Very well made and informative video

  • jack smith
    jack smith 2 days ago

    You need to drill these 1000 times each.When you are attacked you dont have time think.

  • VIP blacksmith
    VIP blacksmith 3 days ago

    Now nobita will use these defence techniques agaist Gyan

  • Tech Extra Dose
    Tech Extra Dose 3 days ago

    Nice bro 👌☝

    ETHAN HUNT 3 days ago

    It shows that you don't need to big but you need to know the technique

  • I Am Okorie
    I Am Okorie 3 days ago

    Lolllsss.... Pregnancy breath

  • Phil Huntsman
    Phil Huntsman 3 days ago

    ...Why not just break and batter and escape

  • A.A.S Film
    A.A.S Film 3 days ago

    Thank! Now I can defend my self for strangers

  • Anthony Lane
    Anthony Lane 3 days ago

    Hard bones on mushy spots of the body. Especially the torso. Keep it simple. I like to go for intestinal shots as well as liver and spleen shots, and sometimes direct front kicks to the sternum (heel to sternum, full force). Full force strike them in those areas while covering up your own intestines and the sides of your body with a guard while keeping distance. Don’t be afraid to bite, shove your thumbs into his eyes, or pick up an object to hurt him with. You could bash him in the face with a rock, stab him with a broken stick, throw stuff at him, etc.

  • Vishal Jhally
    Vishal Jhally 3 days ago

    you can't "break up the muscle" and nor can you prevent injury

  • Hassan Sheharyar
    Hassan Sheharyar 3 days ago

    Dude I know how it feels. And all the jackassss who think it’s just a vid. You should have such an issue with you guys.

  • Tcb Tcb
    Tcb Tcb 3 days ago


    GOD SAMA 3 days ago

    thats a big nope the massager has to be a female for me otherwise ill stick with the pain

  • Frizoo _
    Frizoo _ 3 days ago