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Apple iPhone 11 hands-on
Views 873K9 days ago
Porsche Taycan first look
Views 128K15 days ago
Android Q hands-on
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  • 1LL2 YA2
    1LL2 YA2 10 minutes ago


  • Огнян Йордaнов

    I have a p30 pro and i am happy whit it, but i really miss iOS so am gonna surely upgrade to iPhone 11. This time the basic iPhone 11 is worth so much in my opinion. 2nd camera with better battery and newer powerhorse proccesor and better design than Xr and this for 50$ less? Im in

  • P0W3RN1X
    P0W3RN1X 34 minutes ago


  • 360Ragequit
    360Ragequit 37 minutes ago

    People who buy a new apple phone every single year, and/or think they are worth upgrading from the one last year, have an IQ in the single digits.

  • Prashim R
    Prashim R 37 minutes ago

    Wait till the Pixel 4 is realeased

  • JanBhari Dsas
    JanBhari Dsas 39 minutes ago

    Why is there no option to pause video recording in iphones? Is it not a basic and a very useful option?

  • Joshua Hofwijks
    Joshua Hofwijks 40 minutes ago

    I like most of note 10 pictures more

  • Matt Lenard
    Matt Lenard 43 minutes ago

    720p lol don't compare that to Android.

  • Aliyan S
    Aliyan S 44 minutes ago

    Now I want one!

  • Andreq Wanger
    Andreq Wanger 48 minutes ago

    *It’s a hard notch life*

  • Scrambled
    Scrambled Hour ago

    Watching this video on my iphone 6 :<

  • Dp1ay
    Dp1ay Hour ago

    This is really a lot of money for basically the same things ur phone can do....

  • 풀림수
    풀림수 Hour ago



    Bring 3D Touch back

  • xilefx
    xilefx Hour ago

    where is joshua topolsky

  • Honey
    Honey Hour ago

    I still have the series 1

  • sumit maharjan
    sumit maharjan Hour ago

    Wow.. even the side bezzel is thick

  • A\ex
    A\ex Hour ago

    lavman, on the background images %-)

  • Richard Khalife
    Richard Khalife Hour ago

    iPhone 11 Pro has a great camera, but it would have been more intelligent to include the P30 Pro in this test, maybe excluding the iPhoneX max to make place for it, but maybe it's difficult to find one in the US.

  • Aaron Parak
    Aaron Parak Hour ago

    Until this gets sleep tracking and silent alarm I’ll stay with fitbit

  • Anon Apoh
    Anon Apoh Hour ago

    It’s time to upgrade my iPhone 6

  • Techie Baba
    Techie Baba Hour ago

    You sound like android hater....

  • harman birring
    harman birring Hour ago

    I am upgrading from series 1 to series 4 nike plus

  • Alex Wolowiecki
    Alex Wolowiecki Hour ago

    When the beat drops on the title screen 👌🏼

  • With Style
    With Style 2 hours ago

    this sounds like a loooong AD

  • Norse ko
    Norse ko 2 hours ago

    Watched a minute of it, as you summed it up early succinct and to the point 👍

  • NC_29 North
    NC_29 North 2 hours ago

    Wait, didn’t we just do this a year ago?

  • Firdaus Ahmad Murad
    Firdaus Ahmad Murad 2 hours ago

    should be a better upgrade from my ip7.

  • Mehedi khan
    Mehedi khan 2 hours ago

    How Much Has Apple Gave You?

  • Mitchell Igbafa
    Mitchell Igbafa 2 hours ago

    I am still waiting for the future where a smart watch gets an holographic display, like we see in the movies

  • shrty
    shrty 2 hours ago

    Withings Steel HR - 25 days of battery. Notifications, step counter, HR and all phone support. Why even bother changing if you need to charge your watch every single day.

  • Aniv Khawaunju
    Aniv Khawaunju 2 hours ago

    I don't get wireless charging. The pad itself is still connected to a wire. You place it down and then you can't use it anymore while charging. It's extremely slow. Like extremely. It's just a step backwards for charging imo. I'll never ever use it unless they make it super fast. And I'll only be using it to charge overnight.

  • Aishath Shaiha
    Aishath Shaiha 2 hours ago


  • Jason Yau
    Jason Yau 2 hours ago

    best review, thanks D

  • denzelw78
    denzelw78 2 hours ago

    Pozdrav Vjeranu!

  • Carlos Pardo
    Carlos Pardo 2 hours ago

    Impressively detailed review from a photographer perspective, for that, thumbs up !

  • Igor
    Igor 2 hours ago

    I have 6s. Time to upgrade............... to 8

  • Raghad Nezar
    Raghad Nezar 2 hours ago

    after my mom having Samsung for almost 3 years she’s finally buying the iPhone 11😭♥️.

  • John Weag
    John Weag 2 hours ago

    My Series 3 lasts 2.5 days

  • Camping Net
    Camping Net 2 hours ago

    **Iphone 11 pro: I have the best camera on the market** Huawei releases new phone! **Huawei mate 30 pro: Hold my beer**

  • krapiks
    krapiks 2 hours ago

    I love Apple how they are updating they software to make old phones like SE faster.

  • Nsh SK
    Nsh SK 2 hours ago

    Ahem! But as of I'm concerned, It's clever to buy Mi Smart Band 4, Here in India!

  • Mohamad Khaled
    Mohamad Khaled 3 hours ago

    I need one💔🙂

  • Danica Lawrence
    Danica Lawrence 3 hours ago

    Best Camera? What about Huawei's night mode and zoom?

  • Amigo Rigo
    Amigo Rigo 3 hours ago

    I mean, how often do people really use their Apple watches?

  • Samnang Nou
    Samnang Nou 3 hours ago

    Gosh....the video of the iPhone 11 is really bad and lots of noice.

  • Music In
    Music In 3 hours ago

    And still, 5 f*ck*ng watt charger 😴

  • Bo Rerun
    Bo Rerun 3 hours ago

    It's not that amazing

  • Ringkhang kherkatary

    Stll i wouldn't buy

  • Space Cadet
    Space Cadet 3 hours ago

    Dieter what is that mossy green sport loop band that you are wearing in the video?

  • Soufiane saidi
    Soufiane saidi 3 hours ago

    I hate the way this guy talks

  • Sho Jinn
    Sho Jinn 3 hours ago

    finally upgrading from the iphone se

  • Lawrence Boyd
    Lawrence Boyd 3 hours ago

    Splurging a bit and pre ordered the pro max as an upgrade from my current iPhone 8. Ships tomorrow! Super excited

  • Rahil Punshi
    Rahil Punshi 3 hours ago

    I have an se, and upgrading to a 6 inch phone will be tough...

  • Texas Trill
    Texas Trill 3 hours ago

    Watching this on my XR 😂

  • Christian Vincent Literatus

    It is not so far ahead when it doesn't even have sleep tracking.

  • Danny Joseph
    Danny Joseph 3 hours ago

    I have an iPhone 7. Should I buy the iPhone 11?

  • Tory
    Tory 3 hours ago

    This guy is microdosing shrooms and e

  • MYD Vlogs
    MYD Vlogs 3 hours ago

    Sorry, I can't afford iphone decrease their price 2019 After 2 years they will decrease their price too low then i'll think to buy a ipone, 😇🙏 cauz am from middle class family

  • SAM
    SAM 3 hours ago

    I go from iphone 8 to 11 :)

  • Magesh Young
    Magesh Young 3 hours ago

    XR is all good, don’t ever think about switching to any phone and it won’t allow too 😁😜

  • Potluck
    Potluck 3 hours ago

    Never had a Apple Watch. But my wife loves her series 4. What’s the best material to get?

  • Mikey
    Mikey 3 hours ago

    What a rip off I think is the 4 series calling it the 5 just with a new up date

  • Lord Atrocious
    Lord Atrocious 3 hours ago

    I’m up set bc I bought the 4 and it cost the same as the 5

  • Lita Zo
    Lita Zo 3 hours ago

    how is apple watch way better than others ?? can somebody explain ??

  • One
    One 3 hours ago

    I feel that Apple does way too much work , for even a simple change (like always on display) - which’s been there on lower prized watches for a while now ! And Apple’s changes these days are way too small incrementally !

  • Louis Cario
    Louis Cario 3 hours ago

    It also has twice the memory so you can download more songs, podcasts, audio books, apps, etc

  • Bear Days
    Bear Days 3 hours ago

    omg that bass at the start blew my windows out

  • Lita Zo
    Lita Zo 3 hours ago

    worst watch design

  • Samrat Babu Koirala
    Samrat Babu Koirala 4 hours ago

    Okay OnePlus 7 Pro has clearly paid the verge! Clearly!!!

  • Ryan Worrall
    Ryan Worrall 4 hours ago

    That camera looks nasty!!! The note 10 plus is far more superior to any iphone, switch to samsung u wont regret it!!!

  • AcekingGaming 96
    AcekingGaming 96 4 hours ago

    I’m definitely getting the series 5

  • Josue Borjas
    Josue Borjas 4 hours ago

    Note 10 is sharper with better dynamic range

  • hadi allahbakhshi
    hadi allahbakhshi 4 hours ago

    3rd party apps sucked on the galaxy watches tbh Apple still ahead of the game

  • Joe Nunez
    Joe Nunez 4 hours ago

    The three cameras on that phone looking like the deadlights from it

  • Kofi Keelson
    Kofi Keelson 4 hours ago

    Now I know why you have such a huge subscriber base Being one of my favourite things on your channel Video production as always great as ever. You don't hold back

  • Pook365
    Pook365 4 hours ago

    It doesn't even have an HD screen...lols.

  • Hayna Ltu
    Hayna Ltu 4 hours ago

    should I upgrade from series 3?

  • Eckstant
    Eckstant 4 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure that the Garmin Fenix matches and beats (subjective) the offering per offering.

    USBCDOCK • COM 4 hours ago

    The 1st one is still a classic usb-c dock

  • Esteban Ramón
    Esteban Ramón 4 hours ago


  • AsbestosChapel
    AsbestosChapel 4 hours ago

    The pixel 4 will be out next month...

  • Eris Ands
    Eris Ands 4 hours ago

    How much for the stand?

  • sickegg2000
    sickegg2000 4 hours ago

    But I still hate Face ID..... still no on screen finger print.... oh well. I’ll wait 2 more yrs... lol

  • Starick gamer
    Starick gamer 4 hours ago

    No headphones jack no money for apple.

  • happy together
    happy together 4 hours ago

    he is reviewing like a child with high school toy...add a new features a gunshot or bomb detection..very useful ..huh

  • Ertay Hadilbek
    Ertay Hadilbek 4 hours ago

    apple watch band in US AMZ Prime!! No need review,Full refund after review!

  • Jay Dubya
    Jay Dubya 4 hours ago

    "Which doesnt seem to be enough for that price" Why I've yet to own an iPhone. I might give in and get this one though 🤷‍♀️

  • Pius Gervasioh
    Pius Gervasioh 4 hours ago

    ... This is a very genuine upgrade... I’m using Iphone xsMax but I envy Iphone 11.

  • Luke Rucker
    Luke Rucker 5 hours ago

    Have to agree that the Apple Watch is the clear winner for smart watches, but I'm still completely not sold on why we need or should even want such watches.

  • Sergio Yi
    Sergio Yi 5 hours ago

    The verge is apple PR

  • Karthik Laddha
    Karthik Laddha 5 hours ago

    Yeah, magnets!! Who got the reference??

  • dawidos0095
    dawidos0095 5 hours ago

    Just wait for Pixel 4 ...

  • Reem Isa
    Reem Isa 5 hours ago

    People who say "I'll wait for 2020" You do realize Iphones are becoming more and more expensive every year? With newer technology you are asking for "more".. they are also asking for more $$$$

  • Mike Holly
    Mike Holly 5 hours ago

    Don’t waste your money get the iPhone 6 and plug in your headphones

  • William Montgomery
    William Montgomery 5 hours ago

    Verge, try the Amazfit GTR as your go-to android watch. It's not perfect, but it gets the basics right and the best Android option out right now!

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas 5 hours ago

    Magnets, how do they work?

  • Ngai Tol Tan
    Ngai Tol Tan 5 hours ago

    Just bought a samsung galaxy note 10 +, should I upgrade to apple Iphone 11 pro max ?

  • Milan Trieu
    Milan Trieu 5 hours ago

    iPhone 11: My battery is great! Nokia 3310: Hold my beer...